Chapter 825: The Demon Island Lord’s Approval

Night Control!

The Night Control domain descended in the night sky, causing Night’s strength TO rise another grade.

Although its body was still full of wounds, this wouldn’t stop Night’s desire to fight. 

Its black figure passed through, and the terrifying nightmare hand opened up. The brown dream beast was clearly unable to stop the fear effect from the Night Control. Even the Wind Dream Beast, in the black night, was not the Night Thunder Dream Beast’s opponent. 

Night no longer needed the shadows from the trees to hide itself. It could freely move about in the night air, strangely appearing behind enemies and them giving them terrifying nightmares. 

The two dream beasts also continuously changed positions. They smartly tried to use the ever-changing environment to determine what was real and fake in this dream realm. 

The dream realm formed its own domain, and as long as they could find the right direction in the dream realm and run in that direction, they would be able to break free of the nightmare’s interference. 

However, the Night Control effect followed alongside Night. In Night Control, Night was even faster than the Wind Dream Beast, meaning that the two dream beasts could not escape the nightmare’s continuous attacks! 

The two dream beasts, in this pitch black domain, were helpless. Even if they were intelligent, as the darkness continuously encroached, they gradually began to feel fear.

Once fear emerged, what greeted them was constant mental destruction, before losing all of their fighting strength,

Dream Underworld! 

Finally, Night resolutely used its strongest dream nightmare technique! 

It didn’t need to continue and pursue in Dream Underworld. It would be able to lock onto the enemies enveloped by Dream Underworld in this endless darkness. Then, it could pierce their minds, turning whatever they saw into a dark underworld and stimulate their sensory receptors to torment them with a bit of pain! 

The Wind Dream Beast and brown dream beast were unable to escape the Dream Underworld’s envelopment. Gradually, the two of them stopped running and began to let out ceaseless painful howls. They were rolling on the ground as their bodies seeped out dark auras and their eyes were opened extremely wide. They seemed to have encountered something terrifying. 

The Dream Underworld continued to wear away at their minds. When the demons hiding far away slowly made their way over and saw the two of their leaders struggling in the dream realm, all of them showed expressions of fear towards the Night Thunder Dream Beast walking out of the darkness. 

The three leaders had attacked together, but were ultimately still defeated! 

The native demons were all very clear that the wandering Night Thunder Dream Beast was an extremely strong demon! 


Suddenly, a mighty demon beast cry rang out. In the next instant, a white tail swept across and outlandishly appeared next to the two suffering dream beasts stuck in the dream realm. 

A wave undulated from its dream horns and as if a purifying dew had been dropped into muddy water, everything was quickly purified. 

The Wind Dream Beast and brown dream beast gradually awakened from their nightmares, and when they discovered that the person next to them was the ruler of the demons, they displayed fearful and respectful expressions. Afterwards, they stared with anger and unwillingness at Night who had defeated them. 

Night silently stood there, but its eyes had changed. Standing in front of it was astonishingly an all-black, except for the white fluttering tail, Night Thunder Dream Beast. 

Night’s bloodline was rather rare among dream beasts, because he possessed the two attributes of darkness and thunder. This made it a rarity that Night would encounter soul pets of exactly the same species and bloodline as him.

Yet, standing in front of it right now was another Night Thunder Dream Beast. There were slight purple patterns on its dream horns that could be seen in the darkness; this was the symbol of thunder. 

However, Night could feel that this Night Thunder Dream Beast was stronger than it, as it was very likely a high class emperor! 


This dream beast ruler slowly walked up to Night, and used its identical pupils to size up Night. 

Just now it had been watching the fight from the side. This Night Dream Beast had been astonished, and had enjoyed the fact that Night could beat three opponents of the same rank.

It walked a circle around NIght before staring at the surrounding demons. Suddenly, it let out a howl that ripped through the silence of the night. 

Afterwards, countless demons let out agreeing shouts as if they were celebrating the arrival of something!

At this moment, the three dream beasts defeated by Night slowly walked forward and around Night once. Then, they lowered their heads so that their dream horns reached Night, lightly touching against Night’s dream horns… 

This was the approval of demons!

This meant that this island would become Night’s new demon home. If it trained here for a while, it had the confidence of breaking into the middle class emperor rank! 

Watching the demons around it welcoming it, Night let out a muffled cry before slowly raising its head and staring at the night sky, now gradually being filled with stars. It seemed to be reminiscing something… 

A moment later, it lowered its head and maintained its coldness and aloofness. It followed this high class emperor rank Night Dream Beast and slowly made its way into the true demon home. 

Perhaps Night had always felt that its strength had risen too slowly. As it made its way to the demon home, its steps were light and rushed. Amidst its coldness occasionally would flicker an expression of light. It had always craved for even more powerful strength! 


