Chapter 840: Determine the Superior (2)

“Time’s up, everyone stop their concocting. Those still working will be disqualified!” the loud voice of the old man again sounded!

At the same time, many similarly dressed competition appraisers appeared near the rock tables. These appraisers judged every soul teacher’s spirit liquids and reported it to special personnel that were in charge of record keeping.

There were nearly ten thousand soul teachers on the plaza, making it a very large competition.

Luckily, there were a lot of appraisers as well, and they didn’t need too long to make each judgement. The appraisers almost never stayed for more than three seconds at each table.

“Perfect quality, 5 drops, Soul teacher Qi Zuo!”

Suddenly, an appraiser’s soul remembrance sent outwards, audible to everyone in the plaza.

Immediately,  many people’s attention fell on the soul teacher named Qi Zuo. Making one perfect quality soul liquid was enough to become a target for factions.

Able to make five drops was already highly talented. Old soul teacher De said that there won’t be over 500 people at this competition that could make five or more. This meant that this person was top 500 within the soul teacher realm!

“Perfect quality, 6 drops, soul pet palace soul teacher, Wei Xuejian!”

Very quickly, another appraiser’s sound announced an outstanding soul teacher.

“Perfect quality, 5 drops, snow city Gu Feng.”

“Perfect quality, 7 drops, Tianxia City Luo Gengluo.”

“Perfect quality……”


Everyone who could make perfect quality and create over five drops would be called out.

Spirit city’s competition of soul ability required participants to be at least eighth rank soul teacher in title.

This ten thousand spirit teacher plaza gathered the elites of the two realms. No matter what kingdom, an eighth level title soul teacher was very respected already.

And, to stand out in this gathering of elites, come out from tens of thousands of soul teachers, one had to be truly talented and would therefore be main targets of recruitments for many large factions.

“Perfect quality, 9 drops, thirty two scar cloud scar Lu Yun!”

Once this was said, a huge commotion started in the plaza!

Before, all the names said revolved around 5 or 6 drops. There weren’t that many 7 drops, and 8 were even rarer. 9 drops was a first, and it was the highest that had been appraised so far.

This person was one of thirty two scars, meaning her soul pet strength was surprisingly powerful too.

Lu Yun was an extremely talented female soul teacher, and was famous within wanxiang realm. She had many identities. She was a high ranked soul teacher, a kingdom master of an eighth level kingdom, and also the cloud scar of soul alliance.

Of the people Wan Ning told Chu Mu to look out for, Lu Yun was one of them.

Perfect quality 9 drops was the highest record for a long time, with no one seemingly able to beat it.

As time passed, slowly, more and more soul teachers’ names were said out loud.

In reality, they only had to meet the requirement to enter the next round. However, one could see that most of the soul teachers were trying their absolute best to concoct because it was the most direct form of competition. The soul teachers with some fame already didn’t want to be weaker than anyone else.

“Perfect quality, 10 drops!! Soul city Zhu Zizhan!!”

Suddenly, the hosting old man used his loud voice to read out Zhu Zizhan’s achievement.

After the record of ten drops came out, everyone was even more in shock!!!

Many of these soul teachers were participating in a soul ability battle for the first time. They knew that creating one perfect quality soul liquid from three grass was already as hard as climbing to heaven, yet they never would have thought that someone was able to make 10 drops out of it. Just how adept did this person have to be!

Zhu Zizhan’s score instantly became number one as people started exclaiming that Zhu Zizhan was truly the godson of Zhu Chao, reaching a new peak with his soul abilities!

With such a soul teacher, some simple materials was enough for them to create incredibly expensive soul items!

Zhu Zizhan stood in place. To everyone’s shock, he simply smiled, as if expecting this result. He was incredibly relaxed.

However, his eyes specially glanced at the four high seats and paused momentarily on Princess Wan Ning.

Sitting by princess wan ning, Chu Mu just happened to notice Zhu Zizhan’s gaze and thought to himself, “There truly are a lot of people in secret admiration of this soul palace princess.”

