Chapter 817: Atonement Mutation, Forgiven Fox (2)

An attacking demon, yet it was so cautious and didn’t dare, for a while, to advance.

After carefully observing, the attacking demon seemed to confirm that the enemy didn’t have anything that could truly threaten it!

Finally, this attacking demon with strength nearly at the peak emperor rank launched an attack! 

Its speed was extremely fast. If Chu Mu didn’t use Other Pupil, he probably would not be able to see its movements clearly! 

“Mo Xie!” Chu Mu retreated, and the tear crystal in his palm was held tightly!

The heat from Chu Mu’s palm easily dissolved the crystal. At the same time, he discovered that Mo Xie’s silver pupils flickered with a resolute gaze!

This tear contained too much. It was the most pure form of emotions that was now being transformed into incorporeal strength, melding into Mo Xie’s body! 

When the world was burning down, humans would always notice this type of calamity fox monarch standing in the flaming ruins… 

Was it the bringer of calamity, or was it shedding an emotional tear for this world that was about to transform into ashes? 

Chu Mu’s tear was unable to answer this ancient...

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