Book 2 Chapter 82 - Jia Region Fight

Chapter 82: Jia Region Fight

“During tonight’s meal, the second son of the city lord, Jia Feng, will inevitably express a wish to fight you. You must prepare to receive the fight the day after tomorrow.” said Princess Jin Rou.

“Yes.” nodded Chu Mu.

Princess Jin Rou didn’t say anything further. She always had a rather melancholy pair of pupils, and she stared at the proud and aloof white colored autumn plums blossoming next to the pondside. She entered her pondering state again.

Chu Mu returned to his original position, where he was leaning on the table. Unless the princess left first, he could not leave. He could only accompany her here as she stared blankly ahead...


An unknown period of time had passed when, not too far from the courtyard, came the ice cold voice of a guard.

“The city lord’s second son, Jia Feng, requests to see you.”

The princess’ train of thought was cut off. Carrying a bit of indolence, she nodded her head, but didn’t even glance at Jia Feng.

Chu Mu looked over and, in one glance, saw a combed elegant hairstyle on the young man. He was wearing gaily-colored clothing as he stood there. His eyes surveyed the place, and he impatiently seemed to be want to see the princess.

The princess nodded her head, and the guards naturally let him pass. Jia Feng was clearly eager to see the princess, yet he still assumed a methodically arranged airs. He strolled onto the steps of the courtyard and knocked his two hands on an exquisite case that was holding things, as if he was going to gift it.

“I pay respects to the princess.” Jia Feng cupped the beautiful case in his hands as he knelt down.

“Stand up.” Princess Jin Rou still hadn’t turned around and indifferently replied.

Seeing that he still hadn’t attracted the princess’ interest, Jia Feng’s expression clearly drooped a bit. However, he still maintained a calm and composed smile. Using a refined voice, he said: “This is a honey pastry that i, Jia Feng. specially had the head chef prepare before coming to the princess’. I invite the princess to try it…”

“Put it down.” Jin Kui saw that the princess didn’t want to speak, and she spoke in a tone that wasn’t either cold or friendly.

Jia Feng’s expression stiffened once more. Evidently, he felt a bit embarrassed; after all, the princess hadn’t even looked at him...

“Princess, the matter Jia Feng previously mentioned. What does the princess think about it…” Jia Feng naturally could not leave in such a vapid manner, and he immediately glanced at the indifferent Chu Mu standing next to the princess as he spoke.

“Nightmare Prince Chu has already agreed. You guys can prepare.” responded Jin Kui.

“That’s good. However, my soul pets are a bit unruly and hard to tame. If my soul pets were to deal a bit of damage to the princess’ guard, I still hope that the princess can understand.” said Jia Feng. In this world, only those with strength could receive the attention of others. Jia Feng’s words were naturally to illustrate his own self-confidence, even if his opponent was the Prison Island King whose reputation had soared.

“That’s of no matter. As long as the wounds don’t take his life, it’s fine.” indifferently replied Princess Jin Rou.

Jia Feng opened his mouth, wanting to say something further. Nonetheless, when he saw the princess’ water-like tranquil expression, for a moment, he didn’t know what to say. He stood there for half a day and still wasn’t able to say anything. Finally, he could only sullenly ask to be excused. Of course, before he left, JIa Feng didn’t forget to give Chu Mu a glance. This glance contained an extremely provocative intent.

Chu Mu was perhaps also infected by Princess Jin Rou’s sullen temperament, and he thought of many things in the past. Therefore, he didn’t even take note of Jia Feng’s glance.

Not being payed attention to like this, to Jia Feng, was definitely interpreted as being ignored. Yet, Jia Feng felt that being ignored by the princess was only proper, but being ignored by his opponent would definitely ruin his mood. Therefore, he wore a bit of a sneer as he left.

That being said, even if Chu Mu had noticed Jia Feng’s glance, he probably would have ignored it anyways. It wasn’t much different from the matters in his past memories.

No long after Jia Feng left, Princess Jin Rou finally gradually recovered. She had Jin Kui open the box of food. Then she faintly chanted an incantation, and she summoned a dainty nimble furry soul pet. As if nothing had happened, she carefully fed it to the fox species soul pet that was somewhat similar to Chu Mu’s Mo Xie.


