Chapter 839: One Fight To Determine the Superior

“Yang Qian had four people to her right, all of which are Yang Que’s proud disciples. One of them, Qing Xiao already expressed his willingness to join soul palace. The other three we don’t know of their stance yet. To the left of Yang Qian are three of medicine desolation Zhu Chao’s disciples. The nearest to Yang Qian is a man named Zhu Zizhan. This person is Zhu Chao’s godchild, with soul ability just shy of Yang Qian’s. He’s also a very powerful soul pet trianer, so he has a good chance of winning.”

Princess Wan Ning lightly explained many of the more outstanding characters near Chu Mu, all of which had a chance to get first.

Chu Mu wore a fake mask. The problem with being at the same level as the soul palace princess was that he was watched by many.

On one hand, Chu Mu didn’t want Ye Qingzi to see him yet. On the other hand, Chu Mu was afraid someone from tianxia city may recognize him. No matter what, the massive king statue Chu Mu gazed upon back in Tianxia City was now him. With so many people at this event, Chu Mu felt like it wasn’t good to flaunt his appearance, or else someone who participated in tianxia realm may be in the crowd.

Thus, being low profile at such events was better.

Chu mu looked around and started looking through the throngs of people to find Ye Qingzi.

Yet, Ye Qingzi and Ye Wansheng clearly disguised themselves. Even with soul remembrance, he couldn't find them, and Ning Maner shouldn’t appear in crowds like these either.

While Chu Mu was looking for Ye Qingzi, Ye Wansheng had noticed Chu Mu sitting on the high seats long ago.

Ye wansheng knew Chu Mu was the soul palace young master, so he didn’t find it strange that he was sitting by princess wan ning. He at most looked over enviously a couple of times.

Ye Qingzi participated in this competition as a stray soul teacher, so she stood in nearly the outer most ring, unable to draw attention to herself.

Ye Wansheng stood by Ye Qingzi and served as her helper.

Every soul teacher could bring a helper into the competition. Ye Wansheng couldn’t actually be a good helper for her, but he was there to protect her sister.

If anyone found out Ye Qingzi was the disciple of Ying Rong, soul alliance wouldn’t let them go easily.

“Interesting, you’re already in the outer most ring, why still wear a mask? Do you think you’ll gather attention with your skill?” Suddenly, a thin voice came from aside ye Qingzi.

Ye QIngzi looked up and glanced apathetically at the female soul teacher aside her.

The female soul teacher was dressed flamboyantly, with lips red as blood and flirtatious glances sent everywhere. Her expression shifted to one of smiles whenever she glanced at the high ranking men in the high seats.

To the intentional mocking, beside her, Ye Qingzi simply stood aside and didn’t mind it.

Ye Qingzi indeed wore a mask that covered her entire face.

Many soul teachers wore masks there because they didn’t want to enter any faction or gave promises to enter a faction already. This way, even if they gained a high ranking in this competition, they could prove themselves yet not get chased and forced to join by large factions.

Thus,  in this situation, wearing a mask usually meant they didn’t want to join any faction.

For these soul teachers put on the very outside, most of them had no fame or power. The large factions didn't even bother verifying these people. Wearing a mask and acting highly indeed brought in mocking easily.

“What a slut, are you here to compete in soul ability or to sell your body?” Ye Wansheng didn’t like this girl and directly started cursing back.

Ye Wansehng’s greatest talent was insulting and cursing out others, especially women. Even in such a place, Ye Wansheng didn’t forget to exercise his talent.

“Heh, a medicine kid dares ridicule me? Didn’t your master tell you to shut your mouth when you can’t even call yourself a soul teacher?” The red-lipped female soul teacher didn’t shy away and replied.

Very quickly, Ye Wansheng and the flamboyant woman started cursing at each other, causing the surrounding area to become louder.

Wearing completely black soul teacher robes, Ye Qingzi stood there without action. She always had the sound of her brother cursing out someone in the back of her mind, so she had reached the point where she can filter it out completely.

Ye Qingzi’s gaze looked through ring after ring of people and at the people at the center. She knew that the people who posed a threat to her getting first place all sat there.

