Chapter 823: Dream beast battle(1)

This was a massive demon island, full of demon aura enough to bring Night from low class emperor rank to middle class emperor rank!

The outer commander rank patrolling demons weren’t of interest to Night; it went straight into the depths of the territory.

The different species demons didn’t dare block its path, all letting out strange calls, clearly calling out for their higher rank companions.

Very quickly, when Night walked through the forest, the entire forest seemed to move with it. A large group of commander rank demons and monarchs followed it.

The native demons could naturally detect the emperor rank aura. The commander rank and monarch ranks didn’t have the qualifications to even fight; they were waiting for their more powerful commanders.


Suddenly, a strange call came in front of Night.

When this sound came, the nearby commander and monarch rank demons that were taunting it all went silent, showing fear as they moved away.

Night also stopped walking, its dark eyes gazing at the slowly approaching demon.

From its aura, one could tell that it was a pseudo emperor rank. Already seeing a pseudo emperor rank this far into the island meant that getting this demon aura was pretty difficult.

Luckily, when Night roamed the lands, the only thing it could do to get rid of its loneliness and sadness was to fight demons of all islands. The stronger the island, the better it was for training, and the faster Night improved.

Night’s pupils flashed with a cold and calm glow. It stood there. As an outsider, etiquette stated that it had to wait for the opponent to strike ifrst.

However, from its completely tense body, one could tell that the moment this pseudo emperor rank demon launched an attack, it would retaliate with an even more powerful force!

The fight between low class emperor and pseudo emperor wasn’t very suspenseful. Night didn’t even use its full strength and already beat his opponent.

When this pseudo emperor rank fell, the large group of commander and monarch rank demons nearby all let out strange cries because they didn’t realize the outsider this time would so easily beat their leader.

Demons respected the powerful as their king. Once Night revealed its strength, the demons nearby no longer dared to taunt it or be offensive. Their gazes slowly changed and a few monarch rank dream beasts even jumped out to tentatively communicate with Night.

rom these same species members, Night knew that the true leader of this island was much stronger than this demon leader, and that defeating them was near impossible.

However, if it wanted to gain the demon aura on the island, it only had to defeat the demon emperors subordinate to become one of the true leaders of the inner island.

The lost pseudo emperor rank became Night’s guiding person. With such strength, there naturally wasn’t a reason for it to have to kill its way to the center.

Going through the dense forest and walking for about a day, they finally reached the inner portion of the island.

The inner portion of the island was a green and ancient forest. Every tree was towering and lush, reaching a hundred meters in height.

Between each tree were many vine-like items that connected the gaps between trees, creating walkways between the trees!

A world of demons could never leave plants and plant world soul pets.

When Night passed through these high forests, it would often notice that a few plants would move. In other occasions, a pair of eyes would appear and watch it from above with equal parts of gentle and curiosity. When Night left, it would close its eyes again, and become like all the other trees.


Dream Beast beside Night let out a call to tell Night that they were now officially in the inner island region.

At this time, the monarch and commander rank demons that acted as guards no longer followed further.

The tribe’s hierarchy was very clear. These commanders set to patrol the outer reaches of the island had no right to enter the territory of the leaders unless they gain some recognition through their strength.

Night continued forward and quickly a few same species dream beasts appeared before it.

These dream beasts were different from the previous ones it met. These were much stronger, one of which even gave Night a very strong sense of threat.


The three dream beasts let out a call, their spirited pupils gazing at Night and questioning.

These were three dream beast emperors!

These were all low class emperor ranks, at the same level as Night. The leaders that its fellow species mentioned were probably these three dream beast emperors.

Night’s current opponent was now these three dream beast emperors.

This fight wasn’t fair, but it was the rules an outsider had to follow.

Without outstanding strength, how could they share their precious resources to outside demons?

Night’s gaze became incredibly focused. Because it had a secondary type of darkness, it was stronger than normal low class emperor ranks.

