Chapter 815: I will turn the fight around for your spirit master army!

 第815章 我会代你的魂主军团,逆改战局!

Split Mind Battle

Split remembrance battling was a soul pet trainer technique where one could have the ability to control different soul pets in relatively distant battles.

Such a technique was extremely hard, because a soul pet trainer had to be completely focused when commanding a battle. If there were two battles far apart, and one had to keep track of both, the level of concentration on each side would be discounted.

“I can take the time to tell you all about my recent sexual adventures while I deal with this top tier emperor rank white nightmare. My soul pets’ self battle awareness is extremely high. Even if I don’t command them, they are stronger than many of their commanded soul pets.” Qin Wu said easily, almost not taking the battle seriously.

“Send a soul pet to the spirit master army.” Mo Ling said.

Qin Wu didn’t say much, only sending back arrogant laughter with his mental voice.

Since he told Qin Wu’s secondary soul pets to fight, it meant Mo Ling truly realized the spirit master army and the spirit teacher army were eating away at his powers.

Mo Ling couldn’t let them continue to do that, and Qin Wu’s entrance would be their demise!

Mo Ling’s attention was constantly on the spirit emperor battle. Until now, the spirit emperors' main soul pets were slowly replacing the secondary soul pets.

Because of the people advantage, in the secondary soul pet battle, they were already at an advantage. And as the main soul pets started clashing, their main soul pets casualties would only increase due to it!

Yet, for some reason, Mo Ling felt like something wasn't satisfying about the fight. It seemed that at every stage, some new soul pets would turn around the advantage they had.

“End hero, nightmare palace has many experts.” Watching the battlefield, the strategist said.

With the strategist reminding him, Mo Ling discovered that there indeed seemed to be some abnormality with the White Nightmares on the battlefield, and started using his soul remembrance to look at them.

“Why are there so many high class emperor rank white nightmares?” Mo Ling furrowed his brow and asked!

If three palaces could estimate their strength accurately, it meant they also had a pretty accurate estimate of the three palaces.

Yet, a quick survey revealed 5 high class emperor rank white nightmares that were unaccounted for, which was a formidable force!

Under this situation, Mo Ling could no longer watch from aside and casted a secondary soul pet into battle!

Mo Ling’s secondary soul pet was already top tier emperor rank, and would bring a great pressure to three palaces.

“Mo Ling attacked!”

“Very well, forcing him to fight first means we can gain an advantage!” Teng Jiangfeng said.

The eight senior elders and elders saw the secondary soul pet of Mo Ling, and all summoned a high class emperor rank soul pet.

Eight high class emperor ranks could deal with Mo Ling’s top tier emperor rank, especially since they could pick the perfect type counter to it.

In the spirit master army war, three palaces already had the absolute advantage.

In the hour that Chu Mu and Li Zhan fought, soul alliance army was already over half gone. If they had another while, the opposing spirit master army would definitely be gone!

Strategist Tang and the other commanders were all high in morale. Their general again defeated a foe they thought was undefeatable. How could they not be excited!

With such a powerful general, they could invoke every last bit of their own potentials!

The spirit master army victory is already certain so Chu Mu specially neared the spirit teacher army.

Ning still had some fighting strength. When high class emperor rank Ning appears in the spirit teacher army, even if there were millions of enemies, a single ice type technique will cause uncountable losses. Adding on Teng Lang’s iceberg lion, not only will they completely win the spirit master battle but also the spirit teacher battle!

“Chu Fangchen, quickly back out!” Suddenly, a woman’s airy voice came into Chu Mu’s mind.

Using ice arrows to kill his enemies, Chu Mu paused and looked up at the floating woman in confusion.

“Qin Wu’s Assassination Demon is already heading your way. Your senior elder and elders are distracted by Mo Ling and didn't notice the disappearance of this demon.” Mu Qingyi said.

Mo Ling was cunning. He was sure that if he sent Qin Wu’s soul pets to assassinate Chu Mu and Teng Lang, the three palace would send people to help. So, at the same time Qin Wu sent his demon, he distracted them with his secondary soul pet and allowed the assassination demon to slip away successfully.

Chu Mu was astonished. If not for Mu Qingyi’s reminder, Chu mu indeed wouldn't have thought that the sixteen absolute Qin Wu was now focused on him!

Chu Mu thanked her but didn't exit the battlefield, instead bringing Ning towards the spirit master army.

