Chapter 833: Who Can Stay More Calm?

The frost marsh covered a large area and even the area above it was covered in a layer of frost. 

The Sword Beetle attempted to jump across it, but its body was still frozen by ice, making its limbs stiff!

After landing on the ground, this frozen Sword Beetle let out an angry cry. Its sharp sword arms astonishingly swept forth, transforming into two blades resplendent with cold light. They destroyed the large ice mountain in front of the Ice Air Fairy, carrying on towards Ning’s body!

The blade were at least a few kilometers wide, and just their thickness was comparable to the Ice Air Fairy’s length.

However, just because they were large didn’t mean that the attack was even stronger. In Chu Mu’s opinion, this attack was just flashy and meant to disturb Ning’s incantation. If Ning were to dodge it, this would be giving the enemy an opportunity to near. 

Chu Mu was confident in Ning’s defense and this long ranged bug type attack wouldn’t be able to deal much damage to Ning. 

"Shua!!! Shua!!!!!!!”

Two shocking blades swept across, and a medium size scar was left on the outer layer of ice crystal armor on Ning’s body. Its body slid backwards, utilizing the force from the blades, and it managed to widen the distance between them.  

But the incantation in Ning’s mouth continued. Ice clouds formed in midair, transforming into an ice storm thunder calamity that descended from the air, preventing the Sword Beetle from dodging anywhere!

The Sword Beetle’s long ranged blade attack was unable to injure Ning, and Ning’s large scope ice type technique also would have a difficult time breaking apart the Sword Beetle’s thick defense. Chu Mu wanted Ning to use this attack mainly to transform the battlefield into an icy ground. This would create a huge hindrance to the Sword Beetle’s movements. 

Chu Mu’s execution was very precise. He didn’t hastily have Ning try and land a huge wound on the Sword Beetle. Instead, he just had Ning maintain distance from the Sword Beetle. 

The Sword Beetle continuously searched for opportunities to approach Ning. If the enemy never entered the Sword Beetle's attack range, its weapons all over its body that could ignore defenses would be of no use. 

Quickly, this battle became one of changing distances. 

The Sword Beetle attempted various methods, even digging underground, in order to approach Ning. 

However, towards this, Chu Mu didn’t panic. When the Sword Beetle disappeared underground, he had Ning just fly higher up, before launching a frost energy at the surface of the ground, having it penetrate the underground… 


“Brother, who will win?” Shen Yue saw that both parties maintained their fighting tactics. For a while, there was a deadlock, so she hastily asked her brother a question. 

“If Chu Fangchen doesn’t make a mistake, he should win.” said Shen Mo. 

Shen Mo naturally had a reason for saying so. Firstly, the Ice Air Fairy’s defense was extremely high, and if the Sword Beetle wasn’t able to launch a close ranged attack, it would not be able to deal much damage on the Ice Air Fairy. Secondly, the Ice Air Fairy’s fighting techniques were very precise. It would slow the Sword Beetle down, increase the distance between them and then safely chant an incantation. 

In other words, while the battle looked like the Sword Beetle madly pursuing the Ice Air Fairy and the Ice Air Fairy being unceasingly pushed back, from beginning to end, it was only the Ice Air Fairy that had truly attacked the Sword Beetle. The Sword Beetle was only able to use a few harassing techniques. 

Just as Shen Mo had said, right now on the battlefield, Ye Wansheng’s expression was very unsightly. 

Indeed, if he were to continue like this, the person who would lose would definitely be him. 

“This fellow, how is he so patient!” Ye Wansheng was a bit angry as he spoke. 

The opponent had a grasp on distance, and was too experienced. This was the most standard magnetic battle technique!

The so-called magnetic battle technique referred to when two soul pets were like two repelling magnets. At a certain distance, the two magnets would not be affected, but if one side got closer, the other magnet would repel backwards, maintaining that same distance. 

Ye Wansheng knew that being impatient could lead to his defeat. But if he didn’t hurry, his Sword Beetle would be continuously exhausted and ultimately lose. 

Ye Wansheng glanced at the northern city, and discovered that there were already numerous black dots floating above the city gates and they were currently observing the battle. 

“Crap, the more people there are, the more trouble it will bring!” cursed Ye Wansheng.

The commotion of a high class emperor rank fight was extremely large. The people in the northern part of the city had felt the weather suddenly turn cold and as the battle continued, there naturally were more and more soul pet trainers that gathered here.

To soul pet trainers, opportunities to watch a high class emperor rank fight was extremely rare. Even if the arena authorities said that they would not publicize the fight, there could be an enormous group of soul pet trainers that ended up spectating at the end.

“I can only do this!” Ye Wansheng didn’t dare be too ostentatious, because they still had a great enemy in Soul City. He had to determine the winner in a short period of time, and then immediately leave. 


“His Sword Beetle seems to have suffered heavy ice wounds.” Shen Yue saw that the Sword Beetle was growing slower and slower. Presumably, the Sword Beetle would be completely exhausted. It seemed that the ultimately, the winner of this fight would be Chu Fangchen. 

“That’s not necessarily the case.” Shen Mo shook his head. 

