Chapter 810: Protection, Qin’s Fight!

Mu Qingyi’s soul remembrance was the highest. When she swept her soul remembrance across to search everyone, nobody could escape her sharp perception. 

Chu Mu was standing at the front of the spirit master army and was focused on Ning Maner. He was unable to see through her disguise ability, but perhaps Mu Qingyi would detect something. This was what he was afraid of. 

Fortunately, Mu Qingyi didn’t keep her attention on the disguised Ning Maner for too long. It seemed that Ning Maner had successfully tricked her. 

However, when Mu Qingyi’s soul remembrance swept across the spirit master army, Chu Mu sensed her soul remembrance stop on him.

“You have four wounded souls. Why are you still participating in this battle of life and death?” Mu Qingyi used her soul remembrance to speak to him.

“Battles are a form of training.” Chu Mu didn’t truthfully respond. 

Mu Qingyi didn’t say anything more. 


The White Tiger at the center of the plains slowly strode forward. 

Even without saying, both armies knew that when this White Tiger left the center, it would be time to fight to the death.

In this moment, incantations were at the tip of everyone’s tongues. All of the soul pet trainer armies took their initial formation in preparation of the fight! 

Chu Mu was in the spirit master army, so he had come to understand how to deploy an army very well. 

If he were to divide them into styles of fighting, all soul pets were either attack, defense, or supporting soul pets. 

Diving deeper into these three categories, attack type soul pets were split into aerial teams with flying abilities; bug and beast type soul pets were close combat teams; demons were sneak attack teams; and elemental soul pets formed long ranged attack teams. 

Of the defensive soul pets, most of them ensured that the long range team and soul pet trainers remained safe. They were further split into horned species and armored species that formed close combat defensive lines; wood types and vine types that formed plant defenses; and rock type and water type elemental world creatures formed the final fortress of defense. 

Finally, there were support types.

There weren’t many support soul pet trainers. Indeed, in this world, of every 100 soul pet trainers, only one would specialize in support. Furthermore, most of them were women. 

Of Chu Mu’s 200 spirit masters, there were 10 support soul pet trainers. Therefore, there wasn’t much of a difference between subdividing them or not. 

Most of the 10 soul pet trainers were women and Zhuo Wan, who Chu Mu saw at the library, was their leader. It was integral to protect them as well as their soul pets; it was also very easy for them to become targets of enemy attacks. 

Although there were only 10 of them, their effect was no less important than a team in the army. Due to Ye Qingzi, Chu Mu knew very well that in a battlefield, especially of this size, support type soul pet trainers were extremely important.  

The White Tiger’s figure gradually disappeared from the plains. There ostensibly was no need for a special signal. When all of the soul pets had been summoned and filled both sides, forming ranks to create a true soul pet army, the killing intent from each side was imposing like a windstorm and they clashed against each other on the location the White Tiger was previously standing on, causing the temperature to abruptly drop. It could be seen that on this vast plain, white snow was everywhere, but no white snow was falling in between the two armies!

Soul Alliance and the three great palaces had fought in Snow City for a long time and their animosity towards one another was at an extreme. Right now, this animosity had transformed into killing intent that took the form of countless fatal swords. They whistled through the snowy ground. Even if there were a spirit emperor standing in the center of it, he or she would collapse from the imposing aura from both sides.


This was the best method to resolve differences, animosity and conflict!

Several thousand people simultaneously yelled out the word “kill”, causing the heavens and earth to tremble!!


The demons roared like thunder and when they ran, they attacked like a tsunami. Surging on, they caused the earth to violently shake!!

Long sharp cries were ear-piercing. The vast sky was tens of thousands of meters and formed their borderless battlefield. It was a place to soar and kill!! 

Elemental chants were like songs as different attributed lights that represented destructive power was hidden in these elemental hands. At any moment, they could blossom in this magnificent battlefield with the ember of death! 

Thick branches interwove with one another, covering the snowy earth. They resembled pythons and if angered, could immediately launch a terrifying attack. 

Chains covered the vine, forming a vine forest. The venomous stings hidden in the ground could turn enemy that closed in into fertilizer!! 

Until now, Chu Mu had trained alone and fought alone. The first time he encountered a war was when he reached the emperor rank when war broke out in the Hibernating Desolation. 

TL: Don’t think this is right. He hit the first hibernating desolation ages before that.

However, compared to the Hibernating Desolation, this decisive battle was much more intense than what he imagined. Spirit emperors, spirit masters and spirit teachers. This was a campaign of humans against humans. If one hadn’t reached the dominator rank, could he or she call oneself a dominator? 

This was a feeling of insignificance. Without the half devil, Chu Mu felt extremely tiny standing here. He also felt a bit weak, even though most of the soul pet trainers here were far from as strong as him. 

However, why did everyone, despite knowing they were weak and insignificant, still stand here and let out a heaven trembling howls to kill? Why did no one retreat or feel cowardly in front of the enemy’s malevolence and powerful majesty? Why did even the sweet and timid women not hesitate to stand on the bloodthirsty battlefield of slaughter… 

Because they all had a common goal!

Defeat meant absolute failure! 

Therefore, even though they were fighting a losing battle, they had to win! 

As he calmly stood there on the battlefield of human slaughter, perhaps Chu Mu was the one most without a reason to participate in this battle. 

He was a half devil, and could stand like Mu Qingyi high up in the sky, overlooking the fight between them. 

However, Chu Mu didn’t want to stay uninvolved. Chu Mu already had developed sentiment for Soul Palace, and this sentiment made it worthwhile for him to protect Soul Palace! 

Humans should take a side. Even if the side one stood on was hindered, tied down or restricted, as long as one had sentiment towards this side, one didn’t need to ask for a reason to adhere to it and fight for it!! 


Chanting an incantation, as the decisive battle began, Chu Mu immediately thought of the Binding Wind Spirit that had lost its wind tribe. 

Presumably, Qin would have the same state of mind as all of the soul pet trainers from Snow City.

“Qin!!” dancing in the wind, the figure of a Binding Wind Spirit appeared. Its eyes were spirited, but also contained a deep wound that made it seem “lost”. 

Chu Mu had already used a tear crystal on Qin’s soul. Qin, who understood the feeling of losing something, understood the meaning of this decisive battle where blood and tears would be shed.

It had already lost its wind tribe. Thus, it would fight to protect its master’s palaces!! 

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