Chapter 827: Meaningless Letter

Jian Qin was the female disciple of a nightmare palace elder. Her origins were very humble, and was luckily picked up by a Nightmare Palace elder to become a female soul teacher in Nightmare Palace. She had decent fame in nightmare palace now.

Soul teachers were always welcome, and she never lacked friends. Many experts in later stages had soul pets who had to get the help of soul teachers’ merging techniques. This caused Nightmare Palace, which had a lack of soul teachers, to treat Jian Qin even better.


This time in spirit city, Jian Qin represented Nightmare Palace in the competition.

However, Jian Qin would never have thought that, on her way to soul city, she would meet the young man who lived in legends already…..

She was stunned!

When she yelled out Chu Mu, the shock in her heart stopped her from being able to speak any more!

Chu Mu’s face turned even blacker.

Seeing that Jian Qin didn’t have anyone by her, he reached out and pulled Jian Qin into his room along with the trouble maker, and closed the room door.

Chu Mu knew that he couldn’t deny it anymore. Jian Qin has seen him multiple times in both forms, so it wouldn’t be possible to explain.

As for killing her to keep the secret, Chu Mu couldn’t do it, especially after he owed Jian Qin a favor.

Back during the plague, Jian Qin followed him, a complete stranger at the time, to go to barbarian valley to cure the plague. How could Chu Mu kill such a kind soul?

“You…… really are Chu Mu!!” Jian Qin saw Chu Mu acting so sneakily, and her mind was sent into shambles.

Tianxia King - Chu Mu. When she first met Chu Mu, she only knew that this young man had unlimited potential. However, in the following calamity of Tianxia City, it caused Chu Mu to instantly become a person of legends. Afterwards, Jian Qin often heard nightmare palace emperors speak of Chu Mu’s stories in immortal city.

From being sealed in immortal city at first, to releasing the sacred pets, to becoming half devil and fighting the four magnates of immortal city, to facing Bai Yu after he appeared, and even to summoning the powerful empyrean cyan hidden dragon to defeat the most powerful half devil Bai Yu…...

Now, everyone in tianxia realm heard of Chu Mu.

The saddest thing was this legendary character finally became a devil, and disappeared from the human realm.

After Jian Qin heard of all of this, she felt it laudable, and was honored to have helped him once.

However, why was this person, who should be a distant memory, walking around in the city of wanxiang realm, alive right in front of her?

 “Didn’t you become a devil? Are the myths all fake? They were just protecting you? That’s impossible. Even elder Ye Tao said you became a devil? Though I didn’t see it myself…..” A string of questions came out of her mouth as she stared at Chu Mu, her spirited eyes full of confusion, surprise, happiness, and disbelief!

“It’s a long story. Sit down, and I’ll tell it to you.” Chu Mu gestured for Jian Qin to sit down.

Chu Mu in reality didn’t want to reveal too much to this woman who he wasn’t too familiar with. However, he had to think of something to make Jian Qin keep the secret.

The reason was simple. Chu Mu didn’t say it was the monument tear. Instead, he said his spirit remembrance broke through during the struggle, and he gained some spirit items that reduced his soul temperature, finally waking up after a long time of struggling.

Jian Qin didn’t know the situation of half devils that well, so she nodded her head with a semblance of understanding.

Afterwards, Chu Mu explained all the questions about the sensitive nature of his identity to Jian Qin.

Everything Chu Mu said made sense to Jian Qin. Just as Elder Ye Tao said, if he were alive, it may truly cause all the four heroes and even the soul alliance master to come and kill Chu mu.

“Anyways, you can’t even tell this to your teacher, and you have to keep it a secret!” Chu Mu said very strictly.

Jian Qin nodded very sternly, and glanced Chu Mu over, saying, “Is it truly okay for you to remain your original appearance in Wanxiang Realm? Isn’t that too flashy?”

“......” Chu Mu was speechless at that.

Was it flashy?

Those who saw Chu Mu himself were only people in Tianxia City. Wanxiang realm was massive. The chances that he met one of them was incredibly low. Adding on the fact that Chu Mu often fixed his hair and clothing to somewhat disguise himself, only people like Jian Qing, who had actually interacted with Chu Mu, could recognize him.

Not many people truly interacted with Chu Mu, so how would Chu Mu expect to meet one so far in Wanxiang Realm?

After discussing some more, Chu Mu understood that Jian Qing was heading to soul city to participate in a competition.

It was rumored that the winner of this soul teacher technique battle would earn the recipe to create a seventh rank emperor rank soul item. This was undoubtedly an extremely generous award.

