Chapter 849: I Don’t Have a Habit of Leaving People Alive

Strange Bewildering Demon. One of the most proficient demon species at assassination! 

This was Zhu Haoting’s third main pet. Using this soul pet, he had assassinated many people that were a threat to him.

This time, a clearly arrogant young man was going to die at his hands like this!

Should he feel pity for him?

Zhu Haoting sneered in his heart. His high level acting had displayed an anxious and frantic expression when his ice emperor was killed. At the same time, however, he was watching his demon extend its claws of death towards this young man which made him feel extremely humiliated.

“Rip apart his throat!” Zhu Haoting excitedly gave his Strange Bewildering Demon an order!

The Strange Bewildering Demon was an extremely skinny monkey demon with a long sharp tail. This sharp tail also contained a blade with poison inside. If this tail grabbed the enemy’s throat and then forcefully pulled, either blood would spill from the throat, or the head would fall to the ground!

Finally, the Strange Bewildering Demon launched an attack! 

Its gaze was like lightning, as its skinny body abruptly exploded with a shocking speed and strength in midair. Its body outlandishly flitted in front of Chu Mu, and its fatal tail was like a death noose that grabbed at Chu Mu’s head!

The Strange Bewildering Demon’s display of strength and its tail which had the power of lifting a mountain peak 


A sharp cry rang out as the Strange Bewildering Demon transformed into a hanging devil that streaked in front of Chu Mu. Its sharp poisonous claws aimed for his throat!


Zhu Haoting madly laughed. Another genius was going to be slaughtered by him. Moreover, it was one that possessed an emperor rank! 

Seeing Chu Mu about to be slaughtered, Zhu Haoting knew that this fellow was going to die. This was a pleasure that arose out of cruelty!

“There are hundreds of billions of people in this world, and if the outstandingly talented soul pet trainers were gathered together, there would still be a plethora of them. However, those that stand at the very pinnacle are never those with talent. Instead, they are those that understand how to survive and how to kill other people’s people!” Zuh Haoting looked at the young man hanging in the night sky as he mocked. 

Indeed, back then, Zhu Haoting had been recognized as a genius among geniuses. 

However, after reaching Wanxiang Realm, he realized that geniuses were worthless, and those that died the fastest were geniuses. 

Zhu Haoting hadn’t understood this, and had been reduced to someone’s lackey. Those soul pet trainers that hadn’t undergone this blood lesson would be hard pressed to escape this fate of death.

“About this, I heavily agree.” suddenly, a voice ran out that eerily transmitted into Zhu Haoting’s ear!

Zhu Haoting’s expression froze, as he stared at the body of the young man suspended in the night sky that should have already lost its life.

Suddenly, the young man opened his eyes and his pupils, now a silver color, flashed with a fierce lightning light that made Zhu Haoting’s eyes burn!

“Kill… kill him!!” a strange feeling of fear caused Zhu Haoting to cry out in shock!

The Strange Bewildering Demon never expected this human to survive its attack. Its tail roped up again and then ferociously swung at its side!

However, when it tried to use strength, it discovered that its strong tail was unable to move this human an inch. A mighty high class emperor had become a small clown that was trying its hardest to exert strength to move.

Chu Mu raised his hand and grabbed the Strange Bewildering Demon’s tail. 

Afterwards, his two hands grabbed the skinny Strange Bewildering Demon’s head and lower limbs before abruptly ripping it apart!!

“Si la!!!!!!!!!”

The Strange Bewildering Demon was ripped into two pieces as poisonous blood spilled everywhere!

Not a drop of blood landed on Chu Mu. Chu Mu loosened his grip, and the two pieces of the corpse dropped from his hands. 

Zhu Haoting was stunned. He couldn’t even feel the pain from the soul wound, as he stared in shock at the young man!

He had lived for so long, but this was the first time he had seen a soul pet trainer rely on his own arm strength to rip apart a high class emperor!!

Was this a human or a devil?! 

“Mo Xie, kill them.” Chu Mu didn’t plan on taking action. After helping Mo Xie get rid of a high class emperor, getting rid of them would be even easier!

Mo Xie didn’t allow the ice emperor that had lured it away to live. Its nine tails flashed red, causing the ice emperor to melt into water vapor!

Two high class emperors were instakilled. Zhu Haoting quickly realized that his position of power had disappeared!

This fellow indeed understood the laws of survival. The moment he saw the situation was unfavorable, he chose to flee!

But Chu Mu was extremely surprised because Zhu Haoting’s peak emperor’s fleeing speed was extremely fast. It surpassed his expectations! 

“Mo Xie, chase!” Chu Mu said to Mo Xie. 

Chu Mu jumped onto Mo Xie and chased after Zhu Haoting.

Zhu Haoting decisively sacrificed his two high class emperors to intercept Chu Mu. 

Mo Xie had no choice but to get rid of the two high class emperors. 

After killing the two high class emperors, Zhu Haoting had already fled very far away. Mo Xie would probably have to spend a lot of time to catch him since his peak emperor was not much slower than her.

Unless he absolutely had to, Chu Mu wouldn’t transform into a half devil, and participate in a soul pet fight.

Therefore, Chu Mu had Mo Xie continue to chase and attempted to have her speed breakthrough!

When a peak emperor was fleeing with all its might, killing it was exceptionally difficult. Mo Xie caught up to Zhu Haoting’s soul pet multiple times, but each time she released techniques, this fellow would always take advantage of an opportunity to flee in another direction.

Although Zhu Haoting was afraid of Chu Mu’s devil-like strength, when he discovered that Chu Mu was unable to take him down, he believed that Chu Mu had only used some soul technique earlier.

Chu Mu wasn’t anxious, however. From the darkness until light began to breakthrough the horizon, Chu Mu didn’t let Mo Xie give up!

Pursuing was also a form of training for Mo Xie, and Chu Mu believed that she could rely on her own abilities to kill Zhu Haoting, who was completely set on fleeing!

As physical strength was constantly expended, Zhu Haoting’s expression gradually turned unsightly.

The chase had already occurred over several thousands of kilometers from night until dawn and then until the afternoon. The other party wasn’t giving up. Zhu Haoting gradually began to feel the threat of death, because his soul pet’s physical strength was growing poorer and poorer!

“What’s the matter? You’re not fleeing anymore?” Chu Mu’s voice indifferently transmitted into Zhu Haoting’s ear.

Zhu Haoting’s eyes were full of fear, as he stared at Chu Mu.

At some point, a wild tail of the Seven Sins Fox had bound his body. The moment this Seven Sins Fox exerted a bit of strength, his soul pet would be snapped apart!!

Promptly, Zhu Haoting flusteredly spoke: “There inherently… inherently isn’t some huge animosity between the two of us.... Let me live, and I can give everything I own to you. These things can even allow you to strengthen another soul pet into a peak emperor!” 

“I don’t have a habit of leaving people alive.” Chu Mu looked down at the begging Zhu Haoting.

“It’s… it’s Zhu Chao that wants to kill you. And I…” Zhu Haoting hadn’t managed to finish his sentence before he suddenly felt a furry tail pierce through his neck!


Zhu Haoting’s words came to a stop as his neck was snapped apart!!

Zhu Haoting’s body froze. His four limbs were dangling in the air, and his eyeballs bulging as he was hung to death under the blazing sunlight1

Since he wanted to use this method to kill Chu Mu, Chu Mu would use the same method to send him to hell! 

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