Book 2 Chapter 81 - Fight Under The Heavens

Chapter 81: Fight Under The Heavens

“Despicable, kill that scoundrel for me!” outside of the long hall, Jia Luoming’s angry roar immediately rang out.

Immediately following the roar, one was able to clearly sense a summoning radiance flicker from inside the hall. Several roars of soul pets chaotically rang out from within.

Chu Mu paid no attention to what was behind him. Very calmly, he walked forward and, welcoming Princess Jin Rou’s gaze, he slowly walked towards her carriage.

When the eight bodyguards saw Chu Mu approach, their cold gazes instantly locked onto Chu Mu. As long as Chu Mu dared to step forward another few steps, they wouldn’t even question his intent and would instead directly start attacking!

“Retreat.” Princess Jin Rou naturally recognized Chu Mu. The corners of her mouth faintly rose, forming a light smile.

Princess Jin Rou smiling was naturally because Chu Mu had such a callous and wild nature.

If she was him, after entering Jia City, the first thing she would do was to report to the city lord’s residence to meet her, while being deeply afraid that being a bit late would result in condemnation.

Yet, Chu Mu, this fellow, after arriving in Jia City, didn’t immediately go to the city lord’s residence. Rather, he ran to Jia City’s auction hall and leisurely competed in the auction at his own wishes. Interestingly, he happened to encounter her and purchased the sixth level full form offensive soul equipment at a low price when Jia Qing lowered it by 2 million, taking advantage of this great convenience.

Princess Jin Rou faintly smiled, but Jia Qing’s face was black. His two faintly indignant eyes glared at Jia Luoming and the two family henchmen, who were in rather miserable states...

“Alarming the princess, hmph hmph, you deserve to die!” Jia Qing didn’t take note of Princess Jin Rou’s “retreat”. He had already begun chanting his soul pact incantation, planning on summoning soul pets...

“City lord Jia Qing, please calm down a bit. This is the princess’ personal bodyguard, Chu Mu, Nightmare Prince Chu. He came from…” the princess’ maid, Jin Rou, immediately began to advise the vice city lord, Jia Qing, to stop.

Jia Qing’s incantation still hadn’t been completed. Yet, upon hearing the princess’ servant, Jin Rou, speak, he was stunned. His gaze carried a bit of astonishment as he stared at the black clothed young man.

“This person is Chu Mu, the princess’ personal bodyguard?” asked Jia Qing.

“Yes.” Princess Jin Rou only gave a simple reply. She put down the curtain and dignifiedly sat back down in the carriage, not saying anything further.

“The Prison Island King, Chu Mu. The same Chu Mu that not too long ago defeated the Luo Region Nightmare Prince, Yang Luosen?” the maid, Jin Kui’s, voice wasn’t too loud, but the surrounding people all heard it. Each of their eyes uniformly fell onto Chu Mu’s body.

The fight in Gangluo City had already been a month ago. Naturally, the neighbouring Jia Region had been affected by the fight, and a majority of people knew of the Prison Island King, Chu Mu. Therefore, once they heard this name, many people let out shocked expressions. They wanted to see what special traits that this young peak expert, whose name had most recently skyrocketed, possessed.

“Chu Mu… this brat is really Chu Mu?” Jia Luoming’s expressed was extremely stiff as he chased after from within the hall. The two family henchmen, whose faces were covered in dirt and had just now roared that they were going to kill Chu Mu presently didn’t dare to approach even a little bit.

It had to be said that most recently, Chu Mu’s reputation had indeed been extremely resounding within this region. Although Jia Luobing was a first tier expert, there was still a definite discrepancy with those peak experts whose name had travelled far and wide. This was coupled with the rumors that often mentioned that Chu Mu, this Prison Island King, was a one hundred percent homicidal maniac. Jia Luoming wasn’t someone who would dare to casually attack such a person.

