Chapter 829: Chu Mu vs Ye Wansheng?

“He’s very amazing. There’s a chance you aren’t his opponent.” Shen Yue felt that it was best that Shen Mo take action to be safe. This way, he would be able to teach him a lesson not to harass her anymore. 

“If we’re both at the middle class emperor rank and it’s single control, there shouldn’t be a problem.” said Chu Mu.

“Emperor rank fights are normally single control.” added Shen Yue as she glanced inquisitively at Shen Mo.

Shen Mo nodded his head, indicating that he could fight. 

“Since that’s the case, would Young Master Chu like to set a time, or would Young Master Chu like to compare notes now?” asked Shen Yue. 

“How about now.” Chu Mu was a bit restless, and being able to train was naturally the best. 

“Ok, I’ll inform your opponent now. Additionally, our arena has a few rules for spirit emperors; namely that neither side can divulge their name and true identity.” said Shen Yue.

The arena focused on comparing notes, and when one reached the spirit emperor rank, more people were concerned about their prestige and status. If they lost in this fight and this news spread, this would damage their reputation. Therefore, if both sides hid their identities, this would better satisfy the spirit emperors who only wanted to compare notes. 

It was tacitly agreed then to keep each person’s identity a secret. If both sides didn’t mind divulging their identity, the arena wouldn’t stop them. After all, it was possible to recognize a few spirit emperors that often came through their soul pets. 

Chu Mu didn’t care about divulging his identity. But since it was an arena regulation, he had to abide by it. 

Ning Maner enjoyed the liveliness and for a moment, couldn’t sit still. The gloominess and fear from before had vanished like smoke. 

Chu Mu sat in the arena hall, and was casually chatting. Yet, it wasn’t long before Shen Yue returned with a frosty expression.

“Why did you return so quickly?” Shen Mo glanced with curiosity at Shen Yue. 

Even if Shen Yue went to have others inform that young man, wasn’t this a bit too quick? 

“That fellow just arrived!” Shen Yue grit her teeth as she had a look of loathing. 

Shen Mmo laughed. It seemed that that brat had truly harassed her. 

“Young Master Chu, I’ve already informed him, and he has accepted your challenge. The location will be in the city’s northern sand arena. The time will be in the afternoon at around sunset.” Shen Yue said to Chu Mu.

“Ok.” Chu Mu nodded his head. Sunset began at about three in the afternoon. He could stroll around the food streets with Ning Maner before making their way over. 

“Hehe, I don’t believe that I won’t be able to get you before I leave Soul City!” on the streets, a young man full of confidence leisurely walked around, his eyes occasionally darting over the women who walked past him. 

“Speaking of which, the women in Soul City are truly lustrous.” his eyes fell on a woman dressed in a dress in front of him and he silently praised her. When she walked, her butt was so round! 

Ye Wansheng had a daily routine where he would first come to flirt with Shen Yue from the arena. 

However, just as he had arrived there, Shen Yue had arranged an opponent for him. 

Ye Wansheng was going crazy from being bored in Soul City. Ye Qingzi was stuck in her soul techniques, and was preparing for the upcoming soul technique fight. 

Ye Wansheng had already fought with people in the arena, and now that another fellow who wasn’t afraid of death had finally come, this made him very happy. 

In the four years, Ye Wansheng truly could be described as having his reputation soar. In terms of strength, he didn’t have any huge obstacles in his path and he obtained numerous fortuitous encounters, causing his speed to rise so quickly even he didn’t dare to believe it. 

Right now, even disregarding the young generation, in the entirety of Wanxiang Realm, those that could pose a threat to him were the experts at the Thirty Two Scars level from Soul Alliance or stronger. 

However, there were numerous experts in Soul City, and Ye Wansheng didn’t dare be too ostentatious. Each time he fought in the arena, he had to keep his identity hidden. After all, this place was under the administration of his great enemy. If he were to expose himself, he would be met with huge trouble. 

It was still early so Ye wansheng returned to his rented residence. He saw Ye Qingzi standing in the courtyard, even though she seldom did. 

“Could it be you came out to enjoy the sun because you succeeded?” asked Ye Wansheng. 

“I’m still lacking a bit.” calmly replied Ye Qingzi. 

Ye Wansheng wanted to say a few more things, but had discovered that in the past few days, communicating with his sister had been abnormally hard. He tried to find a topic as he said: “In the afternoon I’ll be going to the city’s northern arena. There’s a fellow who isn’t afraid of death who is challenging me. Why don’t you come over too. You seem so gloomy and depressed…” 

The reason why Ye Wansheng was ruminating over his opponent was because he thought that this person was very likely a person Shen Yue invited to deal with him. But Ye Wansheng wasn’t afraid. In terms of strength, he didn’t believe that the person Shen Yue invited would be his opponent.” 

“I won’t go.” Ye Qingzi shook her head and wasn’t the least bit interested in his fight. 

“Ok ok. Just remember, you aren’t allowed to recklessly use soul teacher techniques.” Ye Wansheng couldn’t do anything about her so he gave her another warning. 