The spirit master army had a defensive barrier with hundreds of soul pets protecting it. If Chu Mu could detect the demon’s position, he can cause it considerable pain before it even arrives.

In the skies, Mu Qingyi furrowed her brows. Chu Mu clearly didn’t listen to her warning.

Qin Wu’s demon was extremely powerful. Unless an elder helped, it was impossible to stop, not even with an army barrier!

Furthermore, the reason iu Qingyi told Chu Mu to exit the battlefield was because Qin Wu’s demon was already hiding in the spirit master army!


A cold glint flashed past, and a spurt of red bloodshot out within the spirit master army!

The armies were deep in battle and were chasing after the fallen enemies, yet no one would have thought that such a shocking spurt of blood would appear at this moment!

This blood stemmed from their close combat army general!!

To command the fight better and see the big picture, the close combat general already rode his beast slightly beyond the defense barrier.

However, just as he was commanding and causing the enemy to run in terror, a flash went past his neck, and he fell down amongst the other bloodied corpses.

“Shang…… Commander!!”

The strategists and generals were all shocked by this scene. Everyone only saw a flash. They didn’t even see what organism caused the death!


Suddenly, another glint appeared, and a fighting commander suddenly had his back ripped open, sending blood out like a fountain!!

This commander still had the zeal of charging into battle on his face, yet he fell over into the bloodied ground just like commander Shang!

This all came too quickly; the other commanders and strategists all went blank!

“Defense! Create a barrier defense!!!” Strategist Tang suddenly realized something, and yelled out loud!!

Demon, it definitely is a demon that could hide itself and enter their army like it was unguarded!

Strategist Tang’s face was pale because the moment he yelled out defense, all the hairs on his body stood up and he could no longer move!

The reaper was near!! It killed two army generals, and the third would be Strategist Tang!

At this moment, strategist Tang was in despair, because the demon was way too strong. Even with a defensive line, it probably meant next to nothing!

“Give up defense, and kill all the enemies! Everyone, charge!!!” Suddenly Strategist Tang yelled out as loud as he could.

He heavily threw his commander flag into the sky!!


Almost at the same time Strategist Tang gave the command for everyone to charge and threw the flag, his chest was ripped apart!

“Everyone charge!!!!!”

“Everyone charge!!!!!!!”

The same time the command was given, all defensive lines were abandoned and all the soul pet trainers rode their soul pets forwards in a tidal wave, yelling as they entered the remains of the opponents’ spirit master army!!

The killing sounds were like thunder, full of the power of a victor’s confidence, threatening to kill soul alliance’s army completely.

Yet, none of these fighting spirit masters realized that at the same time the army charged, their main general had died to an unknown organism, and charging was the last command he would give in his life!!

“Give up the defense line, kill all opponents, everyone charge….”

Seeing strategist Tang getting gutted, the late Chu Mu stood there, and momentarily got lost in his own thoughts.

Chu Mu didn’t think that Qin Wu’s demon was already hidden not far from spirit mater’s army. When it moved, the commanders had no chance and fell to it.

However, what caused Chu Mu’s heart to roll was Strategist Tang. When this old soldier knew he couldn’t escape death, he gave his life away and commanded the army to charge.

As spirit master, under the gaze of top tier emperor rank demon, he still made such a decision. In fact, one could still hear the general’s reckless laughter as he fell to this top tier emperor rank demon.

Yes, his dying expression was that of mocking, mocking this top tier emperor rank demon. So what if it could kill him, could it kill his entire army?

The demon couldn't' kill groups of enemies at once. Even a top tier emperor rank demon couldn’t easily kill an army in a short time.

Strategist Tang’s decision was incredibly wise!

However, Chu Mu who saw all of this couldn’t dispel his tension. He suddenly thought of Old Li’s words, “Every person has something they would guard with their lives…..”

Chu Mu didn’t know Strategist Tang’s full name, only knowing that this over sixty year old man was already at the ninth remembrance spirit master barrier for over thirty years.

In the top tier emperor rank demon, this ninth remembrance spirit master was so weak. However, that final command from full defense to offense needed much more than just courage…..

Chu Mu slowly walked to where Strategist Tang fell and grabbed the floating army flag, lightly putting it over old strategist’s bloody body…..

“Farewell, old strategist….” Chu Mu ignored the demon watching him in the dark and sucked in a cold breath.

“I, Chu Mu, will help your spirit master army turn the battle around!!”

The last four words were uttered with complete confidence, his eyes full of a power that raised the hackles on Qin Wu’s demon!

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