Chapter 832: Each more Heavenly Defying Than the Other (2)

“What… what background does this brat have!” Shen Mo’s expression turned serious!

In the entire Wanxiang Realm, those that had a high class emperor were all famous seniors. He had never heard of a young expert with a high class emperor.

The appearance of middle class emperors already passed through the threshold of Wanxiang Realm’s absolute geniuses. It was virtually impossible for a high class emperor to have appeared!! 

“I… I don’t know either. I sent people to investigate him, but he is extremely mysterious. I haven’t heard of any information surrounding him.” Shen Yue knew that this was no small matter.

A high class emperor meant that he had stepped into the highest level of humanity. Moreover, he had done so at this age. Therefore, stepping into the peak emperor rank wouldn’t be too hard and there was a chance he could even breakthrough humanity’s limit, the emperor rank, and step into the dominator realm!! 


These people could only describe the appearance of a high class emperor with this. 

Shen Mo also had a high class emperor, but he was already a few years past the young generation. Back then, when he was considered a young generation member, he had been considered an absolute genius and was a young godlike existence in Nightmare Palace. 

However, compared to this fellow that had suddenly emerged and swept through the heavens, he paled in comparison! 

“We… we must keep this matter a secret for now. We cannot divulge this to anyone. Shen Yue, doesn’t he like you? Why don’t you try to get to know him and ask him about his background. If he is the disciple of some hidden expert, you should try and lure him into our Nightmare Palace!” Shen Mo quickly reacted, and seriously spoke to Shen Yue. 

“Brother, how can you make me interact with this bastard.” Shen Yue stomped her feet in dissatisfaction. 

Shen Mo’s expression was grave as he said: “Bastard? Are there young people with high class emperor ranks that are considered bastards in this world? You should understand that his potential, or even forget that, he already stands at the same level as elders. If this person comes to our Nightmare Palace, what would that mean? But if he went to the enemy, what would that also mean?” 

In truth, Shen Mo already had been planning this earlier. After all, this young man had a middle class emperor and was definitely an outstanding genius. As Nightmare Palace’s Crown Prince and the future controller of the Nightmare Emperor, Shen Mo was able to see things from a holistic view point. Whether or not this affected his sister’s emotions, he didn’t really consider it. 

As a Nightmare Palace member, he should possess this sort of thinking instead of using emotions to think. Moreover, although Shen Yue said that she hated this fellow and found him annoying, perhaps in the future her heart would change. 

Jian Qin maintained her silence as she didn’t have the authority to speak here. 

Instead, it was the beautiful young girl, Ning Maner, who blinked her big eyes, not understanding why Brother Shen Mo, who had originally planned on teaching Ye Wansheng a lesson, suddenly changed his mind and tried to rope his sister together with him. 


“You still aren’t conceding?” Ye Wansheng stood beside his Sword Beetle, and stared with arrogance at Chu Mu. 

Ye Wansheng knew that he had been too impulsive this time, and he should not have so easily divulged his true strength. But since he had done so, he had to act in this manner! 

“There’s no need. Let’s decide the victor through this third round!” Chu Mu began to chant an incantation. 

Seeing the opponent insist on summoning his soul pet, Ye Wansheng helplessly shook his head. 

Ye Wansheng could see that his opponent was a young soul pet trainer. But youths were like this and always felt that they could do the impossible. Even when he understood he wasn’t his opponent’s match, he still insisted on fighting. 

“A wise man would submit to the circumstances. But you…” Ye Wansheng sounded proud of his age and experience as if he was teaching an impulsive young man a lesson.

At the same time, an extremely cold aura greeted him, causing Ye Wansheng to come to an abrupt halt before he could finish speaking! 

An enormous icy cold aura pierced his body, making him cold even to his soul. Despite the thick defense of the Sword Beetle, under this cold aura, its bug type aura was being suppressed! 

“This… this… this… this… how… how is this possible!!” Ye Wansheng was stunned!

This aura clearly came from a high class emperor rank ice type soul pet!!

Ye Wansheng stared at the ice colored pattern, and abruptly discovered that the creature that gave off this chilly aura was an Ice Air Fairy!!

A high class emperor Ice Air Fairy!!!

This time, Ye Wansheng was in a bit of disbelief! There were two reasons: firstly, he never expected that his opponent would be a heaven defying young man with a high class emperor. Secondly, and more crazy, was that this was a high class emperor with a warrior species rank Ice Air Fairy! 

This was too unreal! 

“Ice… Ice… Ice Air Fairy… a warrior rank… Ice Air Fairy…” Shen Mo and Shen Yue were both stunned! 

The middle class emperor rank Devil Tree Battle Soldier had already exceeded their expectations, yet Chu Mu had been even more incredible and summoned a high class emperor rank Ice Air Fairy.

However, this clearly wasn’t the important part. What was important was that this young man stunningly possessed a high class emperor.

A while later, Shen Mo and Shen Yue didn’t know what to say! 

