Chapter 834: Medicine Desolation, Zhu Chao

“I lost.” Ye Wansheng sighed. He didn’t bother looking for the ice air fairy’s position, because he knew very clearly that the ice air fairy definitely finished its incantation already. With one command, his sword beetle won’t have the chance to get back up ever again.

Chu Mu’s fighting tactic was very simple, and wasn’t flashy or shocking. He maintained the magnet fighting tactic from beginning to end. The reason he could avoid the sword beetle’s surprising final attack was simply because of Chu Mu’s plentiful fighting experience.

However, at his age, not many could do the same thing.

Ye Wansehng was very helpless, because he could tell that the enemy he went against didn’t have the carelessness of a young soul pet trainer, nor the impulsive actions of most other soul pet trainers. In the entire fight, he remained extremely calm and collected. His mental state was much higher than Ye Wansheng’s, as if an elder were battling a young man…...

After this fight, Ye Wansheng finally knew that there were truly experts beyond his previous comprehension!

“If I have the chance, I’ll find you to train again. See you in the future.” Ye Wansheng didn’t dare stay around for long and cast an incantation to summon his Star Wilderness Devil Colt and left.

Looking at the man riding his star wilderness devil colt away, Chu Mu suddenly felt that this man had some similarities with Ye Wansheng.

Yet, upon closer inspection, he felt that many things were different as well. In the moment of hesitation, the man already darted into soul city and disappeared from Chu Mu’s sight.

“Probably not, the Ye Wansheng I remember didn’t sound like that, and had a different body type.” Chu Mu said to himself.

“Brother, you’re so sly, hiding a hand even in such a situation!” Ning Maner ran by Chu Mu with a smile, grabbing onto Chu Mu’s arm and showed him a face full of smiles.

Chu Mu rubbed her cheeks and said, “that person was very strong too.”

“He lost! Let alone, brother didn’t even summon his main soul pets.” Ning Maner said.

The moment she said that, Shen Mo and the others blanked, and questioned whether they heard her correctly!

“Didn’t summon main soul pet? Brother Chu….you…..” Shen Mo asked, utterly shocked.

“I was just joking!” Ning Maner realized she accidentally said too much, and quickly spit her tongue out and tried to help Chu Mu diffuse the situation.

Without any special circumstances, Chu Mu didn’t like being too famous, so he went ahead and said the sol pets he summoned were his main soul pets.

“Brother Chu, allow me to reintroduce myself, I am Shen Mo, nightmare palace prince!” Shen Mo said very sincerely to Chu Mu.

“Nightmare palace prince? Aren’t you named Shen?” Chu Mu said questioningly to Shen Mo.

The person in charge of nightmare palace right now was Devil emperor jiang. Normally, nightmare palace prince should be named Jiang too.

“Shen Mo is the eldest son of the great senior elder Shen. Devil emperor isn’t passed on through generations, its given to whoever is worthy.” Jian Qing explained quietly.

Chu Mu nodded, “No wonder. It’s a pleasure of mine to be acquainted with the nightmare palace prince.”

“Hehe, I, Shen Mo, have no other hobbies other than to bring in experts with potential to nightmare palace. It’s a pity brother Chu is from soul palace.” Shen Mo said.

Chu Mu smiled and didn’t say much. After all, these past few years, with three palace in alliance, their relationships were pretty tight, so there wasn’t a harm in getting to know him.


In a room full of the aroma of medicine, Ye Qingzi walked out with a small smile, wearing an unadorned shirt that showed her curves well.

In the past half year of concocting, she finally successfully created a high class emperor rank soul item. Though the chances of success weren’t that high, it was a decent breakthrough.

Many times the concoction of soul items just needed an initial success. Once one had a single success, it became much simpler after.

“Without any surprises, I should be able to get first place. The second thing teacher asked for will then be done.” Ye Qingzi said to herself with silent joy.

She walked out of her courtyard, and took a deep breath of fresh air, feeling a sense of relief.

It was near night time now. The sunset shined upon her slightly frail yet beautiful face, reddening her pale skin. A comforting smile appeared on her face. With the sunset as backdrop, it caused the medicine boy to stare and forget about the plants he was planting.

“I’m back.” Ye Wansheng walked into the courtyard, not as spirited as he usually was. Seeing Ye Qingzi taking deep breathes out here and seeing the medicine boy stare intently at his sister, he gave the boy a menacing stare!

“What, why are you so down?” Ye Qingzi’s emotions were alright right now, so seeing Ye Wansheng out of the ordinary, she asked.

“Right, finally you take a glance at your brother.” Ye Wansheng laughed bitterly. Why was it that Ye Qingzi, who never talked, finally started asking about him right after his self confidence was hurt?