“Bodyguard Chu, why haven’t you made your salutations after seeing the princess?” maid Jin Kui glanced at Chu Mu. She was also inwardly angry. This Chu Mu seriously did not understand the customs; even disregarding not reporting to the princess upon his arrival at Jia City, he wasn’t even conscious of having to salute the princess when he saw her...

Chu Mu no longer had to kneel half way as a greeting. He casually dipped his head, and put his hand on his stomach and said “Greetings Princess”, and it was enough.

“Let’s go back back to the residence.” said Princess Jin Rou.

Chu Mu immediately summoned the Night Thunder Dream Beast and jumped on. He followed beside the princess’ golden painted carriage. He completely disregarded Jia Luoming, who had tried to cause trouble with him.

Jia Qing, Jia Luoming, and the group of henchmen were stunned for a half a day before finally compliantly following behind the princess’ procession. They were both confused and fearful...

En route to the city lord’s residence, Jia Qing and Jia Luoming finally figured out this mishap. Of course, Jia Qing obviously was inwardly regretful. The princess evidently wanted this full form offensive soul equipment, but it ultimately ended up being a convenience for Chu Mu. Yet, he also couldn’t have Chu Mu spit it back out.


The Prison Island King, Chu Mu, appearing in Jia City had caused a commotion that wasn’t small. Especially since Chu Mu was also unexpectedly the Nightmare Palace’s Princess Jin Rou’s personal guard.

Princess Jin Rou’s status was noble and, although many people had only seen her in a masked veil, everyone was sure that Princess Jin Rou was an absolute beauty. This made numerous young handsome men fall in love with her incessantly. It naturally was the desire, even in their dreams, of a myriad of young experts to be able to approach this princess.

Chu Mu had most recently received the glory from showing off his skill. Adding on his status as the jealous and envy inducing position of the princess’ personal guard, it was very easy to cause a stir amongst Ji City’s young experts.

Regarding the prevalence of duels in the soul pet trainer domain, defeating Chu Mu would allow one’s reputation to soar, while simultaneously attracting the attention of the exceptionally high status princess. Each and every proud and arrogant young expert had the intention of challenging Chu Mu to a duel.

Of course, even with the intent, it didn’t necessarily mean that numerous people formally challenged Chu Mu. Those that felt they were inferior to the Luo Region Nightmare Prince, Yang Luosen, could only mutter a few artificially disdainful words, but wouldn’t actually issue a challenge. Those who believed that they had the strength to fight still had to take into consideration whether publicly challenging Princess Jin Rou’s guard would offend the princess. Ultimately, only the young experts from the Noble Jia Family had the thought of doing so, and happened to be waiting for a good moment to issue their challenges.


Nightfall came, and a cold frost was slightly descending. In the Jia Family’s rather oddly trimmed courtyard, three of the princess’ maids with provoking bodies respectively stood in each corner of the white stone pavilion. The personal maid, Jin Kui, stood diagonally to the princess.

Outside the pavilion were eight guards with black garments who stood still like statues. There was no movement and no trace of even a bit of life in them.

Chu Mu, as a personal guard, didn’t have to stand outside the courtyard and suffer from the cold wind like the eight statue-like guards. Instead, his eyes were full of boredom as he leaned against the jade table next to the princess. His gaze was fixated on the courtyard pond that resembled a small lake...

Princess Jin Rou was always wearing a veil, covering her face. Chu Mu had a rather good impression of this princess, but could not always stare at her veil and imagine her absolutely beautiful face behind the veil.

Princess Jin Rou seemed to enjoy pondering alone, especially when she could see the flowing water. Presently, her beautiful eyes were staring at the tranquil pond. She silently watched on, not saying anything...

“Chu Mu, you lost a soul. That soul, how did you lose it?” finally, a soft and splendid voice broke the autumn silence. It gave others an indescribable feeling of pleasure, as if one was listening for the first time to a ballad gently echo through the silent and murky night...

