Chapter 840: Determine the Superior (2)

“Time’s up, everyone stop their concocting. Those still working will be disqualified!” the loud voice of the old man again sounded!

At the same time, many similarly dressed competition appraisers appeared near the rock tables. These appraisers judged every soul teacher’s spirit liquids and reported it to special personnel that were in charge of record keeping.

There were nearly ten thousand soul teachers on the plaza, making it a very large competition.

Luckily, there were a lot of appraisers as well, and they didn’t need too long to make each judgement. The appraisers almost never stayed for more than three seconds at each table.

“Perfect quality, 5 drops, Soul teacher Qi Zuo!”

Suddenly, an appraiser’s soul remembrance sent outwards, audible to everyone in the plaza.

Immediately,  many people’s attention fell on the soul teacher named Qi Zuo. Making one perfect quality soul liquid was enough...

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