Chapter 836: Didn’t you Transform into a Devil?!

“What experts does Soul City have?” asked Chu Mu.

“Yang Que has strength just inferior to the Fourth hero, Mo Ling and can be considered the king of soul teachers. Practically every soul teacher wants to be his disciple. His position is immovable and our Soul Palace has always maintained good relations with him. He probably won’t easily stand with Soul Alliance.” 

“Weaker than Yang Que is the Medicine Desolation Zhu Chao. Zhu Chao’s strength constantly fluctuates so I’m unable to rank him accurately. However, he should have at least three peak emperors right now.” 

“One of the Medicine Absolute’s underlings is an expert with a peak emperor rank. His name is called Zhu Haoting. Ten years ago, he was very famous; however, he suffered a defeat while sweeping through a forbidden region, and was saved by the Medicine Desolation Zhu Que. Afterwards, he changed his surname to Zhu and became the right hand man of Medicine Desolation Zhu Que, keeping close to him.” 

“After that there are a few people from the Thirty Two Scars, which are Tang Shang, Liang Yu and Zhang Zhihe…” 

Princess Wan Ning listed these people as all enemies from Soul Alliance with strength. In truth, the number of experts of experts in Soul City wasn’t limited to these few. 

There were also many famous soul teachers in Soul City and many of them had reached the high class emperor rank. They could be considered a neutral faction; but people in the neutral faction were too unstable and could shift to one side because of certain benefits. 

As for the three great palaces, there was only one senior elder, who was Nightmare Palace’s Great Senior Elder, Shen Qiu. HIs strength was about the same as the head of the Eight Desolations, Ju Que. 

There were a total of five elders and it was said that Old Soul Teacher De would arrive in a few days, making there be six elders. 

Afterwards, there were probably more Soul Alliance members with middle class emperors; but both sides were holding back and biding their time in Soul City. Moreover, it wasn’t guaranteed that Soul Alliance wasn’t hiding other experts in Soul City.

Because this was a neutral city, the fight against Soul Alliance this time was only between the higher ups. Moreover, it was mainly a fight in the dark.

Most crucially, the question was whether they could gain control of Yang Que and Yang Qian before the city lord position was switched. 

“Are there any outstanding spirit teachers from the three great palaces that can defeat Yang Qian?” asked Chu Mu.

“There are outstanding ones, but we lack those that can compare with Yang Qian.” said Wan Ning.

“I have a friend. She is Ying Rong’s disciple, and she should be in Soul City. She should probably be here for the soul ability competition.” said Chu Mu.

In terms of soul ability, Ye Qingzi was probably very outstanding. The eruption of Ye Wansheng’s strength probably had a lot to do with Ye Qingzi’s soul ability.

“The Undying Immortal - Ying Rong?” Princess Wan Ning was a bit shocked. 

“Yes.” nodded Chu Mu.

“Ying Rong and Zhu Chao are both Yang Que’s disciples. Back then, Ying Rong was the head of the two, and it was said that his soul abilities were higher than Yang Que. If she is Ying Rong’s disciple, then… then there really is hope of defeating Yang Qian.” Wan Ning showed a pleased expression.

It seemed like Ye Qingzi had become the crux of whether the three great palaces would be able to continue in Soul City.

The problem right now was that Chu Mu couldn’t find her. 


After learning about the situation in Soul City from Princess Wan Ning, Chu Mu returned to his room.

The moment Chu Mu opened the door, a beautiful young girl ran out and clutched on Chu Mu’s clothes. Her eyes were filled with tears and she looked very pitiful, making others feel extremely sorry for her. 

“What’s the matter?” Chu Mu helped her wipe the tears off her face and spoke with concern. 

Ning Maner didn’t say anything. Instead, she just held onto his clothing. It seemed that she had thought of some heartbreaking thing that she didn’t want to talk about. 

“Don’t worry, the person you spoke of will definitely pay the price. But I’m not sure right now if he’s Yang Que or Zhu Chao.” consoled Chu Mu.

Before Princess Wan Ning found Chu Mu, Ning Maner had told Chu Mu that Yang Qian carried the smell of the person who had killed her comrades. In other words, Yang Qian frequently came into contact with the person Ning Maner detested. 

After learning about things from Princess Wan Ning, the only people who had reached the peak emperor rank who Yang Qian would frequently come into contact with would be Yang Que or Zhu Chao. 

Ning Maner had come from the other side of the Dark Sky Ocean World. However, what was strange was that neither Yang Que nor Zhu Chao had surpassed the emperor level. Therefore, how did either of them reach the other side of the Dark Sky Ocean World? 

Perhaps Ning Maner’s enemy wasn’t Yang Que or Zhu Chao but another comrade from the other side of the Dark Sky Ocean World, and they were hiding in Yang Que or Zhu Chao’s residence. 

After consoling Ning Maner, she began to gradually calm down. 

The young girl seemed to have exhausted herself from crying, and fell into a quiet sleep on Chu Mu’s leg. 

After knowing her for half a year, Chu Mu felt that Ning Maner was actually rather resilient. However, after arriving in Soul City, she seemed to have been enveloped by a dark haze and when she was alone, she would always start crying. Chu Mu didn’t know what to do nor what she had experienced. 

A strange foreigner drifting from the other side of the Dark Sky Ocean world requesting for a stranger’s protection… this wasn’t a very good feeling, was it? 

