Chapter 846: Lowly Competition!

“These fellows, how can they be this shameless!!”

Ye Wansheng stood in the courtyard and said angrily.

On the side, Ye Qingzi’s emotions were very sad as well. She never would have thought that this soul ability competition would have this happen.

Ye Qingzi was incredibly familiar with soul item’s scents. She could even tell the quality of a soul item from the thickness of scent that wafts her way.

Yet, just as Ye Qingzi was about to finish concocting all her soul items, she suddenly smelled a strange smell.

It was the smell of Cyan Bird Grass, which couldn’t get purified to create higher quality ingredients.

However, the smell of cyan bird grass that came from next door was different from hers!

In this soul ability competition, ingredients had to be the same because higher quality ingredients were much easier to create more advanced soul items.

The opponent getting higher quality materials clearly meant that someone was cheating!

“Qingzi, do you have any confidence?” Ye Wansheng asked.

The opponent got much better ingredients than Ye Qingzi. Under this situation, no matter how powerful Ye Qingzi’s soul abilities were, it couldn't compare to the opponent.

“With the ingredients I got, the maximum I can create is third rank emperor middle rank quality. With her ingredients, if Yang Qian does it, she could probably create third emperor high quality!” Ye QIngzi had absolute faith she could beat Yang Qian. In the first three rounds, Yang Qian always used her full strength and beat everyone arrogantly, while Ye Qingzi kept some of her strength every round so she could beat Yang Qian in the final round.

Yet, Ye Qingzi never would have thought that Yang Qian’s ingredients were much better quality than hers. In such an unfair competition, Ye Qingzi would have issues beating Yang Qian!

Ye Qingzi knew very clearly that since the opponent had the ability to switch out Yang Qian’s ingredients, they definitely wouldn’t leave any chance for them to get reported. Let alone, she was almost done with all her ingredients already and no evidence would be found…...

“What can we do? Do we just give up the first place?!” Ye Wansheng said angrily.

Emperor third rank middle quality wasn’t a result that could beat Yang Qian and her elite ingredients. With only three days left, even without putting her things and concocting, Ye Qingzi knew she lost.

Ye Qingzi didn’t want to give up like this. She didn’t want to lose to such cheating methods after putting twenty years of her life into soul ability research when she was so close to success!

“Qingzi… about we wait another five years……” Ye Wansheng said.

Ye QIngzi didn’t speak, watching the flask of liquid she spent nearly a month making.


Suddenly, Ye Qingzi lifted a hand, and violently smashed the flask onto the ground!

Green liquid flowed out of the flask and seeped into the grass, slowly entering the dirt.

A soul item with thirty percent chance of creating a low class emperor rank was just destroyed like that!

Ye Wansheng stood by Ye Qingzi. Seeing her sister act so extreme, he only felt helpless.

Only Ye Wansheng knew how much Ye Qingzi put into soul ability research. Countless times she had used the soul technique that damaged her soul to complete soul items she normally couldn't’ make, letting the terrifying poison fill her beautiful face, just to improve and break through.

However, even then she couldn’t reach her dream. This definitely was an incredibly saddening moment for her. Her emotions in the past year or two were completely repressed, filled with only getting this spirit vessel!

When her final hope was destroyed, the impact to Ye Qingzi was very very heavy!!

“Qingzi, don’t give up, I need to tell you something first……” At this moment, Ye Wansheng felt that he needed to bring Chu Mu up.

Ye Wansheng was truly afraid that after all these hardships, Ye Qinzgi would fall and never rise again, suffering a blow to her already grey world!

“Brother, don’t bother me. The last three days, I want to break through.” Suddenly, Ye Qingzi turned and walked into the medicine room, not caring at all about what Ye Wansheng was about to say.

Ye Wansheng paused and looked at Ye Qingzi’s firm back image.

“Last three days? Can you still make something higher than emperor third rank high quality soul item?” Ye Wansheng laughed bitterly.



Soul city south two hundred kilometers, in Ma Village.

Ma Village was a very normal village, but the people who lived here weren't weak because they often had to face the incredibly dangerous outskirts soul pets of the forbidden realm.

Most of the people who lived in Ma village were soul pet trainers. This was a rather special checkpoint to give those who want to train in south forbidden realm some rest and supplies.

“Wan Ning, Maner, let’s rest here for a night.” Chu Mu walked into this special village and glanced at Princess Wan Ning in her veil.

