Chapter 842: Godlike Existence in Human Territory

Soul City City Lord’s Residence.

Beside the lake, Zhu Zizhan’s face was gloomy as he stood there. Each time he thought of what Yang Qian had said, he felt stuffy, and he wanted nothing more than to rip Chu Fangchen to pieces. 

However, he wasn’t stupid had understood very well that someone who the three great palaces valued highly was definitely extremely strong. He wasn’t someone who he could beat. 

“There are definitely many people inside Soul Alliance who want his life. How can I get rid of him!” muttered Zhu Zhizhan.

“Do you need my help?” suddenly, a ghostly voice rang out, causing Zhu Zizhan to shiver from head to toe as he turned around. 

“Senior Yuan!” Zhu Zizhan’s expression was proper as he respectfully lowered his head. 

“What has put you in such a brooding mood?” said this middle to old aged man. 

This Senior Yuan was extremely skinny, making people as if he would be blown away by the win. His invasive eyes would always flicker with a cold light that dissuaded people from approaching. Anyone with a bit of vigilance...

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