Chapter 812: Power Difference, How to Make Up For It?

The seemingly soft wind strips were full of terrifying killing power!

This technique attacked the hundred pupil devil panther’s four limbs. The limbless hundred pupil devil panther immediately lost all fighting strength!

Blood started splattering out of the wind. The hundred pupil devil panther let out a painful howl, and hobbled towards its own side.

Chu Mu didn’t let his binding wind spirit chase after it. To kill this middle class emperor rank, it needed at least two more wind type techniques. The opposing general wouldn’t give binding wind spirit the chance to cast again.

Indeed, the massive ice mountain of the red snow demon emperor appeared by binding wind spirit almost without a precursor!

Binding wind spirit’s defense wasn’t high, so directly getting hit by that attack will cause it to lose the ability to battle.

“Wind Walk!”

Chu Mu quickly reacted and gave binding win spirit a command.

Facing this falling ice mountain, binding wind spirit was very calm. In the shadow of the falling mountain, it adeptly found a hidden wind spot, and its nimble body slowly disappeared into this spot!!


The massive ice mountain directly passed through Qin’s body and fell on the snow ground, shattering into countless pieces and sending many nearby beasts onto their backs.

Yet, after the glacial mountain shattered, binding wind spirit slowly appeared in the hidden wind spot again. It lifted into the air and launched a counterattack on the red snow demon emperor.

Xing Shen’s face was incredibly twisted. This binding wind spirit’s powers are far beyond his expectations. Two middle class emperor ranks weren’t its match. Now that his hundred pupil devil panther was wounded, it couldn't go up to harass either…..

“Who is the opposing general?” Xing Shen said angrily.

“This…...I think its a soul palace member named Chu Fangchen.” The strategist got the information from a spy hidden in snow city.

“Chu Fangchen?” Xing Shen and the nearby commanders clearly have never heard of the name.

Yet, how was a nameless spirit emperor displaying such power!

The battle of the spirit emperors had unknowingly left the region of the spirit master armies because neither side wanted their techniques to affect the armies.

Also, if any of the armies released a group attack, it would be of great harm to spirit emperors. Thus, the spirit emperors were often fighting in the air or off to the side.

Both sides’ spirit emperors have already attacked. 40 spirit emperors almost all were experts beyond middle class emperor rank.

“Qin Wu, attack!” Mo Ling watched the spirit emperor battle but never fought himself…..

If Mo Ling didn’t participate, the elders and senior elders all couldn’t fight either, because a slight mishap may cause their soul pets to get instantly killed by Mo Ling’s Tai Mountain Giant!

The spirit teacher armies and spirit master armies each had a spirit emperor as anchor.

There were 8 elders and senior elders unable to participate. So, ten spirit emperors were occupied. Facing soul alliance, they were in a huge disadvantage.

At this moment, Qin Wu also joined into the spirit emperor fight. If no one could stop Qin Wu, the three palace spirit emperor formation would instantly collapse.

“Elder Chen!” Elder Jiang yelled out anxiously.

Wu Jue - Qin Wu’s appearance was in itself unexpected because it caused the powerful assistance of the hidden expert Elder Chen to be of less use, making him more of a balancing tool.

This way, it was 11 spirit emperors against 16, so soul alliance still had the absolute advantage.

Elder Chen saw that Qin Wu already entered the fight and started an incantation!

As the incantation sounded, devil flames gushed out and from the rampant flames emerged a human shaped demon that slowly solidified into a silver and demonic man!

Within the flames, the white nightmare emperor slowly walked out. It stared at the chaotic emperor battlefield and a dark smile appeared on its face!


The white nightmare’s body lit up and it stepped into the battlefield eagerly!

High class and middle class emperor ranks were no longer interesting to white nightmare emperor. White nightmare emperor immediately appeared by Qin Wu’ stop tier emperor and it started taunting it.

“This is Jiang Ang’s white nightmare, or…..” Mo Ling looked at the battlefield and started guessing.

Mo Ling already heard from Jia Hechuan’s strategist that they gained two top tier emperor ranks out of nowhere.

With Mo Ling’s understanding of Nightmare Palace, those with top tier emperor ranks in snow city was only Jiang Ang.

“Boss, spirit master army Xin Sheng requests assistance. The opposing army’s general is a very powerful spirit emperor.” Main strategist told Mo Ling.

Mo Ling’s expression didn’t change but he felt it strange. Three palaces already were at a disadvantage in the battle of spirit emperors, yet they had the spare effort to send a powerful spirit emperor into the spirit master army.

“Tell Liang Ming to go assist.” Mo Ling said lightly.

The spirit master army being in disadvantage was within Mo Ling’s expectations, so he didn’t care about it. If they sent a spirit emperor, the situation will quickly flip around.

