Chapter 839: One Fight To Determine the Superior

“Yang Qian had four people to her right, all of which are Yang Que’s proud disciples. One of them, Qing Xiao already expressed his willingness to join soul palace. The other three we don’t know of their stance yet. To the left of Yang Qian are three of medicine desolation Zhu Chao’s disciples. The nearest to Yang Qian is a man named Zhu Zizhan. This person is Zhu Chao’s godchild, with soul ability just shy of Yang Qian’s. He’s also a very powerful soul pet trianer, so he has a good chance of winning.”

Princess Wan Ning lightly explained many of the more outstanding characters near Chu Mu, all of which had a chance to get first.

Chu Mu wore a fake mask. The problem with being at the same level as the soul palace princess was that he was watched by many.

On one hand, Chu Mu didn’t want Ye Qingzi to see him yet. On the other hand, Chu Mu was afraid someone from tianxia city may recognize him. No matter what, the massive king statue Chu...

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