Chapter 850: Soul Ability Competition Final

The month long final of the soul ability competition was finally here.

This day was also where the last twenty soul teachers had to do the last step of the concoction process.

To see the twenty talented soul teachers do their last steps in person, many soul teachers were already waiting in the large plaza. Without specialized seats on the high chairs, they only had the limited space of the plaza to spectate from.

Even a single careless act of the soul teachers could be of great help to these low rank souls teachers. After all, with high level soul abilities, unless one has a teacher, it was incredibly difficult to self learn.

By noon, the entire plaza was full. At this time, many people who went to wait early were already thanking the heavens that they decided to go and wait so early in the morning.

“Let’s welcome the twenty talented soul teachers!!”

After the rumbling voice, twenty soul teachers wearing noble robes walked out slowly, walking...

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