Chapter 851: Final Concoction

“Speaking of which, why hasn’t Chu Mu appeared yet?” Looking at the high seats, Ye Wansheng noticed that the spot beside princess wan ning was empty. 

That meant that Chu Mu hadn’t come yet.

This wasn’t a good start. This final was the greatest goal for Ye Qingzi, so logically Chu Mu should have been here very early on.

“Let’s start!”

Yang Que’s eyes glanced over to the main judges and said.

The main judges nodded, and read out the first competitor that was about to perform the refining.

“Huang Modeng!!”

The soul pet trainer that was named was clearly nervous, very reserved as he walked forward.

Behind him was his helper. The helper held all the unfinished products and, if one looked closely, one could see the helper’s hands slightly trembling!

There were too many big characters up on the high seats. Adding on the ten thousand fellow soul teachers’ gazes, it was natural to become nervous without a great resolve.

This soul teacher seemed to...

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