Chapter 828: Is There the Strongest Among the Younger Generation?

The mental imprint Chu Mu had left on Ye Qingzi had probably faded by now. Using soul remembrance to find her wasn’t very likely.

However, thinking of what Jian Qin mentioned, in a little while, there would be a soul teacher competition. Presumably, Ye Qingzi would participate, and he would be able to see her then.

In order to quell Ning Maner’s fear, Chu Mu did something rare and acted as a kindolder brother. He accompanied this girl, as she wandered around the bustling Soul City.

Soul City was indeed a gathering ground of soul teachers. As they walked, Chu Mu discovered that all of the shops near the center of the city or nearby were all medicinal shops or soul crystal shops. The spirit items of this world were difficult to find. There were crystals, magic stones, spirit stones and other various items of different attributes. When those soul pets that relied on these treasures to survive appeared- it was a dazzling sight. Chu Mu couldn’t help but sigh at how mysterious and amazing the soul teacher world was! 

Old Li had said before that a huge part of humanity's strength was formed by soul teachers, who had influence depending on how high their soul techniques were. 

Spirit items came from the wild, and the higher rank the spirit item, the harder it was to find. 

In these circumstances, if one wanted to raise a soul pet to a higher rank, another method had to be found. Soul techniques were methods of combining, refining, and concocting low rank spirit items to create higher ranking spirit items. Thus, soul teachers, which numbered many, would definitely affect the strength of humanity. 


Ning Maner was a girl from the wild, and understood a lot about the various spirit items. She even secretly told Chu Mu that her spirit energy could mature a spirit item. For example, a few emperor rank spirit items when they first sprouted required 100 years normally before they could be used as spirit items. However, if she were to nourish them for a month or two, that would have the same effect as the 100 years. 

Of course, she couldn’t nourish just any spirit item. This depended on the spirit item’s rank, and if it was too high, her spirit energy would be limited. 

Spirit items that had just sprouted were easier to find than mature spirit items, so Ning Maner’s nourishing effect would definitely make countless soul teachers jealous. 

Chu Mu quickly thought of a really good combination. 

Ye Qingzi was a soul teacher and had great requirements for spirit items, while Ning Maner could nourish spirit items. If the two of them were put together, they would become a spirit item machine and could mass produce them. Suddenly, Chu Mu felt that there wasn’t any pressure anymore on his emperor rank strengthening path.” 

“Brother, I want to go to the arena.” Ning Maner nearly threw herself onto Chu Mu’s shoulder to cling. Where on earth did she learn to act like a spoiled child? 

“If I go there, wouldn’t the arena be razed to the ground by me?” bitterly laughed Chu Mu.

Arenas were normally opened to emperor rank and under soul pet trainers. Now that Chu MU was at the emperor rank, there was no need to display himself in an arena. 

“Brother, you don’t understand. In Snow City, the arena took the battle format of a fight in the wild. There were many times where I saw spirit emperors competing against each other.” 

“Are there middle class emperor ranks?” Chu Mu was a bit surprised. Even Tianxia City didn’t have arenas like these. 

However, if he thought about it, it made sense. In an ultra big city like Soul City, there were probably many spirit emperors. It also wasn’t every spirit emperor that would dare run off to a forbidden region. If they wanted to train their soul pets, they really did have to find others to compare notes with. 

“Mhm, perhaps there will also be high class emperors. I can sense that there are many experts in this city.” Ning Maner enjoyed watching fights the most, especially in these arenas where lives were not at stake. 

“Ok.” it had been a while since Chu Mu had fought against other people. It was about time to train his Devil Tree Battle Soldier and Ghost King. 

“Wu wu wu~~~~”

The small Mo Xie was lying on Chu Mu’s shoulder, and it let out an adorable yawn. It looked as if it didn’t care about his matter. 

Even if there was a fight, there wouldn’t be an opportunity for her to fight. Thus, to her, perhaps being a peak emperor wasn’t too good because the chances she got to fight were too few. 

“Go back and sleep then.” Chu Mu rubbed the small Mo Xie’s soft ears as he spoke. 

Single control was troublesome. The small Mo Xie would often lie on the outside and now, at the drop of a hat, she would have to return to the soul pet space. 

The small Mo Xie grumbled and complained that Zhan Ye, Night, and the Little Hidden Dragon still hadn’t returned as she returned back to the soul pet space to continue sleeping. 

After Chu Mu entered the arena, he discovered that soul pet trainers here formed a huge group.

There were various levels of fights, and strength was ranked through victories. This was indeed a method of inciting soul pet trainers who didn’t like training in the wild to constantly get stronger. 

After entering the great hall, someone came to greet Chu Mu.

"Hello, would you like to participate in the competition of skill? Can I ask for your rank: monarch, commander, or warrior?” the female attendant walked over, carrying a warm smile. 

“Emperor.” Chu Mu immediately said.

“Ok, emperor.” the female attendant subconsciously nodded her head, but quickly looked up with a start and said: “You said emperor?” 

“Are there middle class emperor competitors?” Chu Mu didn’t waste words, and threw out his strength rank. 

“Middle...middle class emperor!!” the female attendant shockingly said. 

This great hall wasn’t very big. Immediately, the nearby people all turned around, as they thought some middle class emperor bigshot had appeared. 

Yet, they discovered that it was a young man with a young girl. They then turned back around to continue whatever they were doing. Who really believed that a twenty year old young man would have middle class emperor strength. 

