Chapter 820: Victory!!

Qin Wu escaped, causing the two top tier White Nightmares to become undefeatable killing devils on the battlefield!

Their vicious eyes always locked onto singled out high class emperor ranks. Every time they casted displacement specter, their pale white devil flames would soon follow and destroy its enemy’s soul, evily reaping away all their lives!

The two top tier emperor rank White Nightmares caused the high class emperor ranks to all be terrified. Unable to do anything else, Mo Ling forcefully repositioned one of his main soul pets to restrict the two of them.

Mo Ling repositioning that soul pet meant that his Tai Mountain Giant would face immense pressure!

Tai Mountain Giant didn’t reach truly dominator rank yet. Under the combined attacks of forty top tier emperor ranks, Mo Ling’s Tai Mountain Giant’s maximum capacity was four top tier emperor ranks and five high class emperor ranks. Now that one of his main soul pets moved away, Tai Mountain Giant had to face four top tier emperor ranks and 20 high class emperor ranks!

The Tai Mountain Giant had immense defense. Its tall and upright body was like a moving mountain!

This truly was a powerful soul pet that was able to truly dominate a war. Not counting the war goddess’s crown phoenix king, most soul pet trainers present probably were witnessing such a powerful organism for the first time!

Chu Mu watched the high mountain giant from afar. Four top tier emperor ranks, 20 high class emperor ranks, this was a powerful formation, yet it was all to defeat this one soul pet!

Chu Mu’s ghost Monarch King was also of the giant species. If Ghost Monarch could reach that level too…...

Powerful opponents were, in the end, undeniably important. This last of the four heroes, Mo Ling, was powerful!

However, no matter how powerful Mo Ling is, as the soul alliance middle and high class emperors were slowly all killed, Mo Ling had to withstand even greater pressure!

Very quickly, even elder Jiang joined the list of people attacking Mo Ling!

Elder Jiang had two top tier emperor ranks. These top tier emperor ranks’ devil flames could definitely cause great damage to Tai Mountain Giant!

Indeed, after elder Jiang’s two White Nightmares joined the ranks, Mo Ling’s Tai Mountain Giant finally showed signs of being affected!

“Ao!!!!! Oh!!!!”

The Tai Mountain Giant roared angrily, its massive arm frenziedly waving towards the ground. Immediately, many rock mountains created a large barrier that blocked the senior elders’ top tier emperor ranks outside!

The next moment, on the other side of the mountain, blood flew outwards. The three elders’ high class emperor ranks didn’t have enough time to get away and was hit by the Tai Mountain Giant’s arm, sending blood flying everywhere!!!

Chu Mu watched the Tai Mountain Giant truly reign terror upon all, able to kill high class emperor ranks even while being suppressed by so many other soul pets!!

“Mo Xie, let’s try fighting it!” Seeing the Tai Mountain Giant roam the battlefield, Chu Mu’s competitive nature was ignited!!


Mo Xie casted nine tail confusion and instantly left its current fight, appearing by Chu Mu’s side.

Chu Mu jumped onto Mo Xie’s back. Mo Xie let out a foxcall and relied on its extreme demon speed to speed through the battleground and appear under the Tai Mountain Giant’s massive feet!

Compared to the Tai Mountain Giant’s figure, Mo Xie was indeed infinitesimal; even the Tai Mountain Giant’s foot was longer than mo Xie!

“Seven sin fox, humph, know your place!!” standing on the Tai Mountain Giant’s shoulder, Mo Ling’s cold pupils noticed Chu Mu on his seven sin fox!

Before the final battle, Mo Ling didn't know who Chu Fangchen was, yet after this battle, Mo Ling had much resentment for this young soul pet trainer. In fact, he had a strange feeling that these White Nightmares that mysteriously appeared was because of this young man too!

“Kill him!” Mo Ling locked onto Chu Mu with his soul remembrance and commanded Tai Mountain Giant!

Tai Mountain Giant looked directly downwards at the sin fox, and suddenly lifted its massive foot in an attempt to trample everything around it!!

Tai Mountain Giant’s trample didn’t step right onto the sin fox, instead creating a massive circular rock barrier in the nearby kilometer!!

This rock barrier was near a thousand meters tall. Inside it, one could only see a small part of the sky, as if one was in a deep abyss!

This rock barrier was to trap Mo Xie inside!!


Suddenly, Tai Mountain Giant gave up on all its other defenses and suddenly bent down, opening its palm to slam downwards!!

The palm grew massively and became a large shadow that shrouded the barrier. Falling from above, Mo Xie couldn’t dodge anywhere!!!

When this rock palm fell, even top tier emperor ranks will get smeared to pieces!!!

“Chu Fangchen, run in my direction!” At this moment, Teng Jiangfeng’s mental voice came to Chu Mu’s mind.

Chu Mu didn’t hesitate at all, telling Mo Xie to run towards Teng Jiangfeng’s direction!!

Mo Xie was incredibly fast. Just as the rocky palm was about to block off all escape, she appeared by the barrier!

The giant palm immediately blocked off all light, and Chu Mu felt the immense pressure above him!!


