Chapter 853: Today, Great Killing Spree Part 2

The three elders clearly were all in the know. They hesitated for a while before finally walking before Ye Qingzi and, despite the pity and unwilling in his eyes, he uttered with his soul remembrance loudly, “Ying Rong committed a great crime and soul church gave a command that no one should ever inherit Ying Rong’s soul abilities. Those who disobey should be rid of their soul ability and sent out of soul church, exiled from all cities.”

“Chu Qingzi’s soul abilities are that of Ying Rong’s, so she broke the soul church’s decree. This competition today, Chu Qingzi will be disqualified!”

“Take Chu Qingzi down!”

Elder Ge gave a command, and immediately three elder rank soul teachers appeared and stood by Ye Qingzi.

When the spirit vessel was taken away by Elder Ge, Ye Qingzi’s heart seemed to have been lost with it.

These few days, ye Qingzi withstood immense pressure, but in the last second, these drastic changes caused her to be no longer able to stand. She kneeled down on the floor, her hair covering her face…….

“Why did this happen…….why is it like this…...just one step away……” Ye Qingzi could no longer hear the elders loudly declaring her sentence.

“Qiungzi, QIngzi……” Ye Wansheng quickly went forth, and gave Ye Qingzi a hand in her mental breakdown.

“Ye Qingzi, Ye Wasnsheng, do you two think you can avoid my gaze and play these tricks right in front of me?” Zhu Chao stood in front of the two and laughed mockingly.

“Zhu chao, you……. You dog, if you didn't betray my teacher, why would he get his mouth sealed?!” Ye Wansheng yelled out angrily!!

“Ying Rong got what he deserved. However, I should thank you. If you didn’t want to get the soul vessel so badly, how would I have thought that Ying Rong hid his soul abilities in the soul vessel.” In this one sentence, Zhu Chao used his soul remembrance and said to Ye Qingzi and Ye Wansheng.

The loathsome laughter sounded sharply by the two brother and sister’s ears. Initially, Zhu Chao was the reason they were exiled from Wanxiang Realm, rendered homeless in Tianxia Realm and having no backing…...

Today, because of Zhu Chao, he completely closed off the two brother and sisters’ wishes. This regret was already down to his bones, deep into their souls!!

What was hardest for Ye Qingzi to stand was the soul abilities that her teacher meant for her was going to fall in this man’s hands!!

Zhu Chao felt the anger from the two, and still smiled politely.

“The first time, you were exiled. The second time, will I let them go this easily?” Zhu Chao smiled and said to the three elders, asking.

The three elders didn’t know how to make the final decision. After a while, Elder Ge finally said, “They don’t know much, we can just exile them to the northern wastelands……”

“First rid them of their soul ability!” At this moment, Yang Qian was full of satisfaction, and a pleased expression erupted on her mouth.

This truly was a turn of events. Yang Qian said with her soul remembrance to the kneeling Ye Qingzi while screeching with laughter, “Without your soul ability, you’ll remain like this ghoulish appearance for the rest of your life!!”

Ye QIngzi’s body shook again. She could fail, but her soul ability was the last thing her teacher left on this world. If it were removed, it was like removing the last bits of her teacher’s soul and legacy!!

“No!! You can’t remove my sister’s soul ability!!!!” Ye Wansheng roared.

If Ye Qingzi’s soul ability was removed, then Ye Qinzgi will forever remain like this and that was not acceptable!!

“Then, either you lose your soul ability, or you lose your life, pick one for yourself!” Zhu Chao said emotionlessly.

Losing your soul ability was like a mental destruction!!

Ye Qingzi wanted to stand up, but suddenly the combined soul remembrance pressure from the soul church elders nearly caused her to faint!

The teary Ye Qingzi couldn’t resist at all, as the pain caused her to start screaming!


Ye Wansheng’s eyes went red, but as a brother, he couldn’t even read out an incantation under the pressure!

Though the elders couldn't bear the sight, they didn’t dare go against soul alliance master’s command.


Shen Qiu yelled out and shattered the remembrance pressure of the elders!

“Elder Shen, if you want your mouth sealed as well, then feel free to save her!!” Zhu Chao humphed!

Shen Qiu went silent. When it came to the sealed mouth event, he still had an oath in the depths of his soul!!

“Continue! We can’t be mercif……” Zhu Chao no longer dared to say anything and coldly said to the soul church senior elders and elders.


Suddenly, a person fell from the sky, landing heavily by Zhu Chao’s feet!!

Zhu Chao paused, and glanced down to notice in shock that a corpse was laying at his feet!!

The nearby people were all shocked by the corpse that suddenly fell down and screams connected into a deafening roar!

“Zhu Haoting! Isn’t this boss Zhu Haoting!!!”

“It really is, who…..who killed Boss Zhu!!!!”

Everyone was shocked. No one could believe that the corpse was Zhu Haoting with top tier emperor rank strength!!

“If anyone touches her again, you’ll suffer the same fate as him!!!!”

A frigid voice came from the skies, landing heavily on everyone’s hearts, causing even the elders and senior elders to shake!!

The next moment, a white clothed young man fell from the sky, appearing bizarrely in front of Zhu Chao!

Zhu Chao unconsciously backed off a few steps, watching shocked at this terrifying young man!

“You… killed him!!” Zhu Chao stared in disbelief at this man!

Zhu Chao sent a top tier emperor rank Zhu Haoting to kill him. Though Princess Wan Ning’s appearance made Zhu Chao guess that Zhu Haoting may have failed, he never would have guessed that Chu Mu killed Zhu Haoting!!

The corpse that laid coldly at Zhu Chao’s feet gave a true death threat to Zhu Chao that sent shivers through his body!!

Chu Mu didn’t mind Zhu Chao, and instead stepped forward slowly towards the teary Ye Qingzi…..

This was the first time Chu Mu felt his heart break. He specially waited for Ye Qingzi because he hoped he would stand in front of her when she completed her wish, to let her know that he was still alive too…...

However, Chu Mu would never have thought that this soul ability competition was just a trap set up by Zhu Chao.

Seeing Ye Qingzi fall into despair after losing all her hope, seeing her current appearance revealed to the public because of her soul abilities, Chu Mu truly felt daggers in his heart!

At the same time, the anger that was about to break through his body caused Chu Mu’s eyes to become icy. A thick anger emanated from him, becoming an invisible aura that suppressed all the experts!

“Chu…...Chu Fangchen, what do you want to do? If you want to protect her, you will get hunted down by spirit alliance and soul church. Do you think you can go against all of us?!!” Zhu Chao yelled angrily.

Chu Mu paused his step and glanced at everyone, adding lightly, “If anyone wants to die, feel free to come forth!!”

Today, no one can stop the heart broken, infuriated Chu Mu from going on a killing spree!!!

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