Chapter 831: Each more Heavenly Defying Than the Other (1)

After retracting multi colored devil tiger, Ye wansheng stood there and stopped being casual.

His face grew extremely grave, and he didn’t underestimate his enemy anymore.

Ghost monarch king was like a rock when static, but like rolling thunders when it moved. Chu Mu’s understanding of ghost monarch was exactly so. In this fight, Chu Mu perfectly displayed Ghost Monarch King’s defensive and offensive side at the same time, giving the slightly overconfident Ye Wansheng a lesson.

However, it was impossible to make Ye Wansheng admit defeat like that!

A loss in a battle didn't mean he lost. Ye Wansheng gazed through the mask, and looked at the other person’s masked face and said, “Let’s count that as a victory for you and decide the victory in three matches, how’s that?”

“Sure.” Chu Mu didn’t object, he wanted his other soul pets to get some training too.

Ye Wansheng’s desire to win was evoked. He no longer wasted time talking and cast an incantation to summon his second soul pet.

Chu Mu didn’t let ghost monarch king continue to battle. If he wanted to train his soul pets, naturally both sides had to be at peak condition. If ghost monarch king was already tired out, it was meaningless.

Chu Mu and Ye Wansheng summoned their second soul pets at the same time. Not knowing what the opponent was summoning, Chu Mu summoned his devil tree battle soldier to fight!

Roots gathered together and slowly grew out of the green summoning diagram. It first created the devil tree battle soldier’s body and then head, legs, and then finally the feet were deeply rooted into the sandy battlefield.

Devil tree battle soldier was an extremely mainstream soul pet in wood type. In spirit soldier and spirit teacher realm, devil tree battle soldier’s wood type abilities were top ten.

However, devil tree battle soldier often was called a godlike amateur soul pet by spirit masters and spirit emperors.

This mocking meant that devil tree battle soldier was extremely high value amongst lower realms, but in higher realms, this soul pet was often obsolete.

Switching out soul pets wasn’t an extremely frowned upon move. As soul pet trainers constantly get stronger, low species rank soul pets can no longer keep up with the trainer. Once it couldn't do much in battles, it was a restriction on the soul pet itself as well. Removing the soul pact was the best method.

This phenomenon was extremely common, especially when people reach spirit emperor. Many of their earlier soul pets will be let free.

So, when Chu Mu summoned a devil tree battle soldier, it predictably caused Ye Wansheng and the spectators to all blank for a second, feeling as if a comedic scene had just interrupted the exciting and intense fight.

“And…...and its middle class emperor rank. This Chu Fangchen is truly unique, strengthening a warrior rank devil tree battle soldier to middle class emperor rank!” Shen Mo only managed to spit out a few words after being stunned.

“This is the first time I’ve seen a devil tree battle soldier above emperor rank….” Shen Yue was also dazed.

Ye Wansheng looked over Chu Mu’s devil tree battle soldier very carefully, and couldn’t seem to hold back the suspicion in his mind. He directly looked at Chu Mu and asked, “Hey, what species is your wood type soul pet, it looks a lot like a devil tree battle soldier.”

“That’s what it is.” Chu Mu replied calmly.

Chu Mu knew that his soul pet species ranks were slightly behind for the spirit emperor realm. However, everyone had their approach to training. As a spiritual soul pet trainer, all of Chu Mu’s soul pets were for life. Chu Mu wouldn’t even remove a contract with a servant rank, let alone warrior rank.

“......” Ye Wansheng was speechless. He really got to see a strange person today!

“Truly unfortunate.” Ye Wansheng waved his hand, and immediately a stream of flames appeared, splitting into hundreds of flame tongues that spread out nearby!!

Within the flames, one could vaguely see a vicious spirit’s silhouette. It looked like a person who had both legs together, yet it was slightly longer than a human. Its flaming face only had a discernible forehead and eyes.

Most uniquely, its two hands were holding two burning long flame chains. Dragging along the ground behind it, it caused this flame covered soul pet to seem extremely demonic!

“Fire Chain Devil Emperor! This….. This is a soul pet with species rank of middle class emperor rank!!” Shen Mo was experienced and immediately recognized the fire type emperor that was rarely seen in the human realm!

“I’ve only seen him summon it once. This fire chain devil emperor is already tenth phase. WIth its powerful species abilities, its nearly undefeated in middle class emperor rank.” Shen Yue said.

“Sister, the person you troubled isn’t that simple!” Shen Mo said.

Soul pets with species ranks of middle class emperor rank was already rare. If they could get such a soul pet and raise it to tenth phase, a bit of high class emperor rank soul items was enough to have a good chance of reaching high class emperor rank and even top tier emperor rank.

“What do you mean I troubled?!” Shen Yue stared at Shen Mo.

On the battlefield, Chu Mu looked at this rare fire chain devil emperor, and showed some helplessness.

From aura, one could tell that the fire chains evil emperor's strength was very near high class emperor rank already. Not considering type, devil tree battle soldier already had a low chance of winning because it was a rank or two behind in power.

