Chapter 836: Didn’t you Transform into a Devil?!

“What experts does Soul City have?” asked Chu Mu.

“Yang Que has strength just inferior to the Fourth hero, Mo Ling and can be considered the king of soul teachers. Practically every soul teacher wants to be his disciple. His position is immovable and our Soul Palace has always maintained good relations with him. He probably won’t easily stand with Soul Alliance.” 

“Weaker than Yang Que is the Medicine Desolation Zhu Chao. Zhu Chao’s strength constantly fluctuates so I’m unable to rank him accurately. However, he should have at least three peak emperors right now.” 

“One of the Medicine Absolute’s underlings is an expert with a peak emperor rank. His name is called Zhu Haoting. Ten years ago, he was very famous; however, he suffered a defeat while sweeping through a forbidden region, and was saved by the Medicine Desolation Zhu Que. Afterwards, he changed his surname to Zhu and became the right hand man of Medicine Desolation Zhu Que, keeping close to him.” 

“After that there are a few people from the Thirty Two Scars, which are Tang Shang, Liang Yu and Zhang Zhihe…” 

Princess Wan Ning listed these people as all enemies from Soul Alliance with strength. In truth, the...

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