Chapter 846: Lowly Competition!

“These fellows, how can they be this shameless!!”

Ye Wansheng stood in the courtyard and said angrily.

On the side, Ye Qingzi’s emotions were very sad as well. She never would have thought that this soul ability competition would have this happen.

Ye Qingzi was incredibly familiar with soul item’s scents. She could even tell the quality of a soul item from the thickness of scent that wafts her way.

Yet, just as Ye Qingzi was about to finish concocting all her soul items, she suddenly smelled a strange smell.

It was the smell of Cyan Bird Grass, which couldn’t get purified to create higher quality ingredients.

However, the smell of cyan bird grass that came from next door was different from hers!

In this soul ability competition, ingredients had to be the same because higher quality ingredients were much easier to create more advanced soul items.

The opponent getting higher quality materials clearly meant that someone was cheating!

“Qingzi, do you have any confidence?” Ye...

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