Chapter 835: The Key First Place

Shen Mu had just gotten to soul city, so the amount of information he could provide was limited.

Once back at the soul palace courtyard, Chu Mu noticed two people walk out from his place. One of the women didn’t seem to notice Chu Mu walking towards them, and said in a strange tone, “Is this person really that powerful? Is that old friend of yours lying to you? The events at snow city probably are exaggerated.”

“Why would there be any exaggeration? Teng Lang told me that if this person comes to soul city, I must treat him well.” A woman with a softer tone said.

“Heng, if I have the chance, I’ll fight him, then I can tell if he’s real or not.” The woman with clearly a prouder tone said.

“You, why don’t you ever want anyone to be more powerful than you. This soul art competition you have to look out because all soul teachers gather for it. If your first place is taken……” The gentle woman said.

“It’s impossible, its not like you don’t know……” The arrogant one was just about to continue when she suddenly noticed a man leading a little girl towards them, as if to enter the courtyard.

When Chu Mu walked into the courtyard, he saw what the two females looked like.

One of them had a head of black hair and very gentle eyes. This was the gentle toned woman. She looked similar to Ting Lan, but the first impression she gave was one of absolute beauty, much better than Ting Lan. Her gentle eyes were so soft it could melt one’s heart.

Beside this gentle and proper woman was a very luxuriously dressed person, flashing everyone’s eyes with the various accessories she wore.

Her body was attractive, showing very clear curves. Everywhere that should be plump was nearly bursting out, giving one the urge to rip off the nearly ripping clothes and witness the view underneath.

The only thing that wasn’t great was this hot woman’s eyes had an air of superiority within them. When looking at others, she was always arrogant and didn’t care.

“You are……” The gentlewoman looked at Chu Mu and hesitated before asking, “You’re Chu Fangchen?”

“En.” Chu Mu nodded.

After leaving snow city, Teng Lang said he had a childhood friend in soul city that was a great beauty, and told Chu Mu to go know her when he had the chance.

Then, Teng Lang told Chu Mu a bunch about just how amazing and perfect this beauty was, the gentle, caring dream of every man…...

“You’re princess Wan Ning, right? Teng Lang mentioned you in snow city.” Chu Mu continued.

Though Teng Lang didn’t say it straight up, Chu Mu could guess that the person he mentioned was probably was one of the three soul palace princesses, Princess Wan Ning.

Even Chu Mu, used to seeing beauties, felt his heart quicken slightly when he saw Wan Ning, as well as an untaintable properness.

As for the arrogant woman by princess Wan Ning, Chu Mu didn’t know who she was, other than she thought lowly of him.

“En, he specially sent a letter to me to tell me to take care of you. A while ago, Mister Chu’s accomplishments spread throughout soul palace.” Wan Ning was incredibly soft worded and because she stood nearby, Chu Mu could even smell her scent float over.

Chu Mu only nodded. Such politeness wasn’t something Chu Mu was used to. He’d rather Teng Lang tell a sly and conniving man to come and welcome him. At least then he wouldn’t have to resist the princess’s soft words and wonder whether he should ask about the experts of soul city.

“Able to let princess come forth and receive you, are you really that powerful, able to kill seven middle class emperor ranks and two high class emperor ranks?” The voluptuous woman beside asked.

“This is my friend, Yang Qian.” Princess Wan Ning introduced with a smile, as she also shot Yang Qian a glance to tell her to stop using such an interrogative tone.

Princess Wan Ning was very friendly, and invited Chu Mu to her personal building to drink tea. Chu Mu had no interest in tea, however, and refused.

Princess Wan Ning didn’t have anything else to say. As soul palace princess, after hearing the soul palace young master speak so highly of a teen, she had to come see this outstanding person, even if it were just out of politeness.

However, Yang Qian seemed to think Wan Ning was too polite to Chu Mu. A princess didn't need to put down her status to visit and even invite a stinking man to her own building.

Most infuriating was that this fellow refused and wanted to just meditate?

“Wan Ning, even your young masters have better attitudes than him, right?” After leaving the courtyard, Yang Qian said, displeased.

“Can’t you just say a few less words?” Wan Ning furrowed her brows. She could tell that Chu Mu didn’t want to talk with her for long, mainly because of Yang Qian’s meaningless taunting.

