Chapter 816: Atonement Mutation, Forgiven Fox (1)

Qin Wu furrowed his brows. From the demon, he felt a cold aura that was preventing his demon emperor from advancing!

“Is it just an illusion?” Qin Wu murmured to himself.

The aura instantly disappeared, and the inexplicable fear of his demon vanished.

Finally, Qin Wu dismissed it as an illusion, because that frightening aura couldn’t possibly have come from a young man!

“Kill him!” The split remembrance fighting Qin Wu gave his demon emperor a command.

Qin Wu’s demon emperor was one of his main soul pets. He was mainly relying on it to kill the emperor rank soul pets in the tribe!

Assassin demons are always known as the killers of soul pets. Their mental restriction wasn’t very strong, but it had uncontested speed and strange attack methods. Once anything was locked on by an assassin demon in the wild, it was hard to escape death, because even soul pet trainers with much higher remembrance couldn’t...

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