Chapter 826: Nightmare Kingdom, Eastern Nightmare Territory

Rising from high class to peak emperor was not an easy task, and resources was the main problem. 

Not every White Nightmare was as lucky as this White Nightmare Emperor and could breakthrough after staying a while with this spirit energy girl. 

Towards the strength increase of the other White Nightmares, Ning Maner was helpless for the time being. After all, she was still young, and the amount of spirit energy she could supply was limited. 

The route Chu Mu and Ning Maner took was the most direct. With their speed, if Ye Qingzi and Ye Wansheng were to stay a while in Soul City, they would probably encounter them. 

Soul City was situated slightly south of the center of human territory. It was a neutral city that didn’t belong to either Soul Alliance or the three great palaces. 

Nonetheless, both Soul Alliance and the three great palaces had their own outposts in this city. 

In terms of scale, Soul City probably reached the level of a realm city. It was flourishing so much that it probably surpassed Tianxia City and it was surrounded by countless bewildering worlds. Most importantly, these bewildering worlds contained medicines, magic stones, crystals, and other things that made it convenient for soul teachers. 

This place was the holy land that soul teachers traveled towards. 

Soul City was slightly closer to the southern end of a forbidden region. On the outskirts of this southern end were a few scattered tribes. According to what the Nightmare ruler indicated, that territory ostensibly belonged to their White Nightmare Kingdom. However, because they were separated by the Dark Sky Ocean world, that place had never been under their control. 

The territory the White Nightmare Ruler occupied was nearly the size of an empire that spanned the same size as from the center of Tianxia City to the western and southern parts of Wanxiang Realm. However, Nightmares, as a huge species, inhabited the depths of forbidden regions so the areas that were on the outskirts bordering human territory were their subsidiary territories. They had never been bothered to visit them. 

In reality, the territory of Nightmare Emperors was even more vast, and if one was considering the size from west to east, it was comparable to the distance from Tianxia City to Wanxiang City and all of the forbidden regions in between belonged to them. 

However, a few hundred years ago when the Dark Sky Ocean World appeared, and the coastline expanded, this was like a sword that stabbed into human territory. It caused the Nightmare Empire which was an enormous connected peninsula to be split into two pieces. 

The western Nightmare territory fell under the control of the Nightmare ruler while the eastern side probably fell into the control of an even stronger White Nightmare. After all, the core of the empire was in the eastern territory. 

The reason the Nightmare ruler had decided to leave its territory was because it wanted to find a way to increase its strength, and also because it wanted to head to the eastern territory, which could be considered as acknowledging its ancestors and returning home… 

Although this group of White NIghtmares could directly traverse the Dark Sky Ocean World, taking a detour through human territory was more safe, because all of the creatures in the Dark Ocean World were water types that countered them. 


It wouldn’t be convenient for Chu Mu to bring these fellows into Soul City. Thus, when he approached Soul City, Chu Mu dispatched them to their place of origin. 

Ning Maner was hesitating whether to follow the White Nightmare group or to follow the serious and uptight brother as a servant girl.

Ultimately, Ning Maner chose to follow Chu Mu, because the human world was definitely more interesting than Nightmare territory. 

In order to ensure Ning Maner’s safety, Nightmare 2 (not First Nightmare), and Fourth Nightmare stayed behind to act as her bodyguards while the Nightmare ruler and the other White Nightmares went to the eastern Nightmare territory. 

However, this group would probably return within half a year. Since they had recognized Chu Mu as their king, they would follow him until they felt their strength was enough that they could establish themselves alone. 

Although the Nightmare ruler’s territory was a tenth rank tribe, there were already numerous other peak emperor rank White Nightmares within it and its strength was not inferior to an empire. The only thing it lacked was a dominator rank creature to oversee them. Without a dominator rank, even if the territory was larger, it could not be called a true empire. 

But after the devil state Chu Mu appeared, the Nightmare ruler conferred Chu Mu as the king, making their territory transform into a true Nightmare Empire. 

Speaking of which, Chu Mu himself probably hadn’t realized that his identity was too abnormal. In Tianxia Realm, he was known as humanity’s king and in the southern forbidden region, he was conferred as the Nightmare Empire’s King. Nobody would imagine that this young man would hold two king positions. 


Before reaching Soul City, Chu Mu stopped first at a fourth rank kingdom city. It would be another four or five days of traveling before they reached Soul City. 

Whenever Chu Mu reached a kingdom city, he would normally stay in a Soul Palace. He would then arrange for Ning Maner and the White Nightmares to stay in an outer residence, so that they wouldn’t destroy things in the city. 

Now that eight white Nightmares had left, Chu Mu didn’t feel the need to hide anymore. If he strutted about with them on the street, people would naturally take the White Nightmares to be his soul pets. 

White Nightmares were ultimately rather flashy and evil soul pets. Thus, when he walked the streets like this, Chu Mu caught quite a few stares of different kinds. There were a few people denouncing him for being too ostentatious. These people had looks of disdain, as if they were saying: do you think you’re incredible with two White Nightmares? 

