Chapter 820: Victory!!

Qin Wu escaped, causing the two top tier White Nightmares to become undefeatable killing devils on the battlefield!

Their vicious eyes always locked onto singled out high class emperor ranks. Every time they casted displacement specter, their pale white devil flames would soon follow and destroy its enemy’s soul, evily reaping away all their lives!

The two top tier emperor rank White Nightmares caused the high class emperor ranks to all be terrified. Unable to do anything else, Mo Ling forcefully repositioned one of his main soul pets to restrict the two of them.

Mo Ling repositioning that soul pet meant that his Tai Mountain Giant would face immense pressure!

Tai Mountain Giant didn’t reach truly dominator rank yet. Under the combined attacks of forty top tier emperor ranks, Mo Ling’s Tai Mountain Giant’s maximum capacity was four top tier emperor ranks and five high class emperor ranks. Now that one of his main soul pets moved away, Tai Mountain Giant had to face four top tier emperor ranks and 20 high class emperor ranks!

The Tai Mountain Giant had...

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