Chapter 843: Nightmare Palace’s Second Ranked Expert, Shen Qiu

Ye Qingzi and Ye Wansheng stared closely at Zhu Chao through their masks. 

To them, their teacher, Ying Rong, was like a father. Thinking of the betrayal of their teacher, who had raised them for many years, by the person sitting at the highest point in the stands and being respected and admired by countless people, they wanted nothing more than to kill him right now! 

“Zhu Chao!” Ye Qingzi’s eyes turned cold, and her hands began to lightly tremble as they pressed down on the stone table! 

It had been many years, and the two of them had always hidden their names and lived under the shadow of Soul Alliance. This was all because of Zhu Chao. Now that their enemy was in front of them, how could they remain calm? 

“Qingzi…” Ye Wansheng restrained Ye Qingzi’s hand. 

It was getting harder and harder for Ye Qingzi to control her emotions. Ye Wansheng was afraid that the soul ability competition would be affected by her hatred. 

Ye Qingzi took in a deep breath, and slowly quelled the anger in her heart. 

However, each time she looked at the self-righteous old face of Zhu Chao, a nauseating feeling would well up inside her. 

“Continue. I’ve only come to take a look.” Zhu Chao swept his gaze over the outstanding soul teachers, and lightly smiled as he shook his head. 

The main adjudicator nodded his head, releasing the topic of the second round. 


When the adjudicator announced that the round was beginning, all of the soul teachers lowered their heads and began using their hands and soul remembrance to mix and divide the incomparably complex spirit items. They began the extremely important spirit item concoction among soul abilities. 

Easier spirit item concoctions were relatively simple. One only had to know how to mix and the proportions to successfully concoct a relatively simple spirit item concoction. For example, when Chu Mu was on Prisoner Island, he had used what he understood to successfully mix. 

However, high ranking spirit items were not as easy. There were extremely complicated procedures, refinements, differentiations, proportions, sequential mixing, filtering, and combining… only soul teachers could grasp this.

The first round of extracting was clearly the most basic form of concocting spirit items. Now that the second round had become complete concoction, this would clearly differentiate everyone. There was a chance that even those whose names were read on in the first round would be eliminated. 

Ye Qingzi placed the hatred in her heart to one side, and began to focus on concocting the spirit items. 

However, perhaps her emotions were still slightly affected, because while concocting according to the procedure, she failed once. This was a rather low ranking mistake amongst high ranking soul abilities. 

“She made a mistake.” Old Soul Teacher De said to Chu Mu.

Ye Qingzi’s state of mind had always been calm and steady. However, after Zhu Chao appeared, Chu Mu could detect a change in her emotions. It seemed that she had a deep hatred for him. 

“It won’t affect her, right?” Chu Mu asked, somewhat worriedly. 

“We’ll see how she recovers. If she fails three times, the remaining amount of materials will not be enough to concoct a spirit item.” said Old Soul Teacher De. 

After failing once, Ye Qingzi didn’t immediately refine again. Instead, she closed her eyes and took in a deep breath. 

“It seems that you were only good at extracting.” Zhu Zizhan glanced at Ye Qingzi, who was the only person of the first round of tables that had failed once. He was calmly mixing together medicine with a playful expression in his eyes. 

Ye Qingzi knew that he was intentionally provoking her. After failing once, if she rushed straight in, the chances of failing a second time were extremely high.

“Even if I fail once, my quality will not be worse than yours.” Ye Qingzi calmed down and coolly replied to Zhu Zizhan’s provocation. 

“You really do talk big.” arrogantly smiled Zhu Zizhan. 


To soul teachers that put all their attention on concocting spirit items, time flowed very fast. 

Gradually, soul teachers who had failed three times chose to leave the arena because they no longer had the qualifications to enter the next round

Moreover, there were a few soul teachers that concocted spirit items that they were satisfied with and the remaining materials was not enough to concoct even better spirit items. Therefore, they stopped concocting and silently waited for the end and watched the other soul teachers.

“Truly outstanding soul teachers, when the concoct a spirit item, will use all of the materials and incorporate them all. So those people that still have left over materials but have finished already will be able to advance to the next round, but are not outstanding…” Old Soul teacher De gave Chu Mu a bit of insight into soul abilities. 

“So, because she already failed once and lost one third of her materials, the quality of what she concocts cannot compare to those who are truly strong?” asked Chu Mu.

“Yes. At least the utilization of the materials will greatly affect the quality of a spirit item. However, that doesn’t matter. It’s fine if she can enter the next round.” said Old Soul Teacher De.

“Elder De, is the person next to you Chu Fangchen who angered Senior Mo LIng in Snow City?” suddenly, Zhu Chao glanced down and stared at the masked Chu Mu. 

Zhu Chao was one of the Eight Desolations, and he naturally knew about Fourth Hero Mo Ling’s loss in Snow City. He was indeed surprised that Soul Palace would have another young soul pet trainer even more outstanding than Soul Palace’s Crown Prince. 

“Does Senior Elder Zhu have any advice?” calmly asked Old Soul Teacher De. 

The reason why he called Zhu Chao a senior elder was because Zhu Chao was Soul Church’s senior elder, and Old Soul Teacher De naturally wouldn’t be polite to a great enemy who worked for Soul Alliance. 