“The sixth rank full form offensive soul equipment was originally supposed to be conferred to you as a gift. Since you already bought it yourself, then next time when there’s a chance, I’ll confer you something else…” as the princess was going to bed, she insipidly spoke to Chu Mu.

“......” Chu Mu could only remain silent.

Watching the graceful and moving figure slowly leave, Chu Mu’s heart was somewhat stirred. On one hand, he felt that the good emotions he had towards this woman changed slightly. On the other hand, he was moved by the lavishness of this princess.

A soul equipment nearly worth ten thousand gold coins was unexpectedly so calmly given away; moreover, it was very likely that when all the guards met up, they were each gifted a soul equipment of this value. This was equivalent to presenting goods worth 60 million gold coins. Clearly, this indicated that Chu Mu, who had a difficult time accumulating assets of 10 million, had a definite difference.


Although he knew that there was still a large gap between truly reaching the realm which the princess’ resided in, Chu Mu wouldn’t harbor rueful feelings of being too far behind.

It had only been four years since Chu Mu truly started to tame soul pets. Furthermore, being in possession of soul pets with such ample potential, there would definitely be a day when he stood at her level or perhaps an even higher realm.


The most prevalent thing amongst the younger generation were appointed battles and challenges. No matter what region it was, fights between soul pet trainers would ceaselessly go on. Soul pet trainers of different ranks and realms would pit themselves against each other as far as the eye could see...

Of course, the thing that received the most attention, aside from the high intensity fights between the reputable experts, were the fights between peak young experts.

Experts from the young generation required tempering; if they could not temper themselves in the wild, then they would have to frequently challenge other soul pet trainers. Using this ceaseless slew of fights, they could quickly increase the strength of their soul pets.

As the soul pet trainer’s age and experience increased, many of them would travel everywhere and represent their various different hometowns. This would precipitate exceptional chaos, so they each represented a relatively strong personal viewpoint in their fights; at the same time, they wouldn’t fight at random.

However, the younger generation was different. They were young, and they required tempering. Fights were the most frequent domain, and they would always represent one position or a region. Therefore, the fights between them would often become representative of a fight between different factions or regions.

In such a way, fights between the younger generation received even more people’s attention. Moreover, fights between peak young experts frequently attracted a large craze.

When the Prison Island King Chu Mu appeared in Jia City, many people began to guess whether the young experts from the Great Jia Family would let sparks fly between them and Chu Mu.

As expected, without any surprise, the news of the fight spread around. The person who challenged Prison Island King Chu Mu happened to be the person in Jia Region with an extremely high reputation, Jia Feng!

Jia Feng’s reputation wasn’t any lower than the Luo Region Nightmare Prince, Yang Luosen. He was known in various different regions by many people. This included the Luo Region, which would frequently hear news of this fellow defeating some young expert.

Chu Mu had disappeared for four years. In the past, he would occasionally hear of some inspirational news of an expert. These people had pretty much all been forgotten by Chu Mu now. Being disconnected from the world for four years, countless young experts like Jia Feng had risen abruptly during this time. Chu Mu had never heard of him before, and his name had probably gradually proliferated over these four years.

At the very beginning, Chu Mu was rather envious of the young expert fights that could become preached by an entire region, or even a number of regions. Unknowingly, Chu Mu himself had stepped into that domain. Additionally, the effect he caused seemed to even be above those young experts in the past who he could only look up at. This also made Chu Mu feel somewhat grateful. Just imagine if Chu Tiancheng, in some place, were to hear from other people of the news about him; he wondered how excited he would be.

Of course, Chu Mu from a very early time knew that his father wasn’t just some nameless person stuck in the snail’s home of Gangluo City. Perhaps Chu Tiancheng wasn’t even his real name. Therefore, Chu Mu still had to continue walking his path. He had to walk until he reached the “Soul Alliance Prohibition” realm.


Fights would always make the blood of others boil, especially when it was between the younger generation with limitless potential. The crowd would give exclamations in admiration. When the day of the fight between the Prison Island King Chu Mu and the Jia Family’s Jia Feng arrived, outside of Jia City’s most luxurious River Field Battlefield, there were already people making a racket...

