Chapter 822: Night’s Search, Demon Paradise

A true Forgiven Fox!

The Seven Sins Fox Thunder Monarch was a dominator rank creature that controlled the thunder and lightning in the sky. Chu Mu could even imagine the purple godly figure of a Forgiven Fox manipulating thunder and lightning! 

“North of the Great Demon Lake, Demon Realm.” Chu Mu remembered the name of this place where extremely few people had stepped foot on. 

 There would be a day when Chu Mu would step into this demonic realm and bring Mo Xie to meet that Seven Sins Fox Thunder Monarch! 

“You strength will threaten a few people. You should be a bit more lowkey.” said Mu Qingyi.

In truth, even Mu Qingyi found it difficult to imagine that he would step into the peak emperor rank so quickly! 

With a peak emperor, he had truly stepped into the ranks of peak experts. If Chu Mu stood with the three great factions, Soul Alliance’s experts probably wouldn’t let this soul pet trainer which such potential continue to grow. 

Mu Qingyi only said these few words, but didn’t say anymore. Chu Mu also knew that Mu Qingyi had good intentions. After saying thank you, he returned to the slowly dancing crowd. 

“Your Majesty, this Chu Fangchen is a bit strange.” Fang Wu stared at the back of Chu Mu and spoke softly to Mu Qingyi. 

Mu Qingyi also felt that this man wasn’t normal. However, she didn’t know in what facet he wasn’t normal.

There was an enormous gap between peak emperors and dominator ranks. Mu Qingyi knew that among the countless heroes that had swept through the heavens, of those that could step past this gap, in the billions of Wanxiang Realm residents and great number of geniuses, there would always appear a few soul pet trainers like Chu Fangchen. However, there had also been countless people viewed as geniuses who were perpetually stuck at the peak emperor domain. After all, the people who had reached the dominator rank could be counted with one’s fingers!

“Chu Fangchen, if you go to Wanxiang City, you should introduce yourself to the Crown Prince. He is another soul pet trainer that can be described as abnormal like you. With single control, you can find him to compare notes.” Teng Lang said to Chu Mu.

From Teng Lang’s words, it could be seen that he was extremely admirable of the Crown Prince. Chu Mu had already heard of Soul Palace’s Crown Prince’s powerfulness. If there was a chance, he really did have to get to know him. 

“Yes, if there’s a chance.” Chu Mu nodded his head. 

“Haha, that fellow. It’s best if you don’t become bewitched by his idea.” Teng Lang laughed. 

Chu Mu didn’t really care. He would eventually meet all of the Soul Palace Young Masters.

“When the Ye Family brother and sister left here, did they say where they were planning on going?” asked Chu Mu.

Although it was a year ago, Chu Mu had a direction he wanted to go in, and it wasn’t worth it to take too many detours. 

For some reason, after Chu Mu’s soul awakened, he felt more and more impatient to see Ye Qingzi. Chu Mu didn’t plan on stopping off anywhere anymore and wanted to directly head east in search of her. 

“Ye Wansheng said that they planned on going to Soul City. That place is the chief platform of Soul Church. They will probably stay there for some time.” said Teng Lang. 

“Soul City?” Chu Mu never expected such a city to exist in Wanxiang Realm. Purely from its name, this probably was a place where soul teachers congregated.

“Yes, speaking of which, Brother Chu, why do you care so much about them? Have you taken a fancy for the sister?” Teng Lang raised his brows with great interest as he continued to speak.

“Brother Chu, don’t blame me for dealing you a blow. According to what I know, the person Ye Qingzi likes is Chu Mu. You probably know Chu Mu. The epic young man who called over the dominator rank Empyrean Cyan Hidden Dragon, defeated Half Devil Bai Yu and saved Tianxia City. If he is still alive, I’m not sure there are many people in this world who are his opponent. He is an ultra grade abnormal person who can transform himself into a half devil. Although I know that you are abnormal, it’s probably best if you take it easy if you are going to fight with him over a woman.” 

“...” Chu Mu was instantly rendered speechless. Holy moly…

Since he couldn’t explain it, Chu Mu couldn’t be bothered to try. Given that Ye Qingzi had gone towards Spirit City, his next destination would be Spirit City. Chu Mu had a tear crystal left that belonged to her. 

Finally, Mo Ling brought the huge army and retreated. 

The party in Snow City finally reached a calm. After recovering a few days after the battle, Chu Mu received the letter Senior Elder Liu gave him.

In the letter, this old man was extremely excited and moved at Chu Mu’s awakening. He also approved of Chu Mu’s low key unpublicized identity. After all, it wasn’t the right time to declare war with Soul Alliance yet. Chu Mu needed to raise his soul pets’ strengths. 

Additionally, Senior Elder Liu informed Chu Mu that in the year Chu Mu remained as a devil, Liu Binglan went herself to the Overgrown Forbidden Region to search for the Worldly Immortal Ice...

Therefore, she still didn’t know that Chu Mu had used the Monument Tears to refine his soul. 