Chu Mu waited for Ning Maner to fall into a deep sleep before carrying her to the bed and covering her in a blanket. He sat to the side and closed his eyes, beginning to silently cultivate.


It was unknown how long had passed when Chu Mu felt Ning Maner pull the corner of his clothes. He opened his eyes, and discovered that the young girl was hiding in the blankets, and using her watery round beautiful eyes to stare at him.

“Didn’t brother want to find someone?” 

“Yes.” Chu Mu nodded his head. 

“I… I seemed to have just learned how to detect someone’s aura. If brother has some item that she had carried with her, perhaps I’ll be able to find her.” said Ning Maner. 

“Something she carried with her…” Chu Mu was in deep thought, but wasn’t able to think of anything he had that she had carried with her. 

Chu Mu shook his head and asked: “What about her tears?” 

“Of course, if brother has her tears and if she is in Soul City, I will definitely be able to find her.” a smile rose on Ning Maner’s face.

Chu Mu showed a happy expression. It seemed that he would be able to find Ye Qingzi earlier than expected! 

Promptly, Chu Mu gave the tear crystal to Ning Maner so she could use it to find Ye Qingzi. 


In a northern city’s soul teacher residence. 

Soul teacher residences normally contained plants, furnaces, medicine rooms and soul rooms. These were things every soul teacher required and there were many of them in Soul City. Upon entering these residence areas, it was always possible to smell the odor of medicine wafting from those tall doors and courtyards. He would occasionally also be able to see a few grass type and flower type soul pets extending their plants to the wall. 

“Brother, it’s here.” Ning Maner pointed at a courtyard with a tall wall. Her beautiful eyes had bent into an adorable crescent moon shape. 

Chu Mu walked up to the door and used his hands to knock.

After a moment, a medicine child opened the door. His features were average and he wore the clothing of a soul teacher disciple. He glanced over Chu Mu before asking in an unfriendly manner: “Who are you looking for?” 

“Do a brother and sister surnamed Ye live here?” asked Chu Mu.

There were restrictions set up in this residence, preventing Chu Mu from using his soul remembrance to enter. Therefore, he didn’t want to rudely step through the entrance. 

“No.” the medicine child wasn’t polite and before Chu Mu could continue asking, he abruptly shut the entrance!

Chu Mu was stunned and turned around to look at Ning Maner. 

“I’m not wrong. She’s really inside.” Ning Maner blinked her eyes. 

Inside the front courtyard, after the medicine boy closed the entrance, he hastily passed through the front hall and ran to the middle courtyard, looking for Ye Wansheng.

“Young master, young master!” cried the medicine boy.

“What’s the matter, what are you yelling for!” Ye Wansheng’s mood wasn’t good recently and he impatiently walked out of his room, glaring at this untactful servant. 

“Outside… outside is a man with a young girl. He said he was looking for a sister and brother surnamed Ye. Young master, didn’t you tell me that the moment someone came to inquire about you, to immediately inform you?” said the medicine boy. 

When he heard this Ye Wansheng’s expression immediately changed! 

When they entered Soul City, Ye Wansheng and Ye Qingzi had intentionally put on disguises and changed their names. 

Therefore, there should have been no one that knew of their identities. Why would someone know their true names! 

Ye Qingzi was at an extremely crucial point in her concoction. If she were interrupted midway, everything would fail. It just happened to be know that their identities were exposed. 

“No, that’s not right. Since they didn’t immediately surround the place, they shouldn’t know for sure that the people inside are us. Moreover, Zhu Chao, that old bastard, shouldn’t know we’re in Soul City.” 

Ye Wansheng calmed down, and had the medicine boy describe the appearance of the two of them. 

The medicine boy gave a description. Ye Wansheng wasn’t able to think of who it was, but when the young girl was described, Ye Wansheng thought of the adorable girl who had been beside the young man who had defeated him.

Ye Wansheng was pondering what to do next when suddenly, he discovered someone walking towards him! 

Ye Wansheng saw this person and it was as if he was struck by lightning! 

“Young master, it’s him… you… you… how could you just barge into a soul teacher’s residence!!” the medicine child abruptly discovered that the man and young girl had barged in and he pointed at them as he stuttered in accusation! 

“Young master, young master!” the medicine child felt that the visitor was not friendly. But after calling for the young master a few times, Ye Wansheng still hadn’t done anything. He turned around, and discovered that Ye Wansheng was standing there stunned with an expression of disbelief and shock!!

Ye Wansheng’s thoughts had stopped as he looked at the man in front of him. He couldn’t say anything!! 

“What? It hasn’t even been four years and you don’t even recognize me?” Chu Mu’s eyes were joking as he looked at Ye Wansheng’s rich expression. 

“Chu… Chu Mu!!!!” 

Finally, Ye Wansheng let out a shocked cry!! 

The first moment he saw Chu Mu, Ye Wansheng felt as frightened as if he had seen a ghost. However, when he discovered that Chu Mu really was standing in front of him, he was incomparably shocked!!! 

“How is this possible… didn’t… didn’t you transform into a devil?!!” Ye Wansheng looked at Chu Mu and for half a day, didn’t believe that the person in front of him was real. 

However, before waiting for Chu Mu to respond, Ye Wansheng abruptly slapped his own head and said: “I understand! It was definitely fake news spread by Soul Palace in an attempt to protect you!! So you never really died!”  

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