Chapter 848: The Creature with Three Main Attributes

“Surround her!” Zhang Zhihe ordered to a group of killers.

The killers were riding on wing type soul pets with wind type secondary attributes. Their black figures flitted past the Immortal Ming Bird, rapidly forming an enormous wind wall, precluding the Immortal Ming Bird from fleeing!

“Kill her Immortal Ming Bird!” said Zhang Zhihe.

Black feather knives flew past the Immortal Ming Bird. It was only able to change its location within a limited location and dodge these killer soul pets!

Princess Wan Ning’s Immortal Ming Bird had reached the middle class emperor rank and the strength of these killers clearly hadn’t reached this rank. Zhang Zhihe, whose state of mind was in a mess, didn’t want to waste too much time. Promptly, he chanted an incantation, summoning his second main pet!

Zhang Zhihe’s second main pet was a high class emperor which was a completely grey colored long haired lion!

The lion stepped into the night sky, letting out an angry roar at the Immortal Ming Bird. It caused the night sky to shake. 

“I still haven’t had a chance to have a taste of this princess!” a sinister smile arose on Zhang Zhihe’s face as he ordered the grey lion to attack!

The grey lion ran as lightning flashed under its feet. Its majesty was torrential and the beast aura was like an onslaughting wind that ravaged everything in the wake of this high class emperor. Princess Wan Ning’s expression turned pale!

Wan Ning couldn’t deal with a high class emperor. She tried to calm down, and think of a strategy. However, the enemy was too strong.

“Second White, get rid of them!” seeing Princess Wan Ning all anxious, the adjacent Ning Maner suddenly pointed at the arrogant grey lion with an ostentatious aura, speaking with a soft tone.

Princess Wan Ning saw that Ning Maner wasn’t afraid. She hastily grabbed her, planning on delivering the innocent Ning Maner out of there.

Suddenly, she sensed that in a darkness, a ball of cold flames was silently burning. Immediately after, a white person that resembled Chu Mu appeared in the night sky!

Covered in a cloak of darkness, it seemed to control the phantom-like night sky.

Second White’s darkness talent was even higher than the Nightmare Ruler’s, and it could completely hide in the darkness. Even peak emperors with weaker perceptive abilities had difficulty discovering it.

Princess Wan Ning had no idea that in this one month, two White Nightmares raised by Chu Mu were following alongside Ning Maner. Princess Wan Ning hadn’t found them because they had melded into the shadows of darkness.

Princess Wan Ning was stunned, and her two beautiful eyes stared at these evil devil figures.

“Jie jie~~~~~~~~”

Second White stood with its fists cupped, motioning with its fingers, while wearing an evil smile. It had learned this pose from a few arrogant soul pet teachers in Snow City’s arena. Using Ning Maner’s words to describe it, qualified thugs had to have certain actions. 

Second White floated in front of the Immortal Ming Bird, and the burning evil devil flame pupils stared at the flesh mountain-like enormous lion launching itself over!

Once Second White finished its thug motions, it slowly extended its right arm in which burning white devil flames were filling its palms!

The lion’s beast aura was like an army of men and horses that could trample over everything!


The White Nightmare let out a light cry. As the lion crashed into it, it abruptly opened its palm, smashing it into the lion’s enormous head!!!


The evil flame palm exploded in the night sky, and a gorgeous white fire light splashed in all directions!

In the striking pale white, it was possible to see the thunder clap-like lion’s head bend with one strike. Its mountain body was knocked flying by the White Nightmare’s energy, and it flew back in an arc across the boundless night sky, landing in the mountain range!!

"Long long long~~~~~~~~”

A loud crashing sound of a mountain collapsing rang through her ears. Princess Wan Ning couldn’t close her small mouth, as her eyes were filled with shock!

The high class emperor rank grey lion had boundless strength. However, a single fist from the White Nightmare in front of her had knocked the grey lion nearly a hundred times larger than it ten kilometers back in the mountain ranges.

Even more terrifying was that, after this strike, the White Nightmare didn’t move at all. It was like it had casually swatted a fly!!

Princess Wan Ning couldn’t think as she watched while these killers stared with their eyes bulging.

A black blade feathered demon was originally planning on sneak attacking. However, this mighty fist forced the demon to stop in its tracks. Afterwards, it laughably and miserably beat its wings to fly back as fast as possible... 


Another instakill!!

The second time he had attacked lead to Zhan Zhihe feel like collapsing!!

Soul Alliance’s Thirty Two Scars were true hegemons of a region. Even in Wanxiang City, only the limited group of the Sixteen Absolutes and those stronger could threaten them.

Until now, Zhang Zhihe had been proud of his strength.

However, he never expected that in this assassination mission which should have been easily completed, his two high class emperor rank soul pets had been instakilled!!

