Book 2 Chapter 85 - Dyed In Blood, Silver Colored Fox

Chapter 85: Dyed In Blood, Silver Colored Fox

The Tundra Ice Beast was very capable of grasping timing during a fight, and when Mo Xie was knocked flying, it immediately cast Death Assault. Its speed rapidly increased, and it created a cold light as it flashed across the field, abruptly charging into the off-balance Mo Xie!

Mo Xie, who was in midair, immediately flipped over. Her four paws, as if treading on water, ignited a few magnificent fire halos as her body suddenly jumped up as she was descending. While everyone was gasping, she dodged the extremely hard to dodge attack!

If stunned in midair, it would be very hard for many beast type soul pets to dodge their enemy’s followup attack. Therefore, when Mo Xie lost her balance and used Flame Dance to thrillingly yet magnificently dodge, it was truly very marvelous. It couldn’t help but make others lament about the difference between a peak expert and a normal expert. It wasn’t merely defined by the superiority of a soul pet’s rank and phase and stage. Instead, it was more determined by how well a soul pet used its techniques, and by how much of a grasp they had on fighting skills.

Demon Fire Evil Flame against Icy Frost Aura. Two groups of energy unceasingly clashed amidst the biting, cold gale of the River Field Battlefield.

The ground was covered by a thick layer of ice at times, while burning in a raging fire at others. The fight between a perfect warrior rank and a perfect commander rank slowly caused others to be slightly dazzled. It didn’t matter whether it was towards the magnificently shocking fire and ice type techniques, or the beast type abilities in the fight between the two great soul pets.

Gap Breakthrough, Followup Attack, Exquisite Dodging, Critical Strike, Technique Combination, Attribute Domination…

A super high class commander rank’s absolute speed, soul equipment, techniques and attack talent created strength higher than that of a commander. It caused the fight between the two soul pets to become even more marvelous, and it unceasingly aroused the sighs and gasps of surprise from the audience!!

On the River Field Battlefield’s rushing river water, a thick layer of ice crystals had already been frozen on top. The Tundra Ice Beast astonishingly stood on top of the river...

The weeds growing on the plains had already been set afire by the blaze. Amidst the torrential flames, the arrogant Mo Xie was burning from head to toe in fighting spirit. Her two demonic silver eyes stared at the violent Tundra Ice Beast. Although her body was covered in a plethora of wounds, her arrogant attitude still hadn’t decreased in the slightest!

Seeing that Mo Xie was already visibly panting, Chu Mu’s eyebrows were creased.

Mo Xie had accompanied him for many years, and Chu Mu knew that she possessed the abnormal talent of the consecutive metamorphosis bloodline.The Evil Flame Six Tailed Demon Fox itself was a soul pet that surpassed the warrior rank and those of the same age. Further adding on Mo Xie’s own abnormal talent, even if she were facing many superior commander ranks, Mo Xie would still be able to easily hold her own.

Presently, against the perfect commander rank Tundra Ice Beast, while her speed was still at the advantage, her entire body quality was clearly inferior!

“Evil Flame Claw!!!!!”

Mo Xie quickly and suddenly dodged the the Tundra Ice Beast’s charge attack from the river. Her attack that attached flames and the soul claw to it instantly fell onto the Tundra Ice Beast’s armor!!

The Evil Flame’s effects clearly didn’t have an immediate effect. Moreover, the ice armor completely countered it, so the attack amplified by the soul claw could only barely exhibit a suppressed Evil Flame effect. Such an attack merely left a light scar on the Tundra Ice Beast’s body.

“Hou!!!” the Tundra Ice Beast turned around and abruptly launched itself at Mo Xie, who was dodging backward and astonishingly discovered consecutive attacks incoming!!


The first attack was dodged by Mo Xie, but blew up a hole in the ground!


The second attack was also dodged by Mo Xie, but the vibrational energy knocked Mo Xie flying!


The third attack was immediately launched as Mo Xie was knocked flying into the air. Although Mo Xie had used Flame Dance, she could not completely dodge, and her abdomen was struck so that her body flew up even higher. She fell back onto the river field far away!!


The layer of ice on the river field wasn’t extremely thick. When Mo Xie smashed to the ground from high above, the frozen river was instantly shattered. Several cracks quickly proliferated on top of the fifty meter river of ice….

“Gezhi Gezhi~~~~~~~”

Finally, as the cracks continued to grow larger, the entire river field, which was frozen in a layer of ice, was entirely shattered. It transformed into numerous chunks of thick ice that were washed downstream by the rushing river!

Seeing the Evil Flame Demon Fox submerged in the river, Jia Feng faintly raised the corner of his lips. A commander rank was a commander rank after all. Although Jia Feng couldn’t help but admit that the Evil Flame Six Tailed Demon Fox had been raised extremely well by Chu Mu, in front of the Tundra Ice Beast, the Evil Flame Six Tailed Demon Fox whose attribute was also countered, simply wasn’t the Tundra Ice Beast’s opponent!

“Admit defeat, you aren’t my opponent.” From the beginning until the end, Jia Feng stood on the other side of the river area. Presently, his gaze was on Chu Mu.

While the Tundra Ice Beast was fighting Mo Xie, Chu Mu hadn’t used any soul techniques, not even using Violent Blood Pupil on Mo Xie. Simultaneously, Jia Feng hadn’t used any soul technique. It had purely been a fight between these two perfect soul pets!


“The warrior rank Evil Flame Six Tailed Demon Fox was able to fight the Tundra Ice Beats for so long and further able to cause large wounds to it; the Nightmare Prince Chu truly is a genius. If he was able to possess an even stronger soul pet, he would definitely have the advantage.” a smile appeared on the Jia City city lord’s face. He wore an expression as if he had already predicted the outcome.

