Chapter 812: Power Difference, How to Make Up For It?

The seemingly soft wind strips were full of terrifying killing power!

This technique attacked the hundred pupil devil panther’s four limbs. The limbless hundred pupil devil panther immediately lost all fighting strength!

Blood started splattering out of the wind. The hundred pupil devil panther let out a painful howl, and hobbled towards its own side.

Chu Mu didn’t let his binding wind spirit chase after it. To kill this middle class emperor rank, it needed at least two more wind type techniques. The opposing general wouldn’t give binding wind spirit the chance to cast again.

Indeed, the massive ice mountain of the red snow demon emperor appeared by binding wind spirit almost without a precursor!

Binding wind spirit’s defense wasn’t high, so directly getting hit by that attack will cause it to lose the ability to battle.

“Wind Walk!”

Chu Mu quickly reacted and gave binding win spirit a command.

Facing this falling ice mountain, binding wind spirit was very calm. In the shadow of the falling mountain, it adeptly found...

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