Chapter 823: Dream beast battle(1)

This was a massive demon island, full of demon aura enough to bring Night from low class emperor rank to middle class emperor rank!

The outer commander rank patrolling demons weren’t of interest to Night; it went straight into the depths of the territory.

The different species demons didn’t dare block its path, all letting out strange calls, clearly calling out for their higher rank companions.

Very quickly, when Night walked through the forest, the entire forest seemed to move with it. A large group of commander rank demons and monarchs followed it.

The native demons could naturally detect the emperor rank aura. The commander rank and monarch ranks didn’t have the qualifications to even fight; they were waiting for their more powerful commanders.


Suddenly, a strange call came in front of Night.

When this sound came, the nearby commander and monarch rank demons that were taunting it all went silent, showing fear as they moved away.

Night also stopped...

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