“Soul ability competition, today is the initial competition, so you should know what to do when you see the simple flasks and medicine on the stone tables…..” The old man that hosted the initial competition used his soul remembrance to send his voice throughout the courtyard.

“Today, we’re testing everyone’s grasp of basics. There are three flasks with spirit grass in them as well as ten basic spirit flasks. We need you to try your best to make the most and purest spirit liquid within two hours. Then, our members will analyze your spirit liquids and those who reach the requirement can continue.”

“Okay, you may start.”

The moment the old man’s voice fell, they noticed that everyone’s heads fell down and pulled out a spirit grass to start the first step of extraction.

Some were adept, some were inexperienced, nervous or calm, yet without results, no one knew who was better.

“What is this for? How do they figure out who’s better?” Ye Wansheng came up to Ye Qingzi and, looking at the ten completely indecipherable flasks, started to ask.

Ye Wansheng knew nothing about soul abilities. For today’s competition, Ye Wansheng wanted to know how good his sister was and so specially asked to see how she could win.

Ye Qingzi’s basics were incredibly firm. She seemed to be making a very simple motion of raising her hand, yet the messily laid flasks were instantly laid in order, organized.

“All of us have the same material and equipment. This is the rather commonly seen moon grass. Usually, its liquids are used as the mixing ingredients of some crystals. The purity of the spirit liquid determines the quality of two gemstones after they merge……”

At her rank, such simple extractions don’t need her full attention. She could do it all with her eyes closed, let alone just speak with someone else.

Soul items and crystals don’t succeed 100% of the time when strengthening soul pets. If the soul pet doesn’t have full preparation to breakthrough, it will fail. Another thing that impacts it is the quality of the soul item.

For example, some first rank emperor soul items could 100% allow soul pets at the bottleneck to reach emperor rank.

However, lower quality soul items, though they were still first rank emperor rank, their success rates could be less than 1%

This was the difference in soul item quality.

Normally, wild and natural soul items are always rather high in quality, while soul teachers create much lower quality ones.

“Those three little graces, how many can you make and how high quality?” Ye Wansheng asked.

“Perfect quality, and with similar quality, quantity will determine the winner.” Ye Qingzi said.

“Little sister, if your medicine boy knows nothing, how does he dare to be a medicine boy still?” At this time, the female soul teacher nearby again let out a shrill mocking laugh.

“Don’t mind this old lady.” Ye Wansheng said.

“Who are you calling old!!” The female soul teacher immediately was infuriated!!

Ye Qingzi stopped talking, and started concocting with concentration.

This moon grass concoction Ye Qingzi could easily make with perfect quality, and she knew that a group of people could easily do that too.

Ye Qingzi wanted to know just how much perfect quality soul liquid she could make in the limited three grasses.


Just as Ye Qingzi was describing the quality to Ye Wansehng, Chu Mu was also asking old soul teacher de about the determination of winner this round.

“How many people do you think can create perfect quality here?” Chu Mu asked.

“Reaching high quality and a liter in volume counts as a pass. There will be around 2000 that pass. Those who can make one drop of perfect quality will be around 500.” Old soul teacher de explained to Chu Mu very patiently.

Old soul teacher de was one of the few people that knew about Chu Mu. HIs soul ability was one of the highest in soul city as well.

“My two disciples should be able to make around 5 drops of perfect quality spirit liquid and are decent in this competition. However, compared to them, they’re still a ways away. I’m guessing Yang Qian, Zhu Zizhan, and the great princess of soul pet palace should all be able to make ten perfect quality drops.” Old soul teacher de said.

“I just don’t know if they will try their hardest because this is just a test of basics.”

Chu Mu nodded. According to Ye Wansehng, Ye Qingzi had hig hopes of getting first, so she shouldn’t have a problem beating those people old soul teacher de mentioned in terms of basics.

Two hours wasn’t a long time. Before time was up, Chu Mu could even see many of the spirit teachers stopping their concocting and simply waited for the end to come.

These soul teachers felt they completely extracted their spirit grasses, or maybe they simply reached the passing requirement and didn’t see the need to continue.

However, Chu Mu noticed that the hundred most promising soul teachers didn’t stop at all. Clearly, they all wanted to prove themselves and see who was superior in this first round of basics!

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