Chapter 826: Nightmare Kingdom, Eastern Nightmare Territory

Rising from high class to peak emperor was not an easy task, and resources was the main problem. 

Not every White Nightmare was as lucky as this White Nightmare Emperor and could breakthrough after staying a while with this spirit energy girl. 

Towards the strength increase of the other White Nightmares, Ning Maner was helpless for the time being. After all, she was still young, and the amount of spirit energy she could supply was limited. 

The route Chu Mu and Ning Maner took was the most direct. With their speed, if Ye Qingzi and Ye Wansheng were to stay a while in Soul City, they would probably encounter them. 

Soul City was situated slightly south of the center of human territory. It was a neutral city that didn’t belong to either Soul Alliance or the three great palaces. 

Nonetheless, both Soul Alliance and the three great palaces had their own outposts in this city. 

In terms of scale, Soul City probably reached the level of a realm city. It was flourishing so much that it probably surpassed Tianxia City and it was surrounded by countless bewildering worlds. Most importantly, these bewildering worlds contained medicines, magic stones, crystals,...

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