Chapter 841: Not Understanding The Situation

“Perfect quality, 10 drops!!! Chu Qingzi!!!”

Suddenly, the old man hosting read this shocking score out in a voice that suggested even he was in disbelief!

Immediately, the entire plaza went wild!

Everyone started asking about this person’s origins, since no one seemed to have ever heard Chu Qingzi’s name before.

Hearing the name said out loud, Chu Mu paused for a second before smiling.

“Qingzi knows what’s up, changing her name to mine already.” Chu Mu’s heart was warmed.

Chu Mu knew very clearly that his emotions with Ye Qingzi weren’t actually that strong. They only confirmed their relationship near the Battle of the Realm.

Right after, they became apart for nearly four years. To most lovers, this may mean that they had lost hope for each other long ago.

Thus, when Chu Mu woke up and saw the letter in snow city Ye Qingzi left him, Chu Mu felt incredibly moved. The reason he rejected all of Mu Qingyi’s advances was because he remembered how many years Ye Qingzi waited for him, even after he became a half devil. What reason did he have to go and develop a relationship with any other woman?

“Qingzi, work hard, we can see each other soon.” Chu Mu gazed at the masked Ye Qingzi from his spot, and thought to himself.

Chu Mu’s soul remembrance could already see very far. He didn’t move his gaze off of Ye Qingzi for a while.

He couldn’t see Ye Qingzi’s face, but he could tell that Ye Qingzi indeed got thinner, losing her previous youthful vibe, and gaining a coldness that rejected all contact.

“Mister Chu, is this Chu Qingzi the disciple of Ying Rong that you mentioned?” Princess Wan Ning asked with a smile.

Able to make 10 drops of perfect quality spirit liquid completely showed her strength!

“En.” Chu Mu nodded.

“Should I send someone to contact her? Once the appraisal finishes, many factions will go to recruit her.” Princess Wan Ning asked.

Chu Mu shook his head, “Don’t bother her just yet.”


After Ye Qingzi turned out to be a dark horse, the soul teachers that have been biding their times to show off their seven and eight drops instantly lost their shine. For a long while, people didn’t stop noticing Ye Qingzi.

“Perfect quality, 10 drops, soul pet palace Princess Xiang Nan!!”

Princess Xiang Nan’s fame was much weaker than Princess wan Ning’s. This princess spent most of her time in researching soul abilities, and very rarely appeared in large events. Her strength was around middle class emperor rank, similar to Princess Wanning.

However, soul pet palace princess Xiang Nan had one of the highest hopes of reaching first palace within three palace. Princess Xiang Nan was the key to whether three palace could remain in soul city!

If Princess Xiang nan got first place in the soul ability competition, she would also become a princess that everyone in Wanxiang Realm knows.

“Xiang Nan broke through a while ago……” Princess Wan Ning wanted to describe Xiang Nan’s situation to Chu Mu.

However, Wan Ning hadn’t even finished when she realized that the appraiser already walked up to Yang Qian, and was determining her medicine quality.

The appraisers of the first table were all very slow. No one knew why this appraiser suddenly sped up and went to check Yang Qian’s score.

“Perfect quality, …….13 drops!!! Soul city master Yang Qian!!!”

People haven’t had the chance to be astonished by princess xiang nan when Yang Qian’s score instantly caused all the commotion to suddenly halt!

Following that was a thunderous roar!!

Countless soul teachers showed disbelief!!

“Ten drops was already the extreme. This…...thirteen drops……” Old soul teacher De let out an exclamation.

This was three drops more than the previous max, meaning even the people with 10 drops had a certain distance from her!!

People may have thought that Yang Qian wouldn’t be any weaker the others, but no one would have expected her to beat everyone by 3 whole drops!

Even the king of soul teachers, yang Que, probably couldn’t do better when he was younger!

Yang Qian’s arrogance was evident. After the appraisal, she didn't stay in her position like all the other soul teachers, choosing to leave.

Yet, this blatant breaking of rules was gone unspoken. After all, everyone was still in shock of her achievements.


“Qingzi, you’ve found your match.” Ye Wansheng looked at the woman far ahead walking towards the square seats and secretly acknowledged the woman’s hot body.

“En.” Ye Qingzi nodded, not showing much difference in expression.


In the first round, Yang Qian’s record caused everyone else to pale in comparison.

Slowly, the appraisal process neared an end. After the competition staff announced they could leave, all those who didn’t qualify for the next round left either depressed or tearing up.

The soul teachers who succeeded weren’t exactly relaxed either because the qualifying rate of the second round was very low and definitely wasn’t as simple as the basics test of the first round.