As an eighth ranked city, the spectators area outside of Gangluo City’s largest battlefield could only hold about 10,000 people. As a tenth rank city, Jia City’s most luxurious battlefield was incomparably magnificent and impressive!

One of the most unique aspects of the Jia City was the sole river field lying within this vast field. The river field ran perfectly straight from an area of high terrain downwards, diagonally passing through the entire Jia City.

As for the River Field Battlefield, it happened to be constructed on the most rapid and surging location of the river!

This untrammeled river was one hundred meters wide. If one were to ride a boat with the current, under the rapids in the flow of the river, one would only require a few minutes before passing through the River Field Battlefield.

This was merely only the width of the River Field Battlefield. On either side of the river field happened to be two sloppily constructed topographies. By doing so, this battlefield was built on the basis of grandeur. Even though it was inside Jia City, it was just as if it was in the countryside, where the horizon was vast and one could gallop along on his or her soul pet.

The weather of the field was originally extremely sunny. However, today was different. There was no longer an azure sky with not a cloud in sight. Instead, unwittingly, it was being covered by a black and imposing layer of clouds.

The black clouds were very high and, looking up, it wouldn’t give others a feeling of constraint. Rather, in such a vast battlefield, it created a bitingly cold gale through the field that whistled against the rushing river of water!

“Nightmare Prince Chu, most recently, these few regions have heard the most news about you. In such a short period of time, those able to precipitate the knowledge of the name Nightmare Prince Chu in these few regions number very few within my Jia region. You truly are a genius who has covered the sky and come into being.” in the audience seats, the old aged Jia City city lord wore a smile as he praised Chu Mu.

Chu Mu obviously knew that if it wasn’t for Princess Jin Rou being present, this grand city lord of a tenth rank city presumably wouldn’t so easily speak such words. Therefore, he only nodded his head, not revealing any emotions.

“Since the princess is a visitor, then the princess shall choose the method of battle.” the Jia City city lord always wore a smile and his disposition seemed very amiable and friendly.

“The lord can pick.” indifferently said Princess Jin Rou.

During this trip, Princess Jin Rou represented the Nightmare Palace paying a visit on various regions and engaging in friendly negotiations. To speak frankly, she was bringing her own people to challenge others.

Challenging obviously adhered to the lord’s rules. This was the customary convention of various regions and Princess Jin Rou wasn’t someone who would use her status to wrest this authority away either.

“In that case, this old man will shamelessly decide the method of battle.” politely said the Jia City city lord.

“I’ve heard that because Nightmare Prince Chu lost a soul, if we are to do a three control fight, it would unavoidably put our family’s Jia Feng at an advantage. However, if we are to do a single control fight, it would lose a bit of the fervor of a fight and it also wouldn’t reflect the strength of you two younger generations. To take the middle road would be to have a dual control fight, but soul pets cannot be replaced… what does the princess think of this method of battle?” asked the Jia City city lord.

“Have Guard Chu decide.” insipidly said Princess Jin Rou as she glanced at Chu Mu.

“I don’t like fights with restrictions. Not replacing soul pets is something I can accept.” said Chu Mu, not understanding the conventions.

In reality, on Prison Island, Chu Mu had often fought against three soul opponents. In that place, there was no need to select rules; yet presently, the battles always had some form of provisions.

“Hmph, I’ve seen many conceited people before that were all ultimately trampled under my feet one by one.” sneered Jia Feng.

“Then we’ll only restrict the substitution of soul pets. After all, Nightmare Prince Chu doesn’t have that many soul pets.” said the Jia City city lord. His tone carried a trace of false politeness towards Chu Mu.

The Fight Under the Heavens didn’t have any restrictions, so fights with restrictions were definitely not something Princess Jin Rou wanted. Weak strength was just weak. When it came to the actual selection, Chu Mu wouldn’t be looked down upon by Princess Jin Rou because he lacked a soul; therefore, Chu Mu felt that there simply was no need for restrictions.

“I don’t care about replacing or not; in any case, he won’t have that chance…” arrogantly said Jia Feng. He naturally wouldn’t lose his own family’s morale amongst his own people.

“Young people are proud and arrogant. I hope princess can forgive.” the Jia City city lord immediately laughed, and he explained Jia Feng’s wild display of manners.

