Chapter 811: Soul master army final battle Part1

Binding wind spirit was middle class emperor rank.

Chu Mu led 200 spirit master army and also had many soul palace members that could control elemental soul pet binding wind spirit.

Wind was the longest reaching elemental attack. Before the close range armies clashed, the wind type soul pets will bring the first wave of attacks to the enemy!

“General, wait another moment!”

The old strategist stood by Chu Mu. He had grey hair and his eyes were large, gazing intently at the nearing melee army!

The melee army was consisted of beast and bug type soul pets. Almost the moment the battle started, the melee army lunged forward, creating two lines of offense that swiftly approached each other!

And both sides knew that before their armies reached each other, they would get destroyed by wind type elemental attacks1

This was unavoidable. The battlefield was incredibly important. Even though there will be damage, neither side will let their melee armies back off.

The old strategist’s eyes were right on the enemy front line. The moment they entered a good distance from their wind type soul pets, he wouldl immediately tell his wind type army to cast a storm!

Chu Mu’s eyes were similarly gazing at the nearing hundred beasts. Suddenly, Chu Mu gave Qin an attack command!

“General, that’s too far!” Strategist Tang saw Chu Mu’s binding wind spirit attack and immediately shouted.

Almost the moment he spoke, the kilometers near the melee army had a massive muddy gust that became a massive dragon. The long frontline was instantly ripped up. Countless beasts were thrown into the skies and some were ripped to shreds, splattering blood onto the snow!!

This ultra long distance attack caused everyone aside Chu Mu to pause. It was then that they realized that Chu Mu’s binding wind spirit was middle class emperor rank!!

“Middle class emperor!!!”

With an average strength of high class, top tier monarch ranks army, this middle class emperor rank attack shocked everyone!

This was near five kilometers in distance. If their wind type soul pets had this attack distance, their powerful group killing strength would definitely defeat the enemy army before they even enter a kilometer of their team!

Everyone originally thought this general was just a normal spirit emperor, with a low class emperor rank being impressive already. They never would have thought that he would have a middle class emperor rank. This caused the two hundred spirit masters to be shocked at his unbelievable strength but also overjoyed.

With such an expert anchoring them, they definitely wouldn’t lose with their advantage!

Chu Mu’s attack was to grow their morale!

“Continue to attack!” Chu Mu continued to attack!

At this distance, Qin definitely could defeat many opponents!


Soul alliance spirit master army’s general was Jia Hechuan’s original subordinate Xin Sheng.

At this moment, this fellow that was specialized in killing weak enemies was standing behind all the soul pet trainers.

At this moment, Xin Shen’s expression was very ugly. He didn’t have any wind type soul pets, so the difference in their armies caused great losses for them. After all, middle class emperor rank’s techniques could easily defeat all of them!

“I’ll let you get the upper hand first. Once my hundred pupil devil panther enters your melee army, you can just wait to die!” Xin Shen repressed his anger and coldly said.

He slowly lifted up his hand and watched the opponent’s melee army approach.

However, soul palace because of binding wind soul pet’s existence had a huge advantage in reach. Before Xing Shen’s elemental soul pet army could attack, the binding wind spirit team already started a frenzied assault!

With Qin’s powerful wind being the most cruel, the other binding wind spirits quickly caused chaos in the enemy’s team!

The muddy wind brought snowflakes and blood along with it, dotting the snowy lands. This moment, the beast roars suddenly became even louder. In morale, neither side will show any weakness!

“Beng!!! Beng!!!!!!!!”

The moment the armies clashed, the snow grounds broke open. The beasts entered the purest form of close combat, allowing the elemental armies’ attacks to land on them while they only had the enemies in front of them in sight, ripping and tearing at each other!


With a pelt of dark fur, the devil panther covered in unsettling pupils let out a roar that shocked everyone nearby. It brutally tore through a dozen monarch ranks in front of it. Still biting onto some organs, it tore through even the highest defense armor bug type monarchs. Nothing could withstand a single attack from it!

Seeing his Hundred Pupil Devil Panther immediately take an advantage, the soul alliance spirit master army’s general Xing Sheng smiled cruelly. This was a middle class emperor rank. Standing within the spirit master army, it was like an adult man with a knife slaughtering a group of toddlers!

“General!” Zhuo Wan creased her brows, her beautiful face showing some determination and some reluctance.

The water, wood, and flower type supporting team couldn’t even cast healing techniques before these teammates’ beasts were killed. The difference in strength caused the support team to be useless.

“Qin, destroy it!” Chu Mu commanded binding wind spirit.

Binding wind spirit rode the wind and floated straight into the skirmishing of the beasts!

Chu Mu had absolute faith in Qin’s wind type control. No matter how chaotic it was, it definitely could pull the hundred pupil devil panther out and kill it!

“Lift it up!” Chu Mu commanded.

Qin floated in the air and didn’t need any incantation. A slight point of a finger and the hundred pupil devil panther’s feet were surrounded by a swirling wind. Before it could realize what was happening, the winds blew upwards suddenly, sending the hundred pupil devil panther into the skies.

“Telling a binding wind spirit to come forth to deal with my hundred pupil devil panther, isn’t this looking for death?” Xin Sheng’s soul remembrance quickly locked onto Chu Mu’s binding wind spirit.

He lifted a hand and gave a command to the elemental army behind him.

Waving his hand, he immediately told near hundred elemental monarch ranks to lock onto Qin. Fire, meteors, storms, lighting, and all kinds of colors filled the sky and barraged where binding wind spirit stood!

Once monarch ranks gathered up and casted techniques together, it would definitely cause great damage to emperor ranks.

Qin’s wind was waving in the wind and it slowly floated backwards. At the same time, a massive wind barrier blocked the dense technique barrage outside.

The hundred techniques had Xin Sheng’s middle class emperor hail barrage. After Qin’s wind type barrier was broken through, it was immediately attacked with ice type techniques.

Yet, as Qin was blocking the attack from the elementals, Xin Shen told his hundred pupil devil panther to near Chu Mu. He wished so dearly that he could directly kill QIn.

“General, you’re being implausible!” Strategist tang saw Chu Mu send his binding sind spirit into the battlefield and wasn’t satisfied. Binding Wind Spirit needs to attack from far back instead.

”No worries, let us return to them a wave of elemental army’s attacks!” Chu Mu didn’t mind and told the leading general of the elemental army.

The enemies were already hit by a huge wave of techniques. Now was the best time to attack. Command did not hesitate at all and raised the flags. Immediately, allies all started glowing different colors, created an even more formidable combo, sending an imposing wave of techniques in a pretty arc into the enemy lines.

Such an attack may normally hit allies. However, spirit master rank elemental world soul pets weren’t mechanical bows. They could definitely kill the right target at a range of a few hundred meters. Adding on the fact that the command given was for narrow and small area techniques, the chances of self damage was negligible.

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