In Soul City, this neutral city, neither side could rashly start a fight. If both appeared in the same setting, it was best for them to compete with words. 

“I don’t dare give advice. Perhaps he will become Soul Palace’s next Underworld Supreme if he doesn’t die… when that time comes, I, Zhu Chao, will need to be respectful.” Zhu Chao wore a profound smile. 

Of Soul Palace’s Four Supremes, the Underworld Supreme had the highest status. Historically, the Underworld Supreme also had the most authority in Soul Palace. 

Unfortunately, this generation’s Underworld Supreme seemed to be inferior to the previous generations and was unable to hold up by himself like Soul Pet Palace’s Li Hong. 

Zhu Chao was obviously not praising Chu Mu’s incredible potential. Instead, he was telling Chu Mu directly that he had already entered Soul Alliance’s black list of those who must die. In other words, he was telling Chu Mu to watch out! 

“None of those that provoke the Four Heroes have a good ending.” added Zhu Chao. 

“I remember someone called Qin Wu speak to me in the same way. In the end, not even his soul remained.” Chu Mu glanced at the arrogant Zhu Chao and spoke with sarcasm. 

“Hmph. I’ve seen many young people who don’t know how high the heavens are. Hasn’t anyone told you how big the gap between the high class emperor and peak emperor rank is? There are people in Wanxiang City that can annihilate you at this age. Don’t be conceited.” slowly said Zhu Chao. 

Mo Xie’s forgiven mutation made her rank a high class emperor. Only because of her multiple attributes was she comparable to a peak emperor.

The battle had been extremely chaotic in Snow City, so Mo Ling and the fleeing spirit emperors were not able to completely determine Chu Mu’s Seven Sins Fox. However, from the aura, they guessed that it was a high class emperor. 

Thus, the information Zhu Chao obtained about Chu Fangchen clearly wasn’t complete. He thought that Chu Mu was someone whose strength had rapidly risen due to good luck. These sorts of soul pet trainers had appeared in the past, but all of them ended up getting stuck at a bottleneck, unable to break through their whole life.

“Zhu Chao, is there anything that you find displeasing about our three great palace’s most outstanding young man?” suddenly a man’s strong voice rang out. 

After hearing this voice, Zhu Chao’s expression slightly changed. He forced a smile and said: “Of course not. I was only advising this young man not to be so arrogant and hot-tempered. Otherwise, he will be greeted by a huge crisis.” 

At some moment, another middle aged man had appeared on the highest parts of the stands. 

This man was mighty and bold and his eyes carried a bit of evil. He was probably a soul pet trainer that used other type and dark type soul pets. Otherwise, he would not be able to exude an aura that instilled fear in others without release his soul remembrance aura. 

“If he’s arrogant, he has the qualifications to be arrogant. If he’s hot tempered, he has the ability to be hot tempered. When you were his age, you were a brat who would get weak in the legs when you saw an emperor. What qualifications do you have to be criticizing him?” mocked the bold and evil middle aged man.

In front of Old Soul Teacher De, Zhu Chao was willing to rudely warn Chu Mu with a few evil words. However, with Shen Qiu present, Zhu Chao couldn’t maintain his self-entitled mannerism. 

Nightmare Palace’s members had always been a fierce bunch. Their soul pets were even more of a headache to Soul Alliance. 

As for Soul Pet Palace’s Great Senior Elder Shen Qiu, he was the leading fierce person of the soul pet trainer world. Unless an expert stronger than the Four Heroes appeared, there was ostensibly no one who dared provoke him! 

Shen Qiu was Nightmare Palace’s second ranked expert, inferior only to Nightmare Emperor Jiang. 

The reason why Yang Que and Soul Alliance didn’t dare take action against the three great palaces inside Soul City was because Shen Qiu oversaw this city! 

“Chu Fangchen, I heard from my son, Shen Mo, that you also had White Nightmares?” this was the first time Shen Qiu saw Chu Mu, but he was immediately interested in him possessing White Nightmares. 

“Yes.” Chu Mu nodded his head. He really did have White NIghtmares. 

“Haha, I’ve said it before that Soul Palace’s Seven Diagram Saint Pets are too weak. They lack the aggressiveness of our Nightmares. Choosing the White Nightmare to be your soul pet is definitely the smartest choice of your life.” Senior Elder Shen was rather bullish, and said something very disparaging to Soul Palace. 

To the side, Old Soul Teacher De bitterly laughed and said: “But don’t walk the same path as Nightmare Emperor Bai Yu…” 

“What do you understand!” Shen Qiu glared at Old De and continued, “Bai Yu was the strongest person of our three great palaces. Even if he didn’t transform into a devil, would Li Hong dare fight Bai Yu? Not even Li Hong, even the current head of the Heroes lost to him back then. Tell me the last time a person like this appeared in your Soul Palace. All of them either died early or stopped advancing. Additionally, when we wanted you to look after Her Majesty Dawn Supreme because she had reached the spirit emperor rank so early and had the chance of entering the dominator rank, the outcome was that she suffered multiple soul injuries. What are Liu Xinji and Liu Zhong doing… if it wasn’t because the time wasn’t right, I would have already taken care of them.” 

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