Princess Jin Rou merely nodded her head, not saying anything.

“Then, can the two of you enter the stage.” said the Jia City city lord.

Chu Mu ignored the overbearing Jia Feng and slowly walked towards the incomparably expansive River Field Battlefield.

Jia Feng cast a glance at the walking Chu Mu and let out a sneer. He instantly cast a Riding Air Wind on himself. His body rose into the air and swept past the towering audience seats as he faced the oncoming gale of the River Field Battlefield, flying in another direction.

Chu Mu had a limited amount of soul power, and naturally wouldn’t show off during this temporary moment, exhausting his soul power. Therefore, he had several tens of thousands of people wait a long time before he finally walked to the other side of the River Field Battlefield.

“Princess, your guard is truly calm and collected.” watching the exasperatingly slow Chu Mu walk to the battlefield, Jia Qing put on a fake smile as he spoke.

The Princess had excellent patience as she watched Chu Mu walk onto the battlefield. She faintly raised her lips, as she found that Chu Mu always had an indifferent appearance, but many of his actions would be guided by a random unruly natural instinct. No matter how he fought, he was always accustomed to his own method. He had never suffered from the influence of others and the outside world, even if there were several tens of thousands of people watching the fight.

“Princess, this guard is a bit not understanding of the rules. We should probably teach him a lesson someday.” whispered Jin Kui to Princess Jin Rou’s ear in a very tiny voice.

“Such temperament is very good.” objected Princess Jin Rou.

During The Fight Under the Heavens, it was hard to count the sheer number of spectators, or even further, the countless people with the most power and prestige sitting in important seats. If one didn’t have sufficient calmness, it was very easy to exhibit an aberration. Therefore, in Princess Jin Rou’s opinion, Chu Mu could be considered to have the “airs of an expert”.

“Summon your soul pets!” the Jia City city lord condensed his soul remembrance into a voice that rang out.

The River Field Battlefield was eminently expansive, and a voice was easily dispersed by the howling wind. Especially when there were a few tens of thousands of spectators, the fact that the Jia City city lord’s voice was heard by everyone in this expansive area was a testament to how strong his soul remembrance was!

A regular fight founded on customary conventions had it so that both soul pet trainers had to simultaneously summon their soul pets to prevent the latter summoner from summoning a direct counter.

Therefore, when the Jia City city lord’s voice drifted down, Chu Mu and Jia Feng simultaneously chanted their incantations, summoning their respective first soul pets.

Chu Mu chanted his incantation, and a scarlet colored flame gradually ignited around his body. The Demon Fire Evil Flames that ascended into the air immediately tilted against the onslaught of the violent wind. Yet, this caused the flames to look even more coarse and wild.

Six pillars of flame slowly hovered around the the pattern created by Chu Mu’s incantation. They slowly orbited downwards, ultimately orbiting under the pattern...

“Hu hu~~~~~”

Abrupt flames sprang up like a fire bursting forth!

Six magnificent tails opened up like flower petals and ,facing the biting cold caress of the howling wind, the noble, arrogant, and ostentatious Mo Xie awe-inspiringly appeared amidst the fire!

There was no need to intentionally discharge the demonic aura, as from the moment Mo Xie appeared, it proliferated outwards to her surroundings. It struck the bitingly cold plain winds into a chaotic disheveledness of disarrayed streams of air that gradually dissipated.

“A perfect warrior rank soul pet, Evil Flame Six Tailed Demon Fox!”

“Of course, it’s an Evil Flame Six Tailed Demon Fox. Its innate talent is comparable to many commander rank soul pets!

Those who had only heard of Chu Mu’s name and didn’t know about his soul pets immediately displayed a bit of shock towards the first soul pet he summoned.

As for those who knew that Chu Mu had an Evil Flame Six Tailed Demon Fox, their eyes were wide open, as they finally got to see the extremely rare Evil Flame Six Tailed Demon Fox.


At the same time that Chu Mu summoned Mo Xie, Jia Feng had finished his incantation. As the summoning pattern formed, others could clearly see pillars of purple lightning faintly flickering high above in the black sky.