“Chu Mu, the princess is asking you a question!” Jin Kui immediately raised her voice a few decibels and shouted at Chu Mu.

Chu Mu came back to his senses and glanced at the maid, Jin Kui, who was panting with rage. He then looked at Princess Jin Rou before saying: “I signed a soul pact with a high ranking species, but the soul pet defected.”

“Rubbish!” Jin Kui immediately glared.

Princess Jin Rou waved her hands, indicating that Jin Kui should refrain from talking like this.

[1.TL: I think there’s a typo, because the author only said “indicating that Jin Kui talking like this”. He’s missing a “refrain”]

Jin Kui was about to say something, but she hesitated. She glared at Chu Mu with her big eyes, warning him to quit acting so callous and to stop deliberately not treating the princess seriously.

Chu Mu wasn’t actually not taking Princess Jin Rou seriously. Only, he just didn’t want to say it. Moreover, such a thing wasn’t too easy to say either...

Princess Jin Rou didn’t interrogate Chu Mu either. Instead, she glanced at Jin Kui, and had her tell Chu Mu something.

Jin Kui nodded her head before saying in a rather arrogant tone:

“The princess’ travel this time is headed towards Tianxia City. On this journey, there are a total of six young people who we will convene with. These six young generation peak experts have all been raised by the princess or Senior Xia. They are all the princess’ personal guards. En route to Tianxia City, through each region, the Princess will pick a place to stop. As for you, you must defeat the peak young expert in a fight in the respective region. You can consider it as a test for you given by the princess. Finally, when we reach Tianxia City, the princess will choose the most outstanding person from the six of you to become the candidate for the Fight Under the Heavens.

[2.(天下城 (Tianxia City) literally translates to City Under the Heavens)]

After listening to Jin Kui’s words, Chu Mu was rather surprised.

Chu Mu didn’t understand that much about the Fight Under the Heavens. He had only heard that this was the most prestigious youth fight in the soul pet domain. As for Gangluo City’s Recommendation, it was to choose experts through competition from each region to send to Luo Region City for continued selection. It seemed that the final destination was for the Fight Under the Heavens.

Chu Mu’s understanding of the Fight Under the Heavens was only thus much. After all, in the past, Chu Mu had been resided in the parochial Gangluo City, and had no way of understanding the outside world…

[3.TL: Parochial typically refers to a church, but in this case I can’t seem to find a better word to describe Gangluo City as narrow-minded, limited and restricted.]

Chu Mu stared at the veiled face of Princess Jin Rou. He could pretty much understand why this princess always toured other places. It presumably was to represent Nightmare Palace to negotiate with various other regions while simultaneously cultivating experts for the Fight Under the Heavens who could represent her and participate, ultimately obtaining ubiquitous glory.

“Do you have any questions?” insipidly asked Princess Jin Rou who caught Chu Mu’s gaze.

“Will we pass through Wogu Region en route?” asked Chu Mu. Chu Mu couldn’t have any objections towards the princess’ arrangements. After all, he was currently part of the Nightmare Palace, and he had to listen to their arrangements. As for this princess choosing through competition like this, Chu Mu didn’t really care much about it. The moment he had accurate news of his father and a suitable chance, Chu Mu would resolutely leave...

“What matter do you have?” asked Princess Jin Rou.

“Finding someone.” responded Chu Mu.

“If you have the confidence to defeat the experts from Wogu Region’s Great Chu Family, we could possibly stop over in Wogu Region.” said Princess Jin Rou.

Chu Mu nodded his head. The Chu Family in Gangluo City was a small branch of the Wogu Region’s Great Chu Family. While in the family, Chu Mu had often heard Chu Family members speaking of how powerful the Great Chu Family was. Of course, what Chu Mu cared the most about was that his own father had come from the Great Chu Family, yet had made that pledge to never to step even half a foot in Wogu Region again.

In order to understand the reasoning behind this, he could only go to the Great Chu Family.

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