Wanxiang Realm

The eastern lands were distant and endless. Nobody knew where the end point was. 

As a child, Chu Mu had been continuously imbued by Chu Tianmang with ideologies that soul pet trainers had to possess. For example, the conviction to continuously head east in search of training. 

From the most western point of the human continent, the Eternal Ocean Islands, to Tianxia City, and then to Wanxiang Realm, Chu Mu didn’t know what route he had taken and whether he had already traversed over half of the human map. 

From the map’s markings that he obtained from Soul Alliance, the city where the strongest soul teachers in human territory were gathered was situatED in the very center of human territory. However, each time Chu Mu felt that he was nearing Soul City, one or two kingdoms would always appear on the map in between. These two kingdoms were either filled with endless mountains, plains or hills… 


“Girl, call them back. We had best go on our way.” on a grassy plain, the robed Chu Mu turned around and looked back at the girl lying on the ground with her legs crossed over one another. 

The sky was blue and the grass was green. This boundless grassy field was a beautiful visual sight. 

However, Chu Mu, who had a slight mental shadow towards these beautiful and vast places, really didn’t like this place. Therefore, he didn’t want to rest too long and hastily continued along his path. 

Chu Mu had a premonition that this time, they would be able to enter Soul City’s Kingdom! 

“Brother, aren’t you training as you travel? That’s so boring. Just before I saw a snow mountain to the south. On this snow mountain was a warm rising energy. There’s definitely a natural snow spring there. Let’s go take a soak there before continuing on our way…” the young beautiful girl clung onto Chu Mu’s neck, swinging around. Her eyes blinked, as her adorable act was practiced to perfection. “No.” Chu Mu didn’t hesitate. 

“I want to go to the snow spring!!” seeing that her adorable act wasn’t of any use, Ning Manger became stubborn, and began to shout. 

Chu Mu didn’t bother discussing this with the girl. He grabbed the young girl’s skinny waist, knelt down and then perched her on his shoulders. He allowed this girl to kick him with her small legs as he calmly continued on his path. 

Ning Maner kicked for half a day, but knew this was of no avail. She was angrily perched on his shoulders, and she turned around and pouted: “So annoying.”  

Chu Mu couldn’t be bothered to bicker with her. When she started listening again, he would put her down so she could walk again. 

It had nearly been half a year since they had left Snow City.

In this half a year, Chu Mu had spent most of the time training and continuing on his path. At the beginning, whenever Ning Maner wanted something, Chu Mu couldn’t be bothered to argue, so they did whatever she wanted. 

However, he eventually discovered that this girl’s unruliness was difficult to change, and she had various sorts of weird ideas that bred like flies. Chu Mu’s role wasn’t to serve this girl. Therefore, towards the end, if he could accept her request, Chu Mu would do as she said; nonetheless, if it was something that wasted time, Chu Mu wouldn’t even discuss IT with her and just drag her or carry her away. It depended on the choices. 

Otherwise, who knew how much of Chu Mu’s time would be wasted. 

However, Ning Maner indeed gave Chu Mu’s soul pets much benefit. Without any spirit items, the Devil Tree Battle Soldier and Ghost King had broken into the low class emperor. After half a year of training, both had also entered the middle class emperor rank. 

The spirit energy nourishing really was effective. At the very least, it allowed the Devil Tree Battle Soldier and Ghost King to ignore the problem of emperor bottlenecks. 

Of course, the smoothness of a soul pet’s progression depended to a certain extent on the soul pet trainer. If, as in the present case, the soul pet trainer was a seventh remembrance spirit emperor, their soul pets would normally not hit a bottleneck at the middle class and low class emperor ranks if they had enough training and resources. 

“Brother, the explanation in the books has portrayed Soul City as a gathering place for soul teachers. Will that place be more fun?” all Ning Maner wanted to do was play. Chu Mu was puzzled as to how on earth she had reached the spirit emperor rank. Her appearance would make numerous older people who had bitterly trained most of their lives before becoming a spirit emperor so ashamed they wouldn’t be able to show their faces. 

“Fourth White has been at a bottleneck for a very long time. Don’t always think about playing. Think of a way to help Fourth White breakthrough.” said Chu Mu.

Chu Mu didn’t sign a soul pact with these ten White Nightmares, so he naturally could not raise their strength. Thus, their strength increase mainly depended on their own opportunities. 

When Chu Mu spoke these words, the fourth ranked White Nightmare that was idling around suddenly had its eyes blossom, and its exhaustion and boredom instantly disappeared. 

The other White Nightmares all drew back their mouths and surrounded it, looking even more obedient than normal. 

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