The purple bolts of lightning chaotically flickered. Suddenly, a brilliant radiance detonated and, even if one was a few hundred meters away, he or she would still feel it to be a bit uncomfortable on the eyes!

“Chaotic Thunder Feather Demon!!!”

When the gaudy brilliance gradually dimmed, people astonishingly saw an enormous soul pet with muddled colored wings appear in the vast battlefield!

The sky was high in the air, and the land was a vast expanse. From far away, the Chaotic Thunder Feather Demon should have seemed rather tiny. However, when one’s eyes rested upon it, he or she was able to feel the enormous aura given off by this commander rank soul pet!

Chaotic Thunder Feather Demon: Beast World - wing type - Feather Demon species - Chaotic Feather Demon subspecies - middle class commander Rank

The Chaotic Thunder Feather Demon’s wings were like a hawks, and they were covered by incomparably sharp muddled colored feathers. It gave one the feeling of glistening dark and light and, as it swept past, it could cut everything open.

The upper part of the Chaotic Thunder Feather Demon was an enormous crane covered by glistening dark and light; its beak was like an eminently sharp sword and even there, one could see flickered bolts of lightning. Its lower body wasn’t too much different than a majority of bird-like soul pets, but its claws were terrifying black eagle claws that were as sharp as a pointed hook- it made one feel a cold shiver.

“Sixth phase seventh stage… I remember during the last fight it was only at the sixth phase fourth stage. The strength of Jia Feng’s Chaotic Thunder Feather Demon increases extremely quick. It’s probably already surpassed the strength of his sixth phase seventh stage Terror Wolf and has become Jia Feng’s second main soul pet.” discussions immediately rang out.

Jia Feng enjoyed a famous reputation in Jia City and was more or less understood by many people. As for the reason why young experts received so much attention was precisely because their increase in strength was relatively evident. Often, after a short period of time had passed, their strength would make many people feel shocked!

The River Field Battlefield’s river was 100 meters wide. There was at least 200 meters between Chu Mu and Jia Feng and, although Chu Mu wasn’t able to completely clearly see how mature the Chaotic Thunder Feather Demon was, he could feel that it was a powerful soul pet from its aura. It definitely was not comparable to a normal commander rank soul pet.

The higher he walked, the more he would encounter experts and abnormally talented soul pets. Chu Mu could be sure that the various attributes of the Chaotic Thunder Feather Demon in front of him probably surpassed many outstanding high class soul pets, and it was approaching the Monarch Rank, just like his Mo Xie.


No matter how strong the opponent was, she would always calmly face it. Furthermore, even if she were to encounter a soul pet that was a higher rank, Mo Xie would still always have an arrogant bearing!!

“Chaotic Thunder’s effects are not inferior to Demon Fire Evil Flame’s. If other attributes are strengthened, comparing attributes, there should be no difference.”

“The Chaotic Thunder Feather Demon is Jia Feng’s second main soul pet. Yet, the Evil Flame Demon Fox is Chu Mu’s strongest soul pet. Their difference should be very clear.”

Very quickly, many people began to assess the soul pets on either side.

“Let the battle begin!!!”

The Jia City city lord’s voice once more rang through the air above the River Field Battlefield!!


With a piercing and sharp shout that sounded like a clap of thunder, the Chaotic Thunder Feather Demon had suddenly let out a cry. The moment Jia Feng jumped onto its back, it immediately flapped its wings and flew high up, directly soaring above the vast area.

When the soul pets of either side were summoned, many people had discerned that under this expansive environment, the Chaotic Thunder Feather Demon, which was able to soar high in the air above the ground, definitely had an extremely large advantage. Presumably, Chu Mu would summon his second soul pet shortly, otherwise the Evil Flame Six Tailed Demon Fox which couldn’t fly simply wouldn’t be able to contend.

Chu Mu raised his head at the Chaotic Thunder Feather Demon flying across the river field and also jumped onto Mo Xie’s body. He had the extremely fast Mo Xie sprint across the expansive battlefield.


A shocking purple colored bolt of lightning suddenly cleaved the horizon, loudly descending from the black clouds high above. Shockingly, it was like a long purple colored dragon descending!!

This glistening lightning bolt could be considered to have pulled open the curtain to this Jia Region Fight!!

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