“En.” Princess Wan Ning nodded.

In soul city and Waniang realm, many have seen princess wan ning’s appearance, so she had to wear a veil outside to avoid unnecessary conflicts.

Chu Mu, Ning maner, and Princess Wan Ning walked into the village and found a nice and clean inn and decided to spend the night.


However, Chu Mu and the other two didn’t discover that not long after going into the inn, a soul pet trainer outside the village let his wing type soul pet fly away and smiled coldly.


“Is one enough?” The inn front desk extended a single finger and stared wide eyed at Chu Mu, and very strangely glanced at the veiled but alluring Princess Wan Ning, and the small yet cute little beauty Ning Maner.

“Um…...two rooms.” Wan Ning’s face went red under her veil.

Though the wedding could be confirmed soon and Wan Ning was okay with Chu Mu, wasn’t all this too fast? And wasn’t Ning Maner here too? Two women sharing a room with one man wasn’t good!

“One’s enough, don’t waste my time.” Chu Mu glanced coldly at the talkative front desk person.

The man shuddered and quickly walked forth to give them the key and lead the way.

People who come to this village were mostly very powerful soul pet trainers. None of them could be upset.

Ning Maner didn’t think much of it, obediently following aside Chu Mu. Her purity prevented her from understanding why the service man was looking at them strangely.

Princess Wan Ning didn’t know what to say. Once the man decided something, it left no room for her to decline.

“Please let me know if you have any requests.” The fellow said very respectfully.

“Just don’t come bother us.” Chu Mu waved his hand and threw a gold coin at the fellow.

The fellow looked over at princess wan ning’s alluring body, and then glanced at Ning Maner’s angel like face.

“This fellow truly is lucky with his girls!” After the fellow closed the door, he couldn’t help but mutter!


“You two should rest for a bit. I’ll meditate here. Zhu Chao’s underlings could appear at any time, so don't leave too far from my white nightmare.” Chu Mu sat on the seat, and said to Ning Maner and princess Wan Ning.

“En” Ning Maner nodded and threw off her coat to jump onto the soft bed, rolling back and forth.

This month of training made Ning Maner sleep in a tent for a long while. The soft bed was much more comfortable.

Princess Wan Ning realized that Chu Mu only wanted one room to keep them safe and muttered lightly, “Just tell me next time, made me feel so embarrassed.”

Princess Wan Ning wasn’t as open as Ning Maner. She went to the shower room aside because of her love of cleanliness.

She took some hot water, and wanted to wash away the dirt and sweat from the month of training.

“I want to wash too.” Ning Maner heard the water and suddenly jumped off the bed and into the washing room.


Chu Mu sat in his chair, and closed his eyes but he quickly heard the sound of water splashing. The wild little girl seemed to have jumped into the hot water tub.

Very quickly, the sound of two girls laughing and playing came from the room, like song birds.

“Haha, sister’s body is so soft and smooth.”

“Don’t mess around like that!” Wan Ning called out in surprise.

“Why am I just so much smaller here……”

“Little girl, watch out or else I’ll throw you out the window, and let the entire village see you naked.”

“Brother brother, come help me, sister is bullying me!!”

Chu Mu had just entered meditation when this alluring laughter caused Chu Mu to open his eyes in a helpless manner, seeing the water that was splashing to his room.

Looks like he wouldn’t be able to meditate until they finished washing.


The night was dark.

The lights all went out in the village, leaving only the flame at the door of the village that lead the way for soul pet trainers who were returning from wilderness training.


In the black half mountain, ten figures flew by bringing a frigid wind, leaving sounds of whistling behind.

“Is it here?” A black shadow quietly hovered above the village while a black clothed and masked man asked coldly.

“I’m certain, but there’s a lot of others in this village.” The killer nodded.

“Even better…..” The middle aged man’s eyes were sharp like a hawk’s.

“Boss, you mean?”

“Disguise as a powerful forbidden realm beast and kill some more people. Just remember to leave some alive!” The middle aged man said.

The middle aged man was Zhu Haoting, who came to take Chu Mu’s life. Zhu Chao had told him that even if he killed the two, he had to disguise it well and can’t let soul palace find any clear evidence.

The two factions already started fighting. Disguising and killing wasn’t a big necessity but Chu Mu and Princess Wan Ning had special identities. If their young generation were killed by an expert and evidence was found, soul palace will definitely go all out in revenge!

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