Book 2 Chapter 83 - Exquisite Dodging, Exceptional Speed

Chapter 83: Exquisite Dodging, Exceptional Speed

Lightning flashed, and chaotic thunder violently exploded on the floor, creating a deep crater on the field. Bits of earth flew everywhere.

Within the dark clouds, the Chaotic Thunder Feather Demon spread its wings and soared. Its two eyes looked down upon the sprinting Evil Flame Six Tailed Demon Fox carrying Chu Mu on the River Field Battlefield!

“Chaotic Thunderbolt!”

A smile rose on Jia Feng’s face. He continued to have the Chaotic Thunder Feather Demon unceasingly attack Chu Mu and the Evil Flame Six Tailed Demon Fox from the sky!

“Hong hong hong~~~”

Purple colored bolts of lightning that carried a bit of turbidity terrifyingly struck down from the black colored clouds. Each bolt was both striking and shocking!

As for the Evil Flame Six Tailed Demon Fox running on the ground, she unceasingly dodged. Each time, she barely managed to dodge the thick bolts of lightning, causing the spectators to feel their hearts clench.

The chaotic lightning bolts unceasingly struck down. Each time, they terrifyingly struck to just the side of the Six Tailed Demon Fox, but even after a dozen consecutive bolts, none of them had actually struck Mo Xie.

“This Evil Flame Six Tailed Demon Fox’s speed and evading abilities are very rare.” the consecutive strikes, especially the super speed techniques of lightning types, were still unable to accurately hit the Evil Flame Six Tailed Demon Fox. Very soon, there were others who could see that the narrow dodging wasn’t some sort of fluke. Instead, this Evil Flame Six Tailed Demon Fox had a very exquisite dodging ability.

“Fifty meters in the air. Using lightning techniques at such a distance should probably make it very hard to accurately hit the Evil Flame Six Tailed Demon Fox with exquisite dodging abilities.”

Mo Xie’s most outstanding talent was her speed. Further adding on the fact that the fox species soul pets possessed extremely superior dodging abilities, in order to actually be hit, unless it was an extremely wide ranged (AOE) ability, it would be extremely hard.

Mo Xie’s speed and dodging abilities had already reached a definitive realm. It was very clear that the accuracy of the Chaotic Thunder Feather Demon’s technique attacks hadn’t reached this level yet. No matter how it attacked from up in the sky, it only managed to exhaust Mo Xie’s physical running strength.

“You indeed still have a bit of ability, having raised that Evil Flame Six Tailed Demon Fox to this exquisite dodging realm.” the corners of Jia Feng’s mouth rose up.

Exquisite Dodging, Dual Technique Release, Microcontrol, Technique Overlay, Follow Up Attack…

These were battle skills that were slowly comprehended through fights. These skills had nothing to do with species rank, phase, or stage. Only through unceasing innate fighting cultivation could a soul pet slowly comprehend these things.

Unable to strike Chu Mu and the Evil Flame Six Tailed Demon Fox, Jia Feng had no choice but to urge his Chaotic Thunder Feather Demon to fly down.

As the distance closed, the accuracy of the attacks would naturally increase. Jia Feng first descended to a height of forty meters and used the same series of lightning and wing type techniques to attack Mo Xie.

“Forty meters is already rather close. However, Jia Feng’s Chaotic Thunder Feather Demon still seems incapable of capturing that Evil Flame Six Tailed Demon Fox’s figure.”

“This Evil Flame Six Tailed Demon Fox’s speed seems to be slowly increasing…”

The situation of the fight was extremely obvious. Jia Feng was riding on the Chaotic Thunder Feather Demon in the air while launching attacks towards Chu Mu and Mo Xie. However, he was unable to hit the Evil Flame Six Tailed Demon Fox, and he could only slowly fly lower. He tried to shrink the distance to increase the accuracy of the techniques.

Yet, as Jia Feng’s Chaotic Thunder Feather Demon unceasingly descended, Chu Mu’s Evil Flame Six Tailed Demon Fox’s speed unceasingly increased. This continued until around the 20 meter altitude, when the Chaotic Thunder Feather Demon’s attacks finally had clear effects.

