Chapter 847: Dark Night Killing

“You few, go bring over the tribe in the south, be quick!” Zhu Haoting said.

“Yes!” A few black clothed men rode their wing type soul pets swiftly southwards.

“Boss, there’s no need to do so much just to kill a few people, is there?” Zhang Zhihe said.

Zhang Zhihe was one of thirty two scars. To deal with Chu Fangchen, Zhang Zhihe felt that he alone was enough. Telling a top tier emperor rank experts like Zhu Haoting was truly a waste.

“It’s to ensure nothing goes wrong. This Chu Fangchen has to be killed or else he will become a massive threat to soul alliance!” Zhu Haoting said.

Zhang Zhihe nodded and didn’t say more, instead staring at the inn and laughed coldly, “Chu Fangchen, the only mistake you made was that you stood out too much. No one who goes against soul alliance has a good ending!”

Near the second half of night, beast roars came from afar to break through the silence of the village.


The ground and mountains started shaking. Some of the wooden houses started to wobble under this phenomenon!

“What’s the matter……”

“Is it an earthquake?”

"God, I think there’s a huge tribe coming towards here!’

“Why aren’t we running then?!”

“Tribe attack, everyone run!!!!!!”

The entire village went into chaos. Many soul pet trainers quickly summoned their soul pets and ran towards different directions!

In the inn, the front desk quickly ran through all the room doors and screamed, “Guests, quickly run! South forbidden realm tribe launched an assault, if you don’t leave now, you won’t be able to live!!”

In the room, Princess Wan Ning and Ning Menger all rubbed their eyes as they slowly woke up, and looked at Chu Mu who had been sitting on his chair all night.

“These fellows are truly sly.” Chu Mu indeed didn’t expect them to lead an entire tribe here.

However, that wasn’t too bad. The messier it was, the easier it was for Chu Mu to get rid of them.

“Mister Chu, what’s happened?” Princess Wan Ning heard all the screaming outside and asked relatively calmly.

“A tribe assault, probably the doings of Zhu Chao’s subordinates. Summon your immortal Ming bird, let’s run north. They’ll catch up to us soon enough.” Chu Mu replied.

Wan Ning nodded. After splashing some cold water on her face, she casted an incantation to summon Immortal Ming bird aside her.


Immortal Ming Bird opened its wings, and slammed through the wood room windows, bringing Chu Mu and the other two northwards.

After flying out of the wood room, Chu Mu specially glanced at the village. He noticed that the soul pets were already at the gates of the village, roaring at the escaping soul pet trainers.

In this situation, no one could care about anyone else. Everyone riding their soul pets were running away hastily along with the heart quaking roars.

No one noticed that when Princess Wan Ning’s Immortal Ming Bird flew up on the north side, a few black shadows flew up as well, bringing their killing intent toward Chu Mu!

In the dark night, one could only see the vague silhouettes of the mountains. Through these mountains, the shining immortal ming bird flapped along unhurriedly.

Suddenly, on one of the mountains, a large black bird leaped up, and opened up its massive wings to block Immortal Ming Bird’s path.

“Zhang Zhihe!” Princess Wan Ning instantly recognized the man riding the black bird; it was one of the soul alliance’s thirty two scars!

“Sounds like princess still remembers me, is it because you have any special thoughts about me?” Zhang Zhihe smiled vulgarly as he glanced over Wan Ning’s curves.

Zhang Zhihe didn’t wear a mask because Chu Mu and Princess Wan Ning couldn’t possibly escape today!

“Don't’ say more, take them down!” Zhu Haoting caught up from behind and said coldly.

With Zhu Haoting’s command, another black figure on a wing type soul pet appeared, quickly surrounding princess wan ning’s immortal mind bird.

Princess Wan Ning turned around, and looked at the masked Zhu Haoting, her face turning a little pale!

Though Zhu Haoting tried his best to hide himself, Princess Wan Ning could still tell through his voice that he was the aide of Zhu Chao - Zhu Haoting!

Zhu Haoting was a top tier emperor rank experts. Princess Wan Ning never would have expected Zhu Chao to send such a powerful expert to kill them!

“Mister Chu, escape, this man is Zhu Haoting, you aren’t his match!” Wan Ning truly was a good princess, instantly making a decision even under such dire circumstances.

Princess Wan ning knew very clearly that Chu Fangchen’s life was infinitely more valuable to soul palace than a princess like her.

“Sister, don’t be afraid, since brother dares to do this, he’s certain he can handle it.” Ning Maner said to Wan Ning.

“Oh? Certain he can handle this? Look at this little girl with no idea what she’s talking about!” Zhang Zhihe laughed and quickly, his wing type soul pet became a swift black cloud that pounced towards Chu Mu and the two!!

