Chapter 853: Today, Great Killing Spree Part 2

The three elders clearly were all in the know. They hesitated for a while before finally walking before Ye Qingzi and, despite the pity and unwilling in his eyes, he uttered with his soul remembrance loudly, “Ying Rong committed a great crime and soul church gave a command that no one should ever inherit Ying Rong’s soul abilities. Those who disobey should be rid of their soul ability and sent out of soul church, exiled from all cities.”

“Chu Qingzi’s soul abilities are that of Ying Rong’s, so she broke the soul church’s decree. This competition today, Chu Qingzi will be disqualified!”

“Take Chu Qingzi down!”

Elder Ge gave a command, and immediately three elder rank soul teachers appeared and stood...

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