Chapter 850: Soul Ability Competition Final

The month long final of the soul ability competition was finally here.

This day was also where the last twenty soul teachers had to do the last step of the concoction process.

To see the twenty talented soul teachers do their last steps in person, many soul teachers were already waiting in the large plaza. Without specialized seats on the high chairs, they only had the limited space of the plaza to spectate from.

Even a single careless act of the soul teachers could be of great help to these low rank souls teachers. After all, with high level soul abilities, unless one has a teacher, it was incredibly difficult to self learn.

By noon, the entire plaza was full. At this time, many people who went to wait early were already thanking the heavens that they decided to go and wait so early in the morning.

“Let’s welcome the twenty talented soul teachers!!”

After the rumbling voice, twenty soul teachers wearing noble robes walked out slowly, walking along the soft and red flower petal carpet. The tens of thousands of people in the plaza could only use an envious gaze to look at them.

This was an honor, the most authoritative honor in human soul teacher realm!

At the center of the plaza, there were twenty smelting furnaces. These furnaces were ten meters tall and different energies were interweaving and releasing from the vents of the furnaces, like trapped beasts that were bearing their fangs. Normal people couldn’t even withstand the leaking energies from this furnace.

The last step of the furnace doesn’t take too long. In the following time, the twenty talented soul teachers will go up one after another and use these different furnaces to complete their soul items and undergo the final comparison.

Today, everyone famous within soul city kingdom appeared, from first rank kingdom masters to tenth rank kingdom masters, from first remembrance spirit emperor to ninth remembrance, from palace master, to elder, to senior elder, as well as many others!

These twenty soul teachers have all seen large scenes; after all, they often walked around in these large factions.

However, they quickly noticed that people they couldn’t ever see normally appeared in the high seats as well. Thinking that these extremely respectable people will see the results of countless hours of soul ability research, all the soul teachers in the final were nervous but excited.

At the center of the high seats sat the current soul city master Yang Que.

This soul teacher has gathered an imposing manner over his years of being in a position of power. With his hands on the chair armrests, when his piercing eyes looked down, there was an invisible pressure that affected one’s breathing.

On the left of Yang Que was nightmare palace elder Shen Qiu!

In the eyes of all nightmare palace members, Shen Qiu was the most powerful person right below devil emperor, a character truly everyone knew!

On the right of Yang Que was the master of soul church - Medicine Desolation Zhu Chao!

Though he sat to the right, his position wasn’t any less than the other two.

Shen Qiu, Yang Que,  and Zhu Chao, these three people’s positions represented their current status, representing the tip of the human pyramid. Their manner alone could cause countless people to bow in respect.

Under these three massive characters were the senior elders and high ranking kingdom masters. These people all governed a couple billion people as well. In territories of billions of people, they were the true utmost ruler, reaching a height countless people would never be able to reach.

At this moment, they also sat in the seats, gazing at the twenty soul teachers, some relaxed and casual, some quietly chattering…….

In this situation, the usual highest authorities of kingdoms and factions were outshined.

These twenty soul teachers were all the best soul teachers from Tianxia Realm and Wanxiang Realm. After today, no matter if they won or lost, their futures were unbelievably bright and may join them in the high seats in the future!

Of the twenty members, the person most likely to get first was naturally soul city master Yang Que’s granddaughter, Medicine Desolation’s senior disciple Yang Qian.

Yang Qian was tall yet curvaceous. Her noble purple soul teacher robes brought out the curves that invoke endless jealousy while her arrogant face held a confident smile.

Yang Qian’s fame in soul teacher was very high, and the line of men that secretly admired her could wrap around the city. However, this woman was extremely arrogant and, with her powerful strength and surprising background, any man who stood in front of her would feel inferior. No matter how perfect she was, what man could take her down?

Behind Yang Qian stood Cloud Scar Lu Yun, Zhu Zizhan, Princess Xiangnan, Ye Qingzi…….

These five were the most outstanding in the previous three rounds. In fact, their strengths were clearly way beyond the other fifteen finalists.

This spirit ability competition’s top three definitely will come from these five!