“Senior, please… please follow me.” the female servant quickly changed her form of address, and brought Chu Mu along the great hall to an exquisite staircase and to the luxurious third floor arena hall. 

“There really is?” Chu Mu really didn’t expect that in Soul City’s arena there would be spirit emperor rank people who participated in the arena. This was a bit abnormal. After all, the destructive power of emperor rank creatures was too much and a city would have difficulty containing a fight between emperor creatures. 

Entering the third floor’s arena hall, Chu Mu bitterly laughed as he discovered that although this place was luxurious, the people watching were more than the people participating. 

“Huh, isn’t that Brother Shen?” Ning Maner pointed to a plushy chair where a man was speaking to a tall and beautiful woman. 

At this moment, Shen Mo discovered Chu Mu and a smile rose on his face: “The city is so large with tens of millions of people in it. Yet I unexpectedly was able to encounter Brother Chu.” 

Chu Mu felt that this was such a coincidence. However, presumably, Shen Mo’s strength wasn’t ordinary because there wasn’t much of a discrepancy with the places he himself went to. 

“Truly a coincidence. You have also come to find challengers?” asked Chu Mu.

Shen Mo was stunned and shook his head. He laughed: “You’re a bit too violent eh. You just entered the city not long ago, and immediately came to the arena to find challengers. I came here to find my sister.” 

“...” Chu Mu had made everyone take him as some training fanatic. 

“Is this Young Master Chu participating in the arena?” the tall and sexy woman chatting with Shen Mo softly asked. 

“Yes.” Chu Mu nodded his head.

“I’ll introduce myself. I am the person in charge of this emperor competition, Shen Yue. What kind of an opponent would this young master like? There are many emperor rank experts here. I’ll act as the intermediary and help you connect with each other. Afterwards, you may set a time and place.” Shen Yue maintained a light smile. 

Shen Mo didn’t say anything as he wanted to know Chu Mu’s strength. 

“Have the strongest person here match up with big brother!” Ning Maner interjected. 

Shen Yue glanced at the young beautiful girl and smiled. 

Shen Yue understood that many younger sisters were the strongest supporters of their brothers. Her treatment of Shen Mo was the same. But this didn’t mean that every older brother was actually the strongest person like Shen Mo. 

“What rank is the strongest person?” asked Chu Mu. 

Shen Yue hesitated a while. The strongest competitor here had reached the high class emperor rank, but if they told him this, it might affect his confidence. Shen Yue preferred to be tactful, so she planned on lowering the strength by a bit. After all, high class emperor rank seniors wouldn’t just appear on demand. 

“Tell him the truth. His strength is out of the ordinary.” at this moment, Shen Mo used a mental voice to speak to Shen Yue. 

Shen Yue was silently confused when she heard this, and she took another few glances at Chu Mu.

It was very rare for her brother to praise someone else’s strength as out of the ordinary. It seemed that this young man’s strength was indeed amazing. 

“The strongest person here has reached the high class emperor rank.” truthfully said Shen Yue. 

“High class emperor!” Chu Mu never expected that there would be a high class emperor rank person in the arena. 

It seemed that coming to the arena was a correct choice. 

Chu Mu had come to Soul City to find Ye Qingzi, but he, who was used to constantly training, couldn’t just sit still. Since this place could provide high class emperor rank people to compare notes with, fighting a few times here would allow his other soul pets to reach the high class emperor rank quicker. 

Seeing Chu Mu’s shocked expression, Shen Yue thought this was a bit excessive. Therefore, she hastily explained: “High class emperors are normally just for show. There may even be years without a high class emperor fight.” 

“What about middle class emperors?” Chu Mu wasn’t too interested in high class emperors right now, because he mainly wanted to train his other three middle class emperor soul pets. 

“There are quite a few middle class emperors and because the soul technique competition is about to begin, many experts, soul teachers, and masters that want to meet soul trainers have gathered in Soul City. These experts, when they have time, will come to our arena to compete.” said Shen Yue. 

“Then arrange for a middle class emperor opponent for me. It would be best if it could be a single control fight.” said Chu Mu.

“Middle class emperor?” this time, it was Shen Yue whose eyes flickered with a trace of shock. 

According to her estimates, the young man in front of her, even if he was a genius, should only be about the pseudo emperor rank in strength and probably wouldn’t have many pseudo emperors. She never expected him to immediately request a middle class emperor opponent! 

Having a middle class emperor at this age was shocking, or could even be described as flabbergasting! 

The adjacent Shen Mo was also stunned, and had even more interest in Chu Mu! 

“Speaking of which, didn’t I hear the name Chu Fangchen from somewhere before? Why can’t I remember anymore?” Shen Mo rubbed his chin and spoke to himself. 

After thinking a while, Shen Mo wasn’t able to remember who Chu Fangchen was. 

Since he had a middle class emperor rank strength, Shen Mo said: “Shen Yue, didn’t you just mention that there was an extremely arrogant fellow who was harassing you, but who really did have the ability to back it up? He’s also at the middle class emperor rank, right? This way, I won’t have to take action and subsequently be called out as bullying the weak. Give him to Chu Fangchen.” 

“That person…” when that person was mentioned, Shen Yue got upset. She had never seen such a shameless person before! 

Indeed, Shen Yue had to admit that this fellow was probably the strongest person she had seen among the younger generation. However, that man’s shamelessness was probably even higher than his soul pets’ talents!! 

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