Chapter 842: Godlike Existence in Human Territory

Soul City City Lord’s Residence.

Beside the lake, Zhu Zizhan’s face was gloomy as he stood there. Each time he thought of what Yang Qian had said, he felt stuffy, and he wanted nothing more than to rip Chu Fangchen to pieces. 

However, he wasn’t stupid had understood very well that someone who the three great palaces valued highly was definitely extremely strong. He wasn’t someone who he could beat. 

“There are definitely many people inside Soul Alliance who want his life. How can I get rid of him!” muttered Zhu Zhizhan.

“Do you need my help?” suddenly, a ghostly voice rang out, causing Zhu Zizhan to shiver from head to toe as he turned around. 

“Senior Yuan!” Zhu Zizhan’s expression was proper as he respectfully lowered his head. 

“What has put you in such a brooding mood?” said this middle to old aged man. 

This Senior Yuan was extremely skinny, making people as if he would be blown away by the win. His invasive eyes would always flicker with a cold light that dissuaded people from approaching. Anyone with a bit of vigilance would know this was a dangerous person! 

“It’s only a brat from Soul Palace. I don’t dare bother Senior Yuan with this.” hastily said Zhu Zizhan. 

Even now, Zhu Zizhan didn’t know where this Senior Yuan had come from. However, even his foster father was extremely respectful towards him! 

Zhu Zizhan had spent many years in Soul City. Until now, besides the Four Heroes, he had never seen Zhu Chao be so courteous to someone other than this person from some unknown place. 

Presumably, this person was extremely strong or his soul abilities were godly! 

“Most recently has your teacher been busy?” asked Senior Yuan.

“Yes. I haven’t seen teacher in a few days.” said Zhu Zizhan. 

“If there’s some trouble, I can help you deal with it.” slightly smiled Senior Yuan. 

This smile made Zhu Zizhan tremble. When Senior Yuan turned and left the small forest, Zhu Zizhan silently said: everyone knows that you’re a vampire. If I ask you to do something, I’ll have to pay a painful price! 


The second round of the competition began four days later. 

In these four days, the factions began to give the outstanding soul teachers rich terms in hope that they would join them. 

In the entire Soul City, the dark horse Ye Qingzi who had suddenly emerged became a huge focal point. 

Yang Qian’s stance was very obvious. No matter how she performed, she would very likely side with Soul Alliance because of her teacher, the Medicine Desolation. 

However, Ye Qingzi, who didn’t have a faction, was different. Where she went would have a huge effect on the three great palaces and Soul Alliance and their contest over soul teacher resources.

Unfortunately, regardless if it was Soul Alliance, the three great palaces or other kingdom factions, none of them could find a trace of her. Only when the second round began did she appear still wearing her mask! 

The second round was at the same plaza. However, the stone tables were ordered according to the rankings of the first round. In other words, Ye Qingzi stood at the very front of the audience with the famous people each who were strong. 

“I had you go inquire about Chu Qingzi. What did you find out?” Yang Qian glanced at the neighboring Zhu Zizhan and asked. 

“Nothing. I really don’t know where this woman came from.” said Zhu Zizhan.

Yang Qian had never hidden her arrogance. She stared at Ye Qingzi’s mask and said to her: “Why do you wear a mask, and not dare to show everyone your face?” 

Ye Qingzi glanced at Yang Qian before deciding to ignore her. However, Ye Wansheng, standing next to her also with a mask, enjoyed bickering with others and yelled back.

“Zhu Zizhan, in this second round, if you perform only evenly with her, you can forget being teacher’s adopted son.” Yang Qian was only curious as to why Ye Qingzi was wearing a mask. As for the soul ability competition, Yang Qian didn’t see anyone else as her opponent. This included Zhu Zizhan, Xiang Nan and obviously the mysterious Ye Qingzi. 

There were about a few thousand people in the second round. This test was no longer about foundational abilities, but instead about how concocting spirit items. 

Again, they were given materials and tools and within a certain amount of time, as long as they could successfully concoct the required spirit item, they would pass. 

“The difficulty this time is rather high. The only people who can pass are probably those whose names were read out in the first round.” Old Soul Teacher De softly said to Chu Mu.

Chu Mu sat in the stands and quietly watched Ye Qingzi. 

“Senior Medicine Desolation has arrived!” 

Suddenly, an adjudicator let out a sonorous shout. 

All of the spectators immediately stared at the carpeted entrance to the arena and discovered a middle aged man dressed in luxurious yellow clothing was steadily walking towards the stands. 

