Chapter 819: Spirit alliance, Toppling Like a Mountain Falling

Chu Mu already lit the spirit master army’s fighting intent. However, Chu Mu definitely wouldn’t bring in the spirit master army into the spirit emperor army recklessly. Soul alliance still had the upper hand in the spirit emperor fight. If they got too close, a few high class emperor ranks combined could cause the entire army to fail!

“White one, lead your other brothers and appear!!” Chu Mu used spirit remembrance to tell the Nightmare Conqueror conqueror who was hidden in the battlefield.

Nightmare Conqueror conqueror was incredibly patient. So long after the fight started, they remained hidden. With him was also a few high class emperor rank White Nightmare Conquerors!

Now, getting the command from the king, Nightmare Conqueror conqueror slowly appeared amongst the snow, burning the snow with its pale devil flames!!

At the same time, behind Nightmare Conqueror conqueror appeared a few white devil flames that also were full of evil aura as they entered the battle!!

Invincible emperor rank! Even if Mo Ling fought, the Nightmare Conqueror Conqueror could easily deal with it, let alone Qin Wu, who was far from invincible emperor.

When Chu Mu said he wanted to take Qin Wu’s life, then he would not give him a single chance to survive!

Qin Wu, struggling to deal with the Nightmare Conqueror emperors and still angry at Chu Mu, didn’t realize that the person he accidentally provoked was the silver devil man, much scarier than Mo Ling!!

“Nienie~~~~~~~” A hackle raising laughter sounded by Qin Wu’s ears.

Qin Wu’s body went cold. The feeling of death staring at him caused him to immediately summon his two top tier emperor ranks to his side.

Turning around, Qin Wu saw a White Nightmare Conqueror standing frighteningly near him!!

“This…...this was impossible!!!”

Qin Wu’s heart was shocked. He never would have thought that there would be a soul pet able to appear so close to him without him noticing!

The always composed Qin Wu completely panicked at this point!

The three White Nightmare Conquerors were all top tier emperor rank. The last White Nightmare Conqueror to appear was releasing a devil flame aura that was clearly stronger than even the two White Nightmare Conquerors he was already facing!!

The Nightmare Conqueror Conqueror held an evil smile, as it gazed at the pale faced human.

The king wanted this human to die, so how would the Nightmare Conqueror conqueror dare to let him live much longer?

On the entire battlefield, other than Tai Mountain Giant, not a single other organism on this battlefield could truly match this Nightmare Conqueror Conqueror head on. This was the power of invincible emperor!!

“What’s wrong, why are there so many White Nightmare Conquerors?”

Mo Ling’s face grew serious. He always thought that the three palace spirit emperors were near their limits, about to lose.

However, every time their side summoned a high class emperor rank able to turn the situation around, the opposing team would summon another high class emperor rank White Nightmare Conqueror.

Repeating this again and again, the battlefield suddenly had seven high class emperor rank White Nightmare Conquerors that Mo Ling didn't account for!!

Spirit alliance’s advantage was on their 10 high class emperor ranks. Li Zhan lost one, Qin Wu lost one, meaning they still had an advantage of 8. Yet, it was somehow made up by the White Nightmare Conquerors that came from nowhere!!

“You bunch of trash, how did you estimate their strength. Tell me these White Nightmare Conquerors’ source right now!” Mo Ling was furious. His Tai Mountain Giant was already on the battlefield, along with the main soul pets of the eight elders and senior elders.

Soul Alliance almost summoned all their main soul pets already. Under this situation, they should be in a great advantage, and three palace should be at their limits…...

Spirit alliance’s strategists and generals were all trembling with fear, not knowing how to answer.

Spirit alliance didn’t know where these White Nightmare Conquerors came from, but even the three palaces were incredibly shocked when they saw these seven high class emperor rank White Nightmare Conquerors!

The entire battlefield had four top tier emperor rank White Nightmare Conquerors: White Nightmare Conqueror emperor, White Nightmare Conqueror emperor 2, and Nightmare Conqueror palace elder Jiang’s two main soul pets.

However, the last White Nightmare Conqueror to appear was even stronger than the first four top tier emperor ranks. Its powerful devil flame aura and reckless nature caused even elder Jiang to be in disbelief!!

“This…...White Nightmare Conqueror…’s a true invincible emperor!!!!” Three palace experts were all shocked!!

