Chapter 811: Soul master army final battle Part 2

“General, your binding wind spirit…..” Strategist Tang saw the fight in midair and wiped some sweat off.

The middle class emperor rank binding wind spirit simultaneously drew the attention of the middle class emperor rank hundred pupils devil panther and the crimson snow emperor. Not only that, it stepped into the range of the opposing elemental army. It would die with a single mistake!

"Just command your war.” Chu Mu said lightly.

Chu Mu as general wasn't there to lead the war. His true mission was to kill the opposing emperor rank. Chu Mu had absolute faith in binding wind spirit. Even if three middle class emperor ranks appeared, Chu Mu wouldn't worry!


Bloody scythes dashed through the sky, causing the hundred pupil devil panther's skin to tear off. It had to back off to the ground and let red snow emperor rank defend.

Looking at the hundred pupil devil panther back off, Xing Sheng furrowed his brows.

While they were both middle class emperor rank, the binding wind spirit didn’t seem to have anything special. However, his hundred pupil devil panther seemed to be losing, even in close combat.

“Boss Xing Shen, is that binding wind spirit high class emperor rank, why is it so powerful?” Strategist said out loud in shock.

“Not possible, that’s a middle class emperor rank.” Xing Shen said very confidently. However, he hadn’t figured out why the binding wind spirit was different.  

“Boss, your…..your Red Snow Demon Emperor was forced to retreat too!” Strategist opened his eyes wide, and stared at the binding wind spirit in disbelief.

Xin Sheng’s veins popped, and he glanced coldly at his strategist.

He didn’t need someone to say it, he knew himself!

Both were elemental soul pets, both were middle class emperor ranks- the enemy’s elemental power crystal wasn’t any stronger, yet why was his emperor forced to retreat within a few moves? They didn’t seem to be on the same rank at all!

“This binding wind spirit’s wind type attacks are near one times stronger than normal middle class emperor ranks, chants incredibly swiftly, and can never be interrupted!”

Finally, Xing Shen saw where the problem was!

This wasn’t a normal binding wind spirit, this was a binding wind spirit that had the special species technique countless elemental soul pets could only dream of!

Ancient Wind Will! With the inheritance of a sacred pet, Qin was far from being a normal binding wind spirit. With that technique, he could rarely find a match within his rank!!

At the same time, til now, Chu Mu still didn't know what ability Qin gained in the ice palace. Maybe its hidden, maybe its slowly changing binding wind spirit, but no matter what it was, Qin would let these spirit alliance members know what true wrath of the wind was!

“Push forwards!” Chu Mu gave the command to his commanders.

The close combat army already started fighting, and the elemental armies were exchanging attacks. The two army’s main fort must push forwards or else the opponent would push closer!

Seeing the binding wind spirit cause the opposing two middle class emperor ranks back off, morale was at an all time high. After Chu Mu gave the command, the spirit master fort started pushing forwards, moving the vine type, rock type, and wood type defense lines forwards!

The pushing forth of the defense line was very crucial. As the line got closer, they could effectively aid and support the air and land armies to increase the pressure on the enemy because it meant the elemental army was nearing too!

Of course, the prerequisite was to have an advantage. Or else, if their close combat army was blown through, they may instantly lose their last line of defense.

With the defense line pushing forwards, the support team immediately started healing the close combat army.

However, Chu Mu didn’t play too aggressively. After consulting his strategists, he temporarily told his defense line to stop moving forth.

“General, there’s a wing type emperor flying over that’s incredibly fast!”

Chu Mu lifted his head and immediately saw the opposing general’s wing type emperor!

“Another middle class emperor rank. They truly have a pretty powerful spirit emperor anchoring their army!” Chu Mu furrowed his brows and glanced at the other two middle class emperor ranks fighting his binding wind spirit already.

“Send the wing type army and distract it, no need to attack.” Chu mu naturally couldn’t care for this wing type middle class emperor too, so he had to rely on the wing type army to restrict it momentarily.

The wing type army was made up of the elites of soul pet palace. It was because of this army that the spirit master army on the three palaces side had an advantage over the opponent. It shouldn’t be an issue to let them distract the wing type emperor for a while.

Of course, this wasn’t a long term plan. Chu Mu couldn’t waste time, and had to let binding wind spirit quickly kill one of the middle class emperor ranks!

Qin and Chu Mu were connected by heart, so Chu Mu didn’t need to say anything for his thoughts to be conveyed.

Qin cast wind path and passed through the battlefield full of elemental attacks and appeared by the wounded hundred pupil devil panther!

The incantation quickly finished and silk-like strip of wind appeared by the hundred pupil devil panther. The panther tried to roar and interrupt Qin’s incantation but it didn’t work at all.

The wind strips gently interweaved and one couldn’t feel any danger from it. However, the hundred pupil devil panther started running in the opposite direction, not daring to get trapped in this wind!

However, binding wind spirit was much faster than it.

Binding wind spirit directly ignored the Red Snow Demon Emperor's attacks, and continued to chant an incantation to wrap all the strips of wind onto the hundred pupil devil panther!

Wind Thread Kill!!!

Suddenly, Qin let out a piercing call that caused all the gentle wind strips to become terrifying weapons that ripped off pieces of the hundred pupil devil panther’s flesh!!!

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