Ye Qingzi and Ye Wansheng quickly left with the failed soul teachers to avoid some factions forcing them to take a stance.

“This truly is a careless soul teacher, spilling spirit liquid on the ground. I wonder what fellow was this unfortunate.” A medicine boy said to himself as he was cleaning up the battlefield.

This medicine boy wasn’t a true soul teacher yet, so he couldn’t tell what rank these drops of spirit liquid was, so he carefully grabbed the liquid into a flask.

This spirit liquid was all made by soul teachers over eighth level, so even failed spirit liquids could be sold for a decent price on the market!


“You’re Chu Fangchen?” Zhu Zizhan and Yang Qian stood before Chu Mu. Zhu Zizhan clearly had been watching Chu Mu for a while. His two sharp eyes seemed to pierce through Chu Mu’s mask and see his true appearance.

Chu Mu stood up and didn’t even bother to look at him, turning around and leaving.

Zhu Zizhan’s strength was at most high class emperor. Such an opponent didn’t interest Chu Mu at all anymore.

Princess Wan Ning hesitated for a second before politely taking her leave to follow Chu Mu.

“I think you can see that Wan Ning isn’t treating Chu Fangchen simply with the manners of a princess.”

“What are you trying to say.” Seeing princess Wan Ning leave with the other man, Zhu Zizhan’s face became incredibly black.

“As a soul palace princess, she can’t possibly be close with a person like you from soul alliance. Yet, Chu Fangchen is different. As long as Chu Fangchen wanted, soul palace elders and senior elders will trade her away without hesitation. Speaking of which, what man wouldn’t have any thoughts for Wan Ning?” Yang Qian said with the intention of provoking him.

Zhu Zizhan unconsciously gripped his hands harder with Yang Qian’s words.

Back before soul alliance broke out into war against three palace, Zhu Zizhan had already fallen in love with this gentle soul palace princess. Every time at night, he couldn't fall asleep because all that was in his mind was this woman’s gentle grace…...

“She must be mine, no one can take her!!” Zhu Zizhan’s eyes became poisonous as he left with thick resentment!

Yang Qian didn’t have much good feelings for Chu Fangchen. In fact, she didn’t like it when people were stronger than her.

Thus, Yang Qian intentionally angered Zhu Zizhan to make him fight Chu Fangchen. That way, she could at least know Chu Fangchen’s true strength.

However, Yang Qian was very hard to understand woman. She intentionally angered Zhu Zizhan with only her voice, meaning Chu Mu and Princess Wan Ning both heard it too!

This caused Chu Mu and princess Wan Ning to fall into awkwardness!

In reality, the elders and senior elders indeed had that idea!

With soul palace having such an outstanding young man, soul palace had to prevent other factions from using beauty to attract him. If Chu Mu married the soul palace princess, it could solidify Chu Mu’s stance.

After all, young men are most susceptible to the allures of beauty. Such cases have happened often.

Yang Qian intentionally angered Zhu Zizhan with the truth, and Princess Wan Ning knew it.

As a princess, Wan Ning had to have a very laid back attitude against many embarrassing things, but after Yang Qian said that, Wan Ning didn’t know what to do. After all, even third young master Teng Lang secretly told her that elders indeed wanted to marry her to Chu Fangchen!

Princess Wan Ning specially went to visit on one hand due to her respect for this legend, but on the other hand to see the man who would become her husband.

Yet, Yang Qian’s words completely broke through the relationship between them…...

As for Chu Mu, he had no clue about this fiancee that soul palace wanted to give him. He was simply thinking about how annoying the woman was, giving him a sworn enemy with a few words of provocation.

“What’s wrong” Chu Mu noticed princess Wan Ning stopped talking and asked confused.

Princess Wan Ning was, of course, thinking about their marriage, so when Chu Mu asked princess Wan Ning blushed and lowered her head, “I’m thinking about a mysterious man who often appeared in Yang Que’s home……”

Princess Wan Ning couldn't possibly say she was thinking about the marriage of them two.

So, she blushed and used another thing to hide her thoughts. In reality, she didn't care about the mysterious man at all, she just wanted to use it to hide her real thoughts.

“Mysterious man! Tell me more about it.” Chu Mu instantly was serious.

Princess Wan Ning in reality wanted to talk about the matters between them and get to know him better, yet she found that this man had no clue of the situation and actually started paying attention to the random event she brought up!

“What’s wrong with this person!” Princess Wan Ning lightly grumbled.

Chu Mu was so serious about this mysterious man that had no importance that princess wan ning thought she was overreacting and thinking of things she shouldn’t have thought about.

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