Chapter 818: Why Doesn’t A Monarch Dare Kill an Emperor?!

Qin Wu’s flesh began to twitch, and his eyes were spitting out angry flames!

Soul wound! 

A great Sixteen Absolute had one of their main pets killed by a young man?! And a soul wounded?! How embarrassing was this?! 

“Still laughing?” Chu Mu stared at Qin Wu, whose face was twitching far away and his used soul remembrance to mock him! 

“Starting from today, everyone who you’re close to will pay a painful price because of your stupid actions today. Your family, your friends, your woman. They will all die. I, Qin Wu, will make you understand that the feeling of dying is better than living. I will wait for the best moment before killing you and all of your soul pets!!” said Qin Wu using malicious words!

Hearing those words, Chu Mu suddenly felt that Qin Wu was too funny. 

Chu Mu had a total of three family members: Liu Binglan, Senior Elder Liu and Chu Tianmang. Would Qin Wu go and find trouble for Liu Binglan and Senior Elder Liu? 

Senior Elder Liu could at least contend with an Eight Absolute. Although he couldn’t beat the head of the Eight Absolutes, Ju Que, if Qin Wu wanted to take on this old fellow, he would essentially be commiting suicide. 

As for Liu Binglan, her strength was not under Qin Wu. Moreover, she seemed to have an even more powerful strength. Back when she had fought the Shadow Absolute, she hadn’t used it because practically all of her soul remembrance had been used to care for Chu Mu with ice spirit items. 

As for Chu Tianmang, Chu Mu believed that since so many years had passed, his strength was definitely above Qin Wu. How could a person that could nurture three main pets that were willing to inspiringly sacrifice themselves go quiet?! 

Therefore, Qin Wu’s words were like a joke. 

“Wu wu wu wu wu wu~~~~~~”

Mo Xie didn’t like other people threatening Chu Mu. Red flames emerged from her foot where she stepped. She pridefully raised her head, and her demonic pupils stared at the spirit emperor battlefield far away. She seemed to be searching for Qin Wu’s soul pets. 

“Don’t be hasty. We still have other things to do.” Chu Mu used his hands to stroke Mo Xie’s soft fur. 

Now that the spirit master army’s victory was determined, Chu Mu didn’t have to move his attention to the spirit emperor battlefield. Instead, he focused on the spirit teacher battlefield. 

“Mo Xie, let them see your demon techniques!” Chu Mu pointed at the spirit teacher army and spoke. 

“Wu wu~~~~”

Mo Xie stepped forward, and her body transformed into a gorgeous and resplendent light of red flame that rushed towards the spirit teacher army.

“Brother Chu, why don’t you go help them. I’ll deal with this place.” Teng Lang saw Chu Mu’s mutated Forgiven Fox enter the spirit teacher army and hastily spoke. 

Having a sin fox that was comparable to a peak emperor enter the spirit teacher army was too wasteful. After all, the spirit teacher army was large and peak emperors would expend a lot of energy to instakill them groups at a time. 

“This will speed up your army’s advances.” calmly replied Chu Mu.

After Teng Lang’s Ice Mountain Lion had advanced a rank, the spirit teacher army gradually had gained the advantage. Obtaining victory was only a question of time. Therefore, Teng Lang wanted Chu Mu to go and assist the spirit emperor camp.

A single peak emperor was comparable to five high class emperors. The species mutation of Chu Mu’s sin fox was too crucial for this decisive battle. It caused the gap in high class emperor strength to instantly shrink to three high class emperors!

The spirit emperor camp had been fighting very defensively. Teng Lang understood very well that if the spirit emperors were to lose, their two armies would be of no meaning. Therefore, he hoped for Chu Mu to quickly aid the spirit emperors. 

“Hmm? What is happening? Why is their formation suddenly in chaos?” 

Teng Lang raised his eyebrows and stared with a bit of shock at the black mass of the spirit teacher army formation. 

In the skies, a few of the concubine girls’ attention had naturally been attracted by Chu Mu’s Forgiven Fox. From their point of view, they could see that after Chu Mu’s Inferno Monarch ran a circle around the spirit teacher army, the outer soul pets in the spirit teacher army suddenly began to turn on each other! 

“They… they are killing each other?!” 

“Why is it like that? Could their minds have been controlled by Chu Fangchen’s sin fox? But how was it able to use such a wide-scale mental control?” 

Tie Xin, Fang Wu and Luo Hen, all from Soul Alliance, had extremely unsightly expressions. Even if the spirit master army lost, they lost. After all, there was a difference in strength. However, this spirit teacher army could not lose before the spirit emperor army won. 

Nonetheless, right now the outskirts of the spirit teacher army was in a state of chaos. Comrades were fighting comrades and the originally ordered soul pets were no longer under their soul pet trainer’s control as they began to slaughter each other!

“Species Calamity. A Seven Sins Fox species technique.” slowly said Mu Qingyi. As she watched this spirit teacher army slaughter each other, she looked a bit disturbed. 