Invincible emperor, in a situation where the top tier emperor ranks on both sides were evenly matched, could easily take on 3 or even all 4 emperors by itself. This caused three palace members to all be overjoyed!!

Not only this, after the invincible emperor rank appeared, another few high class emperor rank White Nightmare Conquerors appeared that instantly turned around the disadvantage the three palace members were facing!!



Just as the battle saw a great change, another loud roar came from not too far away!!

A few excited strategists turned around, and found that on the white snowy ground, a large group of monarch rank soul pets were making their way towards the emperor rank formation. Their killing intent was enough to make even high class emperor ranks back off!!

The leader of them was the main general Chu Fangchen, who repeatedly created miracles and killed 7 middle class emperor ranks as well as 2 high class emperor ranks!

He rode his red flaming Forgiven Fox and brought the 150 spirit masters and their soul pets into the enemy formation!!!


Techniques flew across the battlefield like a barrage. A few hundred top tier monarch ranks casted their techniques on a middle class emperor rank, causing it to be instantly killed!!!

“Good!! Good!!!!”

Teng Jiangfeng saw Chu Mu appear with the spirit master army and his face went red with excitement. At this moment, the three palace members’ morale were all ignited by the group of spirit masters that appeared!!

Why shouldn’t monarch ranks be able to kill emperor ranks?

After these 150 spirit masters had a taste of killing a true emperor, every wave of techniques they cast would instantly kill a middle class emperor rank!!

The generals by Chu Mu were hoarse from yelling. Seeing all these middle class emperor ranks get killed, their emotions weren’t expressible by language anymore!

Every spirit master had wished for a day where they could destroy emperors. Now the day had come, and in such an important battle. The normally undefeatable and invincible emperor ranks they faced were no longer as scary!


Mo Xie, who just broke through her sin imprints, seeing the hundred emperor ranks skirmishing, her silver pupils were already ablaze!!

“Go, you haven’t fought to your heart’s desire for a long time!!” Chu Mu no longer restricted Mo Xie, letting it kill its way into the emperor rank formation!!

After Mo xie was forgiven, its strength was equivalent to top tier emperor ranks!

Maybe Mo Ling’s invincible emperor ranks could occupy the Nightmare Conqueror Conqueror. Maybe the advantage of 10 high class emperor ranks could allow soul alliance to hold their ground. However, when their middle class emperor ranks were continuously killed, when Mo Xie, as a top tier emperor rank appeared, then the scales of victory were slowly tipped towards three palaces!!


Just as the three palace members were invigorated by the spirit master army and the advent of the forgiven fox, an even louder roar of killing came from afar!!

Smoke rose as the spirit master army, fully powered by their recent victory, appeared!!

The spirit master army was the largest army. If they gathered together, the destructive power they had was even more terrifying than the spirit master army!!

Similarly, though they couldn’t damage high class emperor ranks easily, they could easily cause devastating blows to the middle class emperor ranks of spirit alliance!!

“Kill!!! Kill!!!” Teng Lang rode his high class emperor rank iceberg lion and lead four middle class emperor ranks into battle first. His bloodthirst and courage caused the spirit teacher army to be lit ablaze as well!

If Soul Palace third young master was at the very front, why would they be afraid? Can their lives be any more valuable than young master?

Under the guidance of the strategists, the spirit master and spirit teacher armies quickly merged together and created a power that truly could affect the spirit emperor armies!! Even some wounded high class emperor ranks lost their lives in their technique barrages!!

The eight elders and Mo Ling were frozen.

Just not long ago, when he told Qin Wu to attack, his regards for Chu Mu and Teng Lang were worthless!

Yet, this hero never would have expected these two inconsequential characters to be the key to slowly destroying the spirit emperor army, causing his army’s morale to drop and bring them from advantage to disadvantage!

The near guaranteed victory fell apart. No matter how strong Mo Ling was, he couldn’t deal with all of the three palace members!!

Qin Wu, one of sixteen absolutes, originally so arrogant that he didn’t care for the final battle much, was already on the escape pathetically!  

However, the Nightmare Conqueror Conqueror was eyeing him carefully, also chasing multiple kilometers away, dead set on killing Qin Wu!!

Qin Wu already had three souls hurt. His only top tier emperor rank was also completely wounded, unable to escape from the grasps of the Nightmare Conqueror Conqueror!

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