The Jia City city lord had continuously maintained a calm and composed manner was obviously because he understood Jia Feng’s soul pets. Jia Feng’s main soul pet, the Tundra Ice Beast was personally seized from the Jia Region Tundra, where monarch rank soul pets resided. This soul pet’s talent surpassed practically all the commander ranks, and its ice type talent could be compared to a few normal ice elemental world soul pets. Further adding on the soul cores, soul crystals, spiritual items, and attribute strengthening throughout its evolution and growth, its body also had a sixth level soul claw and soul armor.

Such a soul pet was hard to defeat, even for some terrifying monarch ranks. Moreover, it was only fighting against a warrior rank Evil Flame Six Tailed Demon Fox!

“Mhm, the Tundra Ice Beast really is very strong.” Princess Jin Rou nodded her head, but didn’t say anything further.

“Princess, if he loses, won’t he be directly eliminated? Our journey doesn’t permit losers.” asked Jin Kui in a soft voice.

Princess Jin Rou shook her head and said: “From the beginning he said he didn’t like restricted battles. During the fight, he didn’t use any soul technique or attribute complimenting. If I didn’t guess incorrectly, he is training his Evil Flame Six Tailed Demon Fox to fight against a stronger soul pet whose attribute is also a counter. Thus, he allows his soul pet to surpass…”

“Train? Could it be that his true goal this fight isn’t to win?” Jin Kui revealed an astonished expression.

“Every Prison Island King has survived amidst a slaughter. Their concept of winning is killing. There’s an innate difference between contests and slaughter.” analyzed Princess Jin Rou.

“Then the princess’ meaning is that he’s completely using Jia Feng’s soul pet as a sparring partner?” inquired Jin Kui.

The princess didn’t say anything else. She only kept her eyes on Chu Mu, who was calm from beginning to end.

Princess Jin Rou’s explanation of her guess towards Chu Mu wasn’t wrong. When the Tundra Ice Beast was summoned, the nature of the battle had changed.

Jia Feng’s second main soul pet, the Chaotic Thunder Feather Demon, being heavily wounded in such a short period of time by Mo Xie absolutely was not due to luck. Instead, it was because Chu Mu, at the time, had only wanted to quickly end the fight and used his full strength.

When Jia Feng summoned his second soul pet, Chu Mu had already planned on summoning the Ice Air Fairy to engage in attribute complementation. The Ice Air Fairy and Mo Xie coordinated to make the strongest ice and fire combination. When the two worked together on Prison Island, they defeated numerous three soul opponents. Defeating Jia Feng simply wasn’t a problem.

Only, the Tundra Ice Beast’s appearance caused Chu Mu to get rid of that idea.

Ever since returning from Prison Island, aside from encountering the nameless old servant’s three soul pets, Mo Xie hadn’t encountered a truly challenging opponent. She lacked a certain method of tempering herself, and this Tundra Ice Beast happened to be extremely suitable for Mo Xie to fight against. Chu Mu naturally wouldn’t waste this chance.

“Summon your second soul pet!” Jia Feng unhastily attacked Chu Mu. His expression was confident as he stared at Chu Mu, and he seemed to feel that there wasn’t a need to use the extremely good opportunity to attack Chu Mu directly. Instead, he chivalrously gave Chu Mu the time to summon his second soul pet.

“There’s no need.” Chu Mu’s gaze didn’t meet Jia Feng’s. Instead, it was fixated on the untrammeled surging river water.

A soul pet that was able to continuously mutate didn’t merely require a special bloodline and constitution. Instead, what it needed was a heart of fire that incessantly burned with the will to grow stronger!


In the middle of the roaring river region, the river water suddenly erupted, and a splash flew high into the air!!

Inside the wave of water was a silver colored figure that jumped out from the depths of the river water. It vigorously fell onto the ground, its long sleek fur was completely wet, and ice cold droplets of water stuck to its body. Dripping wet….

“Wu wu wu!!!!!!!!!!” Mo Xie raised her head and let out a long howl!

Suddenly, a surge of fire jumped up from under her four paws. The scorching hot Demon Fire Evil Flames burned while the icy water on her body all evaporated. In an instant, the dry silvery white fur began to dance again. Its ostentatious silvery, white colored six gorgeous tails opened up and waved about as it faced the violent wind!

After releasing the demonic aura and evil flames, the Evil Flame Six Tailed Demon Fox that was originally in a wet and miserable state, regained its demonically charming and violently natural appearance. There wasn’t even half a trace of suffering or defeat left!!

Seeing that the Evil Flame Six Tailed Demon Fox continued to burn with such exuberant fighting spirit, the eyes of the spectators outside the battlefield immediately lit up. Sitting in the important seats, the Jia City city lord had originally wanted to give pretend praise to Chu Mu’s soul pets. He easily looked up at Jia Feng, and saw that the Evil Flame Six Tailed Demon Fox had returned to the battlefield. His words instantly stopped short, and his eyes revealed a rather shocked expression.

As Chu Mu watched Mo Xie, who was full of fighting intent, a faint smile rose on his face. That bloody scene from Prison Island flashed through his mind...

After three consecutive days and three consecutive nights of fighting, the Devil Tree Battle Soldier and the Ice Air Fairy were both heavily wounded. Over a hundred corpses of soul pets were spread out, composing a long bloody pathway. At the end of this path arrogantly stood the silvery white body of Mo Xie now fully dyed in blood!

Mo Xie was arrogant, indifferent, and had an extremely wild nature. Her fighting willpower was definitely not under Mo Ye’s. How could such a negligible wound knock her down?!

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