Chapter 847: Dark Night Killing

“You few, go bring over the tribe in the south, be quick!” Zhu Haoting said.

“Yes!” A few black clothed men rode their wing type soul pets swiftly southwards.

“Boss, there’s no need to do so much just to kill a few people, is there?” Zhang Zhihe said.

Zhang Zhihe was one of thirty two scars. To deal with Chu Fangchen, Zhang Zhihe felt that he alone was enough. Telling a top tier emperor rank experts like Zhu Haoting was truly a waste.

“It’s to ensure nothing goes wrong. This Chu Fangchen has to be killed or else he will become a massive threat to soul alliance!” Zhu Haoting said.

Zhang Zhihe nodded and didn’t say more, instead staring at the inn and laughed coldly, “Chu Fangchen, the only mistake you made was that you stood out too much. No one who goes against soul alliance has a good ending!”

Near the second half of night, beast roars came from afar to break through the silence of the village.


The ground and mountains started shaking. Some of the...

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