After obtaining this news, Chu Mu felt a wave of emotions and pain in his heart. His mother probably understood that Worldly Immortal Ice could not awaken him from his devil transformation. Chu Mu thus knew that her going alone this time meant that her state of mind must be at an extremely low point. It was so low that she had even gone to search for the Worldly Immortal Cie in order to trick herself into believing. 

From where he was, the Overgrown Forbidden Region was very far away. Chu Mu could not go there. Senior Elder Liu mentioned that she would not be in any danger. Presumably, after she returned and learned that he had already awakened, her mood would instantly turn for the better.

Chu Mu didn’t stay too long in Snow City. After the situation in Snow City stabilized, Chu Mu said goodbye to the spirit emperors of the three great palaces. He brought Ning Maner and the ten White Nightmares that had achieved great merit and began to walk towards Spirit City in the distant east...

En route, Chu Mu planned on raising the strength of the Ghost King and Devil Tree Battle Soldier. He didn’t want to have them fall behind too much. 

“Brother Chu, have a safe journey. There will be a day in the future when you will make the two dreams of men come true!” before he left, Teng Lang’s licentious words reverberated in Chu Mu’s ears… 

To the west of the distant Prisoner Island was the endless Eternal Ocean. 

If this ocean was compared to the boundless night sky, then the unorderly islands in the ocean were like the stars that filled the sky; it was difficult to count how many there were.   

The westernmost Nightmare Island controlled by Nightmare Palace was Prison Island. Yet, even this island didn’t even enter 1/10,000th of the ocean region! 

The ocean was calm and was a deep green color. The edge of the ocean bordered the cloudy sky.   

On this ocean, a completely black colored sleek creature with a long white tail stepped on the water as if it was walking on land.

In comparison with the blue sky and ocean, this black figure was extremely tiny. Everywhere it looked, it could not see any islands or continents.

It stepped on the water and silently progressed. It was like a solitary nomad that was aimlessly travelling… 

In the boundless ocean, this night soul pet seemed like it has lost its way. 

In the past year, it had followed Old Li’s instructions and found a total of four demon homes. Its nomadic demon bloodline had also allowed it to reach the low class emperor rank. 

However, none of those were its destination. It knew that in this boundless ocean region, there was an island that resembled a continent and on this island habited the most enigmatic and powerful demons. This was a true demon’s home and a paradise in the hearts of all demons. 

To reach this destination, it had spent countless days and nights walking on the ocean. It had traveled under the night sky purely in search of the fantasy-like Sukhavati.

Under the night sky, there wasn’t a ripple in the ocean. It perfectly reflected the clean night sky and the stars. The night sky seemed connected with the ocean. They were difficult to discern from one another.

At this time, Night’s figure was completely camouflaged in between the ocean and sky. Only its white tail was visible as it wandered alone in the darkness… 


Suddenly, Night let out an excited cry!

At the end of the ocean which reflected the night sky, a hazy night fog had appeared, and it was covering countless reefs.  

The appearance of reefs and of the night fog meant that an island or continent had appeared!

No matter if it was the paradise it was in search for, being able to find an island wrapped in fog meant that there was a high chance it was a demon’s home!

Night began to run along the water, forming perfectly round ripples on the starry drawing. 

Night passed through the reefs and lithely descended on the night fog island. 

Its black pupils surveyed the surroundings and it quickly discovered pairs of hostile eyes flickering in the outskirts of the rainforest on the island! 

“Si si~~~~~~~~”

“Hu hu hu hu~~~~~~~”

Night cries from demons rang out as if they were demonstrating their might against this intruder. 

Night stood there, and its black eyes swept across the ten pairs of demon eyes slowly lighting up. 

It knew that each nomadic demon that reached every demon home had to undergo a test. This test was to defeat the native residents that did not welcome nomads!    

In the Eternal Ocean truthfully existed an enormous demon empire. This was something Night had learned after travelling to four demon tribes and families. 

The islands wrapped in fog and continents covered in jungle that scattered this ocean region formed different sized communities and tribes. These communities and tribes were all united by this demon empire. 

However, even the experienced nomadic demons did not know where the “Demonic Burial Mound” of this demon empire was. Night had ceaselessly wandered, ceaselessly searched, talked with other demons and assimilated various legends about the demon empire and Demonic Burial Mound.  

Of course,the most direct way to get to know another demon was through the honor of strength!

If an outsider wandering demon wanted to be received by demon tribes had to have strength they approved of! 

This time, the demon home Night had entered was far stronger than the previous demon homes. These demons patrolling the outskirts of the territory were all at the commander rank. Presumably in the middle part of the island would be monarch rank demons and in the inner part of the island would be demon emperors!

Night required demon aura to raise its strength and demon homes would not easily give the aura over to foreign demons.

Therefore, when it entered a demon family, this didn't mean that Night had found a home, instead it meant that it would unceasingly be challenged by native demons until it obtained the approval of the tribe’s leader! 

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