Just as the large palm was a hundred meters from him, the rock barrier was suddenly broken apart by an outside force!

Mo Xie didn’t dare to hesitate. Before the rock barrier was completely cleared, her body burned with red flames and she ran outwards!


The next moment, a giant palm fell down!!

The ground shook violently, as a massive palm imprint appeared within the confines of the rock barrier, sinking countless meters downwards!

At the same time, inside the collapsing rock barrier, Mo Xie’s red shadow agilely darted through the barrier and sped up, escaping the aftershocks of the slam!


Running a dozen kilometers out, Mo Xie finally dared to turn around. She looked at the remnants of the Tai Mountain Giant’s attack, and let out a small grumble.

“So close, this Tai Mountain Giant isn’t easy to deal with!” Chu Mu realized he was too rash, and started keeping his distance with the Tai Mountain Giant!

Of course, Chu Mu’s bait wasn’t useless. As the Tai Mountain Giant attacked Mo Xie, a large group of high class and top tier emperor ranks fell on Tai Mountain Giant’s body. The Tai Mountain Giant’s outer rock skin was already clearly cracking apart. Elder Jiang’s two White Nightmares’ devil flames even darted through this cracked defense and into the inner workings of the Tai Mountain Giant!!

Chu Mu no longer acted rashly. A dozen kilometers away, he told Mo Xie to cast inferno monarch fire type techniques at the Tai Mountain Giant!

The Tai Mountain Giant was massive. Mo Xie didn’t need to lock on. When red flames completely covered its body, Mo Xie’s nine tails whipped out heavily!

Immediately, nine beautiful red flame dragons flew through the skies and towards Tai Mountain Giant’s body!!

“Mo Ling, you can stop!”

In the skies, knowing soul alliance was facing imminent loss, heavenly concubine Mu Qingyi used soul remembrance to say to mo ling.

“Your majesty, are you just going to watch?” Mo Ling said angrily!

Mo Ling knew very well that the fight was slowly going towards defeat.

However, Mo Ling truly wasn’t satisfied!!

Snow City was so close to being his, and the victory belonged to him, yet everything changed too quickly!

Three top tier emperor rank White Nightmares and seven high class emperor rank White Nightmares as well as the saving grace mutation that created a top tier emperor rank sin fox. All of these things shouldn’t have appeared, yet they all happened as he was about to get snow city. How could Mo Ling be satisfied?

“I’ve already said I won’t participate in the war between the two factions. Stop before you truly hurt yourself permanently…..” Mu Qingyi said.

“As a heavenly concubine, staying so neutral, what qualifies you to hold such an important position in soul alliance?” Mo Ling was furious, starting to point fingers despite their status difference!

“I’ll understand that as a slight against in my job. If you have any complaints about how I act, please present it to the soul alliance master.” Mu Qingyi’s tone instantly changed.

She simply warned Mo Ling as a fellow soul alliance member, not wanting him to get hurt and lose a soul pet.

Yet, Mo Ling didn't listen and instead turned around to accuse her. This caused Mu Qingyi to be very discontent. She had another meaning within her words, which was if Mo Ling was instead complaining about her as a person, she would accept any challenge because she wasn’t afraid of Mo Ling.

“I don’t dare.” Mo Ling said coldly. Though he didn’t dare offend her, he definitely had a lot of resentment built up!

“You two, bring Mo Ling away.” Mu Qingyi glanced at Fang Wu and Tie Xing beside her and said lightly.

Fang Wu and Tie Xing were respectively eight desolation and sixteen absolute. If they joined the battle, the fight would definitely be a victory for soul alliance.

However, Mu Qingyi only allowed them to interfere now to ensure Mo Ling left safely. They can’t possibly change the battle anymore. After all, the terrifying Nightmare Conqueror already killed Qin Wu and returned the battle.

On the battlefield, Chu Mu quickly noticed that Fang Wu and Tie Xing came from above representing soul alliance!

He lifted his head and watched Mu Qingyi, not knowing why this woman was going against her word at the last moment.

Yet, after seeing Fang Wu and Tie Xing protecting Mo Ling retreat, Chu Mu was no longer confused.

Mu Qingyi decided the ownership of Snow City using the final battle. This was obviously in favor of Soul Alliance. After all, without Chu Mu and the ten Nightmares, three palaces couldn’t have possibly won against Mo Ling and his spirit emperors.

In the final battle, Mu Qingyi even restricted Fang Wu and Tie Xing, somewhat alleviating the three palaces’ disadvantage and created a semblance of fairness.

Now, she was simply telling the two women to participate simply to help soul alliance army to retreat!

Killing Mo Ling wasn’t an easy task. Able to get rid of Qin Wu as one of sixteen absolutes and win the final battle was already an achievement.

Heavenly concubine telling Mo Ling to stop was good for both sides. First, no one on the three palace side could keep Mo Ling from leaving. If they continued to fight, there will still be high class emperor rank deaths. Those were incredibly bad for three palace. However, if Mo Ling stayed, the three palace will definitely put in their all to keep Mo Ling’s other main soul pets from staying alive!

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