These three dream beasts had two normal low class emperor ranks, while the third one that threatened Night most likely had a wind type sub type since it had greenish fur.

Purple Robed Dream Beast had a sub type of thunder, making it purple.

Night had a sub type of dark, making it black. It even had lighting as a secondary sub type, yet at this point, it was near useless.

Dream beasts were naturally brown, so the two brown dream beasts meant they had no sub type. Their aura also meant they were just normal low class emperor ranks. The cyan dream beast’s sub type was wind. Its base strength was equivalent to Night’s. At this point, one just had to see whether Night or the wind dream beast was stronger!

However, Night had to face three dream beasts. If it were to win, it would be a very tough battle.


Wind dream beast let out a call that commanded the two brown dream beasts to figure out Night’s strength first.

The two brown dream beasts were all incredibly agile. They came on the left and right sides of Night through the dense foliage, and sent out waves of mental energy from their dream horns, casting their dreamland technique on Night.

Night silently stood there as vines around it continued to wrap around its body. From initially wrapping up its limbs to even wrapping up its head completely, it didn’t move at all.

As a fellow dream creating expert, Night could tell this was all just an illusion!

When Night walked through the forest, it saw countless wriggling vines. The two brown dream beasts were using Night’s previous memory as well as the complicated landscape near them to create a very realistic dream.

Those affected by dreamland, if they believed the dreams were real, then the dreams became increasingly real. The more one was scared of the dream, the more powerful they became. This was a typical technique dream beasts used on top of their dreamland - Mental Expansion

They could constantly enlarge a certain feeling, creating a negative effect on battles.

Night and Chu Mu met countless demons along the way and every time, Chu Mu would tell it what abilities its opponents had and how to best attack, dodge, defend, and target weaknesses. Adding on the year of fighting countless different species of demons, Night gained incredibly fighting experience against demons.

As for dream beasts, Night itself was a dream beast, so it knew everything like the back of its paw!

The two brown dream beasts clearly didn’t have enough combat experience. No matter how realistic their dreamland technique was, they couldn’t affect Night’s emotions in the slightest. Night only used its apathetic eyes to gaze at the dull performance put on by the dream beasts while it remained calm!

At this moment, wind dream beast had to stop the two brown dream beasts from continuing their performance and let out a long call to signify the real start to the battle!!


The wind dream beast leaped forward, lifting up a gust of wind. When it neared Night, the wind swirl suddenly grew larger, and became hundreds and thousands of swirls that surrounded Night!

Night stepped forward and darted through the woods. However, for some reason, no matter how fast it dodged, there were always wind swirls that would appear!


Suddenly, a swirl appeared where Night was about to move. Unable to dodge it immediately, it was immediately lifted up by the swirl, causing it to lose balance in the sky!

At the same time, the two brown dream beasts followed up. They nimbly leaped through the branches as their eyes reflected demon glows that shot through the woods and towards the imbalanced Night.

Night’s back limb pressed against a tree shadow and forcefully jumped out of the swirl, barely dodging the two brown demon’s demon glows.

Yet, these wind swirls kept appearing around Night.

Night knew very clearly that the opponent’s subtype wind power couldn’t truly harm it. The wind dream beast definitely was combining its wind type and demon type techniques to create a realistic dreamland!

The realistic dreamland was using a power to recreate an ability in the dream and merging with actual techniques, causing the technique to seem twice as powerful.

So, of the hundreds and thousands of swirls, over half were fake.

The wind dream beast’s dreamland technique was much smarter than the brown dream beast. In their half real half fake states, Night couldn’t make an accurate judgment, nor did it have the time to make a judgment at all due to the pursuit of the two brown dream beasts.

However, not being able to find the flaw in the opponent’s dreamland will mean wind dream beast’s techniques will pose a great threat to Night. Let alone 1v3, Night may even lose in a one on one against the wind dream beast if this continues.

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