Ye Qingzi couldn’t be bothered to respond to him. Standing under the sunlight, she watched the shadow of the wall as if she had lost focus and was thinking about something. 

Ye Wansheng was helpless and returned to his room to silently cultivate for a while. 

The sun began to set and a deep yellow color shined over the entire city filled with spirit energy. 

On the northern side of the city was originally a place where plants abundantly grew. However, where the terrain became flat, there was abruptly a battlefield in between the two inseparably close mountains.  

The ground of this battlefield had been modified by rock type soul pets and was stronger than normal ground by 100 times. It was able to barely withstand the wrecking of an emperor rank creature. 

At the time, Chu Mu came as they had agreed. Next to him was the excited beautiful young girl. 

For safety reasons, Chu Mu had brought Nightmare 1. At least when he fought, Ning Maner wouldn’t have anyone protecting her. 

The battlefield was mainly empty as the owner of the arena didn’t wish to construct any gaudy items on the battlefield. The only items there were disposable, as there was a chance they could be completely destroyed by a single battle. 

When he stepped on the battlefield full of sand, Chu Mu saw a tiny black dot of a person in the distance. This probably was his opponent. He also wore a mask that didn’t divulge his identity. 

There weren’t many people spectating. This fight wasn’t public and normally only people who were well acquainted would come. 

This spacious battlefield was filled with towering rocks and flat stages. These flat stages reached a thousand meters high and were used by spectators to watch. However, these stages weren’t safe as they were easily destroyed by middle class emperors. The best way to watch the fight was to bring a wing type soul pet. 

After Chu Mu brought Ning Maner to the enormous stage, he returned to the sandy battlefield. 

At this point, Chu Mu’s opponent was very close. He could see that his opponent was probably also a young man whose hair had probably been combed. In the wind, it fluttered very freely. His clothing was rather special and when he didn’t speak, he looked like an elegant young master. 

“Young Lady Shen, if I win this fight, you’ll agree to become by woman?” suddenly, this masked man let out a muffled voice, unexpectedly immediately flirting with Shen Yue. 

Standing on the stone platform and looking at this shameless fellow, Shen Yue’s face went dark. She then pulled her brother’s sleeve and angrily said: “Brother, look. Was I exaggerating?” 

“This…” Shen Mo’s expression was stiff. Unexpectedly someone was flirting with his sister in front of him. 

Either this brat was tired of living or was tired of living! 

Chu Mu stood there, his expression unchanging. Only, having reached this level of strength and still using these ghetto methods of picking up girls, wasn’t this too wanton? Regardless, Shen Yue was probably a woman from Nightmare Palace with extremely high status. 

“Brother Chu, there’s no problem, right?” Shen Mo, at this moment, used a mental voice to speak to Chu Mu.

“Yup.” Chu Mu didn’t need him to explain and already understood.

“Haha, then I’ll thank you first. It really isn’t convenient for me to take action.” laughed Shen Mo. 

As Shen Yue’s brother, Shen Mo obviously wanted him to make it difficult for this brat. Chu Mu clearly understood this. 

“Before the fight, I’ll mention the rules again. First, one cannot harm each other’s lives. Secondly, please try not to leave the sand battlefield so as to not affect the stability of the city. Third, both sides can only single control to fight…” the referee’s voice rang out onto the sandy battlefield. 

The referee was an old man about fifty. He looked to also be a spirit emperor that was responsible for refereeing pointer swapping between spirit emperors. 

“Let the fight begin. Both sides summon your soul pets.” said the referee. 

In a fair fight, both sides had to simultaneously summon soul pets so as to prevent targeted summoning. 

Chu Mu didn’t hesitate. He immediately chanted an incantation, summoning the middle class emperor rank Ghost King. This was the most suitable place for the Ghost King to put on a display. 

The Ghost King was filled with a dense ghost aura. When it was summoned on the sand battlefield, it caused the sand to abnormally tremble! 


The Ghost King waved its sword, standing imposingly on the spacious sand battlefield. The several kilometers of continuous sand under its feet seemed to listen to its orders and could at any point transform into its weapon or defense! 

“It truly is a middle class emperor… brother, why have I never heard of such an outstanding person before?” Shen Yue glanced at the middle class emperor rank Ghost King and sighed. 

“I’ve only recognized him briefly.” as he spoke, Shen Mo turned and looked at the spectating Jian Qin. He wanted to know about him from Jian Qin. 

Jian Qin could not say that this fellow was Tianxia Realm’s King, thus she shook her head, and said that she only had a few encounters with this man before. 

“Qin Qin, could he be the person in your heart… so you’re not willing to tell us more?” Shen Yue intentionally teased Jian Qin. 

“Jian Qin’s cheeks went red and she shook her head: “You don’t know what you’re talking about. In my opinion, that person is the person in your heart…” 

“How is that possible? He’s so shameless!” Shen Yue rolled her eyes. 

The two women teased each other while the older man, Shen Mo, sat to the side with his mouth open, looking helpless. Thus, he focused on the fight. 

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