She knew of Species Calamity, and knew of its terror. It was much more cruel than killing the enemy because nobody could predict who was going to kill him. It could very well be one’s closest friend and soul pet. This kind of a death wasn’t just death, but it was also a betrayal. It was a sin of dirtying one’s hands with the blood of comrades that would crush one’s mind.

But to enemies, Chu Mu had no mercy! 

Species Calamity! 

Like changing sides in a war, the comrades next to one another instantly became their most terrifying enemy. 

If an army had no conviction, and was constantly suspicious of one another, the strength formed by the army would instantly collapse! 

Species Calamity could control the mind of thousands if not tens of thousands of enemies. 

In reality, Mo Xie’s Species calamity only controlled a portion of those without much resolution in their hearts. She had them attack their comrades, causing their comrades to attack in retaliation. Immediately after, the people nearby that saw this cruel scene of comrades changing sides would be mentally affected and begin to suspect the comrade next to them. This suspicion would be exploited and cause them to become to become the second group of people that attacked their comrades… 

There were no longer spirit emperors commanding the spirit teacher army. The calamity was like an epidemic that willdy spread. It then broke the defenses in everyone’s hearts! 

The whole army quickly came to a collapse under Species Calamity. Presumably, the entire three great palace’s spirit teacher army was going to charge. Afterwards, all of Soul Alliance’s spirit teachers would throw down their weapons and flee. 

“How… how… how is this just speeding things up a bit!!” as the commander of the spirit teachers, Teng Lang couldn’t really believe his eyes as he watched the enormous spirit teacher army collapse like this! 

Cries of killing rang out through the air. The morale of the three great palace’s spirit teacher army increased and after the generals gave an order, the entire army changed, transforming into a stream of water that broke through a dam. They were truculent and unstoppable! 

Soul Alliance’s spirit teacher army was in chaos, and obviously couldn’t defend! 


“Commander, Soul Alliance’s spirit master army has been completely annihilated!” the spirit master army generals all stood in front of Chu Mu.

The place Chu Mu stood at was where General Tang had fallen. The flag here had already been dyed red. 

The remaining generals and assistant generals looked at the general’s corpse without much expression. 

It wasn’t that they didn’t feel sentiment for this old general. Instead, they understood that right now was not the time to be grieving for fallen generals and commanders. They had to finish the mission they could not because the fight wasn’t over!

Chu Mu swept his gaze across. Behind the generals were a dozen assistant generals and behind them were team leaders. Even further behind them were soul pets covered in enemy blood. There were Terror Wolves, Abyss Beasts, Rhinoceros, Blood Beasts, Devil Insects, Armored Hibernations, Feathered Demons, Eagles, Fairies, Tree Demons and Vine Creatures… 

These were all mainstream soul pets and formed the majority of the spirit master army. 

In their eyes as well as their master’s eyes, Chu Mu could see an elated will to fight and wildness from annihilating the enemy. 

“The leading general has already gloriously sacrificed his life. Commander, please give an order!” sonorously said the generals. 

The commander of a soul pet trainer army wasn’t in charge of commanding the battle and utilizing tactics. Instead, his existence was like a fighting spirit. As long as the commander remained standing, it gave the army morale which would slowly manifest into enormous strength! 

“There are numerous enemies still here.” Chu Mu swept his gaze towards the other side. 

The generals and assistant generals looked onwards in horror. 

Commander, that… that place is the spirit emperor camp and those are all emperor rank creatures…” 

“Our army cannot touch high class and peak rank emperors. However, we can absolutely kill middle class emperors!” said Chu Mu.

In the spirit master army, practically all of the soul pets were peak monarchs. 10 peak monarchs could fight against one pseudo emperor. Moreover, if they were cohesive, five peak monarchs could become a huge threat to a pseudo emperor. 

The spirit master army had not suffered huge losses. There were at least 150 people with fighting strength. 150 people meant a total of 600 peak monarchs! 

Combined together, this amount of strength still would have a hard time touching high class emperors. However, middle class emperors would have a hard time resisting them!

“Could it be that you don’t want to taste the blood of emperors?!” asked Chu Mu! 

Taste the blood of emperors!!

To soul pet trainers with monarch rank strength, this made them impassioned! 

All soul pet trainers desired even higher realms. The terrifying gap between spirit masters and spirit emperors made most of the peak monarch rank soul pet trainers feel powerless. However, this didn’t mean that they hadn’t thought of defeating an emperor rank creature before!! 

Who didn’t want to taste the blood of emperors? 

“Why aren’t monarchs daring to kill emperors?!!” 

Why wouldn’t they dare? They had 600 monarchs. Even if they could only kill one middle class emperor, to them, even if they would die, they would still let out a big laugh! 

Challenging a higher rank!!! 

Chu Mu understood very clearly that in the bones of every person that stood on this bloody battlefield flowed the blood to fight. They all wished to become stronger so that they could defeat the powerful enemies that they could not in the past!

The only things missing were the courage to throw off the shadow of terror, the passion to carry on and the hot bloodedness to never surrender!  

As long as they had these, a monarch army, which was insignificant in the eyes of spirit emperors, could also change the tides of battle!!! 

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