These two high class emperors, one in front and one behind, caused huge billows to ceaselessly arise in their hearts! 

“Chu Fangchen, Chu Fangchen!” Shen Mo recited this name that he had found a bit familiar. 

Finally, Shen Mo remembered!! 

Didn’t this Chu Fangchen achieve great merit in Snow City, helping them reverse the situation in the great decisive battle?! 

“So it’s him!! No wonder… no wonder!!” Shen Mo came to a sudden understanding. Previously, he had heard that Chu Fangchen was a heaven defying ultra strong young man who had suddenly emerged and swept through the heavens. He never expected that after knowing him for a few days, he was unable to remember this. He was the Chu Fangchen that even Senior Elder Jiang admired and respected! 

“Brother, what’s the matter?!!” Shen Yue still hadn’t recovered from the shock of Ye Wansheng’s high class emperor, and thus was surprised even more when Chu Mu’s high class emperor appeared. 

“He is Chu Fangchen! It’s said that he’s a person with even more potential than Soul Palace’s Crown Prince!” Shen Mo never expected that in this normal arena competition, two worldly shocking young men, one with a mysterious background and one that had illuminated Snow City, had appeared to sweep through the sky! 

“Brother, you couldn’t be thinking of sacrificing Jian Qin this time, right?” Shen Yue was so shocked, she was in a bit of a daze. She saw Shen Mo’s gaze fall onto Jian Qin and stupidly asked this question. 

Jian Qin’s face instantly flushed red. What matter did this have to do with him? 

“Stop talking nonsense.” Shen Mo glanced at Shen Yue before speaking to Jian Qin: “I’m only curious as to how you know Chu Fangchen? According to what was divulged by Soul Palace’s inner members, Chu Fangchen had never appeared at an occasion before, and had been only bitterly training.” 

Chu Mu, while in Snow City, had made sure that the information about him reaching the peak emperor rank in strength was temporarily suppressed. Therefore, the higher ups in the three great palaces publicized that Chu Fangchen only had high class emperor rank strength. 

Jian Qin could not divulge Chu Mu’s true identity, but she also did not understand much about Chu Fangchen and what he had done. Thus, to Shen Mo’s questioning, she could only cover it up by saying they had a few encounters in the past. 

“What are you looking at me for?! I’m not going to say anything! I’m going to keep brother’s secret!” the beautiful young girl, Ning Maner, saw them staring at her, and she spoke at them with pride. 

Shen Mo bitterly laughed. This girl was unexpectedly very clever. He hadn’t been able to ask before she had rejected him. 

However, Ning Maner had a face full of smiles as she said to herself: “How is this a big deal? If big brother’s small fox were to make an appearance, I wonder what their expressions would be like! Moreover, big brother himself is at the dominator rank!” 

“Good, good, good. Originally I thought that aside from that person who has died, in my peer group, I wouldn’t be able to find another opponent. I never expected to meet you in Soul City. This world is truly boundless and experts are like clouds!!” suddenly, Ye Wansheng let out a big laugh!! 

There were not many people that Ye Wansheng truly admired and Chu Mu, who bitterly trained so frighteningly much, was one of them. 

In truth, Ye Wansheng’s soul pet trainer talent had always been extraordinary. Unfortunately, due to that event, his strength had been at its lowest point when he had interacted with Chu Mu. 

Afterwards, due to his hard work and fortuitous encounters, as well as Ye Qingzi’s continuous spirit item help, in the past four years, he had a meteoric rise, allowing him to develop to a pinnacle! 

Ye wansheng remembered his teacher telling him that this world was vast and that there would always be people stronger than him. By no means should he act unrestrained and arrogant. 

Indeed, although his strength had risen so shockingly fast, there was still someone who stood at the same heights as him. This person was standing right in front of him.

In these circumstances, Ye Wansheng absolutely could not lose! 

“Then we’ll decide the victor with this battle!” Ye Wansheng’s eyes were resolute and there was no trace of carelessness on his face. He had completely entered into a battle frenzy state! 

He gave the order and seized the initiative because against elemental soul pets, bug type soul pets had to approach them first before approaching them again! 

Chu Mu didn’t enjoy wasting words while fighting. Seeing the Sword Beetle fly over, he immediately had the Ice Air Fairy create an enormous ice mountain barrier that stopped it outside! 

Chu Mu understood very well that of bug type soul pets with armored spikes, most of them could ignore defenses. 

Therefore, the Ice Air Fairy’s defense wouldn’t be of much use in front of the armored spikes!

“Beng!!!!!! Beng!!!!!!”

Each ice mountain was smashed to pieces. The Sword Beetle Relied on its sturdy body while carrying its master’s intense fighting intent to charge unstoppably! 

“Frost marsh!” Chu Mu gave the Ice Air Fairy an order!

He had to slow down the Sword Beetle otherwise this fight would devolve into the Sword Beetle continuously chasing after the Ice Air Fairy. 

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