Chapter 852: Removed Dignity Part 2

“Impossible, definitely impossible!! You cheated, you definitely cheated!! You definitely used some method to bring higher ranking materials into the medicine yard!!” Yang Qian pointed at the masked Ye Qingzi with a face full of anger!!

“The mask. Right, it must be the mask. You definitely hid some important spirit item inside and managed to evade the inspection!!” Yang Qian cried out. 

Ye Qingzi stood there not speaking. She just stared at Yang Qian who was angrily accusing her. 

“Yang Qian, control your emotions!” suddenly, Yang Que’s voice entered Yang Qian’s mind, forcibly suppressing her surging emotions.

“Grandfather, she definitely cheated. You must seek justice for me. You also know that these materials cannot concoct a fourth rank emperor spirit item!!” immediately responded Yang Qian!

“Don’t worry. It’s yours. Nobody can steal it from you. However, what do you look like right now!” Yang Que said in a low voice.

Yang Qian immediately realized that her appearance right now was quite embarrassing. She forcibly suppressed her anger and coldly stared at Ye Qingzi. 

“Truly laughable. Someone else’s technique was higher than yours so you just groundlessly accuse that person of cheating?” suddenly, Shen Qiu began to coldly mock. 

Yang Qian didn’t dare talk back to Shen Qiu. She merely turned to look at Yang Que and Zhu Chao. 

“The three senior elders. Was there anything abnormal with the spirit item Chu Qingzi concocted?” asked Yang Que.

The three senior elders looked at each other before Senior Elder Ge said: “No. We wouldn’t have made a mistake.” 

“Then, who was in charge of searching for her. Did you search her mask?” Yang Que clearly was protecting Yang Qian. Clearly, he was doing what she wanted.

“This… no. This subordinate felt that the mask…” the female soul teacher on the outer tables in charge of searching Ye Qingzi shamefully looked down.

“Then search her again.” Yang Que calmly said to her.

The female soul teacher didn’t dare disobey. She walked up to Ye Qingzi, telling her to take her mask off.

Spirit liquid would leave a long remnant smell if it was placed somewhere. If they were to examine now, they would be able to determine if there was spirit liquid hidden inside. 

“Yang Que, is this appropriate?!” Shen Qiu suddenly stood up, and stared at the female soul teacher about to inspect Ye Qingzi.

“It’s only a mask. We’ll just take it off to inspect. If there’s nothing abnormal Chu Qingzi will be the undisputed first place soul teacher. It was the inspector’s own negligence for failing to inspect the mask. We’ll make up for that now.” Yang Que calmly spoke.

Everyone could see that Yang Que was biased in favor of his granddaughter. However, anything he said in this city went. Since he made sense, Shen Qiu couldn’t find an excuse to protect Ye Qingzi.

“Please take off your mask.” politely said the woman.

Ye Qingzi stood there, unmoving.

The woman repeated it again, but Ye Qingzi still didn’t take off her mask.

“What’s the matter? Feeling guilty now?” mocked Yang Qian.

Since the opposing party wasn’t willing to take off her mask, this was evidence of cheating!

“If I take it off and you don’t find anything, does that prove my innocence and that I am the undisputed first place in the soul ability competition?” Ye Qingzi looked at the overbearing Yang Que and coldly inquired.

“Yes. The soul ability competition is fair. If there’s nothing wrong with the mask, naturally nobody will suspect you.” apathetically nodded Yang Que.

In truth, Yang Que was a bit suspicious himself whether Ye Qingzi cheated, because even he himself didn’t have the confidence to use these materials to complete a fourth rank emperor rank spirit item concoction.

“Ok, I’ll take it off.” Ye Qingzi’s tone turned heavy!

“Qingzi, don’t…” Ye Wansheng hastily went to stop her.

Ye Qingzi glanced at Ye Wansheng and firmly said: “I’m going to obtain the Spirit Vessel!”

Ye Qingzi had a pair of beautiful eyes and many people could deduce that she was probably a breathtaking beauty.

Therefore, when she took off her mask, everyone was excited and stared at the face of this mysterious soul teacher.

Everyone’s eyes were on her face as they watched this woman solemnly take off her mask...

Her eyes were like stars that carried a beautiful lustre. Within the depths was hidden bewilderment and a sense of loss. Yet this made others even more enchanted.

However, when everyone believed that a heart shaking face would imprint themselves in their eyes, they saw black scars!!

These black scars were warped and malevolent. They covered this woman’s face, completely destroying her perfect face!!

When the mask came off, a clattering sound rang out, but everyone sucked in a breath!!

“How… how terrifying!” the woman standing in front of Ye Qingzi took a few steps back, not daring to look directly at her!

Zhu Zizhan, Lu Yun, Yang Qian, and Princess Xiang Nan were all next to Ye Qingzi and when they saw her appearance, they were stunned!

This woman should have possessed beauty that was uncontainable by even a mask. However, nobody expected that her face would be destroyed to this extent by poison!!

“Qingzi…” Lin Shang, sitting in the audience, seemed to have lost his soul.

He remembered her appearance, the appearance that made him incomparably infatuated. However, the beauty in his dreams had been reduced to this state!

“Qingzi, is it worth the trouble?!!” Ye Wansheng stood next to Ye Qingzi with a bitter face, but he could only say this much.

Ye Wansheng didn’t want Ye Qingzi to take off the mask not because he was afraid of them being recognized.

Instead, he understood that when Ye Qingzi had spent 20 days concocting spirit items, much of her soul power had been consumed and she was incapable of completing a high ranking concoction. The only method was to use a self-harming soul teacher soul technique...

This self-harming soul teacher soul technique was destructive to her appearance!

Moreover, she was exposing this appearance in front of everyone!

To any woman, appearance was exceptionally important!!

When others stared at you and revealed fear or disgust… Ye Wansheng came to understand this.

Right now, everyone was staring at his sister with eyes of disgust as if they were looking at a monster. As a brother, his heart felt like it was being slashed apart!!

His eyes were red.

In order to obtain the Spirit Vessel, and to complete their father-like teacher’s inheritance, his sister had sacrificed too much.

She had forsaken her own appearance, and had now thrown away her own dignity as a woman.

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