Chapter 844: Cultivating Feelings

Hearing Shen Qiu’s words, Chu Mu looked suspiciously at Old Soul Teacher De, and used soul remembrance to ask: “My mother has suffered a soul wound?” 

“This is a long story. Her Majesty Dawn Supreme indeed suffered a very serious injury at a very crucial time.”

Chu Mu had been surprised before because Liu Binglan had reached the spirit emperor rank at the age of twenty. Adding on the enormous influence of Soul Palace, she should have surpassed the Sixteen Absolutes. It turned out that she had suffered a soul injury in the past. 

“However, this shouldn’t affect her too much. Give her a bit of time and wait for her soul to heal, and she’ll be able to breakthrough. The reason why she went to the Barren Forbidden Region was probably to find a way to breakthrough.” said Old Soul Teacher De. 

Chu Mu nodded his head. Presumably, Liu Binglan still had a lot of potential left as well as hidden cards. 

At this moment, the competition neared the end. 

The appraisal masters began to examine the spirit items concocted by the competitors.

This time, the level that had to be met was lower. One only needed to successfully concoct the spirit item set. The quality was only of a middle ranking. Those that could create a perfect quality could be counted with fingers.

A few of the seeded...

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