Chapter 831: Each more Heavenly Defying Than the Other (1)

After retracting multi colored devil tiger, Ye wansheng stood there and stopped being casual.

His face grew extremely grave, and he didn’t underestimate his enemy anymore.

Ghost monarch king was like a rock when static, but like rolling thunders when it moved. Chu Mu’s understanding of ghost monarch was exactly so. In this fight, Chu Mu perfectly displayed Ghost Monarch King’s defensive and offensive side at the same time, giving the slightly overconfident Ye Wansheng a lesson.

However, it was impossible to make Ye Wansheng admit defeat like that!

A loss in a battle didn't mean he lost. Ye Wansheng gazed through the mask, and looked at the other person’s masked face and said, “Let’s count that as a victory for you and decide the victory in three matches, how’s that?”

“Sure.” Chu Mu didn’t object, he wanted his other soul pets to get some training too.

Ye Wansheng’s desire to win was evoked. He no longer wasted time talking and cast an incantation to summon his second soul pet.

Chu Mu didn’t let ghost monarch king continue to battle. If he wanted to train his soul pets, naturally both sides had to...

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