Chapter 849: I Don’t Have a Habit of Leaving People Alive

Strange Bewildering Demon. One of the most proficient demon species at assassination! 

This was Zhu Haoting’s third main pet. Using this soul pet, he had assassinated many people that were a threat to him.

This time, a clearly arrogant young man was going to die at his hands like this!

Should he feel pity for him?

Zhu Haoting sneered in his heart. His high level acting had displayed an anxious and frantic expression when his ice emperor was killed. At the same time, however, he was watching his demon extend its claws of death towards this young man which made him feel extremely humiliated.

“Rip apart his throat!” Zhu Haoting excitedly gave his Strange Bewildering Demon an order!

The Strange Bewildering Demon was an extremely skinny monkey demon with a long sharp tail. This sharp tail also contained...

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