Chapter 830: Ghost King vs Devil Tiger

Ye Wansheng’s summoned soul pet was a devil tiger full of strange patterns, the Multi Colored Devil Tiger!

Similarly, middle class emperor rank, Multi Colored Devil tiger’s aura wasn’t any weaker than Chu Mu’s Ghost Monarch King. Its fierce green eyes even showed an excitement from seeing a similarly matched foe!

Mu Qingyi’s white tiger was also a devil tiger, and its own rank was two ranks higher than Multi Colored Devil tiger.

Seeing the threat and domination of the white tiger, and then seeing the same species Multi Colored Devil Tiger, Chu Mu couldn’t help but feel the difference between the two devil tigers.

However, this was just a difference in visuals, Chu Mu wouldn’t underestimate this tiger just because of this!


The judge said in a loud voice!

Once Ye Wansheng started fighting, he still maintained his casual appearance.

Beast type against rock type, without type counters, his Multi Colored Devil Tiger couldn’t possibly lose!


The Multi Colored Devil Tiger was much faster. Once the judge spoke, Ye Wansheng immediately told his tiger to get the first move!

Devil tiger’s body fly over with great confidence, it pounced directly at Ghost Monarch King!

Ghost monarch king stood there, hands holding the monarch curved blade. Its deeply sunken eyes slightly contracted, as it stared calmly at the pouncing Multi Colored Devil Tiger!


Suddenly, Ghost Monarch King yelled loudly!

The curved blade in his hand heaved upwards and then slammed down!!

The ghost aura around the curved blade instantly formed a sinister ghoul that combined with the sword power and pounced towards the multi colored devil tiger!!!

Multi Colored Devil Tiger didn’t dodge. Instead, it approached the ghost aura head on, lifting its forelimbs up. As it was about to be devoured by the ghoul, it shot out a brilliant beam that shot through the ghoul!


The Multi Colored Devil Tiger was unstoppable. Before the ghost aura was completely destroyed, it didn’t even slow down as it dashed straight through the sword power and slashed its claws across Ghost Monarch King’s chest!


The power forcefully pushed the Ghost Monarch King back!!

Ghost monarch king’s body slipped backwards, and created a thousand meter long gouge in the sandy battlefield.


Ghost Monarch King suddenly stabbed its curved sword into the ground and the ground around its feet welled upwards, becoming extremely dense and suddenly halting the ghost monarch king’s body!

“This devil tiger’s attack is very strong!” Chu Mu glanced at the crisscrossed slash on Ghost Monarch King’s chest, and was secretly surprised.

Ghost King’s defense was definitely top amongst middle class emperor ranks. If this multi colored devil tiger could break through the defense in one hit, it clearly wasn't a normal middle class emperor rank either!

Ghost monarch king’s speed couldn't compare to devil tigers and was weaker in offense as well. The only advantage it had was defense, yet even its defense was breakable by the devil tiger.

“This fellow’s multi colored devil tiger’s claws seem to have the ability to ignore defenses. It’s a very special ability. The previous spirit emperors all lost to this special multi colored devil tiger…...Not sure which authority is spoiling their disciple, giving even this soul pet to him.” Shen Yue said.

Reaching middle class emperor rank at such an age, Shen Yue felt it could only be explained by extremely powerful experts helping him. Many of those emperor ranks were possibly not obtained by him personally.

Shen Mo didn’t reply, simply watching the battle carefully.

After a moment, Shen Mo suddenly said, “This fellow’s soul pets don’t seem like they’re from someone else. His soul pets’ powers and his ability to control them are all extremely adept, most likely the result of countless battles.

“Furthermore, this multi colored devil tiger’s species rank is commander rank.” Shen Mo added.

Shen Mo also thought this new found young expert was the type that was nurtured by an expert, or else how would he have middle class emperor rank at such a young age?

Yet, after spectating, as a soul pet trainer that often trained as well, Shen Mo was certain that the young man’s control over his multi colored devil tiger definitely was the result of long term training in the wild.

Such a soul pet trainer wasn’t easy to defeat because, constantly faced with life and death situations, they had to develop nearly impeccable fighting instincts.

This fighting instinct caused them to never lose if their soul pet had an advantage.

From Ghost monarch king and multi colored devil tiger’s first clash, Shen Mo could see that in speed and attack, the multi colored devil tiger had an absolute advantage. If the ghost monarch king’s defense could be beaten, then victory was just a matter of time.

“Chu Fangchen often trains in the wild too.” Jian Qing said lightly.

“Yeah, he fights very conservatively. I can’t tell what type he is, but the chances he loses are pretty high.” Shen Mo said.

On the battlefield, Chu Mu indeed was very conservative.

Once the ghost monarch king’s defense was broken, the rock type advantage wasn’t easily shown. Chu Mu had to wait patiently for a chance.