“Seventh rank emperor rank soul item? With such an ingredient, wouldn’t one be able to create countless seventh rank emperor rank items and create high class emperor ranks en masse?” Chu Mu asked questioningly.

Such an ingredient existed in this world? If it fell into the hands of a soul teacher, wouldn’t creating high class emperor ranks become a piece of cake?

“This recipe is one time use. It actually is a merging medicine. Based off the merging medicine’s scent, a soul teacher had to find the right soul items to match it. This needs a certain level of judgement because the scent and soul items it could pair with are countless. One mistake and the creation will fail along with the merging medicine. Of course, experienced soul teachers won’t fail on this part as long as they have the merging medicine…..” Jian Qing explained.

With this explanation, Chu Mu understood.

If a formula to mass create emperor ranks appeared, soul pet trainers’ average strength would probably be raised by a few ranks, and spirit emperors wouldn’t be as rare as they were now.

Since Jian Qing was heading towards Ling City, Chu Mu wanted to go with her.

Jian Qing was very understanding. When she left, she gave herself a restriction using her soul remembrance. This restriction was created when Jian Qing swore upon her soul not to tell anyone of Chu Mu’s secret.

Such an oath could only be inflicted on oneself. Once reality and the contents of the oath were in contention, this restriction would cause great damage to one’s soul.

It was a spirit technique that not many people knew how to use.

However, Chu Mu heard Old Li talk about it before. Such a restriction actually had loopholes, and couldn’t be truly trusted. It was only useful between close individuals.



Soul city

Soul City Soul Palace hall

“Okay, I will keep it for you.” Soul palace’s servant nodded and carefully stored away a letter with a few lines of words.

The woman who left the message had beautiful eyes that would entrance anyone who looked for too long.

However, the spirited eyes had a coldness in them. Adding on her impressive figure wrapped in a long robe, a rose collar that covered a small part of her beautiful face, she gave off a lethal allure to all men, yet also seemed hard to approach.

“Why bother, he won’t ever read it, lying to yourself isn’t good.” The casual man beside this woman saw the letter, and said helplessly.

“Didn’t ask you.” The woman gave him a stare and said with hostility.

“Right, pretend I said nothing.” Ye Wansheng laughed helplessly.

After leaving snow city, Ye Wansheng knew that she had the habit of leaving a letter at every soul palace they went past. Though she kept this habit on for two years now, the latter year and a half was pretty much meaningless.   

Ye Wansehng couldn't do anything to his stubborn sister. He didn’t even understand how a man who didn’t even stay with them for that long could be worth so much of her time!

Ye Qingzi continued to leave envelopes, and that wasn’t a problem. What Ye Wansheng was worried about was how she was becoming increasingly untalkative.

Ever since a year ago, when the news of the so called “hero” came to them, she blocked off everyone, and trained for a long time. Ever since then, Ye Wansheng felt that her mind was always wandering.

Sometimes, even he, as her brother, couldn't speak much with her. As for other people, she didn’t bother speaking to at all, the frost on her face almost able to cause real damage.

This wasn’t good. Ye Wansheng was very worried. He was going to get a wife, and his sister had to get married too. If her attitude continued like this, adding on her strength being a large chunk higher than people her age, she would have no one to approach her in the future.

Another thing was, in the recent times, to create even more advanced soul items, she often hurt her own soul to create them!

The cost of harming her soul was to let black poison cover her body, and she needed a very long time to recover from it.

As an utter beauty, she should care a lot about her appearance. Yet, she had made herself into that gruesome look again and again.

“You aren’t allowed to do that anymore. If you hurt your soul again, and the damage accidentally becomes permanent, if that guy actually wakes up some day and finds you, would he still want you and your ugly appearance?” Ye Wansheng very sternly warned ye Qingzi to not overdo herself.

Ye Qingzi said nothing, and drifted past Ye Wansheng emotionlessly.

Ye Qingzi knew Chu Mu’s condition the best. She knew very clearly that if Chu Mu really became a devil, there was no chance of him recovering, so she didn't mind the aftereffects of the concocting at all.

Seeing his sister not listen to him, Ye Wansheng was helpless.

Ye Wansheng didn’t know how to help her. One one hand, she would always leave a letter in every city like she promised, bringing some hope to continue to tell that person her whereabouts. On the other hand, she didn't care in her research of soul ability, not caring if she hurt her soul or was poisoned, as if she no longer cared about her appearance.

Such an extreme yet conflicted personality caused Ye Wansheng’s head to hurt.

Since the beginning, Ye Wansheng was worried about Ye Qingzi’s character. It was hard for anyone to walk into her heart, but once anyone did, it would cause great damage for them to leave.

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