Chapter 819: Spirit alliance, Toppling Like a Mountain Falling

Chu Mu already lit the spirit master army’s fighting intent. However, Chu Mu definitely wouldn’t bring in the spirit master army into the spirit emperor army recklessly. Soul alliance still had the upper hand in the spirit emperor fight. If they got too close, a few high class emperor ranks combined could cause the entire army to fail!

“White one, lead your other brothers and appear!!” Chu Mu used spirit remembrance to tell the Nightmare Conqueror conqueror who was hidden in the battlefield.

Nightmare Conqueror conqueror was incredibly patient. So long after the fight started, they remained hidden. With him was also a few high class emperor rank White Nightmare Conquerors!

Now, getting the command from the king, Nightmare Conqueror conqueror slowly appeared amongst the snow, burning the snow with its pale devil flames!!

At the same time, behind Nightmare Conqueror conqueror appeared a few white devil flames that also were full of evil aura as they entered the b...

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