Chapter 818: Why Doesn’t A Monarch Dare Kill an Emperor?!

Qin Wu’s flesh began to twitch, and his eyes were spitting out angry flames!

Soul wound! 

A great Sixteen Absolute had one of their main pets killed by a young man?! And a soul wounded?! How embarrassing was this?! 

“Still laughing?” Chu Mu stared at Qin Wu, whose face was twitching far away and his used soul remembrance to mock him! 

“Starting from today, everyone who you’re close to will pay a painful price because of your stupid actions today. Your family, your friends, your woman. They will all die. I, Qin Wu, will make you understand that the feeling of dying is better than living. I will wait for the best moment before killing you and all of your soul pets!!” said Qin Wu using malicious words!

Hearing those words, Chu Mu suddenly felt that Qin Wu was too funny. 

Chu Mu had a total of three family members: Liu Binglan, Senior Elder Liu and Chu Tianmang. Would Qin Wu go and find trouble for Liu Binglan and Senior Elder Liu? 

Senior Elder Liu could at least contend with an Eight Absolute. Although he couldn’t beat the head of the Eight Absolutes, Ju Que, if Qin Wu wanted to take on this old fellow, he would essentially be commiting...

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