Chapter 835: The Key First Place

Shen Mu had just gotten to soul city, so the amount of information he could provide was limited.

Once back at the soul palace courtyard, Chu Mu noticed two people walk out from his place. One of the women didn’t seem to notice Chu Mu walking towards them, and said in a strange tone, “Is this person really that powerful? Is that old friend of yours lying to you? The events at snow city probably are exaggerated.”

“Why would there be any exaggeration? Teng Lang told me that if this person comes to soul city, I must treat him well.” A woman with a softer tone said.

“Heng, if I have the chance, I’ll fight him, then I can tell if he’s real or not.” The woman with clearly a prouder tone said.

“You, why don’t you ever want anyone to be more powerful than you. This soul art competition you have to look out because all soul teachers gather for it. If your first place is taken……” The gentle woman said.

“It’s impossible, its not like you don’t know……”...

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