Chapter 838: Battle of Soul Ability

 Just as Ye Wansheng finished speaking, and saw the direction Chu Mu left in, he suddenly realized something important.

“Losing to a freak like Chu Mu isn’t bad. That’s what I thought, how could anyone possibly be stronger than me?” Ye Wansheng rubbed his chin, and all the negative emotions that came with his defeat disappeared.

In the battle of the realm, Ye Wansheng was a large chunk weaker than Chu Mu. Now he could somewhat fight, which means he caught up a lot.

However, thinking more carefully, Ye Wansheng realized something was off.

“The guy was using only his secondary soul pets against me!” Ye Wansheng’s face blackened again.

Ye Wansheng knew Chu Mu was a spirit soul pet trainer and wouldn’t change soul pets. Ghost Monarch King, Devil Tree Battle Soldier, and Ice Air Fairy were all his secondary soul pets!

Ye Wansheng remembered that Chu Mu’s main soul pet formation was the mutating and powerful fox, the white nightmare that could...

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