Chapter 815: I will turn the fight around for your spirit master army!

 第815章 我会代你的魂主军团,逆改战局!

Split Mind Battle

Split remembrance battling was a soul pet trainer technique where one could have the ability to control different soul pets in relatively distant battles.

Such a technique was extremely hard, because a soul pet trainer had to be completely focused when commanding a battle. If there were two battles far apart, and one had to keep track of both, the level of concentration on each side would be discounted.

“I can take the time to tell you all about my recent sexual adventures while I deal with this top tier emperor rank white nightmare. My soul pets’ self battle awareness is extremely high. Even if I don’t command them, they are stronger than many of their commanded soul pets.” Qin Wu said easily, almost not taking the battle seriously.

“Send a soul pet to the spirit master army.” Mo Ling said.

Qin Wu didn’t say much, only sending back arrogant laughter with his mental voice.

Since he told Qin Wu’s secondary soul pets to fight, it meant Mo Ling truly realized...

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