Chapter 852: Removed Dignity Part 1

“Young Master Chu still hasn’t appeared. Nothing wrong has happened, right?” Princess Wan Ning looked at the empty seat beside her and began to worry.

Princess Wan Ning and Ning Maner had returned to Soul City first. Ning Maner had disguised herself and sat next to Princess Wan Ning.

“Don’t worry. At most, he’s just been delayed while killing that person. He should return.” Ning Maner wasn’t worried at all.

As she was speaking, Yang Qian seemed to have finished the final refinement of her spirit item, and was slowly retrieving this lightning and fire dual attributed spirit item from the furnace. 

While Yang Qian was finishing her refinement, Ye Qingzi had also finally taken out her spirit item from the furnace. 

“Oh, time is just right.” Yang Qian laughed, and glanced at the tool Ye Qingzi was holding. 

Yang Qian arrogantly walked forth, and placed her tool in front of the three Soul Church senior elders. 

Ye Qingzi subsequently put hers down before calmly retreating to one side.

The first place winner of the soul ability competition was about to be announced! 

The soul teacher arena which held ten thousand people had turned quiet. This included the powerful figures in the audience. They were all staring at the two tools on the senior elder table. 

The senior elders on either side picked up Ye Qingzi and Yang Qian’s spirit items and began to meticulously inspect them.

It didn’t take long to inspect, but the adjacent Ye Wansheng began to tense up, as he felt that these two old men were moving too slowly! 

At the beginning, the two white bearded senior elders had calm expressions. However, as they inspected the potential of the two spirit items, their faces couldn’t help but reveal shocked expressions! 

Right now practically everyone was focused on the two inspecting senior elders. However, purely from their expressions, it was impossible to guess which spirit item was stronger! 

  “This… is rare. Very rare!!” 

“World-shocking workmanship. This is world-shocking workmanship!” 

The two senior elders let out exclamations at practically the same time. 

Then, the two of them handed over the tools to the center senior elder. Clearly, this Great Senior Elder from Soul Church would make the final appraisal before announcing the final result. 

The Great Senior Elder examined both of them. He examined Ye Qingzi’s spirit item first and quickly, his expression was the same as the previous senior elder, carrying an expression of disbelief. 

Then, he began to inspect Yang Qian’s spirit item, and the shock on his face didn’t dissipate either. 

“Senior Elder Ge, announce the results.” calmly said Yang Que.

 “Yang Qian. Emperor third rank. Perfect quality!!” 

Soul Church Senior Elder Ge used soul remembrance to announce Yang Qian’s results! 

The moment his voice faded, the entire arena was in shock!

Emperor third rank meant that it could be used to create a third class emperor. Moreover, perfect quality meant that there was a 100% success rate. She was able to accomplish this merely from these materials. Imagine giving her ample resources… 

The success rate of a perfect quality was 100% while a lower quality’s success rate was merely 5%. The difference between Zhu Zizhan and Yang Qian was immediately displayed! 

“She’s on a completely different level than second place. I said earlier that Young lady Yang was the undisputed number one and those fellows didn’t believe me.” 

“She really is amazing. If I were to have those materials, forget the emperor rank, I wouldn’t even be able to concoct eighth rank spirit items.” 

"The discrepancy in strength is too large!” 

Sounds of discussion rang out. It seemed that everyone here was sure Yang Qian would obtain first place. 

Moreover, with such an astonishing result, presumably the competitor who fought till the end with her would probably pale in comparison. The reason the great senior elder hadn’t read out her result was probably because her concoction had failed. 

Towards this result, Yang Qian was rather satisfied and she intentionally surveyed the surrounding soul teachers all congratulating her. 

“This time, I’ve truly stood at the very highest spot. I want to see in the future, who will dare be disrespectful to me.” a smile rose on Yang Qian’s face. 

Although she already knew that this result was inevitable, when she obtained the result, the feeling she had was completely different. 

“Hmm, what’s the matter?” suddenly, the pleased Yang Qian discovered that the expression of the senior elders were strange as the three of them were still looking at Ye Qingzi’s tool, which the result of still hadn’t been announced.

“Everyone quiet down. The results of one competitor still needs to be announced.” at this moment, Senior Elder Ge stood up and pressed his two hands down, calling for silence. 

Senior Elder Ge’s soul remembrance voice could honestly suppress everyone’s voices here, but he felt that this result needed to be announced with absolute silence so that everyone could hear!

Senior Elder Mu calmly waited for a moment to ensure that there was no more noise. He cleared his throat then said: “This result was extremely unexpected by myself and the two senior elders. However… it’s real…” 

“Chu Qingzi, emperor fourth rank, high class quality!!!” 

Emperor fourth rank, high class quality!! 

His voice transmitted through the entire silent plaza, reverberating in the heads of every person!

The place was quiet for a moment before the ten thousand soul teacher plaza erupted like thunder!! 

This shocking result was unbelievable!! 

The soul teachers here were extremely clear that these materials could be used to concoct an emperor third rank spirit item, but this was the limit. A fourth rank spirit item was impossible!! 

Perhaps this was why Senior Elder Ge had prefaced his announcement with those words!

“She really succeeded? This…” Soul City’s Lord, Yang Que, stood up from his seat, and stared at the masked Ye Qingzi. 

Even Soul City’s Lord, Yang Que, was exceptionally shocked, since he hadn’t even fully grasped the complete furnace concoction method! 

The senior elders, elders and Kingdom Lords were all silent. For a moment, they were unable to make an evaluation from this shocking result!

Yang Qian, who had been all smiles, was frozen over and she stood there stunned with an expression of amazement and confusion! 

“That’s impossible! It’s impossible to concoct a fourth rank spirit item with those materials!” suddenly yelled Yang Qian! 

Yang Qian’s words were what everyone was thinking!

This was because they understood soul abilities. Limited materials could not concoct higher rank spirit items. This was impossible! 

Yang Qian ignored etiquette, and ran up to the three senior elders where she grabbed Ye Qingzi’s tool.

The senior elders didn’t stop her, allowing her to examine it. 

However, not much later, her expression went stiff, and she seemed to have lost her soul!

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