Chapter 821: Party on a Snowy Night!

Mu Qingyi took action to ensure Mo Ling could retreat, but when Qin Wu was being chased by the White Nightmares, Mu Qingyi didn’t even glance at him.

Of the Sixteen Absolutes, there were three notorious ones. Martial Absolute Qin Wu was ranked second, so even though Qin Wu constantly cried to her for help as he fled, Mu Qingyi didn’t do anything.

In the past, something happened where one of Mu Qingyi’s female disciples was killed. Due to her sentiment for Soul Alliance, Mu Qingyi hadn’t killed Qin Wu. After all, there was no concrete evidence. Although this happened many years ago, Mu Qingyi still held a grudge. Now that he was being pursued by White Nightmares, why would she save him?! 

After Mo Ling angrily left the snowy plains, a series of victory cried erupted on the snowy earth.

The three great palace’s members happily embraced one another and their bloody soul pets!!

The support soul pet trainers were also so happy that they forgot to heal people and soul pets. It wasn’t until the first wave of excitement passed that they rushed around the army to heal the soul pets with heavier wounds. 

Standing on...

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