Chapter 838: Battle of Soul Ability

 Just as Ye Wansheng finished speaking, and saw the direction Chu Mu left in, he suddenly realized something important.

“Losing to a freak like Chu Mu isn’t bad. That’s what I thought, how could anyone possibly be stronger than me?” Ye Wansheng rubbed his chin, and all the negative emotions that came with his defeat disappeared.

In the battle of the realm, Ye Wansheng was a large chunk weaker than Chu Mu. Now he could somewhat fight, which means he caught up a lot.

However, thinking more carefully, Ye Wansheng realized something was off.

“The guy was using only his secondary soul pets against me!” Ye Wansheng’s face blackened again.

Ye Wansheng knew Chu Mu was a spirit soul pet trainer and wouldn’t change soul pets. Ghost Monarch King, Devil Tree Battle Soldier, and Ice Air Fairy were all his secondary soul pets!

Ye Wansheng remembered that Chu Mu’s main soul pet formation was the mutating and powerful fox, the white nightmare that could strengthen itself through eating same species, and the ridiculously quickly regenerating Mo Ye.

Those three were the truly overpowered soul pets. If Chu Mu could beat him with secondary soul pets, he could probably summon a single main soul pet and destroy all his soul pets…...

Ye Wansheng rubbed his temple. It had been four years of hard work, yet he was still a large chunk behind, causing him to not know how to feel.


After Chu Mu brought Ning Maner back to soul palace, his mind was full of questioning, especially about the “Sealed Mouth Event”.

Chu Mu asked Ye Wansheng about the Sealed Mouth Event before, but Ye Wansheng didn’t know much about it. He only knew that his teacher had to go into hiding because of this event, and still couldn’t evade it.

Chu Mu had always wanted to know why his father had fallen, yet no matter who Chu Mu asked, no one could give a straight answer, including Liu Binglan.

Was this because of the Sealed Mouth event?

From the name, doesn’t Sealed Mouth mean that they had to kill everyone who knew a certain secret?

Based off the times given by Ye Wansheng about the event, Chu Mu went to the library to search through all large events.


“Why is there nothing…… there should at least be a name.”

Chu Mu didn’t find any information about this sealed mouth event no matter what he read. Not even the name of the event was recorded.

Many times, large factions recorded all their events so descendants can look for them. Even events that couldn’t be publicly known were at least mentioned by name, and then the details of each event would be left in heavily guarded books.

Because of this, Chu Mu even specially went to Princess Wan Ning to see if there were any important materials heavily guarded by soul palace.

Princess Wan Ning replied saying soul city doesn’t have a complete record of events. If Chu Mu wanted to learn about matters that shouldn’t be known, he may have to go to wanxiang city’s soul palace to learn more.

“What a sealed mouth event, actually letting no one   what happened……” Chu Mu sighed.

However, at least Chu Mu knew his father had fallen because of this sealed mouth event. Now, if he found someone who knew about it at the time personally, he could find out the whole sequence of events.


The battle of soul arts finally started.

On the initial competition, the courtyard had many rock tables made by rock type soul pet trainers. They were shaped like hoops; the outer ring could allow thousands of people to create concoctions simultaneously, while the inner ring only accommodated a hundred. These people often were recommended by large factions or had famous instructors. They were also the nearest to the table, the Square Platform Seats.

The platform was at the center of the courtyard, surrounded by countless soul teachers waiting for their assignment.

In the seated region were all experts of spirit emperor and above, famous people of all realms of soul city, as well as tenth level title members of factions.

To most people, these square seats were positions of power that they couldn’t reach even with a life time of work. In these situations, the hierarchy became very obvious. Normal people were only fit to stand underneath, crowded around in the sea of people. These people, on the other hand, had high seats, cushions, expensive treats and tea served, and even a servant girl behind them at all times.

Perhaps some of these people’s servant girls were the “prettiest” girls of some young men during their earlier years too.

However, even on the square seats, there was a clear difference in rank.

