Chapter 834: Medicine Desolation, Zhu Chao

“I lost.” Ye Wansheng sighed. He didn’t bother looking for the ice air fairy’s position, because he knew very clearly that the ice air fairy definitely finished its incantation already. With one command, his sword beetle won’t have the chance to get back up ever again.

Chu Mu’s fighting tactic was very simple, and wasn’t flashy or shocking. He maintained the magnet fighting tactic from beginning to end. The reason he could avoid the sword beetle’s surprising final attack was simply because of Chu Mu’s plentiful fighting experience.

However, at his age, not many could do the same thing.

Ye Wansehng was very helpless, because he could tell that the enemy he went against didn’t have the carelessness of a young soul pet trainer, nor the impulsive actions of most other soul pet trainers. In the entire fight, he remained extremely calm and collected. His mental state was much higher than Ye Wansheng’s, as if an elder were battling a young man…...

After this fight, Ye Wansheng finally knew that there were...

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