Chapter 817: Atonement Mutation, Forgiven Fox (2)

An attacking demon, yet it was so cautious and didn’t dare, for a while, to advance.

After carefully observing, the attacking demon seemed to confirm that the enemy didn’t have anything that could truly threaten it!

Finally, this attacking demon with strength nearly at the peak emperor rank launched an attack! 

Its speed was extremely fast. If Chu Mu didn’t use Other Pupil, he probably would not be able to see its movements clearly! 

“Mo Xie!” Chu Mu retreated, and the tear crystal in his palm was held tightly!

The heat from Chu Mu’s palm easily dissolved the crystal. At the same time, he discovered that Mo Xie’s silver pupils flickered with a resolute gaze!

This tear contained too much. It was the most pure form of emotions that was now being transformed into incorporeal strength, melding into Mo Xie’s body! 

When the world was burning down, humans would always notice this type of calamity fox monarch standing in the flaming ruins… 

Was it the bringer of calamity, or was it shedding an emotional tear for this world that was about to transform into ashes? 

Chu Mu’s tear was unable to answer this ancient legend. However, aside from the most sincere tear in this world, what else could rescue and pardon a species carrying a thousand generations of sin?  

After the tear dissolved, Chu Mu seemed to have fallen into the endless flaming world in the Corrupted Inferno Monarch’s eyes!

Right now, he was certain that this tear was the only spirit item that could atone for the Seven Sins Fox! 

Mo Xie’s soul was rising. This was not a tear of remorse, nor was it a tear that could be understood. It was unable to wash away all of Mo Xie’s sins, but it could truly undo the Seven Sins Fox’s seal! 

With her mutated blood boiling and as the tear redeemed her, the dark red sin imprints on Mo Xie’s silver body began to slowly shed off. Her silver fur became extremely pure! 

The flames on her body were still dark red sin flames, and the dark red color formed a color contrast with her silver color. It seemed to represent that the Inferno Monarch had two completely different temperaments! 

The silver represented nobility and pride, while the dark red represented demonic darkness and ruthlessness! 

“Hu hu hu hu hu!!!!!!!!!”

The dark red sin flames wildly danced about, transforming into countless long flaming dragons that lashed out in all directions as they twisted their wild bodies! 

Inferno Monarch, Inferno Monarch. The reason why it was called an Inferno Monarch was because it didn’t have a secondary attribute. The Seven Sins Fox’s sin imprints were suppressing the Inferno Monarch’s tyrannical main attribute - fire. Now that the sin imprints had completely disappeared, the red flames were unstoppable, illuminating the snowy ground in a dazzling light!! 

“This… could the sin imprints have been undone?!” Mu Qingyi was shocked, as she stared at this Seven Sins Fox. She was in a bit of disbelief. 

If the sin imprints were undone, this meant that Chu Mu’s Seven Sins Fox Corrupted Inferno Monarch had mutated species and directly jumped up a rank!! 

“No, that’s not right. Its aura is still far from reaching the dominator rank. It has only undone a portion of its strength!” quickly, Mu Qingyi was able to accurately assess it. 

“Your Majesty, this… what happened. Why did Chu Fangchen’s Seven Sins Fox suddenly increase in strength so much!” Guan Guan and Xiao Tong were staring with their eyes wide open. The enormous fire aura even reached them, allowing them to feel heat and domination! 

u Qingyi didn’t respond to their questions. Instead, she stared at Chu Mu’s Corrupted Inferno Monarch! 

Although it hadn’t fully mutated and had only undone a portion of its sin, this Sin Fox Inferno Monarch’s strength was absolutely terrifying!

Indeed, Qin Wu’s attacking demon, which was launching an attack, was forced back. The powerful flames precluded it from taking a risk to approach! 

Contrarily, the Mo Xie took a step forward. Her silver limbs were long and full of strength. Wherever they stepped, snow would melt. It was possible to see the deep red flame footprints left in the ground. Practically in the blink of an eye, it appeared in front of the attacking demon! 

A red flame was burning and launched itself at the attacking demon. The attacking demon quickly ran, attempting to break free from the powerful flames. 

However, behind the attacking demon, the nine powerful red flaming dragons didn’t stop chasing. Their speed was even faster than the demon!!! 

The nine wild flaming demons were Mo Xie’s nine dancing tails. No matter how fast the demon was or how crafty its movements were, it was unable to break free from Mo Xie’s pursuit. This was because in the Seven Sins Fox’s bloodline, there flowed the blood of demons! 


Amidst the red flames, the pursuing Mo Xie suddenly split into seven real sin illusions! 

These sin illusions had imprinted on them dark red sin imprints as they astonishingly were seven Seven Sins Fox Corrupted Inferno Monarchs! 

These were Seven Sins Fox Corrupted Inferno Monarchs that had not undone their seals yet. Right now, Mo Xie had split them off of her body. The seven figures stretched out their sharp claws and ripped at the terrified and fleeing demon!! 

Mo Xie’s real body was hidden among the seven sin foxes. The true fatal attack was her fox monarch claw dazzling with a cold light!!!


