Chapter 827: Meaningless Letter

Jian Qin was the female disciple of a nightmare palace elder. Her origins were very humble, and was luckily picked up by a Nightmare Palace elder to become a female soul teacher in Nightmare Palace. She had decent fame in nightmare palace now.

Soul teachers were always welcome, and she never lacked friends. Many experts in later stages had soul pets who had to get the help of soul teachers’ merging techniques. This caused Nightmare Palace, which had a lack of soul teachers, to treat Jian Qin even better.


This time in spirit city, Jian Qin represented Nightmare Palace in the competition.

However, Jian Qin would never have thought that, on her way to soul city, she would meet the young man who lived in legends already…..

She was stunned!

When she yelled out Chu Mu, the shock in her heart stopped her from being able to speak any more!

Chu Mu’s face turned even blacker.

Seeing that Jian Qin didn’t have anyone by her, he reached out and pulled Jian Qin into his room along with the trouble maker, and closed the room doo...

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