Chapter 851: Final Concoction

“Speaking of which, why hasn’t Chu Mu appeared yet?” Looking at the high seats, Ye Wansheng noticed that the spot beside princess wan ning was empty. 

That meant that Chu Mu hadn’t come yet.

This wasn’t a good start. This final was the greatest goal for Ye Qingzi, so logically Chu Mu should have been here very early on.

“Let’s start!”

Yang Que’s eyes glanced over to the main judges and said.

The main judges nodded, and read out the first competitor that was about to perform the refining.

“Huang Modeng!!”

The soul pet trainer that was named was clearly nervous, very reserved as he walked forward.

Behind him was his helper. The helper held all the unfinished products and, if one looked closely, one could see the helper’s hands slightly trembling!

There were too many big characters up on the high seats. Adding on the ten thousand fellow soul teachers’ gazes, it was natural to become nervous without a great resolve.

This soul teacher seemed to be making a thunder type soul item. He slowly walked up to the furnace arcing purple electricity, and threw his incomplete parts into the furnace!

The final step of concocting needed the soul teacher to use their soul remembrance to control the energy within the furnaces. If there were any mistakes, the entire product would become useless, so Huang Modeng didn’t dare to be careless.

It wasn’t too long when everything was completed and Huang Modeng let out a happy smile, pulling out a soul item shining with purple glow.

“Emperor…...this is emperor rank soul item!!!”

Feeling the soul item let out an aura, the soul teachers nearby all widened their eyes.

Being able to create emperor rank soul items was like being able to enter emperor rank. It was a gap in strengths. Using a single month to create an emperor rank soul item and create an emperor rank was something impossible to most soul teachers.

“Emperor rank, high class!”

After the three soul church elders’ appraisals, they gave the final judgment on the quality of the item.

In such a competition, being able to perform normally was already hard. This emperor first rank soul item was just a normal performance by Huang Modeng, so he didn’t get overjoyed and simply smiled.

Since all the soul teachers were given the same materials, the higher the rank, the more likely one was to fail. After all, with only a month, most of the soul teachers went for soul items they were good at making. After all, creating soul items had a high chance of failure.

In the following soul teachers, they were all similar in strength to Huang Modeng and created soul items around emperor first rank middle and high class. One created a perfect emperor first rank item, while two were too overachieving and failed, only able to leave disqualified.

“Lu Yun,  emperor second rank, high class!!” A senior elder immediately revealed Cloud Scar Lu Yun’s results.

This result immediately caused a commotion. Second rank emperor rank high class soul item was enough to create a pseudo emperor rank with a sub type!

Lu Yun herself was a very powerful soul pet trainer. If she could create emperor rank soul items easily, then she could easily recruit soul pet trainers that were about to break through using this. Though the materials were expensive, it was worth it to create an emperor rank strength that served her!

“You don’t have a chance anymore.” Zhu Zizhan looked at Lu Yun and smiled.

“Oh? Then I want to see Mister Zhu’s incredible skill.” Lu Yun’s eyes wandered over, and said charmingly.

The next was Zhu Zizhan.

Zhu Zizhan needed more time than the others; he was making a fire type soul item.

“Zhu Zizhan, emperor third rank soul item, low class!”

The moment third rank soul item was said, everyone started discussing and cheering was heard everywhere.

Zhu Zizhan was rather pleased with his score. Pseudo emperor rank soul items and low class emperor rank soul items were on two different levels, so third rank was better than Lu Yun!

“Mister Zhu truly is talented, able to utilize your materials to a greater quality and effect.” Lu Yun smiled and insinuated.

Zhu Zizhan blanked briefly, not expecting Lu Yun to see through his tricks.

However, Zhu Zizhan was rather calm, not making any reply.

“Third rank emperor rank soul item can get top three. Not sure how princess xiang nan is doing.” Old soul teacher de said.

“Yeah, third rank low class emperor rank soul items had a chance of creating low class emperor ranks. With limited ingredients, being able to create this meant this man has unlimited potential!”

To any faction, a soul teacher able to create a third rank emperor rank soul item was already a noble guest. After all, every spirit emperor meant a strong addition of power. If they were given enough materials and time to concoct, this faction’s spirit emperor force will just grow ever larger.

"Ding Xiangnan, emperor third rank, low class!!”