Chu Mu wanted to be low key, and had Ning Maner hide the auras of these two White Nightmares to the monarch rank. If he was called out as being high key for doing this, Chu Mu really didn’t know what else to do. 

Monarch ranks were considered above average for soul pet trainers. If a young man really had a monarch rank soul pet, he or she would probably enjoy showing it off. 

“That’s strange. Why is there no Soul Palace in this city…” after reaching the center of the city, Chu Mu stood there, slightly speechless. 

Normally speaking, kingdom cities that belonged to the three great palaces should have Soul Palace outposts. Yet, a soul palace couldn’t be found in this fourth rank kingdom city, making it awkward.  

“Excuse me, why is there no Soul Palace outpost here?” Chu Mu grabbed a pedestrian to ask.

This pedestrian glanced at the two White Nightmares behind him and spoke with dissatisfaction: “What do you Nightmare Palace people want with Soul Palace? A few years ago the Nightmare Palace and Soul Palace in this city got into a conflict. Soul Palace suffered heavy losses, and ended up leaving this city.”

“...” Chu Mu was speechless. He nearly forgot that before the Soul Alliance conflict had arisen, Soul Palace and Nightmare Palace had been in a very rigid relationship. 

After thinking, Chu Mu couldn’t be bothered to find another place to stay, so he walked to Nightmare Palace. 

Chu Mu still had the seventh rank title of Nightmare Prince, so he easily entered Nightmare Palace. 

When he entered Nightmare Palace’s great hall, a few female servants came to greet Chu Mu and brought him into the central palace to rest. 

In the palace corridor, a light blue dressed woman suddenly came to a stop and looked at the backs of the two White Nightmares and Chu Mu who had entered the central palace. 

“Jian Qin, you recognize him?” a handsome and overbearing man next to the woman asked. 

“He looks familiar but he shouldn’t be him.” Jian Qin shook her head and silently muttered: ‘He probably just looks similar. He had completely transformed into a devil, and could not have recovered to a human.’ 

Jian Qin was that kindhearted Nightmare Palace soul teacher from before that had cured the illness for the Chu Family. 

After her strength had greatly increased, she traveled to Soul Palace, intending to learn even higher rank soul techniques there. 

Moreover, every four years there would be a competition of soul techniques. That was about to begin and she intended to participate. She wanted to see what level her soul technique had reached among her peers. 

“Haha, if you recognize him, then go say hi. I’ll just wander around this place.” the man waved his hand, turned around and walked out of the palace. 

Jian Qin hesitated a moment. before having the servant girl beside her inquire what that person’s name was. 

“Young Lady, that person is called Chu Fangchen.” the servant girl quickly returned. 

“He’s also surnamed Chu. That’s such a coincidence,” muttered Jian Qin. She repeated his name a few times before remembering it. 

Jian Qin ultimately didn’t link that person with Chu Mu. After all, everyone in the Tianxia Realm knew that their Ten Year King had already transformed into a devil, and ostensibly could not appear again in the human world. 


Chu Mu didn’t know that he had just brushed shoulders with Jian Qin. If it were another man, he would have easily taken another few glances at the beautiful woman who had passed by. Yet, Chu Mu would rarely throw a glance to the side when he walked. Added on the fact that Ye Qingzi, not long ago, had left a letter in Soul Palace informing Chu Mu that she was in Soul City, all of Chu Mu’s attention was on her. He truly didn’t care about other women. 

“Brother, there are many Nightmares here.” Ning Maner was rather excited upon entering Nightmare Palace. 

“Go and play. Don’t stir up trouble.” Chu Mu dispatched this girl while he went to silently cultivate. 

“Ok, ok. I am actually very well-behaved.” Ning Maner diligently shook her head. She was afraid that Chu Mu would not let her leave his side; she also didn’t understand how he could sit still for so long. If it was her, she would have gone mad way earlier. 

Chu Mu had closed his eyes to recover and had cultivated for about 2 hours when a polite knock rang out from his door. 

Chu Mu’s instant reaction was that Ning Maner had caused trouble. This unruly girl had an angelic face, but the heart of a small devil! 

Chu Mu, as per usual practice, fished out his money purse to clean up after this girl’s mess. He had intentionally changed a few spirits into gold to compensate other people for their loss. 

Chu Mu opened the door and was stunned when his eyes fell on a beautiful and pure woman. He then discovered that Ning Maner was standing next to her with her head lowered. Her small hands were holding onto the edge of the woman’s clothing and she said: “Sister, this is Brother. He will help me compensate you.”  

“Chu Mu!!!!!”

Jian Qin was standing there, her beautiful face full of shock. Her beautiful eyes betrayed the shock in her heart and she could no longer think properly!! 

“...” Chu Mu looked at Jian Qin, who had recognized him, his face went dark.

This time, Ning Maner had truly brought him great trouble!!! 

Face to face like this, would he admit it or not! 

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