Chu Mu calmly patted Mo Xie on his shoulder.

Seeing so many powerful enemies, Little Mo Xie’s silver eyes lit up with excitement!

Finally, she could go all out. Little Mo Xie leaped off of Chu Mu’s shoulder, her burning red hooves standing in the black sky as if it were ground.

A crimson flame lit up on Mo Xie’s silver fur. Nine dragon-like tails waved around with flames, lighting up the whole night!

Her eyes like daggers, in an instant Mo Xie’s eyes locked onto the approaching black bird. She pushed on her two back legs quickly and instantly shot out!!


Crimson claws ripped through the night sky like a thunderclap, shockingly flitting through Zhang Zhihe’s black bird!!

Under this instant attack, the bird didn’t have any chance to dodge, getting ripped instantly in half!

Red flames followed the cuts and quickly burned the bird up.

Instant kill!!!!

Mo Xie’s attack didn’t leave any room for Zhang Zhihe’s wing type soul pet to live!!!

“How is that possible!!!” The floating Zhang Zhihe froze!!

His wing type soul pet was high class emperor rank. In the same rank, how could it get instantly killed!!

All the killers nearby were also instantly stopped in their tracks. As thirty two scars, Zhang Zhihe’s soul pet getting instantly killed by a younger generation member was unthinkable!

“Two main type soul pets!!” Zhu Haoting’s shock was completely evident!

Two main type high class emperor ranks meant that its strength was very near top tier emperor rank, not losing to even normal top tier emperor ranks. Zhu Haoting didn’t think that Chu Fangchen’s strength had already reached this level!!

“If this person isn’t gotten rid of, he will be a great threat to soul alliance in the future!” Zhu Haoting said fiercely!

This powerful at such a young age, with a few more years the entire wanxiang realm will be helpless at stopping him!

Princess Wan Ning slightly lost her focus as well. She knew that Chu Mu’s soul pet was top tier emperor rank in power, but seeing it in person, she couldn’t help but sigh in admiration too. How long has it been since soul palace had such a shockingly powerful expert!

“Find a chance to take the two women, let me deal with this kid!” Zhu Haoting’s expression became serious!

Top tier emperor rank experts weren’t easy to deal with at all. Zhu Haoting didn’t dare to underestimate Chu Mu any longer, immediately summoning his most powerful soul pet before him.

Zhu Haoting’s main soul pet was an abyss horned beast that reached top tier emperor rank. At this rank, even as a beast type, it could easily stay in the sky!

This abyss horned beast was massive, as if it could cover the entire sky. Its steel mountain like body shined coldly. If one were run into by this beast, one would probably get shattered no matter how strong one’s defense was!!

“Mister Chu, fight all you want, I will protect Maner well.” Wan Ning knew that Chu Mu couldn't help her or Ning Maner if he only had a single soul pet, so she rode immortal ming bird and decisively exited the surrounding enemies while Zhang Zhihe was still dazed!

“You be careful.” Chu Mu carelessly replied, not really worrying about Ning maner and Princess Wan Ning’s safety.

How would Zhu Haoting left Princess Wan Ning escape? Glancing at where the immortal ming bird escaped, he said coldly, “You all catch up to them, keep them alive!”

The wounded Zhang Zhihe and the other killers naturally knew they couldn’t really help in a top tier emperor rank battle, so they all rode their wing type soul pets after the two girls trying to escape!


“Maner, don’t be scared, sister won’t let them harm you.” Wan Ning lightly said to Ning Maner aside her.

As she spoke, Princess Wan Ning turned around to look at the chasing people, and found at least nine silhouettes chasing after them, not any slower than them either!

Princess Wan Ning’s face became incredibly serious. If this kept going, she would definitely get caught up to.

“Sister don’t be scared. With first and second White, they’re just looking for death if they chase us.” Ning maner smiled.

White Nightmare and White Emperor never left the side of Ning Maner, so why would she be scared? She was even wishing more people chased her so they could see more interesting matters.

Princess Wan Ning naturally thought that was because Ning Maner was still young and didn’t know just how powerful the enemy was.

“Princess, you best give up your soul pet nicely. Since boss wants you alive, I won’t take your life, but if you waste more of my time…… I, Zhang Zhihe, am not in the best mood right now!!” With the words, Zhang Zhihe’s tone quickly went frigid, and his eyes started revealing an evil glint!

A high class emperor rank was incredibly precious to Zhang Zhihe, yet it was instantly killed. This caused his very soul to get squashed.

Whenever he had an incredibly poor emotion, he definitely used women to release the tension!

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