Chapter 845: I Was Afraid He Wasn’t Going to Send People to Kill Me

Princess Wan Ning didn’t know that Old Soul Teacher De was acting as a matchmaker. Chu Mu said he wanted to immediately leave and she muddleheadedly prepared a few essentials. She had originally planned on soaking in the hot springs in the afternoon for her skin. Ultimately, she ended up in plain clothes passing through the biting wind of the plains towards the southern forbidden region.

Only when she went, Princess Wan Ning realized that Chu Mu hadn’t planned on doing anything with her, because Chu Mu brought the young girl with him.

But this made Princess Wan Ning feel things were more proper. This prevented a lone man and woman heading to the desolate and uninhabited forbidden region. That would have been embarrassing. 

Chu Mu didn’t know what Princess Wan Ning was thinking. His crazy training mindset was completely focused on increasing Qin’s strength in the month as much as possible. Whether Princess Wan Ning could breakthrough, it depended on herself.


In the City Lord’s Residence. 

“What?!! Say.. say… say that again!!” Zhi Zizhan stared, flabbergasted, at Yang Qian. The flesh on his face was lightly trembling. 

“If I say it ten times, it’s the truth. Wan Ning and Chu Fanchen are going alone to train for an entire month. A man and a woman alone. Anything could happen.” provoked Yang Qian. 

“No, this cannot be allowed!” Zhu Zizhan felt frantic. The woman he had longed for for many years was going alone to train with man. What difference was this from a lovers’ rendevous. The Princess Wan Ning in the past would have cared more about her reputation and would not have agreed to this event that could easily become gossip. But she had agreed this time to go train alone with a man. This probably meant that she had approved of this man.

“Where are they going to train?” quickly asked Zhu Zizhan.

“Do you think Wan Ning would tell me?” said Yang Qian.

Wan Ning wasn’t stupid. Regardless of what Yang Qian said, she was biased towards Soul Alliance, and there were many people in Soul Alliance who wanted to take Chu Mu’s life. Wan Ning obviously could not tell Yang Qian where they were going.

Zhu Zizhan’s face sunk and he emitted a cold aura.

Suddenly, he thought of something very important. His teacher, Zhu Chao, had inadvertently leaked something a few days ago. He was looking for an opportunity to take Chu Fangchen’s life. Otherwise, if they gave this brat a few more years to cultivate, he would probably pose a huge threat to Soul Alliance. 

Chu Mu’s appearance had also greatly threatened Zhu Zizhan, and right now he couldn’t deal with him. Thus, he immediately went to his teacher’s medicine garden to tell this news to Zhu Chao.

“Oh. Wan Ning and Chu Fangchen went alone to train?” Zhu Chao stroked his beard.

“Father, didn’t you want to kill Chu Fangchen? This is a very good opportunity. If I haven’t guessed incorrectly, they should be heading to the southern forbidden region to train!” said Zhu Zizhan. 

“It will be a bit hard to find them in the southern forbidden region. But, they will definitely return for the final furnace event. We will have a greater chance of success if we take action while they return.” laughed Zhu Chao.

“This… father, we should send a few experts who understand how to track. This way we’ll have a chance of finding them in the forbidden region.” hastily said Zhu Zichao.

If they attacked when they were returning, this meant that Princess Wan Ning would still be alone with this man for a month. Zhu Zizhan couldn’t let this happen! 

Zhu Chao anxiously looked at Zhu Zizhan who said with a straight face: “Zizhan, I’ve told you many times. No matter what happens, you must remain calm. Look at you, you’re like this because of a woman! Once we obtain Soul City, we obtain Wanxiang Realm. When that happens, do you think any woman will be able to escape your grasp?! You must understand what is important, what is secondary, and what is negligible!  This time, Wan Ning had better not think of returning alive.” 

When he heard that Zhu Chao wanted to get rid of Princess Wan Ning, Zhu Zizhan’s expression immediately changed. Frantically, he kneeled down and said, “Father, this child has only ever liked one woman before. I beg you, you must spare her life!!” Zhu Zizhan kowtowed on the ground, begging.

“Idiot!!” when Zhu Chao saw his only son reduced to such a manner because of a woman from the enemy’s faction, he was immediately angry!!

Indeed, back then, when Zhu Chao and Ying Rong were martial brothers from the same sect, Zhu Chao hadn’t hesitated to sell out Ying Rong to raise his own position. Yet, he had raised such an idiot son that would be so pathetic for a woman! 

“Fine, father will not kill Wan Ning. However, she cannot return to Soul Palace. In the future, you will lock her up, and you can play with her however you want.” harrumphed Zhu Chao. 

Zhu Zizhan could see that his foster father was extremely angry and didn’t dare disobey anymore. 

In truth, Zhu Zizhan didn’t want this elegant and beautiful princess to become his prisoner. What he was infatuated with was her princess nobility and warm elegance. Moreover, he knew that Princess Wan Ning would hate him after being reduced to a prisoner. Zhu Zizhan truly loved her and didn’t want things to become like this. 

However, if the alternative would be to watch Wan Ning fall into someone else’s arms, this was acceptable. 

