Chapter 824: Dream Beast battle(2)

One versus three was already a large gap in skill.

As the battles continued, Night suffered multiple wounds.

Night chose to use guerilla tactics from beginning to end. It sometimes darted between the forests, sometimes flying into the dense canopy and then abruptly dive down into the shadows of the forest to avoid the three dream beasts’ attacks.


Two brown dream beasts let out mocking shouts behind Night, laughing at how it didn’t dare to fight them head-on. If it only knew how to dodge and run away, why would it come to this island to be ridiculed?

Night glanced apathetically at the laughing brown dream beast but didn’t respond, continuing to dart around the shadows in the forest to find the best opportunity to attack and also be able to escape unscathed.

This guerilla warfare was taught to it by Chu Mu. When facing opponents much stronger than itself, fighting head on was just asking for death!

Night’s strength was in speed and hiding. As long as there was shadow, it could dance around and also wear the enemy’s patience out, allowing it to find a crucial flaw and kill them!

Night knew very clearly that enemies that mocked during battle were most likely weak of mind and easily angered, as well as prone to lose patience.

Thus, though Night was constantly darting around, it was, in reality, watching that brown dream beast’s every action.


A cyan energy suddenly blew up ahead, becoming sharp wind scythes that cut straight through many trees!!


Hundreds of trees fell, shocking all the forests and birds away.

Without the trees’ shadows, Night’s tracks became easily exposed under the three dream beasts’ detection. The reason the wind dream beast broke all the trees so viciously was so Night had nowhere left to hide!!

The two brown dream beasts let out excited calls, because they saw the crafty black dream beast that was hastily changing paths.

Changing paths now was already too late, because this black dream beast fell into their attack range!

Immediately, the two brown dream beasts’ dream horns flashed with a strange ripple. When the ripple expanded outwards, it did nothing to physical entities, but created a very powerful force on the organisms’ minds.

These two mental ripples completely blocked off all of Night’s paths and caused Night’s mind to tremble.


A painful roar sounded, echoing through the forest.

Hearing this sound, the mocking brown dream beast lost the patience in slowly chasing the black dream beast. It sped up and flew through the forest, its body slowly becoming a brown weapon that frighteningly flew forward and wanted to give Night the last hit.


The brown crescent flew by Night, while Night’s black body instantly dissipated…..

There was no blood. As if a reflection in water that was disturbed; Night’s figure strangely broke apart and slowly vanished!

Dream Reflection!

The body that suffered the attack was a fake image created by Night’s shadow.

Such a phantom image was much more convincing than Ning’s ice mirror. Even the aura and screams could be mimicked!

Wind dream beast had its powerful realistic dreamland, but Night also had its own special technique. Even the wind dream beast couldn’t tell that it was a fake image, let alone the impatient brown dream beast!


When the wind dream beast saw the figure dissipate, it immediately realized it was a trap, and let out a warning call towards the brown dream beast!

However, the warning came too late. Night’s black pupils flashed by the brown dream beast, an invisible sword extending slowly from its elegant dream horn. It brought the terror of darkness as it flew accurately into brown dream beast’s head!!


This time, a real scream sounded. The master of the voice was the previously mocking brown dream beast.

Such a powerful mental hit would infinitely magnify the pain and terror it was facing. This brown dream beast suffered it without warning, getting its soul and mind severely damaged.

Yet, the attack didn’t finish. Night held a black and sharp glow in its mouth. When the brown dream beast let out a scream, it spewed the darkness at it!


The forest blasted apart as dark energy rolled through. The brown dream beast very barely put up a defense, but was still sent flying, body full of dark wounds!


Seeing the brown dream beast defeated, wind dream beast and the other brown dream beast were furious. They immediately locked Night in an area without shadows, no longer giving it a chance to run.

“Hui~~~~~~” Wind dream beast’s green eyes stared tightly at Night. It was telling Night that this was where it all ended!

Night stood there and breathed heavily. The continuous casting of techniques wasted quite a bit of its stamina. Adding on the marks on its body gained from constantly running before, it seemed tired.

However, its black pupils were still full of energy. It didn’t continue to fight and run because it no longer had the stamina to waste against its opponents.

It had to defeat these two dream beasts head on!

“Hui!!!!!!” The other brown dream beast let out a shout. It told Night that if it left now, it won’t chase after it.

As a nomadic demon, the worst thing wasn’t to never have a home, but instead it was to be exiled before it gained the recognition of a home it did find!

When the battle wasn’t decided, Night couldn’t possibly leave with such low dignity. It needed the island’s demon aura to make it stronger!

Night stood there silently. It lifted its head and gazed through the forest to see the red sunset at the horizon…..

The final rays of sunlight seemed to be leaving the forest, like a doorway filled with light that was gradually closing and finally disappearing.

Night was falling. The battle had lasted so long, yet the spectating and fighting demons didn’t realize the passage of time. They also didn’t notice the darkness that was quietly creeping over the entire battlefield.

The smell of darkness was something only the darling of the night could detect. This was completely different from the shadows between trees. This darkness was like the open skies that allow eagles to fly however they pleased, or the depths of the oceans that housed the largest of dragons. Nighttime gave Night a chance to fully show its power!!

In the fights before, the three brown dream beasts always had the absolute advantage, constantly giving Night wounds.

Now that night had fallen, the following battle will be a solo performance from Night!!


Night’s call spread through the darkness. Its body slowly merged into the darkness around it without a trace left behind. Only its deep and determined eyes still gazed at its clueless enemies!

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