The multi colored devil tiger was very sly. It constantly changed positions around ghost monarch king, trying to bait it into attacking and then find a chance to attack Ghost Monarch King’s wound.

“Earthen Sword Strike!”

Chu Mu gave the command to attack!

The ghost monarch king’s hands lifted high up, yet its body sank down, half kneeling on the ground and heavily stabbing the floor!!


The ground under it shook violently, creating countless shocking cracks that spread along the curved blade!

The ground within a kilometer sank down and became a massive crater. At the same time, a huge force pulled the multi colored devil tiger into the crater!!

“Just a trick!” Ye Wansheng laughed. His multi colored devil tiger was waiting for exactly this; for the ghost monarch king to attack!

When the ground sank, the multi colored devil tiger leaped up, and appeared near the ghost monarch king’s head. As the powerful gravitational force pulled it in, it utilized it to dive straight towards the ghost monarch king in the center!!

The multi colored devil tiger not only dodged the sinking effect, it also converted the gravitational pull into power towards the ghost monarch king.

“He’s going to lose. This Multi Colored Devil Tiger was waiting for this opportunity, and will put all its power into this attack!” Shen Mo glanced at the diving Multi Colored Devil Tiger and gave his prediction.

Indeed, the Multi Colored Devil Tiger’s claws flashed a deep cold glint. The moment it dived into the pit, its shattering claws fell from above, threatening to rip up everything in its path!

The Multi Colored Devil Tiger had the ability to ignore defense, and was already harming ghost monarch king with normal attacks. This all out attack would definitely heavily wound the ghost monarch king.

He was about to secure the victory, so Ye Wansheng’s mouth corner lifted into a smile.

“Ghost King Transformation - Defense!!”

Just then, the calm Chu Mu found the opportunity and gave the ghost monarch king a command!

The ghost flames on ghost monarch king burned. Just as the Multi Colored Devil Tiger was about to land its attack, the ghost monarch king’s body doubled in size along, with its rock crystal like armor!!


The shattering claw fell down, creating another web of cracks in the thousand meter deep pit!

Under the ground, the ghost monarch king used its doubled defense to directly withstand the hit!

This claw indeed did damage to ghost monarch king, but it wasn’t a heavy wound at all!

The ghost monarch king didn't even mind its wound. Its monarch curved blade lifted up a huge gust of rock type power as it pierced towards the Multi Colored Devil Tiger!!!


Almost the same moment the ghost monarch king stabbed forth, the entire sandy ground created many hundred meter large curved blades!!

Immediately, the entire sandy battleground became a forest of swords, each of them holding a sharp killing intent within them!!

“It indeed had ghost transformation technique!!” Ye Wansheng’s expression shifted.

Ye Wansheng realized the opponent was intentionally baiting him in, and no longer dared to let the Multi Colored Devil Tiger fight with the transformed ghost monarch king within the pit. He quickly told the Multi Colored Devil Tiger to retreat.

“You can’t run!” Chu Mu’s eyes sharpened!

The power of the Earthen Sword Strike was to create a powerful gravitational pull.

This meant that the Multi Colored Devil Tiger was much slower in this realm!

“Ghost Sword Forest!”

Ghost monarch king let out a large roar, and lifted its sword high up, as if commanding an army!


The entire sandy battlefield started shaking with the swords. Under the ghost monarch king’s command, they all became brave soldiers that lifted out of the ground and locked onto the retreating Multi Colored Devil Tiger, shooting towards it!!

“Beng!!!! Beng!!!!! Beng!!!!!!!”

The Multi Colored Devil Tiger was running hastily and dodging between the sword barrage!

Yet, with its speed restricted by Earthen Sword Strike, it still couldn’t escape the attack range, and was constantly hit by the rock type techniques, becoming extremely hurt.

“This…….this…..” Shen Mo was shocked!

He never would have expected the constantly conservative Chu Fangcheng to suddenly launch such a powerful counter-attack and turn the situation around!

“Brother’s the best!!” The happiest was naturally Ning Maner.

With her spirit emperor remembrance, she could naturally tell that Chu Mu’s string of commands almost instantly negated the multi colored devil tiger’s two advantages, and then used its elemental rock type techniques to barrage the tiger when it couldn’t dodge!

Watching the frantically retreating multi colored devil tiger, Shen Yue was too shocked to speak!

Shen Yue was certain Ye Wansheng was the most powerful person in the young generation, and it would be hard to find someone to beat him even in middle-aged generation.

Such a power at such an age was unheard of by Shen Yue.

Yet, she never would have thought that her brother could bring a random person that beat the most powerful young generation person she thought existed.

As Shen Yue’s heart was full of shock, Ye Wansheng’s expression darkened.

Ye Wansehng admitted that he underestimated his opponent because of constantly winning, but he still didn’t believe the situation was instantly turned around like that.

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