Chapter 816: Atonement Mutation, Forgiven Fox (1)

Qin Wu furrowed his brows. From the demon, he felt a cold aura that was preventing his demon emperor from advancing!

“Is it just an illusion?” Qin Wu murmured to himself.

The aura instantly disappeared, and the inexplicable fear of his demon vanished.

Finally, Qin Wu dismissed it as an illusion, because that frightening aura couldn’t possibly have come from a young man!

“Kill him!” The split remembrance fighting Qin Wu gave his demon emperor a command.

Qin Wu’s demon emperor was one of his main soul pets. He was mainly relying on it to kill the emperor rank soul pets in the tribe!

Assassin demons are always known as the killers of soul pets. Their mental restriction wasn’t very strong, but it had uncontested speed and strange attack methods. Once anything was locked on by an assassin demon in the wild, it was hard to escape death, because even soul pet trainers with much higher remembrance couldn’t usually see through their disguises.

Qin Wu’s assassin demon was top tier emperor rank, yet in some cases, this demon could kill some weaker top tier emperor ranks!

And this was when it is high class emperor rank. If it could become top tier emperor rank, it would be even scarier!

Using that soul pet to kill a few inconsequential characters, Qin Wu felt like he was overstating things. However, Mo Ling didn’t want the spirit master army and spirit teacher army to simply disappear. Qin Wu naturally waited for the last second to kill these weaklings, which included the spirit master army general.

“Kid, be honored that you can boast to your friends in hell that you were killed by I, Wu Absolute Qin Wu, and my assassination demon!” Qin Wu was still confident and arrogant in this fight, actually using his spirit remembrance to taunt Chu Mu through his assassination demon.

To these arrogant and brain dead foes, Chu Mu always felt it was funny. Why did these people always feel so good about themselves, saying such things without even winning yet?

“This piece of trash that thinks he’s strong, let’s see if you can still laugh after this!” Chu Mu was still hiding a bunch of anger in his heart.

Qin Wu heard this and laughed. A person that could only control one soul pet and had a top tier emperor rank that was already incredibly tired couldn’t use such a tone to speak with him.

“Qin Wu, be careful, two White Nightmares are heading towards you!” Suddenly, Mo Ling’s voice sounded by Qin Wu.

“It’s just two nightmares……” Qin Wu said without caring much. However, he quickly realized that if Mo Ling specially warned him, it couldn’t be just two high class emperor ranks.

“Is it the two top tier emperor ranks that came out of nowhere?”

“En, its the old man in a mask. There are three high class emperor rank White Nightmares that are nearing you as well.” Mo Ling said.

“What is happening, why can’t your subordinates control nightmare palace people well?” Qin Wu’s expression froze. He really couldn’t laugh anymore!

White Nightmares were already one rank higher than normal top tier emperor ranks. With the two White Nightmares going towards him, he would find trouble dealing with them. If three high class emperor rank whit nightmares came as well, his soul pets would get burnt to crisps with the slightest mistake. How could he stay calm?

“The kid was right…. Heng!!” Qin Wu humphed.

Facing five White Nightmares, Qin Wu didn’t dare split his remembrance in two fights anymore. He immediately gave assassin demon the command to fight on its own, and started putting all his concentration in his four main soul pets to deal with the White Nightmare.

White Nightmare surrounded QIn Wu. Naturally, it was on Chu Mu’s command. Today, Qin Wu must die here!


The red tongued assassination demon let out a hiss, as it stared at Chu Mu warily.

Chu Mu’s aura let it feel danger, so even now it didn’t dare to attack.

Demons like the assassination demon had incredibly accurate instincts, and were often very sensitive to these dangerous auras. Before confirming that the opponent before him was a normal human being, it wouldn’t attack recklessly. Plus, the human had an ice type high class emperor rank beside him.


The angry Chu Mu wanted to become a half devil and burn the ugly demon to ashes, but this would cause the three palaces to instantly lose!

Chu Mu couldn’t do that, so he could only stare arrogantly at the slightly shivering demon!


Suddenly, Mo Xie’s voice came from inside Chu Mu’s mind!    

