Chapter 821: Party on a Snowy Night!

Mu Qingyi took action to ensure Mo Ling could retreat, but when Qin Wu was being chased by the White Nightmares, Mu Qingyi didn’t even glance at him.

Of the Sixteen Absolutes, there were three notorious ones. Martial Absolute Qin Wu was ranked second, so even though Qin Wu constantly cried to her for help as he fled, Mu Qingyi didn’t do anything.

In the past, something happened where one of Mu Qingyi’s female disciples was killed. Due to her sentiment for Soul Alliance, Mu Qingyi hadn’t killed Qin Wu. After all, there was no concrete evidence. Although this happened many years ago, Mu Qingyi still held a grudge. Now that he was being pursued by White Nightmares, why would she save him?! 

After Mo Ling angrily left the snowy plains, a series of victory cried erupted on the snowy earth.

The three great palace’s members happily embraced one another and their bloody soul pets!!

The support soul pet trainers were also so happy that they forgot to heal people and soul pets. It wasn’t until the first wave of excitement passed that they rushed around the army to heal the soul pets with heavier wounds. 

Standing on the blood dyed snow and watching the Snow City people celebrate with emotional tears, Chu Mu wore a gratified smile. 

He didn’t know when, but at some point he came to see Soul Palace as his place of belonging. Soul Palace was able to exist during dark times and bring a sliver of light. To Chu Mu, this sliver of light was like a breaking dawn that made him feel warm. 

However, the difference in strength between the three great palaces and Soul Alliance was still too large. The Fourth Hero, Mo Ling, alone, was unable to deal with several senior elders and elders… 

The other three Heroes were definitely stronger. If they truly wanted to win, they needed people that could deal with Soul Alliance’s Four Heroes. They needed people that could stop the Soul Alliance Alliance Master which sat high above and even now nobody had seen take action! 

“Brother Chu!’ Teng Lang was all smiles as he ran over to Chu Mu. His big hand slapped Chu Mu’s shoulder, and he loudly laughed for a while. 

Chu Mu looked at this slightly nervous fellow. Indeed, Chu Mu knew that as Soul Palace’s Third Young Master and Snow City’s successor, there was nobody who cared more about this fight than him. When this fellow was laughing, the corner of his eyes were shimmering. 

Teng Lang tried to be brave, and didn’t want to let another man see him cry due to his emotions. Thus, he let out as loud of a laugh as possible. He thought he could hide it well. 

“If you want to cry, go to your dad and cry on each other’s shoulder. He should be of the same state of mind as you…” Chu Mu saw this fellow trying to be brave and forced a smile. 

“I, Teng Lang, owe you again.” Teng Lang slowly put away his smile, and earnestly spoke to Chu Mu.

“Ok.” Chu Mu nodded his head, not saying anything more. 

Teng Jiangfeng didn’t have everyone stay here for too long. After all, there was still another large legion a few tens of kilometers away. If Mo Ling went back on his words and brought the army over, their lives would be in danger. 

As the city lord, Teng Jiangfeng was very careful, and didn’t lose his mind from the victory. Indeed, Mo Ling really did plan on this!

En route back, the three great palace’s army was ten kilometers away from the city to welcome the members who participated in the decisive battle back to Snow City. 

After returning to Snow City, the city was in another uproar!! 

This defending fight had been too difficult. The ultimate winners were not only the three great palaces but also the Snow City residences that were used to the three great palace’s existence. 

That night, Mu Qingyi appeared in Snow City. According to her promise, if Soul Alliance dared think about attacking Snow City, she would take action to drive them away.

With the war goddess defending the city, the three great palaces naturally were not afraid of Soul Alliance’s counter attack. Therefore, they spent the snowy night celebrating. The celebrations were extraordinary, even more joyous than the annual snow festival! 

The celebrations took place in the central plaza. Jars of wine were laid row upon row. It was rich and tasty. Cup after cup was poured into people’s throats and then there were sounds of carefree and happy laughter! 

There was fresh food everywhere. This was demonstrated prominently by a golden roast lamb high up at the center. This roast lamb was ten meters and was Snow City’s most well known Snow Lamb. It was the most tasty food for both humans and soul pets. Before it was fully cooked, the people around it were already embarrassingly swallowing their saliva.

Pleasant songs could be heard and the voices of the pretty young women of Snow City were soft and enjoined. While one lay back drunk in their chairs, eyes closed and recovering, their voices would enter their ears as they fell into a beautiful sleep… 

In the central plaza in various locations were also dancing women. Their movements were as lithe as butterflies and silently watching them was an enchanting pleasure. 

Of course, at an occasion like this, there were no shortage of soul pets that liked to eat! 

Although soul pets could be fed with soul cores and soul crystals, human delicacies were extremely enticing to soul pets. It was said that an effective way of successfully signing a soul pact with a soul pet was using delicacies to lure them over! 

