Chapter 843: Nightmare Palace’s Second Ranked Expert, Shen Qiu

Ye Qingzi and Ye Wansheng stared closely at Zhu Chao through their masks. 

To them, their teacher, Ying Rong, was like a father. Thinking of the betrayal of their teacher, who had raised them for many years, by the person sitting at the highest point in the stands and being respected and admired by countless people, they wanted nothing more than to kill him right now! 

“Zhu Chao!” Ye Qingzi’s eyes turned cold, and her hands began to lightly tremble as they pressed down on the stone table! 

It had been many years, and the two of them had always hidden their names and lived under the shadow of Soul Alliance. This was all because of Zhu Chao. Now that their enemy was in front of them, how could they remain calm? 

“Qingzi…” Ye Wansheng restrained Ye Qingzi’s hand. 

It was getting harder and harder for Ye Qingzi to control her emotions. Ye Wansheng was afraid that the soul ability competition would be affected by her hatred. 

Ye Qingzi took in a deep breath, and slowly quelled the anger in her heart. 

However, each time she looked at the self-righteous old face of Zhu Chao, a nauseating feeling would well up inside her. 

“Continue. I’ve only come to take...

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