Book 2 Chapter 84 - Perfect Warrior Rank VS Perfect Commander Rank

Chapter 84: Perfect Warrior Rank VS Perfect Commander Rank

Twenty meters into the air, the Chaotic Thunder Feather Demon’s feathers chaotically flew about. Fresh red blood from three wounds spilled out. It had completely lost its balance, and it fell from the air!!

“Beng!!!!” the Chaotic Thunder a Feather Demon heavily smashed into the earth, scraping open a long chasm. It slid nearly fifty meters before finally slowing down.

“Molten Fury!” Mo Xie landed on the ground and then instantly turned around. Her two eyes twinkled a demonic radiance!!

Where the radiances happened to intersect was the place where the Chaotic Thunder Feather Demon fell. Immediately, a fiery lotus burst forth at the edge of that gulf. A brilliant, fiery light shot in all directions, and a wave of fire wantonly swept forth!


A violent wind whistled, causing the fire to unceasingly waver in the River Field Battlefield!

Looking from the spectator's seats, despite being nearly 500 meters away, they were still able to clearly see the scorching hot flames ceaseless dancing about!

Outside the battlefield, a shocked cry had already rung out. Chu Mu’s Evil Flame Six Tailed Demon Fox’s retaliation method was extremely strange; no one had expected it. Furthermore, they hadn't thought that the powerful Chaotic Thunder Feather Demon unexpectedly had been knocked down and spilled blood everywhere. From its appearance, it had completely lost the strength to fight.

“Princess, your highness’ Nightmare Prince Chu’s strength is truly exceptional. He was unexpectedly able to, in such a short period of time, heavily wound Jia Feng’s second main soul pet.” the Jia City city lord still wore a smile. His unfettered smile seemed to indicate that he wasn't worried for Jia Feng, who was enveloped by the Molten Fury.

Princess Jin Rou simply replied with a sentence, but her gaze was fixated on Chu Mu’s Evil Flame Six Tailed Demon Fox. She remembered that, a few months ago, during Chu Mu and Tian Ji’s fight, the Evil Flame Six Tailed Demon Fox was at the sixth phase third stage. Yet, presently, the Evil Flame Six Tailed Demon Fox had only grown by one stage. Nonetheless, it's speed had considerably increased and its usage of techniques was even more adept. Unexpectedly, it was able to use Evil Flame Claw to its full potential while stepping in the air.

Nearly an eighth rank strength. Unless the Chaotic Thunder Feather Demon possessed a seventh level soul armor on its own body, it wouldn’t be able to defend against the nearly eighth rank attack.

Very clearly, the Chaotic Thunder Feather Demon, inside the flames, had already lost the strength to fight. However, Chu Mu knew that when Mo Xie used Illusion Evil Flame Claw, the Chaotic Thunder Feather Demon used its wings to protect Jia Feng, so that Jia Feng himself definitely wouldn’t suffer injuries.


The violent winds on the plains continued to blow against the gradually dimming Molten Fury. Inside these flames that ceaselessly wavered, one could see a figure gloomily walk out of the flames...

As if the starry brilliance had coagulated, the battle armor that was worn on his skin was condensed by this brilliance. This battle armor, in the burning fire, flickered a spirited luster, like water. It was able to repel all the fire on the outside.

The incantation had already begun to be chanted. A formed aura caused the surrounding gale to become disarrayed before being dissipated. Jia Feng’s two eyes were already visibly cold. When he stared at Chu Mu, one could feel a killing intent being released!

Jia Feng had already recalled his Chaotic Thunder Feather Demon and summoned his second soul pet!

A surreptitious soul pact pattern gradually emerged next to Jia Feng. A strange, icy cold abruptly appeared around Jia Feng’s surroundings as he chanted an incantation!!

The ice cold aura began to sweep through, and the flaming Molten Fury behind Jia Feng was quickly extinguished. Petal after petal of ice mysteriously burst forth in the air!!

“He’s finally going to summon it. It’s Jia Feng’s number one fighting pet!”

“Prisoner Island King-Chu Mu’s Evil Flame Six Tailed Demon Fox is extremely formidable. In my opinion, it should be able to deal with it. The number one fighting pet against the number one fighting pet of two peak experts. I’m sure it will be even more marvelous.”

The Jia Region people seemed to be very familiar with Jia Feng. They knew what soul pet Jia Feng was going to summon, and what kind of soul pet he possessed.

Chu Mu jumped down from Mo Xie’s body. From the sweeping aura, Chu Mu could feel that the second soul pet that Jia Feng was going to summon was a soul pet which was primarily of the beast type. Despite this, the cold ice effect carried by this soul pet was considerably terrifying!

A contest between two beast types. Chu Mu had absolute confidence in Mo Xie, but when it came to the Demon Fire Evil Flame against frosted ice, Mo Xie definitely suffered a bit of restriction.

“Guard Chu must consider summoning his second soul pet to compliment for the attribute difference.” whispered Jin Kui.

“Yes, I remember he still has an Ice Air Fairy with peak ice type talent,” from start to finish, Princess Ji Rou’s gaze was on the battlefield. Her eyes leaked a trace of emotion that could be interpreted as an immense amount of interest towards the fight between soul pet trainers.

When an attribute was countered, the best option to fix it was to summon the next soul pet to complement the attribute. According to these conventions, Chu Mu should have summoned the Ice Air Fairy; however, Chu Mu didn’t do this.

