Chapter 827: Ning Maner’s Enemy (2)

The second morning, Chu Mu left with Jiang Qing as a team.

Jiang Qing’s team didn’t have too many people. It had a total four people, of which one was the nightmare palace honorary guest that protected Jian Qing - Pang Jing, who was pretty powerful; one was Jiang Qing’s personal servant; and one was a man who introduced himself as Shen Mo, but didn’t say anything about his identity, appearing more mysterious.

However, from Jiang Qing and honorary guest Pang Jing’s tone and attitude towards him, he was pretty high up in nightmare palace too.

Chu Mu still used Chu Fangchen as his name and didn't hide much when he introduced himself, directly stating that he was a member of soul palace.

Upon seeing Chu Mu owning two tenth phase white nightmares, everyone was surprised, since this was rather rare between the two factions.

Of course, though it was rare, it wasn’t impossible. There were wild nightmare species in the depths of southern forbidden region. If someone were to get young nightmares from there and auction it, soul palace people could get nightmares as well.

“Chu Fangchen, you haven’t said what you’re doing in soul city yet. You’re a dedicated soul pet trainer, so you probably aren’t interested in soul arts, right?

“Finding someone.” Chu Mu said simply and glanced at Ning Maner.

For some reason, Ning Maner was extremely obedient these few days, staying by Chu Mu’s side. If not for knowing her usual personality, Chu Mu would have mistaken her for a quiet and polite little girl.

Chu Mu put a hand on her head and messed her hair up, asking with his remembrance, “Why aren’t you saying anything?”

“I’m cultivating!” Little beauty pouted her lips, and was very dissatisfied with Chu Mu’s expression, as if she was born to make trouble for others.

“Oh, then cultivate well.” Chu Mu lifted an eyebrow. Since it was rare he found such peace, he won’t go and find trouble himself.

However, after not too long, Ning Maner suddenly smiled sweetly and said to Chu Mu, “Brother, after I breakthrough, my spirit aura will become stronger. If we have time, you can try to strengthen your binding wind spirit, and maybe help it reach high class emperor rank!

“It’s still missing some training, so the chances of breakthroughs aren’t large.” Chu Mu shook his head.

He knew binding wind spirit’s situation well. Chu Mu could only single control so most of this time he told devil tree battle soldier and ghost monarch to battle. Since the binding wind spirit got a good fight at the final battle, it hadn’t had much training.

Chu Mu wouldn’t just try to improve his soul pets’ strengths because of Ning Maner’s spirit aura because the chances of success there are nearly zero.

“Which soul pet of brother’s is suited to break through then?” Ning Maner asked.

Chu Mu shook his head.

Ning was already high class emperor rank. Though he had the soul items ready for it, without much fighting training it was still far from top tier emperor rank.

Qin also lacked fighting experience and wouldn’t reach high class emperor rank anytime soon.

Devil tree battle soldier and ghost monarch were both middle class emperor rank, and couldn’t break through anytime soon.

Without soul pets to break through, Ning Maner felt that she had all the power, yet nowhere to use it and felt saddened.

Suddenly, her brows furrowed up and she panickingly grabbed Chu Mu’s palm.

“What’s wrong?” Chu Mu felt that Ning Maner’s hands were going cold and he asked.

Ning Maner didn’t say anything but she quickly retracted all her aura and laid against Chu Mu’s arm, watching ahead with an alarmed yet scared gaze.

Chu Mu felt her body was getting cold and hugged her, using his soul remembrance to protect her.

Ning Maner remained silent, and watched ahead with restless eyes.

Chu Mu glanced ahead and didn’t see anything threatening. Instead, he saw a city covered in green, blooming with all sorts of flowers.

“We’re at soul city.” Jiang Qing smiled and glanced back at Chu Mu. Noticing that Ning Maner was hiding in Chu Mu’s embrace with a pale face, she asked caringly, “What’s wrong, is she sick?”

Chu Mu shook his head and hugged the slightly shaking Ning Maner tighter, simply replying, “Just a little cold.”

Jiang Qing didn’t think much of it, and continued ahead with the three others.

At this moment, Ning Maner refused to go further.

Helpless, Chu Mu had to find an excuse to let Jiang Qing and the others go ahead, while he stayed behind.


“Brother, there’s bad people in that city, can we not go in?” Little beauty said tenderly.

“What’s wrong, didn’t you hide your aura already?” Chu Mu asked.

“That person is my biggest enemy. He killed so many soul pets and soul pet trainers who protected me!” As Ning Maner said that, her body trembled, clearly displaying both utter hatred and terror!

Chu Mu asked before about this little girl’s past, and Ning Maner would always tell him everything except matters regarding the messiah tree. Ning Maner never said anything because she had already sworn to the messiah tree that she would never tell any person or soul pet anything about it, so even now Chu Mu didn’t know why she ran to wanxiang realm.

