Chapter 833: Who Can Stay More Calm?

The frost marsh covered a large area and even the area above it was covered in a layer of frost. 

The Sword Beetle attempted to jump across it, but its body was still frozen by ice, making its limbs stiff!

After landing on the ground, this frozen Sword Beetle let out an angry cry. Its sharp sword arms astonishingly swept forth, transforming into two blades resplendent with cold light. They destroyed the large ice mountain in front of the Ice Air Fairy, carrying on towards Ning’s body!

The blade were at least a few kilometers wide, and just their thickness was comparable to the Ice Air Fairy’s length.

However, just because they were large didn’t mean that the attack was even stronger. In Chu Mu’s opinion, this attack was just flashy and meant to disturb Ning’s incantation. If Ning were to dodge it, this would be giving the enemy an opportunity to near. 

Chu Mu was confident in Ning’s defense and this long ranged bug type attack wouldn’t be able to deal much damage to Ning. 

"Shua!!! Shua!!!!!!!”

Two shocking blades swept across, and a medium size scar was left on the outer layer of ice crystal armor on Ning’s body. Its body slid backwards, utilizing the force from the...

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