Chapter 829: Chu Mu vs Ye Wansheng?

“He’s very amazing. There’s a chance you aren’t his opponent.” Shen Yue felt that it was best that Shen Mo take action to be safe. This way, he would be able to teach him a lesson not to harass her anymore. 

“If we’re both at the middle class emperor rank and it’s single control, there shouldn’t be a problem.” said Chu Mu.

“Emperor rank fights are normally single control.” added Shen Yue as she glanced inquisitively at Shen Mo.

Shen Mo nodded his head, indicating that he could fight. 

“Since that’s the case, would Young Master Chu like to set a time, or would Young Master Chu like to compare notes now?” asked Shen Yue. 

“How about now.” Chu Mu was a bit restless, and being able to train was naturally the best. 

“Ok, I’ll inform your opponent now. Additionally, our arena has a few rules for spirit emperors; namely that neither side can divulge their name and true identity.” said Shen Yue.

The arena focused on comparing notes, and when one reached the spirit emperor rank, more people were concerned about their prestige and status. If they lost in this fight and this news spread, this would damage their reputation. Therefore, if both...

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