Liang Ming was a fifth remembrance spirit emperor and was similar strength to Xing Shen. Before Mo Ling told him to go assist, he was fighting a large palace master in nightmare palace.

“One of their spirit emperors left” Main strategist Elder Qing’s eyes lit up as he said.

Elder Qing was one of the elders affected by Mo Ling. He couldn’t do anything right now, only able to watch as things developed.

In the spirit master chaos, the three palaces were in an absolute disadvantage. If not for elder Cheng’s white nightmare joining, three palace would have been in absolute defeat already.

Of course, they knew that the opposing spirit emperor expert also didn’t send all their main soul pets on stage. Once the main soul pets all join the battle, the three palace’s disadvantage will be more apparent and their powerful helper elder Chen will be restricted by Qin Wu.

In this situation, the spirit master army and spirit teacher army situations were very key.

Once any of these armies gain a great advantage, Mo Ling would definitely send a spirit emperor to help. This way, the difference between two sides’ spirit emperors would lower and give three palaces some breathing room.

“Chu Fanghen did very well, so quickly defeating the enemy!” Teng Jiangfeng saw the opposing spirit emperor liang ming leave the battlefield and his expression slightly relaxed.

“The current count is 10 vs 16. The spirit emperor that left is Liang Ming, a kingdom master with five middle class emperor ranks. Chu Fangchen can probably still handle that.

Both sides have an approximate estimate of strengths that were pretty accurate. This was because anyone able to reach spirit emperor had a certain level of fame. Adding on their previous experiences at war, they knew each other quite well.

Mo Ling and the elders created a balance in power.

Mo Ling’s subordinates, top tier emperor rank experts were Hua Ming, Qing Wu, and the dead Jia Hechuan, making up around 3-4 top tier emperor ranks.

Elder Jiang and Elder Chen had four top tier emperor rank white nightmares so they created a balance there as well.

Of course, Elder Chen said he still had backup, which Teng Jiangfeng didn’t list into his calculations.

They were unequal in the high class emperor rank realm.

Based off of estimates, soul alliance had around 20 high class emperor ranks.

The palaces only had 10 high class emperor ranks. These 10 high class emperor ranks created a difference that will cause their loss of weren’t addressed quickly.

The middle class emperor rank region was another difference.

The opposing side had around 70 middle class emperor ranks, while they only had 50, a difference of 20.

10 high class emperor ranks and 20 middle class emperor ranks created a separation in power that meant certain loss. The only thing worth rejoicing was the three palace spirit emperors’ secondary soul pets were slightly stronger and could elongate the fights. However, without any other opportunities, they would definitely lose here.

Originally, Elder Chen’s entrance was enough to make up for this difference. This was why Jiang Ang dared to confidently fight even when the enemy had a much stronger team.

Yet, Qin Wu’s appearance widened the gap again. Teng Jiangfeng could only hope that Elder Chen’s backup plan is good and the other two armies would win quickly to make up for the difference, or else they would lose horribly.

Chu Mu forced 5 middle class emperor ranks to leave the battlefield, shrinking their power difference to 10 high class empeor ranks and 5 middle class emperor ranks.

This wasn’t a small effect. Both sides were still using their secondary soul pets to tire each other out first, so victory won’t happen in a short while. If the three palaces were to win, they must use this time to slowly narrow the gap between the two sides!

“Boss, Liang Ming failed…… spirit master army is requesting help……” Suddenly, the spirit alliance strategist’s face turned sour as he spoke to Mo ling again.

Mo Ling furrowed his brows and said, “Lost again?”

“This…...We may have underestimated the opposing spirit master army general’s power.” Strategist said.

“The opposing general is a young man named Chu Fangchen, correct?” Mo Ling asked.

“Precisely.” Main strategist nodded.

“Able to defeat Xing Shen and Liang Ming, he at least has 5 middle class emperor ranks…..” Mo Ling estimated. He glanced over at the thick masses of soul pets from the spirit master army.

“Tell Li Zhan to go.” Mo Ling waved his hand. Though Xing Shen and Liang Ming’s failures caused him to be displeased, such a loss wasn’t enough to make him lose his composure.

“Tell Li Zhan to fight? He has a high class emperor rank……” The strategist paused, thinking his boss was being too careful.

“Our spirit master army was already in a disadvantage. Tell Li Zhan to go and destroy the opposing spirit master team so we don’t have to worry about it further!” Mo Ling said decisively.

With a 10 high class emperors advantage,  mo Ling didn't mind diverting a little bit of it.

“Yes! If Li Zhan goes, their spirit master army won’t last long!” The strategist smiled.

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