Of course, coming to visit herself and getting rejected after inviting, Wan Ning felt strange as well. This was probably the first time her well intentions were rejected by a man.

Yang Qing’s face went steely, and she humphed before turning to leave.

Seeing Yang Qian with her strange attitude leave, Wan Ning let out a quiet sigh.

She stood in place, and hesitated for a moment before finally deciding to go back towards Chu Mu’s courtyard.

“Mister Chu, can we speak a little more?” Wan Ning stood outside Chu Mu’s door and lightly knocked on the door, asking politely.

She silently waited for a moment and, looking at the door that remained closed, Wan Ning chided herself. When has she, a princess, had to knock on other people’s doors?

“En, what’s up?” Chu Mu opened his door and didn’t let Princess Wan Ning into his room, instead leading her towards the courtyard.

There were two green-eyed white nightmares inside the room. Chu Mu was too lazy to explain their origin, so he decided to just not reveal them to her.

“Even I don’t dare upset Yang Qian lightly, so I hope her slightly offensive tone didn’t affect Mister Chu’s emotions.” Wan Ning said.

“Her identity is special?” Chu Mu paused and didn’t think that even the soul palace princess had people she couldn’t upset.

“En, Mister Chu should still come with me so Wan Ning can tell you some of the more important things about soul city soul palace to you. With Yang Qian there, I couldn’t say much.” Wan Ning said sincerely.

Since it was soul palace matters, Chu Mu naturally couldn’t reject again and followed Wan Ning to her building.


“You’re saying that Yang Qian is the main disciple of Medicine Desolation?” Chu Mu was stunned. He really didn’t expect that unbelievably arrogant woman was the successor of Medicine Desolation. That meant she was one of soul alliance, and was the enemy of soul palace!

However, since she was an enemy, why did she appear in soul palace and became friends with soul palace princess?

“I want to know if she’s a friend or foe.” Chu Mu asked very bluntly.

As soul palace princess, Wan Ning should know clearly the issue of stance. Yang Qian was clearly soul alliance, so why was she walking around so freely in soul palace?

“She remains neutral herself because her teacher is from soul alliance, but she has another identity as the granddaughter of soul city master Yang Que. This means the control of soul city will ultimately land in yang Qian’s hands. Soul city was always neutral, but medicine desolation Zhu Huang always wanted to get it by taking Yang Qian under soul alliance and then push away all of three palaces. However, Zhu Chao may be Yang Qian’s teacher, but he holds her very dearly. Adding on the fact that Yang Que was medicine desolation Zhu Chao’s teacher, Zhu Chao wouldn’t dare to force Yang Qian into anything……” Princess Wan Ning explained the situation to Chu Mu.

“This means that whether three palaces can stay in soul city depends solely on that woman?” Chu Mu rubbed his temples. The struggles between three palace and soul alliance appeared in every advanced city. It looks like soul city isn’t an exception and already had hidden dangers.

Though soul city didn’t belong to three palace, they stayed here and could train/recruit many soul teachers. For any faction, the existence of soul teachers was always more important than powerful soul pet teachers. If three palace were pushed out of soul city, it would be a great detriment to their future.

“No wonder she dares to walk around in soul palace randomly, not taking anyone seriously. She holds such a key decision.” Chu Mu sighed.

“En, I’ve known her since before the faction struggle, for many years now, and we’re rather close…… however, she always does her own thing, so even I won’t be able to influence her decision.”

“Since you are telling this to me, you have a way of solving this?” Chu Mu asked.

Princess Wan Ning nodded and said, “There’s no way at hand to solve it, unless someone can take the first place of the soul art competition from her.”

“Why does this have to do with the soul art competition?” Chu Mu asked confused.

“From what Yang Que suggested, if her granddaughter Yang Qian can gain first place in this competition where all the land’s soul teachers gather, then she will inherit the position of city master. Once she becomes soul city master, Medicine desolation will have a huge say over the city. Even if Yang Qian doesn’t push us out then, Zhu Chao will secretly block off all our resources. Our only chance is to stop her from getting first.”

Getting here, Wan Ning sighed.

Wan Ning knew of Yang Qian’s soul art prowess the best. Yang Qian’s existence was like the man in front of her right now, able to completely oversee all people of their generation. No one could possibly take the first place from her.

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