As for what kind of world the other end of Dark Sky Ocean World was, even Ning Maner didn’t seem to know. Since she was very young, she lived by the messiah tree and lived a very secluded life. She mostly learned about the human world through books. But, there was one thing for sure; there were human factions there too, and they didn't belong to wanxiang realm.

“Can that person detect your traces?” Chu Mu asked.

“He shouldn’t be able to.” Ning Maner lifted her head and looked at Chu Mu, her eyes slightly glistening, “I’m scared, brother.”

“How powerful is this person?” Chu Mu didn’t even know why Ning Maner was scared. With a dominator rank brother beside her, what was she scared of?

“He shouldn’t be past emperor rank, but if brother doesn’t become half devil, you may have trouble dealing with him.” Ning Maner said.

“Then why are you scared? Let’s enter the city first. Since he can’t track you down, there shouldn’t be a problem.” Chu Mu said.

“But…...but…, you have to help me this time. So many of my companions that grew up with me were killed by him…..” As she spoke, Ning Maner’s eyes started tearing up.

 To protect her, countless soul pets threw their lives away to create a path out of the messiah tree’s world, just so she could evade these people’s capture. However, she couldn’t possibly forget that experience…..

If she couldn’t get her revenge, telling her to stay with her greatest enemy in the same city would give her nightmares every night!

“You have to help me take revenge!” Ning Maner said while still trembling.

Chu Mu could tell that Ning Maner truly hated this person with all her might!

Though the wild little girl was often mischevious, that was just because she rarely entered human cities and was curious.

She was so pure and untainted that no one could bear to hurt her. Even a scratch on her skin hurt people’s hearts. Since Chu Mu had the soul pact with her, he had a duty to protect her. He wanted to kill all the people that gave this worryless little fairy pain and vengeance!

“En, if I get the chance, I will kill this enemy of yours.” Chu Mu said very sternly.

“Really?” Ning Maner asked in a small voice.

“Remember, anyone that makes Maner sad, brother will kill for you.”

Chu Mu knew this young girl needed comfort right now. If she had such a reaction just from detecting a person’s aura, one could see how large of a mental scar this person left her.

“En, en!” Ning Maner nodded heavily.

Sadness, anger, and fear didn’t belong to her. Her smile was contagious, easily infecting even violent beasts like white nightmares, so she should always keep her sweet smile.

“Then let’s go.” Chu Mu rubbed away the wetness at the edges of her eyes.

“En.” Ning Maner’s body was gradually growing less cold, but she didn't let go of Chu Mu’s arm no matter what.

The white nightmares by Ning Maner all scratched their heads, not knowing why the girl was acting that way.

But for some reason, when they saw the tears in her eyes, the white nightmares were suddenly angered!!


Ning Maner didn’t know the name of her enemy, and only knew he was in this city.

Once they were in soul city, for safety’s sake, Chu Mu didn’t let Ning Maner stay outside, instead bringing her straight to Soul City’s soul palace.

Soul city was a neutral territory, with both soul alliance and three palace buildings, with magnitudes not much weaker than snow city.

When Chu Mu brought his identity out and said his name, a palace master quickly came forth and greeted Chu Mu with a broad smile.

This palace master clearly knew about Chu Fangcheng from the recent famous events in Snow City and was very polite to Chu Mu.

Chu Mu didn’t restrict himself too much in soul palace. Though it was hard to explain the two white nightmares, it wasn’t a big issue.

Chu Mu put Ning Maner in the soul palace inner palace. Presumably even if Ning Maner’s enemy knew she was there, they wouldn’t dare enter easily.

Ning Maner didn’t want to leave Chu Mu’s side for even a second, so when Chu Mu put the two white nightmares into the house the palace master lead him to, he went back to the main hall with Ning Maner.

The first thing Chu Mu asked about naturally was any envelope addressed to him, since it told him whether Ye Qingzi was in this city.

Such an envelope has a secret password and mental imprint, so no one could forge them. Chu Mu easily got the envelope Ye Qingzi left for him.

Chu Mu was most worried that one day Ye Qingzi would give up this meaningless task, since then Chu Mu wouldn’t know how he would be able to find her anymore.

Luckily, Ye Qingzi never stopped following her promise.

“It was left three days ago!” Seeing the date on the letter, Chu Mu immediately smiled.

Three days ago meant she was currently in soul city!

In a few months, they would have been apart for four whole years. Even Chu Mu felt it was unbelievable that they were apart for this long.

However, the feelings Chu Mu had never died out. Thinking that he could very soon meet Ye Qingzi, Chu Mu rarely became excited, just like a pure and normal boy.

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