“Pu pu pu pu~~~~~~~”

The surrounding blade feathered demons beat their wings in fright. They, as well as the ostentatious killers, felt as if they had been frozen over.

Nobody expected that beside these two women which should have been easily bullied suddenly appeared such a terrifying White Nightmare!!

“Fourth White, don’t let a single one go!” Ning Maner knew that she couldn’t be lenient to these enemies!

The fourth White Nightmare languidly floated out from the darkness where the demon that had attempted to sneak attack before hastily retreating in fright was now hovering!

Obliterating Heart!!!

The White Nightmare’s devil claws peculiarly reached into the demon’s body before quickly picking out its inner crystal and mercilessly crushing it to pieces!!

This demon wasn’t able to react as its life force slipped away. Its body froze before falling from the air.

Finally, the killers realized that they had provoked a terrifying enemy that they could not fight against. They all let out frightened cries and fled like birds. None of them dared to stay.

As for Zhang Zhihe, his face twisted. Two high class emperors were instakilled. This feeling was even harder to bear than being killed himself. Right now, he had no more thoughts of raping Princess Wan Ning. Instead, he had been so frightened by Second White’s evil smile that he couldn’t even complete an incantation.

Second White wasn’t in a rush to kill Zhang Zhihe. Rather, it intentionally let Zhang Zhihe summon a few of his secondary pets. A single high class emperor wasn’t enough for Second White to even exercise its muscles!


Zhang Zhihe’s miserable cry rang out...

It was a while before Princess Wan Ning returned to her senses. She looked at the fully confident Ning Maner. She then remembered the appearance of those White Nightmares and she asked: “Maner, are those peak emperor rank White Nightmares also your big brother’s soul pets?” 

“Ya, they can be considered that.” Ning Maner nodded her head and laughed as she said: “Big sister has to keep this a secret. Big brother doesn’t like to show off.” 

Peak emperor White Nightmares. This meant that Chu Mu had the strength to contend against a few senior elders in Nightmare Palace. Added on the peak emperor rank Seven Sins Fox from before...

Princess Wan Ning couldn’t imagine this, because this meant that Chu Fangchen had the strength to fight alone against the Sixteen Absolutes!

“Then… then let’s quickly hurry back. If Young Master Chu only has one Seven Sins Fox, I’m afraid it will be difficult for him to deal with Zhu Haoting.” said Princess Wan Ning.

“Don’t worry. Brother can deal with him. He wants us to take another route back first.” said Ning Maner.

Ning Maner obviously wouldn’t worry that Chu Mu couldn’t deal with Zhu Haoting. Even if the small Mo Xie couldn’t deal with five enemies, the moment Chu Mu’s pupils changed color, Zhu Haoting’s time of death would come.

Princess Wan Ning was nervous, but when she saw Ning Maner so certain and remembering the speed of Chu Mu’s Seven Sins Fox, if he couldn’t beat him, it would be easy for him to flee. This way, she wouldn’t be a burden either.


On a mountain, Zhu Haoting’s face was ashen, as he stared at this nine tailed Seven Sins Fox!

He had summoned five soul pets. Among them, one was a peak emperor while the others were all high class emperors.

He thought that it would be extremely easy for him to get rid of this brat. He never expected that the combination of his five soul pets was unable to contend against this powerful Seven Sins Fox!

“Three main attributes!!” Zhu Haoting found it difficult to suppress the shock in his heart!

Soul pets with two main attributes in the soul pet domain were already rare!

There were not many soul pet trainers that could afford to spend enough to raise a dual attributed soul pet as well as fight those abnormally difficult to find spirit items. 

At the beginning, Zhu Haoting had made a mistake, mistaking this Seven Sins Fox as a dual attributed high class emperor.

However, after examining it again, he finally realized that after many losses, this brat’s soul pet was unexpectedly an exceptionally abnormal three main attributed soul pet!!

A three main attributed high class emperor was even stronger than a normal peak emperor!!

“I must get rid of him! I must!!! This person must go!!!” 

Zhu Haoting couldn’t stand soul pet trainers that had stumbled upon incredible luck and even less so a later generation relying on a single soul pet to force him into such a miserable state!

Quickly, Zhu Haoting’s gaze shifted to Chu Mu.

Although he had reached this level, the chances of directly killing the soul pet trainer was extremely low. However, this brat only had one soul pet!

“I only need to think of a way to temporarily tie up that Seven Sins Fox, and then I’ll have hope of killing him!” silently said Zhu Haoting!

After another long period of bitter fighting, Zhu Haoting grasped a rare opportunity that he had sacrificed one of his soul pet’s lives for!

“Soul pet trainers like you think you’re so high and mighty and because of this, end up carelessly losing your lives!” sneered Zhu Haoting.

This time, Zhu Haoting was 100% sure he could kill Chu Mu!

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