“It’s Medicine Desolation Zhu Chao. I never expected to see a godlike soul teacher from so close.” 

“It’s said that Zhu Chao is the likely person to eventually control Soul City. When that time comes, his status will be even higher and even Soul Church will come under his control.” 

"Senior Elder Zhu, why did he appear in the second round? Shouldn’t he be the final adjudicator in the fourth round and the person to bestow the Spirit Vessel to first place?

Most soul teachers had entered Soul Church. However, this faction was rather relaxed and didn’t have many restrictions or duties for its members. Nor did it have much authority. 

However, through Soul Teachers were able to know which soul teachers had high prestige, which ones were famous and which ones had high soul abilities. 

In the past, Yang Que had been Soul Church’s lord, known as humanity’s King of Soul Teachers. 

However, recently, Medicine Desolation Zhu Chao had surpassed his teacher, becoming the new Soul Church Lord. 

The identity of the Soul Church Lord was the highest platform for these soul teachers that continuously climbed up. Thus, when this highest ranked soul teacher appeared in front of them, the participating soul teachers were obviously excited. 

Additionally, Zhu Chao’s soul abilities were not only outstanding, but his strength was also shocking. He had few opponents in the soul pet domain and with this dual status, Zhu Chao stood at the apex of humanity. There were only a few people comparable to him.

Zhu Chao waved at these people cheering for him and continued sanctimoniously. Wearing his luxurious yellow robe, he smoothly walked up to the highest seat in the stands. 

The highest seat in the stands had been empty and today there was finally someone of the appropriate rank who was sitting on it. It made the soul teachers who wanted to show themselves off excited and motivated. 

“So he is Zhu Chao. He looks very imposing.” Chu Mu’s eyes followed this middle aged man as he muttered to himself. 

“Haha, he has the qualifications to be imposing. He has nearly reached the peak of humanity in both the soul pet domain and the soul ability domain. If this person didn’t stand with Soul Alliance, I would have extreme admiration towards him.” said Old Soul Teacher De. 

“Back then was it him who set up Undying Immortal Ying Rong?” asked Chu Mu.

“I’m not sure if it was setting up; it was probably betraying him. I’m not very sure of the specifics because it has been covered up very tightly by Soul Alliance.” said Old Soul Teacher de. 

“Sealed Mouth Event?” asked Chu Mu. 

“Yes, that was probably the only time Soul Alliance’s Alliance Master personally took action.” 

“The Alliance Master? Back then my father’s strength shouldn’t have warranted the Alliance Master to take action, right?” Chu Mu was a bit surprised. 

“Indeed it was unwarranted. However, back then your father was like you in that his aptitude was outstanding. He had a lot of potential to break through into the Four Heroes equivalent. Therefore, back then, there were many older generations that protected him. Those older generation people thought that with them there, the Alliance Master would probably be afraid. However… that person was so strong that nobody could imagine it… the number of hidden experts that died for Chu Tianmang were innumerable…” at this point, Old Soul Teacher De sighed, and didn’t want to continue speaking. 

“Why aren’t you saying anything more? Am I still not allowed to know about this now?” Chu Mu looked at Old Soul Teacher De.

“It’s not that I’m intentionally hiding anything.” Old Soul Teacher De’s expression was haggard as he used soul remembrance to say; “He is truly too too strong. He was so strong that he forced all of the experts, including the Majesties, in the three great palaces who knew of the internal specifics to use their souls to swear not to divulge this matter to anyone.” 

“He said in the past that if this matter was revealed, he would engage in a large slaughter again!”

“Chu Mu, you indeed already stand at the pinnacle of humanity. However, you must understand that with this kind of existence in human territory, he is humanity’s absolute god. Nobody can resist him. Without enough strength, you cannot defy him!” Old Soul Teacher De spoke very earnestly to Chu Mu. 

“Old De, can’t the Kings of the Seven Great Holy Regions stop him?” said Chu Mu.

“That was in the past. It’s very hard for the Kings of the Holy Regions to breakthrough in strength. However, so many years have passed since then. Nobody can guarantee that he hasn’t broken through again. I know that nobody will stop you from searching for clues about the sealing mouth event, but you must be extra careful. That person has made this an extreme taboo!” 

Chu Mu nodded his head. That person was like a god to humanity… 

How strong was he? Strong enough that he could control everyone, that he could control an enormous faction, that he could force a group of senior elders and elders, these experts that stood at the peak of humanity, to not talk about a certain thing. 

Right now, even if Chu Mu transformed into a half devil, he could at most fight against a Hero. This strength was indeed far from enough! 

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