Seven dark red claws swept past! 


In the next instant, a silver demonic moon-like blade swept past. This was the attack from Mo Xie’s true body. She slashed the attacking demon’s chest, breaking apart its white bones and ripping into the attacking demon’s innards!! 

“Pu chi chi~~~~~~~~”

Just like the attacking demon had ripped apart General Tang’s chest, Mo Xie had used the same method to rip apart its chest!!!

The attacking demon wasn’t able to resist at all, and it slid bloodily on the snowy earth. It slid several kilometers, leaving a bloody trail in its path...

“How is this possible?!!!” 

Qin Wu, far away, sensed his soul pet being mortally injured and his face clearly twitched! 

The attacking demon was the fourth ranked main pet of Qin Wu. It was a high class emperor rank ultra strong demon that could challenge those a higher rank than it. Within the entire three great palaces, it was possible to count the number of people that could stop its assassinations! 

However, how did this soul pet get mortally injured by a young man’s middle class emperor?!! 

Qin Wu used his soul remembrance to sweep through the battlefield far away and astonishingly discovered that a powerful flame had transformed into a flaming red execution blade that was descending on her mortally wounded attacking demon!!

“No!!!!!” loudly shouted Qin Wu! 

The red flaming execution blade was capable of burning his attacking demon into ashes. However, at ten meters away, Qin Wu could not recall his soul pets!!

The extremely gorgeous red flames transformed into the most striking technique on the battlefield. It was brilliant and dazzling, yet full of an aura of death!!

After the attacking demon had its chest split open, blood freely flowed. It was unable to escape from Mo Xie’s red flaming execution! 

A miserable cry reverberated around the battlefield as the attacking demon frantically tried to run to Qin Wu. It hoped that its master would be able to save it. However, as it ran, its body was slowly burned up by the sin flame execution. It ran about three kilometers before finally transforming into a pile of dim flames, completely disappearing!! 

“Brother… Brother Chu…” seeing this attacking demon burned to ashes, Teng Lang who had rushed here to help was stunned! 

Teng Lang had heard of the powerful attacking demon before. It was an ultra strong assassination demon that had killed more than one peak emperor rank before and was one of Soul Alliance’s Sixteen Absolute’s - the Martial Absolute - main pets! 

However, Chu Mu’s Inferno Monarch’s tyrannical attack was unstoppable!! 

Why was a middle class emperor able to utilize such powerful strength. Even if this Seven Sins Fox Corrupted Inferno Monarch had advanced a rank like his Ice Mountain Lion, it still would not be this attacking demon’s opponent! 

“Brother Chu, could… could you Seven Sins Fox… have stepped into the peak emperor rank…” it was a while before Teng Lang recovered and he spoke with a tone of disbelief! 

Chu Mu stood there with his right hand tightly clenched.

Atonement mutation! 

Mo Xie had truly completed an atonement mutation. Perhaps Mo Xie’ rank was only at the high class emperor rank, but with three main attributes, she was comparable to a peak emperor!! 

Only five days ago, Mo Xie was merely a low class emperor.

However, now, she had instantly stepped into the peak emperor rank, nearly reaching the level of a single species mutation!! 

It had been three years since she had mutated into a Seven Sins Fox. Although it wasn’t a true species mutation, Mo Xie’s mutation blood allow her to erupt in strength again, the excitement and happiness that came with it was far more intense than when he obtained dominator rank strength from the half devil!

A peak emperor! 

This time, Chu Mu had truly stepped into the peak emperor domain!! 


“What happened? Why did such a powerful aura come from the spirit master army?!!” the senior elders looked over, and stared at the district colored in a captivating red. 

 “Chu Fangchen! It’s Chu Fangchen’s Seven Sins Fox! His Seven Sins Fox has suddenly erupted in strength. It was even able to kill Qin Wu’s main pet, the attacking demon!!” the general was the first to obtain news from the spirit master army, and his face was full of happiness! 

“What?!! He… he killed Qin Wu’s main pet?!!!”

The senior elders and elders were stunned! 

They never detected Qin Wu’s attacking demon slinking into the spirit master army. This was a terrifying situation, yet even more surprising was that Chu Fangchen had unexpectedly killed Qin Wu’s main pet!! 

Qin Wu, one of Soul Alliance’s Sixteen Absolutes. Her main pet had been forcibly killed by a young man’s soul pet!!

“It… it seems to have mutated…” said the general.

“Mutated!!’ the senior elders were stunned!!

At their rank, they were extremely clear that practically no emperor rank soul pet could mutate because a mutation would mean that its strength had reached the dominator rank!! 

“No, it’s not a mutation. Chu Fangchen’s Seven Sins Fox has definitely undone its sin imprint!! There is a chance the strength of a Forgiven Fox has reached the dominator rank. Chu Fangchen’s Seven Sins Fox could very well be the thousandth generation and broke through the sin imprints in battle, obtaining the true strength of a Seven Sins Fox!!’ Teng Jiangfeng had researched into the Seven Sins Fox’s legend. Therefore, he understood that any Seven Sins Fox had extremely shocking potential!! 

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