Chapter 822: Night’s Search, Demon Paradise

A true Forgiven Fox!

The Seven Sins Fox Thunder Monarch was a dominator rank creature that controlled the thunder and lightning in the sky. Chu Mu could even imagine the purple godly figure of a Forgiven Fox manipulating thunder and lightning! 

“North of the Great Demon Lake, Demon Realm.” Chu Mu remembered the name of this place where extremely few people had stepped foot on. 

 There would be a day when Chu Mu would step into this demonic realm and bring Mo Xie to meet that Seven Sins Fox Thunder Monarch! 

“You strength will threaten a few people. You should be a bit more lowkey.” said Mu Qingyi.

In truth, even Mu Qingyi found it difficult to imagine that he would step into the peak emperor rank so quickly! 

With a peak emperor, he had truly stepped into the ranks of peak experts. If Chu Mu stood with the three great factions, Soul Alliance’s experts probably wouldn’t let this soul pet trainer which such potential continue to grow. 

Mu Qingyi only said these few words, but didn’t say anymore. Chu Mu also knew that Mu Qingyi had good intentions. After saying thank you, he returned to the slowly dancing crowd. 

“Your Majesty,...

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