Chapter 825: The Demon Island Lord’s Approval

Night Control!

The Night Control domain descended in the night sky, causing Night’s strength TO rise another grade.

Although its body was still full of wounds, this wouldn’t stop Night’s desire to fight. 

Its black figure passed through, and the terrifying nightmare hand opened up. The brown dream beast was clearly unable to stop the fear effect from the Night Control. Even the Wind Dream Beast, in the black night, was not the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s opponent. 

Night no longer needed the shadows from the trees to hide itself. It could freely move about in the night air, strangely appearing behind enemies and them giving them terrifying nightmares. 

The two dream beasts also continuously changed positions. They smartly tried to use the ever-changing environment to determine what was real and fake in this dream realm. 

The dream realm formed its own domain, and as long as they could find the right direction in the dream realm and run in that direction, they would be able to break free of the nightmare’s interference. 

However, the Night Control effect followed alongside Night. In Night Control, Night was even faster...

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