Powerful people were worthy of respect and praise. The ten thousand person plaza mostly supported these five people, and most people thought that Yang Qian was the undisputed winner, while the second and third was left for the other four to fight it out.


“Qingzi, are you sure your soul item finished?” Ye Wansheng asked nervously.

Appearing under the eyes of so many important people, Ye Wansheng rarely was more reserved. After all, there were over ten people on the high seats with strength of high class emperor rank. Since this directly affected their teacher’s will, success or failure will happen today.

“No.” Ye Qingzi shook her head.

Three days was too short. Ye Qingzi couldn’t complete it even after casting her soul teacher technique.

“No…...then why are you standing there so calmly!” Ye Wansheng was completely shocked by his sister’s calmness!

One had to know that their teacher killers were on the high seats watching them. Participating in this contest was a huge risk already. If they didn’t have any results, there was no need to stand there.

“I’m a little bit off, I need to finish it while I do the last step in the furnace.” Ye Qingzi replied.

“......” Ye Wensheng didn’t expect Ye Qingzi to plan to finish the soul item under the gaze of tens of thousands of people. Wasn’t that a little too crazy?

“Are you confident?” Ye Wansheng quickly asked.

“I don’t know, I can only try.” Ye Qingzi lightly grasped her slightly pale hands.

Today, Ye Qingzi wore a black long robe. Her astounding legs and elegant curves weren’t any inferior to Yang Qian, and her legs and hips were even greater than Yang Qian. However, the reserved Ye Qingzi hid her body, and didn’t intentionally accentuate any of her features.

Even so, with this robe, the mask, and the long black hair, Ye Qingzi gained a mysterious and cold vibe that caused everyone to be curious yet unable to contact.

“Qingzi, I knew you would be able to stand here!”

Suddenly, a soul remembrance voice came into Ye Qingzi’s mind.

Ye Qingzi felt the voice sounded familiar, and turned around to notice a man watching her intensely from the high seats.

“En.” Ye Qingzi replied lightly.

“I also joined the competition and tried my absolute best but still got eliminated in the third round. I thought that I could make the final round no matter what, where I could compete with you on the same stage. Too bad my soul ability talent isn’t great.” The man let out a sigh.

“En.” Ye Qingzi still just nodded.

Ye Wansheng noticed that Ye Qingzi was talking with a man and originally thought Chu Mu couldn’t hold back any more before he realized it was another guy.

This man Ye Wansheng recognized. It was a very powerful spirit emperor that they met going into a forbidden realm once, named Lin Shang.

Lin Shang was mysterious. Ye Wansheng tried to figure out his position in the past secretly but had no findings. However, he unknowingly realized that this person was very highly positioned in wanxiang city because he saw a top tier emperor rank kingdom master respectfully bow towards him once.

Lin Shang met briefly with Ye Wansheng and Ye Qingzi and not long after, Lin Shang started frenziedly chasing after Ye Qingzi.

Ye Wansheng and Ye Qingzi walked countless cities and for some reason they could always find Lin Shang somewhere.

Lin shang was truly a strange genius. To have more common topics, he specially went and learned some soul ability.

In the third round, Ye Wansheng actually saw this fellow. However, what caused Ye Wansheng to be shocked was this fellow actually made it to the third round with the soul ability he learned only to impress his sister!!

Lin Shang’s determination truly made Ye Wansheng respect him. For a while, to help Ye Qingzi get over her mental shadow, Ye Wansheng was very willing for her to get together with Lin Shang.

Ye Wansheng was truly helpless. If this Lin Shang appeared before Chu Mu, he may have a good chance. However, his sister wasn’t the type to let go of relationships.

Of course, now that Ye Wansheng knew Chu Mu was still alive, he naturally couldn’t push his sister towards this Lin Shang…...

“Ye Wansheng, long time no see. After this soul ability competition, Qingzi should have some plans for her relationship, right?” Lin Shang said with soul remembrance to Ye Wansehng.

“Possibly…….” Ye Wansheng was about to mention Chu Mu and make Lin Shang give up.

However, thinking about it more, he realized that once Chu Mu appears, Lin Shang would know its impossible for him.

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