The lowest circle of seats represented the lowest tier of spirit emperors. These people may not be weaker in strength to those above them, but their power and fame couldn’t compare to greater factions’ spirit emperors.

At the middle of the square seats were mainly tenth rank titles of factions, with palace masters being the majority, counting as the middle class of spirit emperors.

Above these palace masters were elders, thirty two scars, large kingdom masters, large soul teachers, etc. these were the upper class of spirit emperors.

Though the seats were only split by height, they had an unbreachable gap between them. Without the right resources or opportunities, going from middle class emperor rank to high class emperor rank was incredibly hard.

Soul emperor higher ups were high class emperor rank. They were already higher up than most and held the lives of hundreds of millions of people. In their territory, they were like gods.

However, above them were still a few people. These people were senior elders, sixteen absolutes, tenth rank kingdom masters, and more that make up the most elite class of society. They have absolute say in the human soul pet trainer realm, able to create trembles throughout the world with any decision.

However, in today’s ten thousand people initial competition, these truly powerful figures didn’t appear.

The person holding the competition was soul palace old soul teacher De. Elder De usually stayed in two cities, tianxia city and soul city.

Soul city soul palace had a few competing soul teachers that were his disciples. The identity of a disciple of an elder allowed them to be in the inner hoop of tables.

The hundred people in the inner hoop to some degree represented the most authoritative soul teachers of wanxiang realm, able to wield the world of soul abilities within their hands in a decade.

Behind these people, there were hoops after hoops of ever increasing soul teachers. Unless they had truly unique soul abilities, they coudn’t get much from this competition.

The battle of soul abilities was also a battle of factions.

Whether a faction is powerful can be determined by the amount and quality of soul teachers.

So, bringing in every soul teacher was especially important to all of their strengths.

In this most authoritative soul ability fight, every faction had scouts. If any of the participants could gain certain results, the faction would be willing to provide for them.

So, this soul ability fight was also a scouting grounds for factions to soul teachers.

The scouting person of soul palace was Princess Wan Ning.

Princess Wan Ning herself had a great reputation in Wanxiang Realm. No matter where she went, there was a large group of followers. Telling her to recruit soul teachers was the best.

Of course, Princess Wan Ning couldn’t possibly go to all soul teachers personally. The ones she needed to personally get involved in were spirit teachers that could truly stand out and even make a difference in the big picture.

Today, she appeared on the square seats, hoping to find participants with great potential and recruit them before other factions got to them.


“Who’s the man beside princess Wan Ning?” A soul teacher in the second hoop asked.

This person was called Pan Qing and was a rather famous soul teacher in wanxiang realm.

He had arrived in soul city for a while now. In this soul ability fight, he planned on standing with soul palace just so he could have a chance to talk with soul palace Princess Wan Ning.

Princess Wan Ning indeed had the appearances to entrance people at first glance. Pan Qing swore he had to stand out this competition and make Princess Wan Ning come to him personally to invite him.

However, the princess who never appears with a male partner suddenly came today with a man who seemed to share the same status as her. The hierarchy gap between Pan Qing and her was insurmountable. He also noticed that Princess Wan Ning often talked softly with the man, yet the man simply nodded back.

This made Pan Qing very uncomfortable. Though he knew he had no right to gain the affection of a soul palace princess, thinking about the man that appeared by the woman he felt love at first sight with made him feel as if his loved one was stolen.

In fact, it wasn’t just Pan Qing that had this thought. Many people who admire the princess had similar thoughts within them. Though they may not have any real relationship, why was the princess explaining patiently to another man, yet treated with only nods? It’s as if the person he was talking to wasn’t a beautiful princess everyone else admired…...

In many people’s hearts, the princess’s status was the highest.

The person that sat beside Princess Wan Ning was Chu Mu.

Chu Mu himself didn’t enjoy talking, but princess Wan Ning was patiently explaining to Chu Mu all the major people and people of potential to Chu Mu.

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