“Haoting, I’ll leave this matter to you. You must capture Chu Fangchen alive!” Zhu Chao glanced at the apathetic man with his hands crossed across his chest. 

“Ok.” Zhu Haoting merely nodded his head before leaving. 

Seeing that Zhu Chao wanted Zhu Haoting to take action, Zhu Zizhan’s eyes lit up.

Zhu Haoting was a peak emperor rank expert. If he took action, a few Chu Fangchens would all be dead!

Thinking that in a month Princess Wan Ning would become his own personal object, Zhu Zizhan couldn’t help but be excited, and he hastily thanked Zhu Chao.

“The identities of these two are not simple. After they disappear, Soul Palace will definitely suspect me. Even though they can’t do anything to me, they will take action against you. Perhaps in a month, your names will be hung on Soul Palace’s death penalty book!” Zhu Chao stood up and coldly spoke. 

Zhu Zizhan trembled and didn’t dare say anything. He quickly got up and left. 

Seeing Zhu Zizhan leave, Zhu Chao’s expression was unable to calm down. This adopted son of his acted on impulses, was easily provoked and it would be difficult for him to become someone capable. 

Instead, it was his female disciple, Yang Qian, who although seemed arrogant and contemptuous, was actually careful with her thoughts and understood how to manipulate others to get rid of a dangerous person. It seemed that sooner or later she would be able to take over the Soul Church Lord seat. 

“Did you manage to change the materials in the first medicine residence to the high grade?” Zhu Chao glanced at the old servant next to him and spoke. 

“Mater, don’t worry. Everything has been completed. The other Soul Church senior elders will not be able to find out. This time, first place in the soul ability competition will definitely be obtained by Young Lady!” laughed the old servant.

“Mhm. Did you manage to do the other thing?” continued Zhu Chao. 

“It’s all within our control.” said the old servant. 


To Chu Mu, training always passed by very quickly. 

Normally, he would train for two to three months. Thus, one month for him was really shot.

Chu Mu focused on training Qin mainly because it hadn’t been able to breakthrough into the high class emperor rank. Thus, he decided that if he had the opportunity, he would gather a few wind type seventh rank emperor spirit items to help the Binding Wind Spirit breakthrough this barrier. 

Although Qin hadn’t reached the high class emperor yet, its fighting strength, including the Ancient Wind Will, was not much inferior to a high class emperor.The accompanying Princess Wan Ning that Chu Fangchen had rare genius soul pets. His Binding Wind Spirit had outstanding talent and personally watching it this time, she had extreme admiration for this man. 

Chu Mu was rather focused while training, and would only strike up conversation with Princess Wan Ning while resting. In this period of time, the young pretty girl, Ning Maner, would often butt into the conversation.  

The sun was setting, and the graceful Princess Wan Ning was sitting on a tree branch, staring at the vast forbidden region in the distance. 

Ning Maner was sat next to her, swaying her white and thin legs. She watched Chu Mu control the Binding Wind Spirit as it fought against the leader of the tribe. 

The fight was approaching the end. After Chu Mu finished off the tribe leader, he slowly walked over, and looked at the two women resting and eating fruits. He couldn’t help but bitterly laugh.

Princess Wan Ning’s strength wasn’t ordinary, and could be considered outstanding in the younger generation. However, in the one month together, Chu Mu discovered that she didn’t enjoy fighting and killing. Instead, she spent most of her time talking about girl things with Ning Maner and admiring Chu Mu’s fights … practically all of her soul pets were support type. 

“The time is about right. Let’s return.” said Chu Mu.

“Bad brother, you aren’t allowed to look up!” angrily said Ning Maner. 

Princess Wan Ning hadn’t realized she was wearing a silk gown, and Ning Maner’s words instantly made her face read.

Chu Mu was speechless towards these two women. The forbidden region was fraught with dangers, yet they weren’t wearing fitting clothing. Instead, they wore long robes and dresses as if they were on vacation. They really enjoyed beauty! 

“Stop playing around. Quickly come down!” Chu Mu glared at Ning Maner and the immature wild girl. What was there to look at? Only Wan Ning had the qualifications to make one’s thoughts roam.

“Young Master Chu, Yang Qian knows that we are training in the wild, and most likely has told Zhu Zizhan. However, Zhu Zizhan is narrow minded, and I’m afraid he will act harmfully towards us.Moreover, from what Old De has said, Zhu Chao seems to be planning on attacking us. I believe that they will intercept us on the way back.” Princess Wan Ning was exceptionally intelligent. 

“I know.” nodded Chu Mu.

“Let’s take another route back to Soul City then.” said Wan Ning.

Chu Mu shook his head: “I was afraid they wouldn’t send people to kill me.” 

Chu Mu intentionally didn’t avoid Yang Qian because he wanted to use her mouth so she would be able to get Zhu Chao to take action and send people after them. As it happened to be, Mo Xie was about to go crazy from boredom! 

Princess Wan Ning knew of Chu Mu’s true strength, but she was still afraid that Zhu Chao would send even stronger people… 

“Big sister, there’s no need to worry. However many come, big brother will kill that many.” Ning Maner wore a smile as she spoke. 

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