Very quickly, Chu Mu saw Zhu Zizhan look at him in a strange expression, not even trying to hide the hint of challenge in his eyes.

This wasn’t the first time Chu Mu received this gaze. It was always from jealous people that wanted to earn the heart of a woman. Chu Mu completely ignored all these gazes.

Chu Mu was practically a senior elder in position in soul palace. The princess was the daughter of an elder and a supreme, so her position was between palace master and elder. Wan Ning therefore naturally had to be respectful to Chu Mu, who was similar to a senior elder. However, this respect often drew hostile gazes.


“High quality, 2 drops, disqualified.”

“Middle quality, disqualified.”

“Middle quality, disqualified.”

“Middle quality, disqualified.”

The sound of the appraiser slowly neared and Ye Wansheng looked at these disappointed soul teachers.

Many soul teachers trained their entire lives for this moment. Many of them presumably didn’t perform to their potential because of nerves and, if they were disqualified like that, they would feel terrible.

“Qingzi, it’s almost your turn.” Ye Wansheng gazed over and looked at Ye Qingzi’s flask, smiling.

“High quality, 4 drops, pass.” The appraiser walked up to the female soul teacher that was cursing at Ye Wansheng and gave the conclusion.

The female soul teacher with heavy lipstick smiled greasily, and specially glanced at Ye Qinzi with a mocking look.

Passing only needed 1 drop of high quality, yet she created 4 times the amount. Though she couldn’t compare to those up front, she was definitely top of the pack within these outer rings of soul teachers.

The appraiser was a woman and extremely curvaceous. Ye Wansheng had looked her down multiple times already.

This lady was slightly impatient, and often gave a result immediately after passing soul teachers, not even taking a look at the players’ faces.

After she gave the result, she walked up to Ye Qinzgi’s rock table emotionlessly and picked up the flask Ye Qingzi kept her results in.

“High quality, 10 drops.” The lady put down the flasks and slowly looked up angrily at this player.

Those at the outer ring didn’t have any faction to back them up, so creating something 10 times stronger than others was hard pressed.

“Ten drops???” The lipstick girl gave out a long roar and was in disbelief, “What, are you seeing wrong?”

The appraiser furrowed her brow and glanced angrily at the lips woman and asked, “Are you wishing for our illnesses.

“I don’t dare, don’t dare.” the female soul teacher quickly put down her hard and squeezed an expression in.

Ye Wansheng even directly started laughing.

Though the appraiser was impatient, it was rare to have 10 high quality liquids. So she would check again since the neighbor requested. She humped yet checked again.

However, this second check, the woman’s face changed.

“This…...this…..” The appraiser opened the medicine for a third time and sensed it over again.

The lady’s expression changes were incredibly obvious, going from impatience to curiosity to utter disbelief!

Finally, the appraiser came to a conclusion even though she didn't believe in!

“You…...why don’t you remind me?” The appraiser stared in shock at the masked Ye Qingzi.

“I’m fine as long as I get into the next round.” Ye Qingzi replied calmly.

“Good thing I checked again!!”

The sound of the appraiser quickly drew in others’ attentions. The soul teachers were all secretly wondering why this person got the appraiser to stay for so long.

“That’s what I mean, high class and middle class have similar colors. She should be ten middle class spirit liquids, right?” The red lipped woman said with a smile.

10 drops of high quality soul liquid was equivalent to 1 perfect quality. There was no way she believed such a woman would appear in the outermost ring.

“This moment, the appraiser woke up from the shock. She originally didn’t want to care about the competition, but told her sidekick to deliver a message, that there was a perfect quality here with 10 drops! Her name was…..en, Chu Qingzi.

“Perfect…...perfect quality…….”

“10 drops…...that’s impossible!!

At this moment only one other person made 10 perfect drops. To soul ability competitions with ten thousand people, every name read out loud was already shocking and made them unreachable.

However, including even the appraiser herself, no one expected an outer most ring contestant to make the same quantity and quality as medicine disciple Zhu Chao’s godchild.

This shocked everyone on the high seats!!

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