Chapter 827: Ning Maner’s Enemy (2)

The second morning, Chu Mu left with Jiang Qing as a team.

Jiang Qing’s team didn’t have too many people. It had a total four people, of which one was the nightmare palace honorary guest that protected Jian Qing - Pang Jing, who was pretty powerful; one was Jiang Qing’s personal servant; and one was a man who introduced himself as Shen Mo, but didn’t say anything about his identity, appearing more mysterious.

However, from Jiang Qing and honorary guest Pang Jing’s tone and attitude towards him, he was pretty high up in nightmare palace too.

Chu Mu still used Chu Fangchen as his name and didn't hide much when he introduced himself, directly stating that he was a member of soul palace.

Upon seeing Chu Mu owning two tenth phase white nightmares, everyone was surprised, since this was rather rare between the two factions.

Of course, though it was rare, it wasn’t impossible. There were wild nightmare species in the depths of southern forbidden region. If someone were to get young nightmares from there and auction...

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