Adding on the fire type counter, the devil tree battle soldier had no chance of winning.

Chu Mu often liked fighting beyond his rank, but these challenges were restricted to organisms without a soul pet trainer to help them. His current opponent clearly had an extremely strong grasp of controlling his soul pets, so the chances he would win such a challenge was zero.

“Whatever, I’ll treat it as training in fighting against type counters.” Chu Mu still didn’t retract his soul pet, and decided to let the devil tree battle soldier train in this hopeless scenario.

The fire chain devil emperor's most powerful ability wasn’t to control flames but instead was within the two fire chains it held!

These fire chains’ offensive power was nearly double that of a normal middle class emperor rank fire type organisms’ attacks. If one didn’t defend against it carefully, devil tree battle soldier could even get instantly killed!

In the battle, Ye Wansheng took the offense and constantly let the fire chian devil emperor approach Chu Mu’s devil tree battle soldier.

Every time devil tree battle soldier created roots as barricades, it would get easily burnt away by flames that would even go along the roots to burn devil tree battle soldier’s body.

Though life force absorb allowed devil tree battle soldier to last a little longer, the difference in strength, as well as the type encounter, caused Chu Mu to have to retract devil tree battle soldier soon.

Wood type’s greatest counter was fire type. There were nearly twenty different types, yet Chu Mu ran into a fire type; he could only blame his bad luck there.

After retracting his soul pet, it meant Chu Mu lost the second round. In the following third round, Ye Wansheng also didn’t tell fire chain devil emperor to continue fighting. When Chu Mu retracted his soul pet, he also retracted his fire chain devil emperor.

“You should surrender now. If we continue to the next round, it would be meaningless.” At this time, Ye Wansheng spoke.

“Surrender? Why would I surrender?” Chu Mu felt it inexplicable. How was he sure he was going to win without even competing?

“First, I don’t want to lose. Second, I don’t have that many soul pets. I have two middle class emperor ranks total, and telling me to battle the third round with a low class emperor rank is clearly impossible. So, give up.” Ye Wansheng said.

Chu Mu stared blankly. This person made it very clear that he had high class emperor rank!

Meeting such an expert the first time he came to the arena, Chu Mu had to exclaim that there truly were a lot of experts in soul city!

“Go ahead and summon!” Chu Mu didn’t back off. Against high class emperor rank, both Ning and Qin could deal with it.

Ning was already high class emperor rank, while Qin was very near and had the wind ancient will. As long as they didn’t encounter type counters, they wouldn’t lose easily!

“You don’t believe me?” Ye Wansheng felt that the opponent didn’t believe him.

Originally, Ye Wansheng didn't want to show too much of his strength in the arena because it could attract unwanted attention. However, he knew that if he didn’t bring out the real guns, the higher up Shen Yue probably won’t be attracted to him.

And, the masked man before him was very strong too. If not for the type counter last round, he wasn’t sure who would've won the second round.

Immediately, Ye Wansehng started an incantation!

This time, Ye wansheng summoned his main soul pet Sword Beetle!

Multi Colored Devil Tiger was Ye Wansehng’s main soul pet too, yet as he got less soul items, his multi colored devil tiger’s strength stayed in middle class emperor rank.

Sword Beetle only reached high class emperor rank not long ago. In the process from middle class to high class emperor rank, Ye Wansheng spent a year and a half and hit many barriers, not seeing the same ease as he had before. On one hand, it was because Ye Qingzi’s emotions were unstable and caused her to constantly fail her concoctions. On the other hand, Ye Wansheng hadn’t had any meaningful training since he often just travelled between large cities.

However, to go from middle class to high class emperor rank within a year and a half, it was already a dream to most soul pet trainers.

A grey diagram appeared under Ye Wansheng’s feet. Two sharp grey blades instantly appeared, followed soon by the thickly armored body of the sword beetle!

The sword beetle was truly a fully equipped soul pet. Even though it was covered in armor, it had many defense ignoring armor spikes on it. If it fought against a soul pet in close combat, the armor alone could cause the opponent to be bloodied!

Once it was high class emperor rank, the sword beetle’s armor spikes were even more wild. Even going near it meant one may get hurt by the terrifying spikes!!

Seeing the menacing bug type aura and armor spikes of the sword beetle, everyone, including the judge, was shocked!!

High class emperor rank!!

The most shocked person was Shen Yue. To her, Ye Wansheng having middle class emperor rank already was heavenly defying.

Yet, middle class emperor rank wasn’t even his most powerful soul pet. The sword beetle he had just summoned was a high class emperor rank!!

Shen Mo was even more surprised. He always thought that only a few people in Wanxiang Realm was worthy of being taken seriously. However, this fellow that came out of nowhere to tease his sister was actually an expert with a high class emperor rank!

Middle class emperor rank and high class emperor rank seemed just a step away, yet even soul alliance thirty two scar experts were merely in this realm, including three palace elders!!

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