There were many times where, despite an attribute counter, until the crucial moment occurred, Chu Mu wouldn’t rashly summon his other soul pet to compliment the attribute disadvantage. This was because, in his opinion, only through having his soul pets fight against other soul pets whose attributes countered his soul pets’ could they slowly be tempered through this disadvantage. By doing so, they would be able to slowly make up for their attribute disadvantage


Sensing the opponent’s powerful aura, Mo Xie’s and Chu Mu’s opinions were unanimous. Even if the opponent countered her, in a one on one, Mo Xie wanted to fight by herself!

Finally, Jia Feng finished his soul pact summoning. All the icy frost began to violently coagulate in front of Jia Feng’s soul pact pattern. They seemed to be undergoing frosted ice recombination. As the ice crystals began to condense, they slowly formed a mighty outline!

The shape had already been formed, and all the ice crystals astonishingly condensed into an enormous ice sculpture-like and fierce-looking creature. In such an expansive battlefield, this creature covered in ice crystal armor gave one a monumental feeling. Wave after wave of cold air bitingly dissipated in the plain’s wind. Even if one was standing outside the field, one could feel the violent beast type aura and the terrifying killing intent!

“Hou hou hou!!!!!!!!:

Three consecutive roars abruptly rang out. Suddenly, it felt as if a strange soundwave blast had appeared on this River Field Battlefield!!

Tundra Ice Beast!!!

Covered from head to toe in a visibly sharp ice armor, its body was like an enormous snow leopard. It was slender, yet full of wild energy. Its four limbs were covered in ice colored armor and, at each of its respective ankles, there protruded ice knives that flickered cold light and looked incomparably sharp.

Tundra Ice Beast: Beast World - beast type - Horn Armor Beast species - Tundra Ice Beast Subspecies - high class commander rank

It was worth mentioning that the Tundra Ice Beast was different than a majority of high class commander ranks. Amongst the warrior rank, the Evil Flame Six Tailed Demon Fox’s fighting strength that surpassed its rank made it universally known as the warrior rank’s strongest soul pet.

As for the extremely hard to find Tundra Ice Beast that resided in a few tundras, they were equivalently known as the perfect soul pet in the commander rank!

Although the Tundra Ice Beast’s various attributes weren’t ostentatious enough to be comparable to terrifying monarch ranks, when looking at it solely from fighting talent at the commander rank, it was already very rare to have an opponent. Even the Blue Nightmare with considerably terrifying fighting strength, leaving aside attributes, its rarity and fighting strength were probably under the Tundra Ice Beast!

Sixth phase fifth stage, Tundra Ice Beast!

Sixth phase fourth stage, Evil Flame Six Tailed Demon Fox!

A perfect commander rank against a perfect warrior rank! Perhaps many people had already guessed such a situation would occur, but when one of these soul pet was ice and the other fire, and it was the perfect beast type confrontation, the eve of an outbreak of an intense fight between peak tiers was still able to make the blood of everyone boil!

Chu Mu stared at Jia Feng’s Tundra Ice Beast. The sixth phase fifth stage Tundra Ice Beast had clearly gone through attribute intensifying. The training between its beast and ice types was perfect. In such a way, this Tundra Ice Beast was truly extremely close to the fighting talent of a monarch rank soul pet!

As expected, the higher one stood, the stronger the soul pet he or she encountered. In Gangluo City, even if it was a normal high class commander rank, it would be contested over by all the clans. If its talent was even a little bit better, the fight for it would become even fiercer. However, when put in the entire region, after undergoing layer after layer of selection, the final expert that appeared would carry either a soul pet that was an absolute gem amongst millions of soul pets, or one that was extremely hard to find and uncommon. Otherwise, how could he or she proclaim him or herself as the hegemon of this region!

“Tundra Ice Claw!’

Jia Feng coldly issued a battle order to his Tundra Ice Beast!!


The Tundra Ice Beast abruptly stretched open its body and quickly exploded forth!

Death Assault!!!

Tundra Ice Claw!!

Speed allowed the Tundra Ice Beast’s strength to increase to the most optimal amount. Immediately an extremely cold frost ice blade ripped towards Mo Xie!!

The frosty air coagulated, and substances that suffered from icy frost invasion would easily be ripped apart by sharp objects. The Tundra Ice Beast’s Ice Claw technique energy was definitely much stronger than the Evil Flame Claw!


Speed, strength, and icy cold- three layered effects. Even if Mo Xie had reached the Exquisite Dodging level, she was still unable to dodge. A clear frozen claw wound was immediately torn open on her body!

The claw wound wasn’t deep, but the frost poison that formed began to corrode Mo Xie’s skin!

“Hu hu~~~” Mo Xie let out a whimper. A ball of flame abruptly ignited on the wound, forcibly burning the frost poison.

“Six Tail Lock!”

Mo Xie leaped to one side, and her speed suddenly increased. Her body swept past the Tundra Ice Beast’s body, and her six long gorgeous tails immediately formed a lock, rolling towards the Tundra Ice Beast!!

“Hou Hou!!!!” the Tundra Ice Beast abruptly let out a roar. It raised its front limbs and, as the Six Tail Lock locked its body, it suddenly smashed the stored energy in its front limbs onto the ground!!!


The earth suddenly sunk in. A terrifying energy swept forth, and the clearly smaller body of Mo Xie was knocked flying by the energy. Her Six Tail Lock attack wasn’t effective!

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