Chapter 810: Protection, Qin’s Fight!

Mu Qingyi’s soul remembrance was the highest. When she swept her soul remembrance across to search everyone, nobody could escape her sharp perception. 

Chu Mu was standing at the front of the spirit master army and was focused on Ning Maner. He was unable to see through her disguise ability, but perhaps Mu Qingyi would detect something. This was what he was afraid of. 

Fortunately, Mu Qingyi didn’t keep her attention on the disguised Ning Maner for too long. It seemed that Ning Maner had successfully tricked her. 

However, when Mu Qingyi’s soul remembrance swept across the spirit master army, Chu Mu sensed her soul remembrance stop on him.

“You have four wounded souls. Why are you still participating in this battle of life and death?” Mu Qingyi used her soul remembrance...

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