Chapter 841: Not Understanding The Situation

“Perfect quality, 10 drops!!! Chu Qingzi!!!”

Suddenly, the old man hosting read this shocking score out in a voice that suggested even he was in disbelief!

Immediately, the entire plaza went wild!

Everyone started asking about this person’s origins, since no one seemed to have ever heard Chu Qingzi’s name before.

Hearing the name said out loud, Chu Mu paused for a second before smiling.

“Qingzi knows what’s up, changing her name to mine already.” Chu Mu’s heart was warmed.

Chu Mu knew very clearly that his emotions with Ye Qingzi weren’t actually that strong. They only confirmed their relationship near the Battle of the Realm.

Right after, they became apart for nearly four years. To most lovers, this may mean that they had lost hope for each other long ago.

Thus, when Chu Mu woke up and saw the letter in snow city Ye Qingzi left him, Chu Mu felt incredibly moved. The reason he rejected all of Mu Qingyi’s advances was because he remembered how many years Ye Qingzi waited for him,...

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