Chapter 845: I Was Afraid He Wasn’t Going to Send People to Kill Me

Princess Wan Ning didn’t know that Old Soul Teacher De was acting as a matchmaker. Chu Mu said he wanted to immediately leave and she muddleheadedly prepared a few essentials. She had originally planned on soaking in the hot springs in the afternoon for her skin. Ultimately, she ended up in plain clothes passing through the biting wind of the plains towards the southern forbidden region.

Only when she went, Princess Wan Ning realized that Chu Mu hadn’t planned on doing anything with her, because Chu Mu brought the young girl with him.

But this made Princess Wan Ning feel things were more proper. This prevented a lone man and woman heading to the desolate and uninhabited forbidden region. That would have been embarrassing. 

Chu Mu didn’t know what Princess Wan Ning was thinking. His crazy training mindset was completely focused on increasing Qin’s strength in the month as much as possible. Whether Princess Wan Ning could breakthrough, it depended on herself.


In the City Lord’s Residence. 

“What?!! Say.. say… say that again!!” Zhi Zizhan stared, flabbergasted, at Yang Qian. The flesh on his...

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