Chapter 828: Is There the Strongest Among the Younger Generation?

The mental imprint Chu Mu had left on Ye Qingzi had probably faded by now. Using soul remembrance to find her wasn’t very likely.

However, thinking of what Jian Qin mentioned, in a little while, there would be a soul teacher competition. Presumably, Ye Qingzi would participate, and he would be able to see her then.

In order to quell Ning Maner’s fear, Chu Mu did something rare and acted as a kindolder brother. He accompanied this girl, as she wandered around the bustling Soul City.

Soul City was indeed a gathering ground of soul teachers. As they walked, Chu Mu discovered that all of the shops near the center of the city or nearby were all medicinal shops or soul crystal shops. The spirit items of this world were difficult to find. There were crystals, magic stones, spirit stones and other various items of different attributes. When those soul pets that relied on these treasures to survive appeared- it was a dazzling sight. Chu Mu couldn’t help but sigh at how mysterious and amazing the soul teacher world was! 

Old Li had said before that a huge part of humanity's strength was formed by soul teachers, who had influence depending on how high their soul techniques were. 

Spirit items came from the wild, and the higher rank the spirit item, the...

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