Larger soul pets naturally could not all appear in the central plaza. Thus, their foods were placed along the streets in all directions. Most of them were delicious roast Snow Lambs. 

However, different soul pets ate different things. The chefs understood this very well, so they specially cooked food of different attributes… 

Soul pets could often be seen surrounding chefs in charge of making specific food. People could also see and smile as a large Snow Lamb that had been roasted for half a day was divided up by these wild fellows before looking at the chef himself… 

There were also a few drunk soul pets that were staggering around a spacious street or in a huge slumber. They didn’t consider at all whether their bodies were occupying the entire street. Other soul pets had no choice but to climb over these fellow’s stomachs. 


“What a cute little fellow. Whose soul pet is this?” a few beautiful and enchanting women pointed at a small silver fox with excited expressions. 

This small fox’s head was down, and it was nibbling on a delicious fire fruit. Its body was small and adorable. Nine mini tails waved around. When they looked at it, the young womens’ eyes were all twinkling as they all thought of picking it up and playing with it. 


The small fellow didn’t seem to enjoy other people disturbing it as it ate. Impatiently, it grabbed a few fire fruits, and its body disappeared as if it had teleported. It disappeared from the eyes of the women, causing them to search a long time for it. However, they were unable to find it until a while later, the extremely captivating small fox was found on the shoulders of a black-dressed man. 

“I’ve seen that person before. He’s Chu Fangchen!” said one of the women. 

“Who is Chu Fangchen?” said a muddle-headed rather young woman. 

“Are you stupid? He was the spirit master army’s commander. Before the banquet started the city lord read out the names of people who had outstanding merit. He was one of them. I’ve heard he is also a high class emperor rank soul pet trainer!” 

“High class emperor rank? How is that possible? He only looks about 20. Everyone in our Snow City that has reached the high class emperor rank are all old… however, he’s very handsome!” the girl clearly wasn’t too believing. 

Basically, to these girls without any experience who were joking around about that boy’s appearance, ranking wasn’t important. 

They were only the kin of some official member of the three great factions and did not understand everything about higher levels. Nor had they pursued the soul pet trainer path; thus they did not know what Chu Fangchen being a high class emperor meant. 

However, most of the people in the central plaza were soul pet trainers and those that knew Chu Mu had a peak emperor rank soul pet were not just in admiration of him. Instead, they were truly reverent and in awe of him! 

Only, Chu Mu was rather low key, and didn’t let the higher ups flaunt the fact that he had stepped into the peak emperor rank. 

Stepping into the peak emperor rank wasn’t some secret, but Chu Mu felt that if there was too much attention on him, some smart person would be able to link him with Tianxia City’s Chu Mu.

Chu Mu still had another identity as Tianxia Realm’s Realm King. A small number of higher ups knowing that he had a peak emperor wasn’t too much of a problem; in any case, would come into contact with them. However, if too many people knew, it was hard to prevent people familiar with him from discovering he had too many similarities with Tianxia Realm’s king. This would be huge trouble if he was exposed. 

“Chu Fangchen, Her Majesty would like to see you.” 

Chu Mu was being surrounded by Zhuo Wan and a group of women when Mu Qingyi’s servant coldly walked over and inharmoniously spoke to him. 

“What’s the matter?” Chu Mu asked curiously. 

“You’ll know if you go.” the servant turned around and left, ignoring whether Chu Mu followed. 

The moment the servant left, Zhuo Wan and the other women immediately began to heckle him, saying anything and everything. After all, the person who wanted to see Chu Mu was the unattainable war goddess. 

Zhuo wan and the others hadn’t forgotten that mighty white colored devil tiger, the Crown Phoenix King that was capable of suppressing the whole battlefield as well as the woman standing high in the air, free of the mundane. In their hearts, the image of the Heavenly Concubine was indeed like a female goddess. She was esoteric and so powerful that she could ignore everything. 

Chu Mu, with great difficulty, managed to free himself from these clamoring female soul pet trainers and walked to the spring at the very center of the central plaza. 

At the spring, Mu Qingyi was standing with her hands beside her. She was incompatible with this party banquet. Her figure was graceful and beautiful, causing Chu Mu, who had a few too many drinks, to slightly lose focus. 

“Your Majesty.” Chu Mu couldn’t call her name, so he lowered his head respectfully, and didn’t do anything extra. 

“Even further north of the northern forbidden region’s Great Demon Lake is a demon realm. Inside this demon realm, the king is a Seven Sins Fox, Thunder Monarch. If you have the chance, you should go there. Perhaps you’ll find the method to be ultimately forgiven.” Mu Qingyi continued to have her back to him as she spoke. 

“Demon realm!” Chu Mu was astonished. 

"That Seven Sins Fox Thunder Monarch’s strength…” Chu Mu continued to ask.

“Dominator rank.” calmly replied Mu Qingyi. 

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