Shen Mo stared at Chu Mu. Indeed, Chu Mu didn’t have the Ice Air Fairy chant any long incantation. Instead, he had it continuously use various ice type techniques to exhaust the enemy while maintaining a certain distance. It seemed that he was unaffected by the Sword Beetle’s weak appearance. 

“Could it be that he’s intentionally baiting the enemy?” Shen Yue stared at this Sword Beetle. 

Shen Mo wasn’t speaking now, however. Instead, he was focused on the two high class emperor rank soul pets on the battlefield. 

The Sword Beetle was already showing a clearly weak state. However, the Ice Air Fairy continued to take things at the same pace, continuing this for a very long time. 

Even if just now had been a false portrayal of weakness, the Sword Beetle probably had suffered heavy wounds by now after being exhausted like this. 

Gradually, the Sword Beetle was completely frozen.

Even the area surrounding the Sword Beetle had formed a thick and shocking glacier. In this situation, the Sword Beetle could not turn the tides of the battle. 

“You got me.” angrily said Ye Wansheng when he saw his completely frozen Sword Beetle. 

Feigning weakness had no effect on this fellow. Ye Wansheng could tell that unless he forced this enemy to a corner, the enemy wouldn’t let his Ice Air Fairy loosen its vigilance on distance. 

Hearing Ye Wansheng’s words, Chu Mu slightly pulled back the corners of his lips and he said: “Admit defeat. My Ice Air Fairy’s next attack will make it so that your Sword Beetle will completely lose the strength to fight.” 

Ye Wansheng didn’t say anything, instead he stared closely at the enemy’s Ice Air Fairy.

Finally, he discovered that the Ice Air Fairy had gotten a bit closer, and began to chant a long incantation! 

Ye Wansheng knew that the opponent’s Ice Air Fairy was going to use a final high rank ice type technique to end the fight. At this moment, a smile rose on Ye Wansheng’s face as he calmly said: “Have you heard of a technique called Surrendering Strike?”

The moment his voice faded, the thick glacier suddenly exploded!! 

Among the pieces of ice, the Sword Beetle which body was full of wounds could be seen rapidly flying across and approaching the Ice Air Fairy!! 

Seeing the Sword Beetle launch a retaliatory strike while at the edge of defeat, Shen Yue and the others showed expressions of shock. This was too patient! Who on earth would have their soul pets nearly be killed before finally erupting with their strongest attack! 

“You’re going to lose!” Ye Wansheng had been waiting for this opportunity. But this opportunity had been full of danger because if he didn’t succeed, his Sword Beetle would lose very miserably! 

However, there was no soul pet trainer that would be able to maintain the same battle tempo when there were signs of victory. For example, if one had already cut off the enemy’s four limbs, one could not expect the enemy to have a hidden weapon in his mouth. 

The Sword Beetle’s speed doubled and it was unaffected by the frost! 

Finally, the Sword Beetle neared and its sharp sword hands that could ignore defenses lifted high into the air, fiercely chopping at the Ice Air Fairy!!! 


A cold light flashed. The Sword Beetle’s attack didn’t attack Ning’s vitals. Instead, it struck arms before chopping down!

If the Ice Air Fairy lost its arm, it would be unable to control the accuracy of ice type techniques, meaning that it could not continue to fight.

The sparkling and translucent arms fell off the Ice Air Fairy’s body!

Seeing this scene, Shen Yue and the others had faces full of amazement because this had all been truly too sudden!! 

“This… speed. How could it have such terrifying speed!!” Shen Yue discovered that there were a lot of things she didn’t understand in this fight. Perhaps at her rank, she was unable to comprehend the true hidden danger in this fight. 

As for Shen Mo, he had guessed that Ye Wansheng was feigning weakness. However, he never expected that after being exhausted that much, the Sword Beetle was able to launch such a powerful counter attack. This defied fighting common sense! 

However, before these people had a chance to recover from their shock, they suddenly discovered that behind the Ice Air Fairy began to strangely crack. The cracks seemed to resemble a mirror, that would combine fiction with reality, being struck. 


Finally, the space shattered including the Ice Air Fairy’s body, transforming into pieces. The only thing remaining were chopped pieces of the ice mirror… 

“It was fake…” seeing these pieces, the victory smile on Ye Wansheng’s face suddenly froze! 

“Surrendering Strike indeed is a species technique that a Sword Beetle with a very special bloodline can possess. Unfortunately, I’ve encountered it before…” Chu Mu’s voice slowly floated into Ye Wansheng’s ears. 

Chu Mu had spent a long time training in the Great Broken Sting Valley, and had fought against the Great Hibernating Desolations for a while. Therefore, he had killed numerous Sword Beetles before. 

Among them, there was an emperor Sword Beetle with this Surrendering Strike technique. Just before death, it would erupt with an attack that surpassed its own strength. This was something Chu Mu, who had always been extremely cautious, didn’t really expect. Fortunately, the soul pet fighting that time had been Mo Xie. If it were another soul pet, they definitely would have been unable to react in time. 

Chu Mu’s fighting experience was the accumulation of one battle at a time. If he hadn’t cultivated an invulnerable fighting awareness, he would have died while training like a lot of soul pet trainers...

Therefore, when the Sword Beetle displayed weakness and was even completely frozen, Chu Mu still had Ning leave a way out as a precaution against the Surrendering Strike that he had nearly lost his life to back then! 

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