Chapter 830: Ghost King vs Devil Tiger

Ye Wansheng’s summoned soul pet was a devil tiger full of strange patterns, the Multi Colored Devil Tiger!

Similarly, middle class emperor rank, Multi Colored Devil tiger’s aura wasn’t any weaker than Chu Mu’s Ghost Monarch King. Its fierce green eyes even showed an excitement from seeing a similarly matched foe!

Mu Qingyi’s white tiger was also a devil tiger, and its own rank was two ranks higher than Multi Colored Devil tiger.

Seeing the threat and domination of the white tiger, and then seeing the same species Multi Colored Devil Tiger, Chu Mu couldn’t help but feel the difference between the two devil tigers.

However, this was just a difference in visuals, Chu Mu wouldn’t underestimate this tiger just because of this!


The judge said in a loud voice!

Once Ye Wansheng started fighting, he still maintained his casual appearance.

Beast type against rock type, without type counters, his Multi Colored Devil Tiger couldn’t possibly lose!


The Multi Colored Devil Tiger was much faster. Once the judge spoke, Ye Wansheng immediately...

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