Ye Qingzi looked at him, seeming to not care whether he said anything or not.

“I lost at the arena today.” Ye Wansheng sighed.

“Isn’t that normal?” Ye Qingzi said without surprise.

“......” Ye Wansheng laughed bitterly again and replied, “the problem is I lost to someone my age.”

“Same age?? Impossible!!” Ye Qingzi blanked and showed surprise, “There shouldn’t be anyone in Wanxiang Realm of your age that can beat you.”

“That’s what I thought as well, but I met one today.” Immediately, Ye Wansheng described the battle this afternoon to Ye Qingzi.

Ye Wansheng described it relatively detailedly, noting the opponent’s soul pets, their powerful control over their soul pet, and their cautious style.

“Ghost Monarch King, devil tree battle soldier, and ice air fairy…… Chu Mu had those soul pets too……” Ye Qingzi’s attention quickly fell on these soul pets.

“......” Ye Wansheng was speechless again. He told Ye Qingzi of this, and the first thing Ye Qingzi did wasn’t to analyze his failure or to guess their identity, yet it was just to relate it to Chu Mu…...Ye Wansheng didn’t know what to say to that.

“Do you not know who he is?” Ye Qingzi asked.

Ye Wansheng shook his head and said, “The spirit emperors that go to the arena don’t like revealing their identity. He also disguised himself like I did. He was with nightmare palace people, so he’s one of the three palaces.”

“Next time you go looking for Shen Yue, help me ask about him, it would be best if you can get his name.” Ye Qingzi gained some curiosity about the person, and also some inexplicable hope.

Three soul pets matching Chu Mu, three palace members, and went from tianxia realm to wanxiang realm, with Ye Qingzi’s knowledge, only Chu Mu, who reached emperor rank four years ago, could reach high class emperor rank at this age…...

“I don’t have the face to go look for Shen Yue anymore. The fellow was most likely brought over by Shen Yue to defeat me. I think he went for Shen Yue. Even if it weren’t for Shen Yue, he came with another girl.” Ye Wansheng noticed all of this long ago.

“Whatever, I’ll have another chance to meet him in the future. I don’t know if he only has one high class emperor rank, or…… speaking of which, how’s your concocting?” Ye Wansheng didn’t think much anymore as he just got more helpless as he spoke, ruining his emotions.

“En, I succeeded once. I shouldn’t have trouble winning first.” Ye Qingzi said.

“Don’t be overconfident in case you fall like me today.” Ye Wansheng said bitterly.

“That shouldn’t happen.” In soul art, Ye Qinzgi was absolutely confident that no one in the competition could beat her.

On the way from the battlefield back to soul city, Shen Mo went to look for the man and tried to bring him under nightmare palace.

Chu Mu, Ning Maner, Jian Qing, and Shen Mo all returned to soul city.

About the soul art competition coming up soon, Chu Mu asked Jian Qing for some details.

The battle of soul arts happened every five years and was the most authoritative competition for young soul teachers. It was similar to Tianxia realm’s Battle of the Realms, except the age limit was under 40, meaning young and middle age generations could all attend.

The competition was rather simple. The first round, the competition staff will give a soul item and give the required ingredients to the contestant to tell them to create the designated medicine in as short a time and as well-done as possible…..

Every round had different problems and ways of competition. Through all the wounds, whoever lasts the longest is chosen as the strongest soul teacher.

“This soul art battle was started by the eight desolation Medicine Desolation, Zhu Chao. He is just a tiny weaker than eight desolation head Ju Que. By fame, he was much more famous than Ju Que. This was because he was also a highly talented spirit teacher. Shen Mo noticed that he didn’t understand and quickly described to Chu Mu.

“Medicine desolation red phoenix, let’s hear about his strength.”’ Chu Mu secretly wrote the name down.

“The medicine desolation relies on a series of berserk medicines that could increase his soul pets’ powers beyond that of Ju Que. In fact, when all of Zhu Chao’s soul pets are strengthened by the berserk potions, he could compete against last hero Mo Ling.” Shen Mo said.

“Compete against Mo Ling, isn’t that near dominator rank?” Chu Mu furrowed his brow.

“I’ve heard that the medicine desolation’s power often goes up and down. He often used stimulating medicine to increase his soul pets’ power in the short turn, and the potions that could allow his soul pets to fight against Mo Ling probably aren’t plentiful, and are used for emergencies.” Shen Mo said.

About the berserk potion, Chu Mu heard Ye Qingzi mention it before. It was a thing that could stimulate a soul pets’ potential and get a burst of strength multiple times that of its original power.

Such a medicine was extremely hard to make, and only spirit teachers that knew how to concoct dared to use them. The side effects were also powerful, because a slight mishap and the soul pet may die from overuse!

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