Chapter 832: Each more Heavenly Defying Than the Other (2)

“What… what background does this brat have!” Shen Mo’s expression turned serious!

In the entire Wanxiang Realm, those that had a high class emperor were all famous seniors. He had never heard of a young expert with a high class emperor.

The appearance of middle class emperors already passed through the threshold of Wanxiang Realm’s absolute geniuses. It was virtually impossible for a high class emperor to have appeared!! 

“I… I don’t know either. I sent people to investigate him, but he is extremely mysterious. I haven’t heard of any information surrounding him.” Shen Yue knew that this was no small matter.

A high class emperor meant that he had stepped into the highest level of humanity. Moreover, he had done so at this age. Therefore, stepping into the peak emperor rank wouldn’t be too hard and there was a chance he could even breakthrough humanity’s limit, the emperor rank, and step into the dominator realm!! 


These people could only describe the appearance of a high class emperor with this. 

Shen Mo also had a high class emperor, but he was already a few years past the young generation....

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