Chapter 853: Today, Great Killing Spree Part 1

“Satisfied?” Ye Qingzi coldly gazed at Yang Qian, face full of shock and said.

Yang Qian finally came back to her senses. She didn’t seem to have any idea of respect within her, still using a taunting voice as she said, “Hurting your soul and causing you to become this devilish appearance truly is tough, huh?”

“Bitch, say that one more time, and I’ll rip your face off!” Ye Wansheng crushed the mask under his feet and yelled angrily!

Ye Qingzi glanced at Ye Wansheng shook his head, and told her brother not to get excited, because this was soul city, and it was the Yang family’s land.

“Heng, am I wrong?” Seeing Ye Wansheng’s angry roar, Yang Qian instead laughed.

Ye Qingzi didn’t mind Yang Qian’s mocking at all. She gazed at the three elders and said, “Now you’ve checked my mask, you should announce the results right?”

“En…...en.” Elder Ge sighed and stood up, glancing at Yang Que.

At this moment, Yang Que couldn’t find any other reason to take away the reality that Ye Qingzi made a fourth rank emperor rank soul item.

However, Yang Qian’s face became extremely ugly. Because, no matter how ugly Ye Qingzi became, she still got the first place that was supposed to be hers!

“Then, this first place soul ability competition is Chu Qingzi’s!”

Elder Ge gathered his soul remembrance into a voice that spread to every person in the plaza.

Except, for some reason, the people that previously supported the mysterious Ye Qingzi didn’t call out, instead still looking at her strangely.

“No matter what, she still got first place, however……. I don’t know what Chu Mu will feel when he sees. Sigh, I remember the Ye girl was extremely beautiful before too……” Old soul teacher de sighed, not feeling that great.

Every soul teacher had to put in an immense amount of effort into soul abilities, but putting in such a painful price was still rare.

“Hopefully she can heal back.”


Finally, the results were announced, and Ye Qingzi got first place.

Standing in front of the high seats, Yang Qian looked acast. The feeling of being beat caused her to feel awful. She was still trying to find a way to expose Ye Qingzi for cheating.

However, Ye Qingzi’s gaze fell on yang Que’s ancient equipment!!

That was the Soul Vessel that holds everything that mattered to Ye Qingzi since she became a soul teacher, and it was all in front of her!

Yang Que slowly walked before Ye Qingzi and put it in front of her. This honor was like a crown that also held incredible meaning to every soul teacher.

Ye Qingzi’s hands shook slightly…...

With her wish finally done, her emotions were truly inexpressible, except for the tears that were welling up in her eyes.

“This is soul city’s creator’s first superior vessel. It holds not only the reward for the soul ability competition, but also the history of human realm’s thousands of years of soul ability research. Every finalist has 10 days with it before having to give it back.” Yang Que said slightly darkly to ye Qingzi.

“En.” Ye Qingzi nodded and carefully held the Soul vessel.

“Then, you should tell me how you made the impossible possible. Till today, including us old soul teachers, probably not many people can make those materials into a fourth rank emperor rank soul item.” Yang Que gazed sharply at Ye Qingzi, and said in an unkind manner.

Ye Qingzi paused, not expecting the sudden interrogation from yang Que.

“Yang city master, soul ability secrets can’t be revealed, why do you ask?” Old soul teacher De quickly spoke to help Ye Qingzi diffuse the situation.

At this moment, the Medicine Desolation Zhu Chao who didn’t say anything stood up.

A yellow robed man slowly came down the steps. Zhu Chao’s eyes gazed at Ye Qingzi with a rumination in them.

“I will answer for her.” Zhu Chao smiled.

As this was said, everyone’s gaze fell on Medicine desolation Zhu Chao’s. No one understood why Zhu Chao, who said nothing beforehand, wasn’t sad about his disciple’s loss, instead looking like he expected it.

“Teacher, you……” Yang Qian looked at Zhu Chao and didn't know what to expect next.

Zhu Caho didn’t mind Yang Qian. He stood in front of Ye Qingzi and said with soul remembrance, “Not sure if everyone here still remembers a person just as outstanding as Chu Qingzi here, who also won the soul ability competition?”

A few soul church elders glanced at each other and hesitated before saying, “Do you mean Ying Rong?”

Ying Rong was a name of the past. Not many young soul teachers remember him anymore.

However, in the generation of Zhu Chao and the soul church elders, Ying Rong was a name they will never forget because his soul ability was truly too outstanding.

“Yes, Ying Rong. The previous Ying Rong used this method of finishing the soul item within the furnace. This can highly increase the rank of soul item but its extremely hard to control the fire…….” Zhu Chao said.

Zhu Chao’s words made many people who knew Ying Rong surprised and quickly gaze at Ye Qingzi.

“That’s right, the female soul teacher in front of you holding the spirit vessel is Ying Rong’s disciple!!!”

Zhu Chao said this very heavily, almost deafening Ye Qingzi and Ye Wansheng and sending a tremor through both of them!

Ye Wansheng’s faces went pale. There’s no way they would have thought that Zhu Chao would see through their identity!

“Ying Rong defied the soul alliance, and had a crime worthy of death. His children should be exiled and never enter any tenth rank city while his disciples should be ripped of their soul ability and never touch soul ability again and exiled from wanxiang realm!!” Zhu Chao’s voice was like a clap of thunder that sent tremors through the plaza. “If I remember correctly, that was the punishment given to Ying Rong.”

This moment, everyone went silent, especially those who knew about Ying Rong.

Everyone outside was in even more turmoil. They didn't know what was happening.

“These elders, you can make a new judgement now.” Zhu Chao turned around and looked at the three elders.

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