A few senior elders showed surprise and read out soul pet palace princess xiang nan’s results.

Soul pet palace had the most people within the crowd. When they heard that soul pet palace princess created a soul item not inferior to Zhu Zizhan, the cheering instantly grew even louder!

Princess Xiang nan was quiet and low profile. Not many people knew of her. However, today’s outstanding performance would make her secretly admired by many.

“Next, Chu Qingzi.” The elder didn’t pause and read out Ye Qingzi’s name.

Ye Qingzi was still wearing her mask. She had an attractive body that left a lot to the imagination yet also a cold beauty that caused many men to feel unbearably curious about whether the face behind that mask was also exquisitely beautiful.

“Qingzi, you can do this, I will watch you.” Lin Shang said encouragingly.

Ye Qingzi looked at Lin Shang and only nodded slightly.

Ye Wansehng was uneasy now. Only he knew that Ye Qingzi’s soul item wasn't even at the stage where it can go into the furnace. Ye Qingzi was going to continue concocting it while in the furnace!

Even though Ye Wansheng didn't know any soul ability, he knew that all the steps had to be in order. Ye Qingzi’s chance of failure was extremely high like this.

Ye Qingzi slowly walked forward to the ice and fire furnace. This time, the soul item she was making had these two types.

“I will finish it!” Ye Qingzi took a deep breath and said to herself.

She opened the ice fire furnace and specially used her soul remembrance to lower the energy within the furnace to a minimum. She had to first combine and mix the soul items she had in the furnace. This should have happened in flasks, but this time she was doing it in the furnace.

“What…...what is she doing?”

“Why is she combining things in the furnace, did she not even finish her soul item?”

“If she didn't finish, is there a point in putting it into the furnace? It’s destined to fail.”

The senior elders were all very wise, so how could they not tell what Ye Qingzi was doing.

“Her courage is good. This concocting method does break through the limits of the material and goes towards higher rank soul items. However, not many people have grasped this method at all.” Zhu Chao looked at Ye Qingzi, and said slowly to Yang Que.

Yang Que nodded, “Young people always like a challenge…..”

Though they said this, neither yang Que nor Zhu Chao thought Ye Qingzi would succeed. After all, even they didn’t grasp such a technique fully.

“So slow!”

“How is she not done yet?”

“Furnace step shouldn’t take this long, is it a very advanced soul item?”

“Maybe it failed already.”

With the passage of time, everyone slowly got impatient, because Ye Qingzi was taking up too much time.

Ye Qingzi didn’t mind other peoples’ muttering. The competition didn’t give her a time limit on the furnace step.

“Stop wasting time, bring out the heap of junk.” Yang Qian also realized that Ye Qingzi was combining soul items within the furnace. Yang Qian didn’t believe Ye Qingzi could do it at all.

Ye Qingzi ignored her and yang Qian specially glanced at the senior elders that were judging.

Seeing that Ye Qingzi hasn’t failed yet, and was just a few steps away from finishing, the elders lightly said, “Just wait a little longer.”

“Since you’re the last two, how about this. Yang Qian, if you use a different furnace for your soul item, you can go finish it first and then we can appraise your soul item then. The determination of the winner will be decided then.” A soul church elder said.

“You still need to appraise it? Do you senior elders have no faith in yang Qian?” Yang Qian laughed and said.

"Hehe, of course we have faith, but you have to let others know how they lost!” Senior elder’s wrinkly face smiled and said.

Yang Qian didn’t wait for her name to be read out. She walked forward and walked to the thunder and fire type furnace aside ye Qingzi.

While walking by Ye Qingzi, Yang Qian gazed provokingly at Ye Qingzi, and glanced at her body.

Suddenly, yang Qian showed dissatisfaction and cursed under her breath, “She definitely has something around her waist!”

Yang Qian often stood in front of a mirror and appreciated her own body. She had a proud narcissism about her own body. So, when she noticed that Ye Qingzi’s waist was even thinner than hers, she naturally felt unaccepting. No matter what, she had to be better than others.

Including Wan Ning’s sweet temper that caused countless men to fall for her. Yang Qian actually wanted to look as pure and wholesome as Wan Ning, but after trying for a while, she realized she couldn’t possibly do it.

Thus, she also was jealous of Wan Ning!

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