Chapter 848: The Creature with Three Main Attributes

“Surround her!” Zhang Zhihe ordered to a group of killers.

The killers were riding on wing type soul pets with wind type secondary attributes. Their black figures flitted past the Immortal Ming Bird, rapidly forming an enormous wind wall, precluding the Immortal Ming Bird from fleeing!

“Kill her Immortal Ming Bird!” said Zhang Zhihe.

Black feather knives flew past the Immortal Ming Bird. It was only able to change its location within a limited location and dodge these killer soul pets!

Princess Wan Ning’s Immortal Ming Bird had reached the middle class emperor rank and the strength of these killers clearly hadn’t reached this rank. Zhang Zhihe, whose state of mind was in a mess, didn’t want to waste too much time. Promptly, he chanted an incantation, summoning his second main pet!

Zhang Zhihe’s second main pet was a high class emperor which was a completely grey colored long haired lion!

The lion stepped into the night sky, letting out an angry roar at the Immortal Ming Bird. It caused the night sky to shake. 

“I still haven’t had a chance...

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