“This should be enough. I don’t believe that you won’t summon your second soul pet!” a smile rose on Jia Feng’s face. At an altitude of 20 meters, he controlled the Chaotic Thunder Feather Demon as they chased after Chu Mu who was riding on the Evil Flame Six Tailed Demon Fox.

“Chaotic Feathers!”

Jia Feng gave an order to his soul pet. The Chaotic Thunder Feather Demon’s flying speed slightly decreased, and its enormous wings quickly flapped. One was able to clearly feel the surging of a wave of air streams. Instantly, the ironblade-like feathers on its body began to leave its body and float around its body!


The Chaotic Thunder Feather Demon let out a long cry. Suddenly, several hundred Chaotic Feathers slashed open a diagonal and chaotic line on the field as they flew towards Mo Xie in a concentrated group!!

Mo Xie’s running speed was extremely quick. The violent wind was beating against Chu Mu face, blowing his hair into a disheveled mess. Through his soul remembrance, Chu Mu could feel the waves of energy and, even without turning around, Chu Mu could feel the onslaught of Jia Feng’s Chaotic Thunder Feather Beast’s technique!

“Mo Xie, Flame Dance!”

“Wu wu wu~~~~~”

Mo Xie tilted her head forwards, and her speed abruptly quickened. As her four paws ran along, one could discover that Mo Xie was unexpectedly continuously drawing out a magnificent flaming ripple and running into the air!!

The Flame Dance technique was possessed by many fire type soul pets. However, the effect of this technique was entirely based on a soul pet’s speed. It was said that once the speed reached an even higher level, a few soul pets with the Flame Dance technique could even run into the air without falling!

Mo Xie hadn’t reached the realm where she could run in the air without falling, but traversing a certain amount of length in the air wasn’t a problem!

A magnificent flaming arc was tread upon and Mo Xie had already, with her flying steps, reached a higher height that the onslaught of the Chaotic Feathers. Under everyone’s shocked exclamations, she unexpectedly and oddly changed directions, charging towards the Chaotic Thunder Feather Demon flying towards her!!

“Hu hu hu~~~~~”

The glorified flaming six tails danced about. An even more vigorous flame abruptly ignited on Mo Xie’s body!!

“Evil Stare!” coldly ordered Chu Mu.

The flames on her body were unceasingly released as a silver white colored demonic luster flickered in Mo Xie’s two pupils. This luster transformed into two eminently sharp mental swords that pierced into the Chaotic Thunder Feather Demon’s mind!

A sixth phase seventh stage versus a sixth phase fourth stage. Despite there being a difference in phase and stage, Chu Mu, this eighth remembrance soul teacher’s soul remembrance was much stronger than the five remembrance Jia Feng!

“Yi!!!!!!!” The Chaotic Thunder Feather Demon instantly let out a pained and miserable cry. Its two sharp eyes no longer dared look directly at Mo Xie!

“Illusion Evil Flame Claws!!”

Chu Mu’s gaze imposingly stared at Jia Feng, who was in the process of chanting a defensive incantation!

Stepping into the air to pursue, Mo Xie’s body astonishingly transformed into three figures that were abnormal and demonically charming!

Mo Xie’s claws abruptly extended, and the Demon Fire Evil Flame’s effect instantly ignited on her claws. Aside from this, an acute radiance of starlight gradually coagulated on Mo Xie’s claw blades!!

Sixth level full form offensive soul equipment!

After purchasing this expensive soul equipment, Chu Mu immediately gave it to Mo Xie. Presently, it happened to be the time to test it out!

Mo Xie’s claws had already reached the early seventh stage. Under the sixth level full form offensive soul equipment’s effects, Mo Xie’s claws directly increased to the late seventh stage. Furthermore, with the Illusion and Demon Fire Evil Flame techniques, the might of this attack was definitely near an eighth levels!!

Jia Feng’s Crystal Armor effect had already covered himself and his Chaotic Thunder Feather Demon. However, even with this soul armor, he still only had the defense of a seventh level. How could this defend against the might of a nearly eighth level attack!

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