“Will you kill it for me?” Chu Mu pushed down the half devil flames within him, and asked Mo Xie calmly.


Her fighting intent was boiling. After staying silent for a year, Mo Xie’s yearning for battle was at a peak. Chu Mu could even feel her mutating blood boiling like never before!!!

“Ning, come back!” Chu Mu cast an incantation and retracted Ning back to his soul pet space.

After retracting Ning, Chu Mu again cast a summoning incantation!

Dark red flames started burning in front of Chu Mu. The snowflakes falling in the skies melted before they could even fall to the ground.

In the flames, a noble silver body within dark red appeared. Nine tails unfurled in an imposing manner!!!

“Why…...why did you summon this middle class emperor rank. It won’t be this assassination demon’s foe.” Guanguan noticed the danger in spirit army battle and noticed Chu Mu’s situation. However, she didn't understand Chu Mu’s actions at all.

“Seven sin fox Corrupted Inferno Monarch, a very rare soul pet…..” Mu Qingyi had been watching Chu Mu ever since she warned him.

Though it was rare, a single technique of assassination demon would be able to kill the sinful fox monarch…...

Seeing the demon fox full of dark red sin flames, Mu Qingyi couldn’t help but think back to a demon realm in northern forbidden realm where she saw a seven sin fox.

It was a purple furred seven sin fox thunder monarch, a powerful demon fox that had finished serving its sentence already!

Mu Qingyi had heard of the seven sin fox’s tales. Seven sin fox should be around low class emperor rank. However, in that fight, the dominator rank Crown Phoenix King and all her invincible emperor rank main soul pets couldn’t defeat the sin fox thunder monarch!

That was Mu Qingyi’s first time seeing a real seven sin fox. However, it was way stronger than what she imagined. Only after a long while, she heard from an old man that seven sin fox are split into those that are atoning for their sins and those that were forgiven!

The atoning foxes were still within a thousand generations. Their power was locked in by the sins committed by its species. Atoning sin fox was perfect monarch rank and relied on two main types and a subtype to reach emperor rank.

As for spirit emperors, these atoning sin fox didn’t have much threat.

However, the forgiven fox was a completely different creature!

If the atoning fox was perfect monarch rank, then the forgiven fox that was already done serving its sentence was perfect emperor rank!!

Such a forgiven fox’s true strength was definitely dominator rank!!

Because they have been forgiven from their thousand generations of sins, they recovered their ancient powers that were strong enough to bring calamity to the entire world!!

It was undoubted that Mu Qingyi saw a forgiven fox in the demon realm, one that matched dominator rank in strength!

Chu Mu’s sin fox, on the other hand, was the second seven sin fox she has ever seen, an inferno monarch!

However, seven sin fox’s silver body dark red imprints pointed to its identity as an atoning fox!

The next generation of this atoning fox could be a powerful dominator rank, or maybe it would take another hundred generations before its sin is paid off…...

Of course, Mu Qingyi knew that any seven sin fox could slowly release its sin through other methods. The releasing of the sin was how it got near to the power of a forgiven fox. However, barely anyone knew how to relieve them of their sins.

Chu Mu learned all this in the snow city library, but even then, it was only a small portion of what seven sin foxes are.

Though the predecessors could find seven sin fox’s method of relieving sins, his seven sin fox wasn’t completely forgiven because a fox monarch that truly had its sins relieved would be dominator rank!



Snow flying, Mo Xie stood before Chu Mu while burning full of sin flames. Her silver eyes stared emotionlessly at the more powerful assassination demon!

“No matter if you can get the power you have to defeat it!!” Chu Mu pulled out his tear crystal and put it on his palm.

Chu Mu originally wanted to keep this tear because it was too precious.

However, after hearing Mo Xie call out in yearning for battle, Chu Mu understood.

To Mo Xie, who was full of the blood of fighting and mutating, going from silver moon fox to seven sin fox, she wasn’t about to be shackled by the sins of its species. Instead, the seven sin fox inferno fox would be forgiven because the sins would end with Mo Xie and her mutating blood!

Going from atoning fox to forgiven fox was also a species mutation!

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